Start Teaching On Skillshare As A Creative Masterclass

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping YOU To Be More CREATIVE

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29 Videos (55m)
    • Why All Creatives Should Start Teaching On Skillshare Introduction

    • Excuses Are Holding You Back From Teaching On Skillshare

    • Planning For Your Skillshare Class

    • For The Camera Shy Creatives

    • The Bonus Of Teaching On Skillshare

    • Worst Case Scenarios

    • What Your First Class Should Focus On

    • Difference in Audio + Different Microphone Test

    • Recording Devices and Video Quality

    • Lighting for your video + Different Light Test

    • Main Uses For Video Editing Software

    • My Top Free Photo Websites

    • Your Class Thumbnail

    • The purpose of your Introductory video

    • Want additional Feedback?

    • One of The Most Important Aspects to Focus On

    • P4 trending score

    • First reason why you may not be getting enrollments

    • Second Reason Why You Aren't Getting Enrollments

    • Third Reason Why You Aren't Getting Categories

    • My personal first class checklist

    • Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketing

    • How To Create Free Coupons

    • My Top Facebook Groups to Promote Your Skillshare Class

    • Old Premium Enrollment Payment Calculation

    • *NEW* 2017 Skillshare payment model Change

    • Teacher Monthly Bonus Prizes

    • Should You Publish A Class on Skillshare?

    • Continue Learning With Me


About This Class

You are a creative person, have taken lots of creativity classes and are bored, wondering what's next? What's next is you learning how to create your own creative channel on Skillshare!

Hi, my name is Tatiana Ambrose and I am a Creative Artist and Online Instructor. I have been making online videos since 2009 and joined Skillshare May 2016. I have loved the community that makes up Skillshare. Skillshare is overall an online community geared towards your creativity and learning different crafts but if you take a closer look you can see how in 2016 Skillshare has expanded to 10k + classes and 2 million students.

Most teachers on Skillshare are also students and that is the best of both worlds when it comes to Skillshare. In this class, I want to take my classes a different direction and specifically talk to all my creative people on Skillshare to encourage you to publish your first class on Skillshare.

If you are nervous, hesitant and still unsure about publishing your first class on Skillshare you are feeling exactly what every new teacher feels when it comes to their first class. In this class I will discuss with you:

  • What is holding you back from publishing your first class on Skillshare
  • How to plan ahead but not so much you get stuck in planning mode
  • Why all the creative people on Skillshare should start teaching this month
  • What your first class idea should and shouldn't be geared towards

If you are still unsure about anything I have mentioned above and don't have your first class published then I highly encourage you to enroll in this class with me as I go through each key point that may be holding you back and hopefully encourage you to start creating your very first Skillshare class today.

Your Creative Teacher,







Tatiana Ambrose

Helping YOU To Be More CREATIVE



My name is Tatiana Ambrose, and my world revolves around creativity and creative thought. I have a BFA degree in Creative Writing and find myself drawn to the questions most creative enthusiasts are drawn to: how to generate new ideas, and how to stand out from the crowd as I do it.

For ten years, I have contemplated these two questions, almost exclusively, during my creative work (academic work as well as personal). My creativity expresses itself through still life drawing with various art media, paper art, painting, acrylic, rock art, ceramics, sewing, jewelry, pastels and multimedia work. Abstract art has always been my favorite; it is through that medium that my creativity can really soar.

In 2009 I began a YouTube channel focusing on upcycling pop tabs and creating tutorials encouraging others to follow along. These videos are still some of the most popular videos on my channel with almost 5 million total views. [Check Out My YouTube Channel Here]

My channel has evolved from crafts to now focus more on me and my lifestyle, with the occasional videos of my two dogs, Ares and Athena. I have worked professionally with dogs since I was a teenager and have experience in dog training, dog grooming and in the veterinary field. My passion for dogs is a close second to my love of creativity.

Yet just as my channel has evolved, so has my thinking about creativity. I now see it as a way to give life to anything I encounter as struggling to be beautiful, exciting, or different from the crowd. Creativity has a use in our everyday lives, if we just relax and allow our thoughts to escape the box we try to force them into.

Your journey of creativity is individual to you, and I hope I get to know you through that journey, regardless of where it takes you or how you choose to use it.