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Start & Secure Your Bitcoin Fortune: Join The Revolution

Bitcoin Academy, The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

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21 Videos (2h 21m)
    • Starting and Securing Your Bitcoin Fortune

    • About Your Instructors & What You’ll Learn

    • Download The Pdf Syllabus Now

    • What Is Bitcoin? An Overview

    • Why Bitcoin Is So Relevant & Revolutionary

    • A Brief Overview of How It All Works

    • Which Wallet Is Right For Me

    • Backing Up Your Wallet

    • Buying Your First Bitcoin

    • Why We Always Transfer Out Of Exchanges

    • Why You Probably Shouldn’t Trade

    • Bitcoin Horror Stories and Why Security Is So Important

    • Privacy Is Key

    • What’s A Strong Password And How To Have One

    • Why And How We Never Reuse Passwords

    • 2FA Double Security With Minimum Effort

    • Assessing the Various Vulnerabilities In Your Setup

    • Hot vs Cold Wallets

    • The Many Benefits of Hardware Wallets

    • What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin

    • Continue Your Learning With Our Other Courses


About This Class

A Crash Course To Help You Quickly Understand & Safely Join The Cryptocurrency Revolution Without Becoming a Victim!

As we speak, there’s a revolution happening in the realms of technology and finance that will fundamentally change the world as we know it - and most people don’t even realize it.

You’ve probably heard the terms thrown around: 

Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Bitcoin. Ethereum.

 Maybe you’ve even heard a few stories about people who’ve made millions - or hundreds of millions - in this exciting field.

Indeed, as we speak, millions of people all over the world are joining in on this revolution, as it moves from a geeky niche to a mainstream tour-de-force.

But What the Heck Does It All Mean?

What is a Bitcoin? Where do you get it? And most importantly, how do you avoid falling prey to the many hackers, thieves, and tragic mistakes that have cost uninformed users millions and millions of dollars?

 It can all seem so incredibly overwhelming  - especially if you’re not a trained computer programmer or cryptographer.

In this course, we’ll give you the no-nonsense knowledge you need to get started with Bitcoin today, and more importantly, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about securing your Bitcoin fortune, from assessing vulnerabilities, to deterring would-be thieves, and even creating your own impenetrable fort knox.

In fact, even if you already know all about Bitcoin, this course will help you in security your entire digital identity, by teaching you about the security strategies that 99% of people fail to understand.

Best of all, the course will be taught by three highly qualified instructors.

The best time to get involved in Bitcoin isn’t now - it was yesterday.

The second best time to get involved is today.

So don’t delay. Enroll today and learn how you, too, can join the revolution!





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Bitcoin Academy

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Bitcoin Academy is an online learning company focused on bringing Blockchain and Bitcoin to the masses - safely and easily.

Our Team:

Ravinder Deol has been involved in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space since 2013, and has seen it grow tremendously. However there's still one thing lacking, and that's structured education. So he's taken it upon himself to help you get all the knowledge you need in one place!Initially teaching live, in-person classes, Ravin...

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