Start Selling Art on Redbubble - For Beginners | Douglas Butner | Skillshare

Start Selling Art on Redbubble - For Beginners

Douglas Butner, Live in Love

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5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Sign Up For Redbubble

    • 2. Setting Up Your Account

    • 3. Uploading Your Artwork on Redbubble

    • 4. Your Profile

    • 5. Shop & Portfolio


About This Class

Welcome to this introductory course on selling artwork on

In this free course, we will cover the basics of getting your artwork up on Redbubble.

This course will provide the information you need to get started, customize your account & profile, upload and organize your artwork, and start making sales. Like my other courses, I will guide you through the process as quickly and efficiently as I can. The process is simple, but many people may go a year on redbubble before using some of these features.

I wanted to make this quick class to get people excited about selling art. I didn’t go in depth on strategies like I do in my other courses purposefully to save your time. We do not go over journals or calendars here. I plan on making another course about making a lot of sales / money on Redbubble, but also wanted to offer a free course for those who may not be interested in maximizing profit, just getting their art online. Please follow me to be updated about that course and more courses on selling your art online

All you need to get started is your artwork in a .PNG or .JPG format and an internet connection!!

Check out the Facebook group Make Money As An Artist Online to connect with myself and other artists, share your page, ask questions, and more!!!!





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Douglas Butner

Live in Love

I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator and artist in many disciplines. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 15,000 copies of my artwork without advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently traveling South America thanks to selling ...

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