Start Meditating Today - An Introduction & Simple Guide | Catrinel Girbovan | Skillshare

Start Meditating Today - An Introduction & Simple Guide

Catrinel Girbovan, Life and Business Coach, PhD

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4 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Benefits, Misconceptions and FAQ

    • 3. Guided Meditation for Overwhelm

    • 4. Conclusion and Class Project


About This Class


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Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've probably heard of meditation already! But if you're not yet meditating this class is here to demystify all misconceptions and convince you that meditation is for YOU! 

The class includes a Guided Meditation for Stress and Overwhelm which I filmed while on location in Hawaii, hope you enjoy!

If you suffer from STRESS, ANXIETY, LACK OF FOCUS and/or general OVERWHELM, know that meditation CAN help in these areas and many more. 

Qualification Requirements

NONE! Meditation only requires time and consistency, ANYONE can do it!

Want to turn MEDITATION into a DAILY HABIT? 

Take my class on Creating Habits That Stick - A Step-By-Step Guide