Start Inking Your Drawings | Inking Basics | Thomas Pitilli | Skillshare

Start Inking Your Drawings | Inking Basics

Thomas Pitilli, Illustrator

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7 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools

    • Brush Warm Ups / Techniques

    • Pen Techniques

    • Outlines

    • Texture and Lighting

    • Outro

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About This Class


Hi! In this class we will learn some of the various techniques for inking your illustrations. We will talk about a variety of tools and the basics behind the art inking.

Adding ink over your drawings can be a scary thing at first, but hopefully by the end of this class you'll learn enough information and techniques to give you a new sense of confidence in this area. This is a non-digital inking class, so we will be working with traditional tools like brush and pen. I feel like it's best to learn with traditional tools and then later on you can apply the same techniques and principles to whatever digital software you may want to use.

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who is interested in incorporating ink into their drawings. I've noticed that a lot of students and artists just starting out are very intimidated by the idea of applying ink to their pencil drawings, so I'm hoping that this class will 

What you can expect from this class:

I will start off giving an overview of some of the tools you're going to want to consider using when just starting out. 

I will then give a brief rundown of some of the techniques and exercises you can use with those tools.

Finally, I will discuss some of the principles of inking such as lighting and texture, while inking a pencil sketch of my own. Watch me approach this from start to finish. 





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Thomas Pitilli


My name is Thomas Pitilli and I am an illustrator and comic book artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

I am currently series artist on the Riverdale monthly comic from Archie Comics. I have also created comic work for DC Comics and BOOM! Studios. I also create editorial illustrations for clients such as, New York Times, Playboy, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Scholastics, Scientific American, etc. 

In addition to my client work, I am an adjunct professor at Montclair State U...

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