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Start Twitch Streaming Today

teacher avatar Rob Price, Online Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 - All About Twitch

    • 2. Lesson 2 - Setting up your account

    • 3. Lesson 3 - OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

    • 4. Lesson 4 - Xbox And Twitch

    • 5. Lesson 5 - Capture Cards (what are they and how to use them)

    • 6. Lesson 5a - How to start earning from streaming

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Making it your own (create your own scenes)

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to be a streamer?

In this course I go through how to setup your twitch account, how to stream with only essential equipment, how to use and setup OBS, customising your stream, working on audio and lots of other subjects. They are all easy to follow lessons that will get you up and running in no time at all. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Why Twitch?
Twitch has 15 Million users, all of which can view your live stream for free, or even better, Subscribe!

Happy learning!

Meet Your Teacher

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Rob Price

Online Educator


Hello, My name is Rob Price, I teach numerous subjects from Piano and learning to read music to Photo and video editing software.

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1. Lesson 1 - All About Twitch: Hi guys, my name's Rob Price. Nice to see you there. How you doing? Thank you for treason, my course, this course is going to teach you everything you need to know in order to become a Twitch streamer. Now I'm going to go through all the different options. How to set submitted count, how to be an affiliate, or how to get to partner, how to make money, how to have fun, how to interact with people. And watts, which is all about. So let's get started in this first lesson today we are going to have a look at that switch website. So we'll go over here, his twitch. Let's have a look at the top. First. In the top we've got lot the featured channels also, the login, we've got R7 gaming channel as well. Get bits I'm going to explain to you later on and prime loot and stuff like that. But basically think of it as a TV Guide side. With a TV Guide, you'd have all the different channels and what you can watch and what time it is. Now the difference is here. You can watch prerecorded live videos. If they choose to broadcast those still. You can watch live stuff as it's happening. But the good thing about switch is you can watch them and interact with the people that you're watching and chats of Emmons to fly that. So, excuse me, it's very, very varied. Everybody that you speak to about two, which tells you that I think it's to do with gaming. Yes, it is. There's lots of gaming on there, but there's also tons and tons of other stuff. So for instance, if I type in piano, let's have a look. There's people chatting. The piano, piano tiles, piano scenes. Steve, the piano. The piano. Okay, so let's have a look at singin. Yeah, people own guitars, people seeing an embed people singing to their camera. Let's try another one. Keynes in. I'll type it right this time. Painting AlphaGo and has a spell of Batman painting. Yeah, people are painting and drawing with an overhead camera. There's also painting Ganga calls. But think of anything that you'd like or you, something that you'd like to learn. And then have a look on Twitch and see if you can find it. Maybe there's somebody on there that does stuff that you're interested in that you might want to follow that will give you some inspiration. Somebody to look up to, somebody to aspire to bake. So I've look over it, switch, there's lots of stuff on there. You can browse. There's music, there's clips of people do music, all sorts of other things. This whole package, which is owned by Amazon, I believe it was bought in around 2014 for $970 million from two guys that developed tuition. I did call it well, adsorbate, Amazon. I own the platform. Pursue pursue for busy platform. Lots and lots of us, lots and lots of streamers. So first of all, what I want you to do is go and familiarize yourself with the platform but don't sign up, just Jet, go often washroom stuff, and then come back and as adolescent till I see you on the next one. 2. Lesson 2 - Setting up your account: Hi guys, hey there and welcome to lesson two. This lesson's all about setting up your Twitter account and getting registered and getting started. So let's go over to the website and have a look. You'll notice at the top here you've got a sign up button. So what we're gonna do is click the Sign Up. Let's see how we go. Now, I've got a ginger beard. So let's put ginger card player. Okay, that'll do ginger cards players ever gonna pretend that armor Call of Duty player. And I'm going to be streaming on Twitch with that username. Now, to consider your username, it needs to be easy to spell because people are going to search for you. Also, not offensive and no sexual references and stuff like that in there. Keep it clean, keep it nice, keep it easy. Ginger card players, actually quite a difficult one, but you get the idea. So I'm gonna put a password. Now I know that the password needs to have capital letters and some symbols and some numbers as well. So it's quite a difficult password, but it's good for my actual birthday. And so if you do everyone a semi a present, you can do that. Okay? So let's have a look. I'm joining. Now it's going to send me an email with a verification code. So let's have a little quick look at that. Occurred is on the way there it is, 889588. And this is different every time you login. And that verifies your account. Ginger card player is there. Okay, that's excellent. So we are now signed in. We've got our account go in and it's ready to go. So what you're gonna do is you're going to click this little Profile icon in there, an n-channel. So we're going to have a look at what's going on here. First of all, it shows up your username in there and it tells you everybody that we're offline. So I'm gonna go over and customize the channel, which is what you're gonna do as well. So here I'll just go through a few of the settings. You've got primary stream k. Now this information is really, really important. I'm not going to show this on the screen because I don't want anybody to know whether it is basically this primary stream key can be used to, for anybody to stream to your channel. So this is best kept private. So we asked what we're gonna do, disconnection protection. If you're stream files, you can display a temporary visual to people for 90 seconds. It's a good thing to have on. But you do need to have a major encoder for it to work properly. So if you haven't got that equipment, than just leave this off store past broadcasts. Now this is an important thing. If you want people to come to your channel when you're offline, you're going to need some content to view any of the streams that you've done previously as a live stream, you can store four to 14 days or 60 days if you were a partner. So yeah, turned that on. Obviously, if you tested at the moment, leave offers everybody be able to see or your testing stuff. And then mature content. Now, for instance, if you're gonna stream and you're a big scream or Ani history immunologically alot of swearing returns to Florida. Or there's any explicit activity, sexual nudity cornerstone of anything that you think might offend others, then you need to take this mature content. If you don't. And then you do these kind of things, you will find that your account will get closed down and then all of this will be a YC time. So make sure you do that. Obviously, if you want your audience to be the biggest possible, so maybe try doing just clean stuff the everybody can watch. That gives you plenty of, plenty more followers that ok, so all the rest of the stuff leave as it is enabled clips, low-latency level that. Then we're going to add a profile picture. So your profile page is gonna be your logo or use a website called place This is a very fast way of making logos. There are loads of otherwise biologists share you want. We're gonna say our name is Ginger called player. Then what this is going to turn out like, this would be fun. Pick an industry and we're gonna say gaming. Ok, God loves you different kinds in a cola duty. Alright, so, alright, so this is just loud and enforce. Let's have a look. What's he going to come up with? It's gotta be a ginger in the title as well. Look at that. Art could be Ginger card player gaming team. Let's pick one which is most lot ME. Okay, we'll go go for the man mid-70s there. Because this obviously yeah, I think I'm going to keep that exactly as a ginger card player and then download it. Okay, so we've downloaded the logout. And here is, I'm just going to drop that in there. And let's let you can zoom in just to get it to fit playing out and safe. So now we've got our logo. That was super quick. Obviously if you know graphic designer and, or you can do it yourself, you can make that one. But this is just a fast way of doing it so that you can go through the course. And then we've got generated backgrounds and stuff like that, but we're not going to really bother with that for now. So I'm going to save that. When we go back to the account here. The channel USA, ginger card player has now goes and logo and everything settle like you normally would when you see people playing on switch. So you are council setup, you've got your logo, you got your name, you know, at the verification codes and all that kind of stuff. So less than two is now complete. We're gonna go on to sort of connecting stuff for now. So we'll see you in lesson three. Thanks for watching. 3. Lesson 3 - OBS (Open Broadcaster Software): Hi there, welcome to lesson three. Less than three is all about connecting your store, your equipment, into OBS, which is Open Broadcaster Software. So we'll head over to the website if you go to OBS And there you'll see Windows, Mac, and Linux. Choose your operating system. I use Mac and we're gonna download the system here. Okay, and once it's downloaded, Open your download. So let me explain what's going on here. I've got my Windows setup so that the audio is on the left-hand side. I've got the scenes and the source is on the right. Now. Scenes are the whole layout. And so for instance, safe it say you were watching TV, football match. The scene would be the players. They scores, the sound, everything else. And the sources are what goes into that scene. So for instance, the graphics for the scores, the overlays, the everything that if you're watching live game in stream, in things like events, alerts, people follow in year like since the flow that you put all those in the sources. So what we're gonna do first of all, is we're going to add an image. So we'll put our logo that we did before. I'm a poet. Okay. And I'm a browse on a computer. And then we'll put the logo in law that as you can see, it's absolutely massive. Publishes the Soyuz, we got it from Lesson two. We can shrink that down a course like this useful tool here as if he press out on the keyboard and then press out before and then move, you can crop stuff like that rather than having to go into the menu settings and change everything. So I'm going to call it that just in the bottom corner. So everybody knows who I am. So that's that done. Okay. So we've got a start for our first scene. Obviously, it would be nice if I had my microphone. And so this is an audio input capture. I've got what's called a focus, right? Sapphire import car, import car. And let's do that. And then we get to pick which one. So I know that mine is the just wait for it to load. Sapphire six USB. Now you can see on the left-hand side went on talking that this meter is going up and down. And that is using my voice. So we know that that's there. Useful thing with audio is you can have things like game audio and stuff law that, or piano wadi or wherever you record. And if you right click in a space there you can go to Advanced Properties and you can change lots of different things. Now, microphones, my microphone because in one side, so Mano, And if I take this, then they apply to both channels. So yeah, that's all I'm going to show you with that particular thing. We've, we've got a few settings in here as well. So let's go to controls down at the bottom, and then find Settings. Then your second Giacomo block, this now these are the settings that are used for streaming. So you can just copy these in general. Obviously I'm from England, so we'll use the English setting. Are due check for updates every time along the dark theme settings, it's easier on your eyes. I want you to tell me when I'm starting and stopping streaming are used to set it to automatically record when streaming buffer that uses too much of the processor on the computer. So why choose that 1012 and then replay bhava. Basically, if you use a reply buffer, new computers not powerful enough, then what happens is it's David a constant recording. It's doing a constant recording. And then when you press the Reply button, they play some of that back. But again, if you haven't got a powerful enough computer, leave that on ticked. Everything else in there. You can just leave as it comes because that's what I've done in your stream. Now. You've got some different services that you can use. And which I, for some reason this is on a different screen. So you can use our Facebook Live. Twitter didn't know you could do a live stream on twitter. Actually, you can do twitch and civil law, but we're gonna stick to twitch. So a good tip here. I, my closest server is London, so I try and attend to use the closest server. And then I get my stream k, which we spoke about in lesson two, which we have to keep really private and not put that in, just going over some settings at the moment. In here, a keepers simple 2.5 kilowatts per second. Now, a good way of testing whether that is a realistic figure is to do something like speed tests. So let's do that. Let's do a And what we're looking for is our outgoing broadband figure. So let's just have a look at that. Okay. Download is fine. So I get about 30, nearly 36 meg download and 06:00 PM and even in the UK Tom, so that's not bad. And we're looking for upload speed. This is what you're broadband is capable of. So let's just go. Okay, so we've got 15.514 megabytes per second. So when we're looking at our IBS, this stands for 2.5 megabytes per second. So we can easily stream that amount of data. And it won't make any difference to our connection. And it went like, so. That's good. And then we've got audio which we've spoken about a minute ago. I'll go through these in detail as we go along video. I turn to stream in 1080, which is 1920 by 1080 at 60 frames per second lawless. Now that's 60 frames per second is the standard for Facebook stream in and switch as well. And 1920 by 1080, if you've got HDTV and not a 4K TV, that's what you watch TV. And so it's a standard format. And then there's hot keys in advance, but we don't mess with ours. So there the settings, that's a brief overview of OBS. Well, I want you to do is have a look and go in and go into Scenes, make a new scene, which we did call ginger caught prior. And then we went into sources and we added the Input card, which was it was my audio. And then the logo just they're so have a go at that first and then we'll move on to the next section straightaway. Thank you for watching on to lesson four. 4. Lesson 4 - Xbox And Twitch: Hi guys. Welcome to the lesson for this lesson's all about how to use your Xbox to get a low waved switch stream without having to use a capture card. So like the cheap alternative to how to stream basically. So what we're gonna do is go straight into our Xbox. My trusty controller, always camera, of course. So if you go into the Xbox itself, I've downloaded, you can see on an app called switch, you can just get it out from the app store on the Xbox. Very easy to do of also saw indent using margin G-code place sign-in. So already done. I'm going to explain a couple of the settings here before we carry on. So the only things that you need to know are things like broadcast bar position. Now, broadcast br as a little bar, which you see on the stream shortly, which shows you how many people are watching, how long you've been streaming forced of law that you can move the position of that. You can also do that while you're playing live as well. So if it does get in the way of some of the notifications, then you can alter that after things like the microphone, this is your incoming microphone. If you've got a headset that you play a game with demographer in there. You can plug a USB webcam into the back of your Xbox and user as well. I don't have one. But then you could obtain the camera position as well. So you could do that. Party chat. If you play the Xbox, you know what that is already. And again, volume. And right now the bit rate is important. If you've got a really, really superfast broadband connection, this number will be high. However, if your internet connection is not God or struggles or you've got other people play in on it and stuff like that, then this bit right needs to be a bit earlier onset, it's 6,500. But I'm gonna change it. Just press the automatic boom. This goes off and test the quality of your broadband. And so if you've got a broadband connection is not so good orbit temperamental, This is the best way of doing it. It's gone to 6,500. Again. However, I know this is me pressing the button to lower than us, but you can hear him back ground. The 3,500 is plenty for what I'm gonna stream. I'm streaming at 1080, which is 1080 pay full HD account stream, any of the lesser ones, but I don't want to, that's the best quality or can have. And then once I've done that, I've got all the settings there where it says, let's get everything ready. And just on that side there you can type in what you use stream is cold and Florida. And then you just press the Start Streaming bomb. And that is okay. So let's go over to twitch now. And I've got a game going already. This game's called sea of thieves. So now you can see on the two screens that I'm using how much sort of lag or latency there is between the two screens. So if I say that, if you can hear my Xbox controller moving, I'm going to press a couple of buttons. It's not too bad. It's about four seconds to die someday as it can be less than dice, it can be more. Also. Can you say a my Xbox green there that you can see that broadcast bar now. So you've got the minutes which is next to the red button, shows it's recorded. Then I is how many Paypal and I haven't got mammography and a web cam plugged in at the moment. So you can see that as well. Obviously if you had your webcam plug, then people would be able to see. But we're going to come to that when we use OBS shortly. Okay, so let's go over to our twitch again. On here. What I did was I logged into switch. And then let's go back to the homepage like this. So we're logged in and then I'll show you where to go. We got to create a dashboard and then stream manager. Now this is what's actually happening right now. So you can see, you can edit the stream in five, so you can change the title. You can change the gain that you apply in or the instrument or whatever you do in. This notification will notify all of the people that have currently got the bell ticked. And to tell them what your streaming tonight. Or the settings include, click that. If I press the click button, what it will do, it will apply a 30-second clip of the last 30 seconds I've just applied. So if you do something fantastic on your game and you want everybody to say, that's the time to press that. And now I'll go into great detail about this later on because she can actually do this automatically with a thing called a stream deck, which I've also got that I'm going to run through lighter. But basically all of these settings here are ready for you to use. This is your life dashboard. So down in the chat there. And you get all the chat from the people that live watching you at the time. Now, you must have seen, if you are interested into which you must have seen streamers driven, this kind of stuff. So now you can see the back-end of how it works. It's not too difficult, but now in the process is the main part and then you can develop it. So that was your Xbox. Had to use two H with your Xbox. Very straightforward. If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask. A more than happy to help out would love to say when you first see your stream manager ij. So just take a screenshot and then upload it. But let's have a look and say you get an R. Please do post a link to your stream as well so everybody else can have it. Be really nice. Thank you. See you on less than five. 5. Lesson 5 - Capture Cards (what are they and how to use them): Hi guys, heyday, welcome to lesson five. This is the penultimate lesson. This lesson is going to teach you all about capture cards. Now, I have this one which is called an L Gatto height d 60 S plus. Well, this allows me to do, is to sort of record the, oh, use the output from the Xbox and you put that into the input, just that. And then the output which goes out to the screen. And what happens is there's a USB connection in this. Next one is USB-C, which goes into more MacBook and allows the signal to flow through your computer so that you can use a NOOBS law we did with the twitch demonstration a bit earlier on, but also allows it to go through TV monitors while. So there's two ways of using it. Now this does come with a piece of software which show an eyeball YouTube stream, strike to y. So I'm going to show you that now. So what this doors, the game capture HD software, as you can see, it's loaded that and with what we are looking at on the screen at the moment is my Xbox mine screen. So you can say here are picked up. The device which is the gang capture height D6 is recording ten ITP, which is our normal heights signal. And there are 60 frames per second, which is pretty much standard. You can use your MacBook Pro demographer, and I've got lots of different inputs, Sumatra parents, but you can use are that. And you can record it and use it as I record in the voice cipher instance, she loved playing games and you want to upload videos to YouTube. Then this is the best way to do it because you get the highest quality settings. You just choose where you want to record into Gao. Sorry guys, I'll just put it into the game capture HD lawyer brick that Y. Then I can locate that files and upload the molarity wherever on the lights are on. So say for instance, I want to explore guidelines, thoughts. Start to prime recently, Battlefield. And that's just loading in that screen that you see with the battlefield that is, the actual GYN may imply right now. It's not record. And so what happens is when I'll press record and environment. She can say here that if we press the record button and it starts recording, if you press the record button again, it stops recorded. That is literally it. So if I locate where we've got our files, that's OK. This is a movie's GYN capture. Let's go have a look at that folder. So when we apply the video, there you go, you can see that it's full screen in full quality. So then you can add it that far and it's got your voice over the top as well, which is a fantastic way of doing stuff. The why of doing stuff without using Gang capture HD is to head over to OBS. So do that row. Now. So yes, wherein IBS, We've got all my FaceTime camera pointing amino. What we need to do now is add the video capture device. So let's go into here and add a new source. And we'll call this the Gatto because that's what it's called. And then we're gonna have a look for the device. And the device is called a G9 capture height h ds plus 60. And then we can track the, Forget it exactly to the force grain. And this is what my Xbox is. Show me other moment. Now if I wanted to move more FaceTime camera. So the top of the pile are literally drag it and drop it. And there I am on the screen. So you can say, excuse me. You can say it's starting to look exactly like it. Say, other stream is videos. So last thing we need in here is the audio source. Now, let me go into here and audio input capture. Now I know the arm using a road for Casta. And I'm going to find that in my list here and we'll use as stereo. Now you'll see on the right, we've got two audio sources, desktop or audio, which is the sound coming off my computer, the environment, and broadcast audio. So you notice that if you are doing this, we speak is on, you start to get so a feedback and stuff like that because the sound that's coming out of the speakers will be playing back and you behave in NB playing back. And that's what feedback dose. So if you do struggle with that, then plug some headphones into your computer so that you can listen to how your voice sounds before you go live. So as you can see that more Xboxes decided to start doing what it's doing. But you can say in the bom, bom enough time window that you can see what the stream is doing. Obviously, you can build yourself however you wish. But this is an example of how to set things up. Now, if we wanted to get a lawyer, if this works exactly the same as it did before. On the twitch lesson that we had a look at where we could study, guide, a direct from the Xbox, if you remember. So if we gotcha controls down at the bottom row here, obviously you can move these windows look, you can put it wherever you want to. Put moles on the bottom right press controls. And you go in settings from before we shouldn't really changed. If you go into the stream, you've got Facebook and Twitter. Now can go straight into twitch. Press OK, and starts screaming. Are you sure you want to start streaming? Yes, I am. Is the answer to that one she pressed that is literally don't. Okay. So that is why abusing the high HDFS 60 plus L Gatto streaming capture card. That's a short title, isn't it? And that's the why of using that in order to get your feet, whether it be an Xbox. I did forget to mention actually in the capture card, you don't just plug in and Xbox, you can plug in anything that has an HDMI output. So for instance, if you had a camera, a lot of one on film anyone now, and you wanted to show that you could put that into the capture card. Anything with the highest demo video for you can go into the air. So it can be a PC, Xbox supply station, anything with a high seawall, so it doesn't have to just pay an Xbox. So on the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to get some different bits and pieces upon the screen and give you some ideas of how to sort of improve your stream if you like. But for this lesson, we don't. Thank you very much. See you in the next one. 6. Lesson 5a - How to start earning from streaming: Hi guys, welcome to this lesson and this is less than five I, it's been added at the end of the course, but just slotted in there before the last lesson. And what I want to talk to you about in this lesson is how to become an affiliate hats when money through Twitch and had to be partners. So we're going to head over to that switch website and login. This is my login screen, obviously different account in this case. So what we're gonna do is you're gonna click yellow icon on the top row and go over to channel. He can see everything that I have a 166 followers unless just say, you can say, what I want you to do is, let's say create a dashboard and then insults. So with insights, if you click achievements, Nevada, you can say what is actually happening now. If you wanted to be an affiliate, affiliate is somebody that gets paid for being on Twitch. So for instance, you get pied. If somebody subscribes to your channel, there's a number of ways that, that can happen. If somebody's got lot amazon prime, you can get them to like a free subscription every month with the Amazon prime. So you can ask your friends or Facebook to subscribe to you. And I think that's worth about maybe two pounds, 50 something. Not that switch charges for 99 and it's a 50-50 agreement. Or you can ask your friends to pi, to watch your stream or doesn't have to be friends obviously, can be anybody on the internet. So that's how that works. Now let's have a look. In my followers off got more followers than our needs. So you need 50 followers. This is the specification that you need, the statistics that you need to reach before you can start to get money from switch. So you need to stream for 8 thousand total in 30 days. Stream on seven different diets. That doesn't mean seven days. Consecutively, just means seven separate dies within the 30-day period. And then you have to have an average of three viewers during one of your streams throughout the 30 dice. And so you could get friends to come watch the after chat a little bit as well. On our gaming channel, which is called verifies k-mers, we did that kind of stuff and we reach the failure call clus_train, reach and a failure is good, it helps you to generate some revenue. It is a slow process. And when people subscribe, you get the money, punchy freeze the $100. Now that $100, as you can imagine, can be 40 subscriptions in one month. However, if you've only got four people subscribe and it could tie ten moles. So and you only get pi that wouldn't she breached a $100. Now other stocks you can say that is the path to partner. Partner does, is gives you extra stuff that you can do to earn money. So thinking about that is, this is the next level of we haven't actually reached this on our channel as yet. We've got a string for 24 hours. That's quite easy because he tends to stream for one or two hours at a time. 12 different dyes and an average of 75 us. Now the average of 75 Euros is the harbor. Now, you've got to be pretty popular to get like cornerstone guarantee. We get 125101275 is a heck of a law of papal patron self to build your audience. How it suggests that being font, pen and designing, connecting with your audience, speak to the people that watch. When I send you a message towards them, respond with the voice that correspond with the message while you apply and just stop playing for a second and so on. I'd be interested And now feel special, in which case, hopefully if you treat them ROI and you nurture these people, they're gonna keep coming back month after month after month. Because to them, like a premium subscription the spring if they've got Amazon Prime. So yeah, that kind of stuff. You can also get block on Facebook. You can get Facebook Stars. Basically that's a way of sending money to somebody. Replies, Oh, strange sight on Twitch, you use things called pits is assigned things that people can use bits. How did I get bits in the first place? Is Paul watch him for a long time. The longer that you watch, he obeys account builds up. You can't actually boil them as well, I believe but said dike and then send g base, which is like a digital currency, if you like, which doesn't account for a lot, but if there's a lots of them, obviously, this can generate Eastern revenue as well. So think about things like who I am only going to be streaming to. Which of my friends would be interested in watching this just to help me to get started. Which my friends would actually be really interested in this and probably wants to be some kind of parts of it because that's another way of looking at it. Which of my friends and family would really seriously just say may do well with this kind of stuff. Oh, helped me to generate some revenue. So think of those things and then just put yourself together a little plan of how you're going to start streaming and try and reach these levels in the path to affiliate. Once you've reached them, then you just kind of keep that going and people will subscribe and people will find Juan's TOEFL. It's just a long, slow process. It doesn't come, I've annoyed. But when it does come, it's really exciting to say that what you're doing and enjoying yourself, the code actually January some kind of passive income from doing something that you really loved hearing now is it could be your active income eventually, but either passive income is better than nothing at all. So that's how you do it. You log into your account, go over to achievements, and then you can see what it is that you need to achieve in order to become the affiliate. So I hope that's helped and hope that helps you to generate some revenue. As before, if you've got any questions, just drop them in a Projects and let's see what you can do. I would really love to see your switch pages are already lots of what should we view a strange so please do drop me a link with what you're doing and good luck. Thank you. 7. Lesson 6 - Making it your own (create your own scenes): So we finally my day where here on the last lesson of this, learning how to be a Twitch streamer, cause you've enjoyed yourselves. And this lesson is just going to go over some pointers on how to improve his train and get some different bits and pieces up on your screen to entertain you viewers. So let's head over to the computer, but to OBS. And what we're gonna do is go straight into sources and then add a source. So let's have a look. What can we do here? Let's see, we can do things like a browser in that. So for instance, if you had low Internet Explorer or Google Chrome Firefox, and you wanted to show people what was serving on your browser. You could do that. So let's do that. Let's call it. Okay, so now you've just added, I knew browser source. So let's go to add the URL of this. Let's call it x as x bar dot o. And these are the sources of the windows is gonna put an I. This is some settings for the frames per seconds, 60 cuz I'm never doing 60. And this is called Custom CSS, saying can actually style that window should you wish. So now what's going to happen is an alert into this window. So for instance, if you had low your YouTube channel or you wanted a website to share what you could do, that kind of stuff that's no problem. Good things about this are, you can turn this on and off. So for instance, you can turn this on and off. So let's duplicate this same. I'm a correlate R, C, Save as well. Although the star, of course it's already in use, will call a ginger called planetary. Okay, so we can have seen one which has got the website on it and s2, which we delete. Let's get rid of that. Okay? So then when we switch from C1 to C2, you see how it fights between the two. Now you can manually control this. I'll use a thing called a stream deck, but that's my before another video, another time. But you can manually switch between. There is no problem at all while you apply M. So for instance, psi on channel one. Let's, let's do this. Let's, let's change it. Let's duplicated again as having the warm days. So number one is going to be that one. Number two is just going to be made with a big screen lattice. Okay? Worse quality webcam ever. You get the audio. And string number three is going to be that one. So string number three or seen number three, even. If we remove that, maybe we could just say you can see I can move stuff. So we could stop all this in a hi guys. Hi there and welcome small stream and all this kind of stuff knows to say, let's have a little chat Douala cornerstone. Okay, let's get into the guy. So then you get into the guy name. Jim, I have a website which you might want to have toys down here, which would be called good. And then when you get plying us, whichever to my bid is an area in the G9 where your screen would be better. It's O'Brian saw it in the bottom left. If that's the case, then that's what you do. Other things that you can add into this are things like an image. So let's go off and find an image. And let's see what we got. We'll use this data. It's just a PNG, so that's an empty file PCR. I've done it. It's got transparent background. Now Can you say that it doesn't fit more videos? So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to hold out and then click and drag until more video. And then we've got a sort of screen window. Now you gotta remember that this is the image and vice toward those two together. If you click Shift and then click one and then the next one, then you can move them anyway you like. And also when it comes to resource, and you gotta do them individually. So there we've got a window at the bottom there as well, which is really noisy, isn't it? So you can obviously are Dillard Gary. So let's do that. Okay. You can see that logo is absolutely ucsd. So maybe we could do something more than the survey and just try to find that resource that I'm going to let sodium. Okay, so let's duplicate this window. I'll show you why. And we're going to use this time so we'll get rid of them. May lie and just leave the guy. How cool does that look? Ok, so now we've got our Intro Page. Guy empires with a website, full screen, worst webcam quality in the world. And the game with the logo of our don't actually want that logo to show on the air. So so if you start in and you've got this yoga ready supply. And then he wanted to sort of chat, whichever to this scene. The world's your oyster. You can do what ever you want on this. You can get it to play music. You can add all sorts of different sources and, and everything that you need that you say. So things like stream, you can go over to stream and purchase a subscription and get always themes already built for you. I think it's only about a $100 a year something law. So that will give you a really, really good start. I think the thing to remember when you try to do this is patience is a virtue because OBS isn't the easiest thing in the world to get used to. But once you've done it and once you've used it a little bit, it does become more simple and easy-to-use and saying, from my experience and I've spent a long, long time, uh, this the IBS is absolutely fantastic. And IPS and string Labs, which is another sort of broadcasting software, authoring IBS is still stronger because strain labs is fell off the backup OBS. Oh, it's got lots of extras in, so it tends to be caught heavy on your processors to Florida. So things like this need at ease and computer to grow. An average computer will run. A good computer will relate very well on a guy. And, and also your Internet connection needs to be strong as well. So otherwise, boy, and everything to the roots are directly, you get a much better, faster, more stable connection. All of the talk. If you do have any questions, you'd like to leave a review, please do so below the course. I do hope you've enjoyed it. And if you'd like to see anymore or it allowed me to do a part two to this video, then please ask, I'm more than happy to help you. I am so pleased that you are one of my students. Please share this with friends, enjoy it. If we do stop streaming, send the link, send me a message. I want to have a look at your strain to see if you've learned anything from a, in order to get your stream of harmonic, I'm always open for questions. Thank you once again for following the course and I'll see you on the next one of often have.