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Start & Grow your Career as a Cyber Security Professional

teacher avatar Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

28 Lessons (2h 3m)
    • 1. Becoming a Cybersecurity Professional Promo

    • 2. Welcome to the cyber security career guide

    • 3. 4 Facts about a Career in Cyber Security

    • 4. Do I need a College Degree

    • 5. Skills Needed

    • 6. Job Roles Section Preview

    • 7. Security Analyst Role

    • 8. Security Architect

    • 9. Penetration Tester

    • 10. Computer Forensics Analyst

    • 11. Cyber Security Manager

    • 12. Certifications Section Preview

    • 13. Comptia

    • 14. EC Council

    • 15. CISCO

    • 16. GIAC

    • 17. ISACA

    • 18. ISC(2)

    • 19. McAfee Institute

    • 20. Career Path Student

    • 21. Carrer Change

    • 22. Top Cybersecurity Events

    • 23. How to get Cybersecurity Experience with no Job

    • 24. Best Websites to Search for Cybersecurity Jobs

    • 25. LinkedIn Cybersecurity Groups

    • 26. Introduction to Cybrary

    • 27. Introduction to Cybersecurity Ventures

    • 28. Conclusion Cyber Security Career Guide

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About This Class

According to an article from Forbes magazine, global spending on cyber security products and services will exceed $1 trillion by 2021.  It is also predicted that the tremendous demand for cyber security experts by companies and governments around the world will continue to rise.

With promising forecast like these, it is no wonder that a lot of people are considering a career in the booming cyber security industry.  However becoming a cyber security expert can be tricky and is filled with many questions.  What skills do I need? What kinds of jobs can I apply for? What kinds of certifications do I need to possess?

This short course is designed to answer questions like these and help you design your path towards becoming a cyber security professional. In this course, you will learn the following:

  • The different kinds of jobs and roles you can apply for in the cyber security industry

  • The skills needed to become a true a cyber security expert

  • The certifications you need to apply for the different kinds of roles in cyber security

**A course for both students and working professionals**

This course is perfect for students who preparing to go to college or the university in pursuit of a cyber security career. It is also designed to help current working professionals who are looking for a career change and have an interest in pursuing a new career in cyber security.

You will learn about the different roles and jobs available in the cyber security industry. You will be introduced to the various types of certifications and you will be able to identify which ones are suitable for your career path.

By the end of this course, not only would you have a proper understanding of the kinds of jobs available in the industry but you will also be able to forge a plan that will see you become a successful cyber security professional.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. Becoming a Cybersecurity Professional Promo: hello and welcome to the course, becoming a cybersecurity professional to complete guide. My name is Alex, and I will be your instructor for this course Now I couldn't turn out school from Forbes magazine. Global spending on seven security products and services will exceed $1 trillion by 2021. It is also predicted that the tremendous demand for cybersecurity experts by companies and governments will country into vies. With promising forecast like these, it is no wonder that a lot of people are considering a cover here in the booming cybersecurity industry. However, becoming a cybersecurity expert can be tricky, and it's filled with many questions. What skills do I need? What kinds of jobs can I apply for what kinds of certifications do any to possess? This short guide is designed to answer questions like these and help you design your path towards becoming a cybersecurity professional. In this course, you will, in the following the different kinds of jobs and roles you can apply for any cybersecurity industry, the skills needed to become a true seven security expert, and this is the visions you need to apply for the different kinds of roles in cybersecurity This course is perfect for students who pay pentacle to college, all the university in pursuit of a cybersecurity career. It is also designed to help corns working professionals who are looking for a career change and have an interest in pursuing new carrier in cyber security. By the end of this course, not only would you have a proper understand off the cybersecurity industry in general, but you will also be able to forge a plan that will see become a successful, sophisticated professional. So why not able today instead, your genitals and exciting carrier in cybersecurity? 2. Welcome to the cyber security career guide: Well, hello and welcome to the course. Launch Angry. A career as a seven security expert. My name is Alex, and I will be your humble instructor for the rest off this course now. I wanted to use this opportunity to you official, introduce myself to you and also give you a few points as on what to expect when you're taken this course of Kristin's first, Who am I? Well, I am a 10 year veteran in the cybersecurity industry and during this time have held several positions, have been a security analyst, have been a pen tester and nowadays act more as a consultant where I recommend security products and also offer some advice on how companies can improve their current security infrastructural. Now, in terms of certifications, I do have the compass security applause. I do have this effect. Ethical hacker. Plus, I also have a Masters degree in cyber Security, which I acquired from the investor of Maryland, Baltimore County in the United States. Now the whole points off this course is to better help you understand the cybersecurity industry, and if you're watching this course, then you have an interest. Unfortunate caviar in this industry Unfortunately, there's a lot of misconceptions as to what kinds of skills you need. Walk hands of certifications. You have to like things like that. So we will be delving into the defense cans of job rules. There are lots of people who believe that cybersecurity is all about hacking. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have lots of different kinds of job. Bulls are quite different kinds of skills. It's not just about hacking, So we will talk about the major cans of jobs. You can take the cybersecurity industry. And then, of course, certifications will spend a lot of time talking about the different kinds of certifications which runs you should write and which ones it's best to ignore for now and then. Caviar paths OK, This course is designed for students who are just getting into college of getting the diversity. I will spend some time giving you sort of a guide on how he can become a cybersecurity professional or if you are a current working professional and you're looking to switch jobs will also I will also offer you some advice and tips on how best you can make a very smooth and successful transition from the Korean job to getting a job in the cybersecurity industry and finally all provide you with lots of resource is basically I will introduce you to different kinds off blog's websites, movies, networking events, anything that I feel that can enhance your chances of becoming a successful, sophisticated expert. I will introduce them to you. So I really hope from the bottom of my heart that you find this course useful and, ah, let's get started. 3. 4 Facts about a Career in Cyber Security: before beginning course proper. I wanted to talk about four facts that he should be very about regarding a Correa in cybersecurity, and the very 1st 1 is the fact that there is no standard carrier path. Keep in mind that cybersecurity as an industry as a carrier, is relatively young. The term itself cybersecurity only stayed to gain prominence some six or seven years ago. Before then, no one really talked about cybersecurity. It was usually more about networking. What can secure its year, maybe even computer security but determined Selves. Cybersecurity only became popular around 10 4011. There about so at the moment, there is still no official stand add path when it comes to getting a job as a cyber security professional. And also keep in mind that there are lots of different kinds of jobs in the cybersecurity industry Could become an analyst. You can become a forensics examiner. He can commit ethical hacker, so the kinds of exams, the cans of degrees you need to get to gain those jobs. It's still element isn't clearly defined. You can only go by what others have done and really, what companies request for or require when they are having people for seven kinds of jobs. At the moment, there is no standard carrier path. Second fact here is that security clearance can be a challenge. This applies particularly to United States. I haven't walked as a several security professional in other countries besides the United States, so I can't really speak of what it's like in the UK or in India or Thailand or Germany or wherever you're from, but in the United States, Getting the security clearance can be a challenge now. You might not need a security clearance to work as its sophisticated professional. If you will give you a private company, then in most cases, you might not need a security clearance. However, if you intend on working for the government or authority is the FBI, or if you intend on working for your company that gets contracts, government contracts, then you're probably going to need a security claimants. And getting a security clearance can be challenging, especially if you've had, let's say, an unfortunate past, maybe you're involved in, I don't know, some sort off Mr Me. No, you driving drunk or something like that, getting a security clearance can be a chance. There is just something to keep in mind when you want to study for carrier as a cybersecurity professional. And then there is, of course, a huge, huge demand for several security professionals. And this is on the major reasons why seven security continues to grow as a carrier and as an industry. So you, the prisoners, if you getting the job are pretty high and there's a huge demand, that's pretty much how it is all across the world. And then finally, learning never stops. I know this sounds like a cliche. Everyone always say is, Well, you can stop lending. You need to keep on learning. But trust me, it is really true in the cybersecurity industry because almost every single day you have new forms of malware. Hack has defies new ways of attacking computers and of the good guys, the good guys also devise new ways off fighting against cybercriminals and hackers. So you constantly need to be learning. You need to keep on learning, letting you techniques improving yourself as a cyber security professional. So there you have it. The former, in fact, they felt like sharing with you. We got in a carrier in cybersecurity. Thank you for watching. I will see you the next class 4. Do I need a College Degree: one very popular question I get from a lot of students is Do I need a college degree to become a cybersecurity professional? And my short answer to this is No, you don't need a college degree to become a cyber secret professional. It's certainly doesn't help. It doesn't hurt. If you have a four year college degree in cybersecurity, doesn't it? Doesn't hurt at all. But the truth is, if you're someone who is looking for a career change, maybe at the moment you studied marketing or you started network, you know you studied. I don't know law, anything but savage security. You don't need to go back to school and get your four year degree in cybersecurity and there to become a cybersecurity professional. What you can do, though, is to gain knowledge by taking courses, and then you earn your certifications who took my certifications as we progress in the course, But you do not need your four year college degree, the kind of degree you can go for if you wanted to, would be a massive degree. And there are quite a number of schools now all across the world out world, except the application to become to study or get a masters degree in cyber security, even if you're forced degree or your college degree had nothing to do with 80 in general and against the right now, this is I felt like sharing this with you. This is my cybersecurity masses, Dick, we which I got from the rest of Maryland, Baltimore County. This was back in 2014 so I just felt like sharing this with you. So if you're someone who is just getting into college, then definitely it will help. If you go for your four year college degree in seven security or any, I have a little field, maybe competence, science, maybe even that work in something like that. If, on the other hand, yes, Own whose idea? Out of college and just looking for a career change. What you can do is you can get your certifications, which we'll talk about later in the course, and then as you begin to gin walk experience and you feel like, yes, this is a carrier that actually want to stay in. Then you can begin to plan on going for your master's degree in setting universities. So that's a thank you fortune. I will see you in the next class 5. Skills Needed: All right, So what skills do you need to know? We need to have another to succeed in the cybersecurity industry. This is a very, very popular questions. Very common. People want to know. What do I need to learn? What kind of skills went into a quiet united become a cybersecurity professional? Well, first things first. Here is I know this sounds kind of like a cliche, but you should be a jack of all trades. Basically, you should know something about everything in this case, things like databases with development systems administration that working hard way programming and so on. It pays to know something about each one of this different kinds of I t subjects. And then you should know everything about something. Basically your specialty. Are you gonna become an ethical hacker or a security analyst? Or maybe even a manager is separate security manager. I know. Once again, I know this sounds kind of cliche. People say this all the time. All you should know something about everything, and they know everything about something. This is actually very true in the cybersecurity industry. Unlike other careers in nights in general. Say, for example, like Web development. Very front end Web developer, for example. You don't need to know really anything about programming. Hard core programming. You don't need to know about networking if you enter databases, for example, and you don't need to know that much about Web developmental Web design. But if you are in cybersecurity, it pays that you know something about everything. Because really a cybersecurity involves all these different subjects. And I t you can have databases being hacked, for example. So if you know something about databases that helps websites get hacked every single day, it pays that you know something about websites, computer systems, networks get hacked. So it definitely helps that you know something about these subjects. And, of course, programming you got lots of hackers were program as they create software used for hacking. So if you know something about programming, it helps. This is why, when it comes to cybersecurity, you really should try as much as possible to learn as much as you can on a different or the subjects in I T. And General. And then, of course, no. Everything about your specials. Now, of course, you can't, like, literally no every single thin But the more you know about your your specialty, the better. That's just the simple fact, all right, But now let's talk about in the walk in. This is usually one of the most important skills that you must have. I don't care what path and cybersecurity you want to take or what Carrie and cybersecurity you want to to have, whether it's an unethical hack. Oh, and now and eldest, a manager For residents, investigator networking is absolutely key. It is absolutely important. There's just no other way to become a several security professional. If you don't know networking, you must know networking. Now there are two major certifications I can command that you study in that you acquire knowledge in networking. You've got the sissy and A, which is the Cisco Certified Network Associates exam, and they've got to come tr network. Plus, these two are easily the two best certifications that you can prepare for. That will give you the Marchionni, the knowledge about networking in general. Now, here's a thing, though. You don't need these certifications. Okay? You don't need to light this exams. You can prepare for the exams. Meaning you studied the exam materials you're quite a knowledge, but you don't need this certifications when it comes to getting the job. Is a seven security professional. Your actual cyber security certifications are what is really important, says CNN and Continental Pose are more off networking certifications. Obviously, it doesn't hurt to have these certifications, but keep in mind that they're not the priority savory college student. You don't have that much money with you. My strong recommendation to use to study for his exams because you, like, wear lots of knowledge. But then you don't need to light the example. Getting certifications. Now there is a difference between six sienna and calm. Tia Network portion is very important that you understand the difference between this too sissy and a is Vendrell specific, meaning that it's specifically prepares you for on how to use six school. That's working equipment. Things go if you, if you didn't know, are the biggest and that's working company in the world, they manufacturer routers, switches, things like that. They're the biggest in the water you've got. This is CNN, which will prepare you and will give it in those needed toe walk. With such products, the Continent look plus is Vendrell neutral, which means that the knowledge you acquire but the continent applause it's it doesn't belong to Cisco doesn't belong to Microsoft. You can basically employ that knowledge in any, anyway. That's kind of like the major difference between the two. However, Decision A is a lot more in depth. It's a lot more difficult than the Continental Plus that I can assure you. And also, despite the fact that this isn't it, focuses specifically on Cisco Products. Most complex in the world actually used Cisco products. There's a very good chance that the company working for the company will walk for will actually be used in some sort of Cisco equipment. So if you must, if you want to light in, that's walking, getting networking certificates, certificates. This is going to depend on whether or not you have a background in I T. If you do have a background in I t. You know some notable networking. You can go for the sissy in a It's more difficult, but I believe you can pass if you're new to I t. In general and you have no knowledge about networking whatsoever. Then the continent nets. Applause is definitely the exam. You want to write on like a recommend CBT no gets training specifically for the sissy and a at the end of this slide, I will show you the website. I'm talking about all she will dissociate. Civitan gets training of apps that looks like All right. Next up is we have the general cybersecurity knowledge. You cannot become a seven security professional on analysts without actually having a well rounded knowledge of all the major subjects on the cybersecurity enough and have now them down to five. The 1st 1 being malware and attacks. You should know what malware is. You should know that the thing kinds of attacks like a man in the middle, viruses warms. You should know exactly what the Trojan horses, things like that you should have a well rounded knowledge of them. And, of course, preventive measures. Things like anti virus firewalls and intrusion detection system intrusion prevention system . You should know or these terms are and how they actually work. And then hack is and the hacking methodology and software Oh, hackers. How do they actually hack? What step do they take before they begin to hack? It's important that you understand this because really, without hackers or cyber criminals tell wouldn't be any cyber security in the first place and then hacking software. And now you might be a little bit hesitant, apologize like, oh, get into, like, the very deep end of the technical stuff. But the truth is, you don't need to be to become an expert at using hacking software because if you're not planning on becoming an ethical hacker or penetration tester, then you really do not need to become an expert at hacking software in the first place. However, obviously, if you want become a certified ethical hacker, then yes, you should be a master accusing difficult of hacking software. But in general, the three hacking subject command that you learn Ah, wire, shack and map, Cain and Abel. These are the three main hack insulted that I feel are amongst the easiest to learn and will also give you a well rounded knowledge, more individual Egil on how hackers actually hack. This would really be useful for you. And then finally we've got the social media. This presence of social media are all and identity is privacy, anonymity. This is a big, big, big big topic. A big subject in the 70 co two world. So these are kind of the five major all subjects on the Sabbath Secret, obviously. Mawr, you've got cyberwar fear. You've got cyber laws. You got so many. But this is kind of like the five major subjects on the seven Secrets I can recommend that you are learned that you get some knowledge on and shameless book right here, in case you don't know actually have to. Beginners courses on cybersecurity will teach you most of all. This is that I've mentioned. So whether you're watching this on my the market platform or you watching this is your enemy or wherever you're watching this. I do have the two beginners courses. You can check the magic. You can contact me if you're interested and getting these two courses now ballistic a ball pool, grameen and can see. I do have a question mecca of the end because a lot of people always ask me this question. The Alex what kinds of programming languages joining to Loon. You know that to be calm, a cybersecurity professional, and I look at them and I say, Well, it's not required. You don't have to be a programmer in order to become a cybersecurity professional. It helps, obviously, the more you know, the better. But it's not required. And they really pieces me off whenever I go online. And I type in on Google a tap in things like the skills required to become a seven security and an artist. And almost every single website would say programming skills, programming skills, programming skills. It just pisses me because a lot of people get discouraged because people feel like, Well, I don't like programming or have never liked program, And I don't think I can become a programmer. It's too much work. Do I really need programming to become a cyber security analyst? Okay, I'm not interested anymore, and it pisses me off. So if you don't have any programming background, don't worry. You don't need to become a poor grammar. It really depends on your specialization. Now, if you intend on becoming someone who lights programming a software for hacking, all creating softer that can be used to prevent hacking and things like that, then obviously yes, programming will be essential. Programming will be extremely important, but if you want to become a security analyst. You don't need programming. You want to go into forensics investigation? You don't need to learn programming. You wanna become a cyber security manager? You don't need programming, so a lot is going to depend on your specialization. Now, if there's any language, I can recommend it to learn programming language. It's gonna be python. You've got lots of them are. They've got Ruby, You've got JavaScript, God, Job C plus plus and so on and so forth. Python, in my humble opinion, is the easiest language coming, especially if you don't have any background in I. T. Python is vastly used in the cybersecurity industry. It's a scripting language. It's very of Avery. Interesting. I have actually learned some python, and I can tell you that it's easily one of the easiest languages that you can learn. Second, definitely command python to you. And finally you've got the soft skills. And I almost did not want to include this leg because, honestly, it's not something I enjoy talking about, but basically, you know the drill presentation skills, you know, analytical mind, ability to work with a team. And, of course, our network in these are kind of like the four major soft skills that you need to be able to having that you become a sophisticated professional because most of the time you will be walking with the team. You may be working on the somebody and then, of course, to break into the seven secret industry to get a job, you do need to be able to network and needs know how to present yourself. Don't think because there are lots, there's a huge demand for cybersecurity jobs that if you get your certifications and you have ah, degree or whatever, then, yes, I'm gonna get a job guaranteed. No, you still need to have the soft skills of the necessary in order for you to get the job in the first place. All right, so before I round up this video, I just quickly want to show you this very interesting article. I found it on medium, which basically talks about thesis in a all the network, the Continental close exam. Which one of the two should should you take so you can go on medium and search for this topic? This is a very, very interesting, well put out article, and it basically summarizes or say is what I said earlier, which is that if you have a background in 90 then yes, to see any would be the exam we should prepare for you. You can go for it's more difficult. But if you're someone who doesn't have any background knowledge and I t they're feeling mental post will be more ideal for you so you can go ahead and check out the article if you wanted to. And then finally, I mentioned 17 nuggets for learning about the sustain exam or even become tear network. Plus Now full disclosure. I never took the competent network plus training from 17 nuggets. What I did take from them do was the ccn a ah example because actually did my ccn a. And I learned about this is any form citizen or gets and this particular instructor right here Jeremy Chirwa This dude, in my humble opinion, is the best online instructor. I have everyone I learned under. He is fantastic. He is absolutely fantastic. A legend he teaches so well. Here's the kind of lead instructor look up to. So if you're looking for an instructor to help you out to teach you any kind of training for the sissy and they definitely check out German show our I took his course for the sissy any and it was fantastic. It taught me a lot and I can only say great things about him and again definitely commend his training. So interested in Sistani? Definitely check German shower as assistant 20 of under the sea Bettino gets website. So that's basically ah, the end of this video about the skills you need to become a sophisticated professional. And as always, if you have any questions about what I've said do let me know they wanted happy to assist you and help in any way that I can think of war Chin and I will see the next video. 6. Job Roles Section Preview: All right, welcome to this venue section. We're all walking you through the five main kinds of jobs that you can apply for. In the cybersecurity industry business, every secret professional is a lot more than just being an ethical hacker. There are different kinds of jobs you can apply for, and five isn't just the total kinds of jobs you can apply for the other kinds of jobs out there. I don't know, spend time calling every single kind of all a job you can apply for, because they will take too long. But this five jobs over talking about that the main ones that you can go for and of course , are but walking you through the job description. What would be expected of you to to do when you occupy such rules? I will take a look at the pay, how much you can be expected to earn, and finally, I'll talk about the skills and the certifications with quiet for you to be able to successfully apply for these kinds of jobs. So without wasting any time, let's jump right in 7. Security Analyst Role: all right is let's talk about the very first kind of job you can get in the cybersecurity industry, and that's going to be the role of a security analyst. And this was, of course, the very first job I ever got in the cybersecurity industry. And it's an entry level job. Most of the jobs off a security analyst, these kinds of jobs, often entry level. So if you're just fresh out of college and you looking for a job, this typically would be the kind off job you would apply for. Of course, if you're looking for a career change and you just starting to get your feet wet or your hands dirty in the seven secret industry, this would typically be the kind of job you would apply for now. It's also referred to as the information systems security analyst. Story did a security analyst, and there's so many ways companies refer to this particular kind of rule. Typically, whenever you have the ward analyst and that job title, it's more often than not, it's it's usually refers to the wall of a security analyst. Usually, Now, the thing about this particular rule is that you don't need any sort of like real specialized skills like it's not a specialization. Well, you basically need to have a general knowledge off different kinds of areas of seven securities. Whether it's the softer aspect, they hard to aspects network in things like that, just just have a well rounded knowledge of are the different areas and subjects on the cybersecurity. Now, according to pay scale dot com, you can expect to end roughly between for the 5000 to $70,000 per year. This, of course, for the United States. I don't know about other countries, but the point here here is that most of the time the security analyst is the entry level job, and this is usually the lowest pain. Our job in the cybersecurity industry now the natural promotion or the natural will you would get after years of experience would be that of a security architect. That's kind of like the person who is in charge off security analysts will talk about the security architect next, but I remember when I used to work as a security analyst, there was this particular person will report to his name is Ben. If you're interested so we'll report to Ben. Ben will be the one Teoh managers and basically give us instructions on what to do. So that's basically ah, the job description of it of a security analyst. All right, so what are the main tasks involved? What did I used to do? Well, 1st 1st 1st you maintain data and you monitor security access. So basically, you just ensure that the data of the company remains safe by employing different kinds, off measures you recommend and you install a proper tools and, of course, countermeasures to potential vulnerabilities. So basically, you can recommend that Hey, let's install this particular kind of anti virus. Let's install this particular candle firewall things like that normal routine tasks. So you managed network and then off. Also, the intrusion detection and prevention systems. So you're basically the guy behind the computer. You just make sure that all security software and tools are up and running. You apply patches your good security measures. Again, there isn't anything to very specific about this role. You're kind of like the person who just you get your hands data in every different kind off task involved in cybersecurity in general and of course, you also train fellow employees and security awareness and procedures. I remember back in those days, too, will be the ones to train other members of staff in different departments. I think usually was once every I think six weeks or whenever we also get like new employees . Ward organize like 45 minutes to one hour training session will treat him how to create strong passwords, how to ensure that they're not victims or phishing emails, things like that. So basically, you just be the ones to train all the members of staff who are not or who don't have a background in cybersecurity. Whitey, you basically just give them ah, basic training or not to ensure that the data remains safe. So, basically, how do you become a security analyst? Well, the very best certification accurate committee would be the Conte, our security plus certification. This is easily, easily the best certification can go full to become a security analyst and especially if you're new to sever security, you're fresh out of college. You're looking for a change of Korea. Please go for the contest. Secretive plus certification is the best you can go for at this early stage. Another set of kitchen you can go for would be the system security certified practitioner, otherwise known as the SS CPI. It is a little bit more advanced than the Contessa Co. Two plus, but it's also a certification that will give you more skills. And then, in general, you should have good knowledge of networks firewalls, how to use an intrusion detection system, an intrusion prevention system onto virals. Things like that. You should just have a good knowledge of this kinds off countermeasures. And then I can also recommend that you go for the network, plus all the sissy and a certifications this Cisco Certified Network Associates. You don't have to lie to the exams again. Certifications. You can just go for the training because this, too certifications will provide you with a lot of knowledge about networks in general. All right, so that's it for the security analyst, the law, the description and the candle skills you would acquire in order to become born. If you have any questions about this particular world to let me know, thank you fortune. And now let's talk about the wool off security architect 8. Security Architect: All right. So let's talk about the role off the security architect and into the gentleman right there . Looking at you, he looks like a boss. Will, he is because of all of the security architect is a scene. Your position. You're basically the head off a security analyst team back in those good old days of maybe in a security analyst. I had my balls band. He was a secret architect and he was the one who basically are managed us. So it's kind of like a less technical mawr managerial kind off rule and requires it requires years of experience. Obviously, you can become a manager without having substantial amounts of experience. So this is definitely involved. Requires an experience, and of course, going to basically you can end awfully between 85 to $142,000 per year. So it's definitely more rewarding than the wall off a security analyst. And the natural promotion here would be to the roll off a C. I s CO, the chief information security officer. The CSO is a C executive level executive position. That's usually the most senior position in the I T department for any company But again, this can depend on the particular company that you're walking for. There might be another wall that you have to fulfill before you can become to see I ask all . All right, So what other tasks? What did Ben used to do? Well, basically, you managed to security team. That's kind of like the summary. You also prepare budget. You would be the one who usually will have to figure out how much you're gonna need for new equipment, new tools, new software You prepare the budget and using the budget to the financial departmental. I don't know whatever department will deal with such things. And then, of course, spare head audits and training. That's a key wolf for the security architect and then, of course, involved in hiring, hiring new security hours. I am a moment I went for my interview. Ban was present, and it's often good because the new secret ours will work on the secret architect. So usually the secret architects will be involved in the hiring process. He or she would give their feedback to HR on who they liked amongst the candidates who applied for the wall off the security. Our analysts and, of course, finally define and create corporate security policies. Another key will for the security architect. So you for the type of person who loves managing, you know, creating polar systems like that. Then this world will be perfect for you. So the skills well, in general, you need the security analyst skills to begin with unit experience that cannot be negotiated with. And and, of course, the best of the vacation can go for for this would be the wall off the certified information security manager. Personally, I've never taken this certification before, but it is the one of the most respected certifications in the seven secret industry and then all the kinds off certifications that inform management like the PMP. I think even I, Teel or any other type of manager certification will also help you. If you have the MBA as well, that will be very beneficial and helpful. So that's it for devil of a security architect. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you the next class 9. Penetration Tester: Okay, so now let's talk about one of my favourite jobs and the cybersecurity industry. And that is the vault off a penetration tester. I was once upon a pen tester. I did this for about 14 months, and it was one of the best times off my life as a cyber security analyst. All right. This particular of old is also known as the certified ethical hacker, and I'm pretty sure this is a value of head of before in all Honestly, if you want to be very strict, there are some subtle differences between a Pan Testa and a certified ethical hacker. But for the most part, both walls extremist similar and the knowledge and skills required for both rules are very much the same. Now, basically, you're paid to hack. That's kind of like the summary of this particular of all you look of vulnerabilities, and you're paid to look for those vulnerabilities by hacking. And it can be very exciting if it a type of present like me who enjoys solving puzzles, even the type of person who lost look for weaknesses, vulnerabilities in the system than this rule is perfect for you. If you don't like such feigns. Well, you might want to look for a different kind of job, And the cybersecurity industry now come into play skill. You can end roughly between 44 $117,000 per year. Of course, this is very rough. This depends on different factors like the company you work for, How much negotiate things like that and so on. But it can be a well, a hala rewarding career. Now, the natural progression would be to the wall of a security architect or the role of a security consultant. Now, the will of a security consultant basically is you being on your own, you can be the kind of person who takes contracts. So a company approaches. Do they say, Hey, can you please tow a pen test and tell us will be a week? So you're going there to your job, get your paycheck and then leave. It can be quite challenging. Becoming its security consultant. You need a really good reputation because companies are just gonna hire anyone to conduct pen tests. You have to be trustworthy, and you have to have a high amount of reputation, good reputation, that is, and of course, really good skills. But you can become a consultant editor of person who wants to be on your own. We just take contracts and you execute them to get paid. You move on, then security consultant is what's gonna go for and a pen. Testa is where you should step out. All right, So what are their tasks? What did I used to do as a PAN test? How well you perform pen tests against security systems and were based applications? In other words, you basically look for vulnerabilities of witnesses in any security system. Maybe if it's the passwords or the networks or their firewalls, things like that. And then you also conduct physical security assessments. This is often overlooked aspect of all of the pen tester always said, if identical, hacker, it's not just about you conduct in hacking using hacking tools to break into passwords or systems of tensile that no, it's also. But you've been able to gain physical access to very important places, like a server room, for example, that also requires that you have some sort of skill in terms of like being able to manipulate people into giving you what you want. And of course, that leads me to develop Expert, which is Yusof Social engineering tactics on cover, security loopholes, social engineering. If you didn't know, it's basically a psychological ploy and pretty sure you must have seen or heard in the news or maybe on websites before, where somebody picks up the phone and say, Hey, you know, you have viruses on your system. We need you to provide us with this password or something like that. That's basically social engineering. So this one right now you're not using technical skills. You're using more psychologist psychological skills to manipulate people into telling you or giving you sensitive information. And this is one of the best parts off Venus of the political hack up in a PAN test. I've been able to employ social Internet because it's exciting. It's fun and just being able to psychologically, many people can be very excited. And of course I mean this in a very, very good way. Not in a bad way and all. And then, of course, you provide feedback and recommendations to the company. So after you've done your pen tests, you've uncovered loopholes. You can intel the company and tell them that, Hey, we found this problem here. We found that you have an issue over here, and of course, this is what we recommend in love, which improve your security system. Now the skills and, oh, boy, you do need some skills to become a pan tester. You need some hard core technical skills. Do over pen Tester said. If it act, ethical hacker is probably the world requires the most amount off technical skills and seven security industry. You also need a deep understanding off Windows and Linux or prison system, especially clinics. The next is extremely popular in the hacking industry and, of course, strong knowledge of hacking and it working tools like you end map wire shark. And this is my displayed for milk and so on. You basically need to be very comfortable using different kinds of hacking tools and software and, of course, programming. It's not like the strongest requirement to become a pen tester, but the amount of programming you know can greatly influence just how well you are able to perform in this particular kind off of all. And, of course, the certifications Stella for the contest equated Plus, and then you're CHS has said Fed, ethical hacker. And then finally, the C I S S P certifications. Ch is, by the way, is by the EEC council Does defender that those are the guys who make this exam. I have my security plus in state certifications. I never went for the satispay because back then it was too expensive for me and I just in half the time. But there's usually other three certifications You can go for several for the contest. A great applause. Then get your ch. And after you have gained one or two years of experience as a pen tester on ethical hacker , you can and go for your C I SSP certification. All right, so that's it for the pen tester, a k A certified ethical hacker. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 10. Computer Forensics Analyst: All right, let's talk about the role off the forensics analyst. And this is a role or a job. I have never had the opportunity to on the take before. So the original gonna give you here in this video is based primarily on water available together on line and not my own personal experiences. All right, so basically, the forensics analyst is more like the digital detective involved with trace and cybercrime . So you read a type of person who loves investigations, crime catching the bad guy. Then this kind of job will be right up your alley and surprise supplies. Forensics analysts are typically employed by the police, law enforcement, the government. So if you want a job with the FBI or with E C, I yea, you're with the police, something like that. And, yes, become any competent from six analysts is definitely the role that you want to go for, and walk is used in court. But I mean by this is many times whenever you have a legal court proceedings where the crime involved thes of the computer, usually the forensics analysts would be involved in the investigation will be the ones to check the accused or the suspects computer to gather every instance like that. So usually that kind of work is used or the evidence gathered about a is used in courts. That's what I meant by that statement, and a country place killed a comb. You can expect to end roughly between 55 to $119,000 per year, so it is a decently rewarding career if you choose to go for it. Now, the main tasks involved well, you conduct data breach investigations. So whenever data is suspected to have been stolen or corrupt head, basically, you will be the person to jump in and discover how it was done when it was done and who might have done it. And you can also recover and examine lost data from computers. Another very essential skill for a forensics analyst is not just about investigating and discovering what were long, but also it's about recovering. Whatever data may have been lost or damaged, and then, of course, you compel evidence for legal cases. I talked about this Elia, and then you also provide testimony at court proceedings. So again, if it a type of person who loves all this court proceedings working for the police, tracing crime, fighting bad guys, catching bad guys then, yes, this is a job that she would village in. All right now, for the skills will basically have the skills of a security analyst. And to be fair, ah, just about every specialized kind of role in cybersecurity requires that you have at least the skills of a security hours. Because remember that the security analyst tends to be the little like the Junior Wall or the junior job in the cybersecurity industry. And then, of course, cryptography. You have to understand and learn how to use a cryptography and then for is accepting applications. I've never used these applications before, but I've been able to gather that applications like the F T K Hell ecstasy related to most popular are soft applications for forensics, and they have been able to back up and archive technologies as well, very, very important, and, of course, finally, evidence handling procedures. You should be able to know how to handle. I gather Evidence city. It can be used in court of a very important and in terms of certifications, you will acquire the CH. It's heavy recommended and then you also have the G I. A. C certification is in the two of them that you might want to go for, which is the computer forensics examiner and then the counter forensics analyst, the CFE and the C F A. There's also no vendor but provides decertifying computer forensics. Examiner our certifications, the C c F e. These I kind of like the main certifications. Who would want to go for if you intend on being a computer forensics analyst, So that's a tank of water in the video, and I'll see in the next class. 11. Cyber Security Manager: Oh, I So let's take a look at the final ball, which is the most senior of all in the cybersecurity industry. And that would be the role of the cyber security manager otherwise known as the CSO, the chief information security officer or the security director. There are many other titles that you can use to associate with such a position. Now the frame responsibility here would be to walk with the upper level, such as the CEO, to directly determine the company's security needs. And the Islanders make one thing absolutely clear. I personally have never been a cyber security manager and, well, I don't know if you watch it would be interested in becoming one. But if you are well, it does require lots of experience and managerial skills. Obviously, this is not a candle value. Get within two or three years of 475 years of joining the company takes time, but this is kind of like the position of the rule that you might want to walk towards two and couldn't base killed or corn. You can earn about 180,000 U. S. Dollars per year, but of course this is very relative on the company you're working for. Some companies I know could pay as high as $900,000 per year. It all depends on how successful and how big the company is in terms of certifications. You're obviously going to need the CSP, the CSM certificates, But you're also going to need others as it gets outside the cybersecurity industry, like the PMP or even the ideal. And, of course, an M B A and ambled off course. Help you and get in this kind of position. Now again, I personally have never been in several security manager before, so I can't really tell you what it's like for my own personal experience. But this has been what I've been able to gather for my research online. So if you are interested in the Communist cybersecurity major one day, you do require lots of experience, managerial skills and, of course, specifications, PMP or a teal. And of course, you can walk towards getting your M B A as well so that you have it for the seven Security . Even when adjusting. If watching, I will see you in the next class 12. Certifications Section Preview: already welcome to a brand new section. Will will be talking about the major certifications and the A vendor certifications is obviously one of the biggest things about cyber security. Apart from getting the degree you do need certifications in other to stand out from your peers and the bitter qualifications of the better certifications you have the better jobs and the higher pay you will get as a result. So in this section will be covering some of the major certifications out there and the kinds off walls these certifications are good for. So I'm gonna do my very best to have light as many of the certifications as possible, some of which I have written before. As you can see, I am showing you my certificates from Compere Security Plus And this was back in October 3rd 2000 and +90 boy, almost 10 years ago, I feel really, really old just looking at this certificates. But anyway, I have written a few of these our certifications before reaching the sissy, an eighties to CNN Security, the company security. Plus I vote the CE age, so I'm gonna do my very best to give you as much information as I can on the certifications and ah, let's jump right in 13. Comptia: Okay, so let's take a look at the very first Bendel and that is going to be coming here. And I do have a very special relationship with this company because they're a plus. Training was the very first certification tree and I ever took. And, of course, their security plus certification. It was the very 1st 1 I ever rolled and passed. So comes out. We will always have a very special place in my heart. Now, take a look at this. I never knew about this, but they now have the newest I ity certification for several security, which is the committee out pen test. Plus, some guessing is going to be for those who wants become pen testers or ethical hackers. And this is brand new. This is really, really new. I just found out about this today. What I do know about come said, though, is that they do have some proven certifications. They have the A network. Plus they have a pleasant because they have the security plus as well, the pan test. Plus, I have to be honest with you. I don't know much about it. I don't know how accepted it is. So I'm gonna leave judgment for now. Maybe later on in the future. I will make an update as soon as the exam becomes more popular and begins to get reviews from companies and others ago. Two experts, however, they do have the network plus training, which is one of the recommend to you If you don't have any knowledge off networks or how they walk, the confident applause training is excellent. This will introduce it to all you need to know about the basics off networking and is against it right now. You can see that it is not a pleasant shows. An anti professional has the knowledge and skills to design and implement functional networks. Configure my agent mental decision that together you get you get the reference. So basically, that applause is a weight certification to prepare for. However, you don't have to light the certification. You don't have to take the exam because the truth is in the security industry, the cybersecurity industry. No one really cares about your nettle plus certification. There are better certifications, more important certifications that you can write, but you can go for the training did the training, but don't wait exam now an exam that you should write, however, would be the security plus since a vacation. This is kind of like the introductory certification for every single Seba secrets professional. This is one where you can take the training where you would learn the basics off cybersecurity, and then you can pass the exam, get justification, and then you can begin to apply. Four walls are entry laws you can see. Right now, it says. Over here, the new security plus certification covers the junior I see or little pen tester job role in addition to the people's job rules for systems admin that took admin and security administrator. So contessa, Great applause is an excellent excellent Ah, security said. Eviction to acquire. And even if I hear it stays com testicle, deplores is the first security certification fighter professionals should earn. It establishes the core knowledge acquired of any separate security will and provides a springboard to intermediate level cybersecurity jobs. So, please, if you're really serious about the commonest sophisticated professional, this is the very first exam you should white. Okay, you can take another close training, learned about the business of networking, and then you can learn to come to see great applause, took the training and then light exam and passed exam. And then you can begin to apply for entry walls in the cybersecurity industry. So that's it for the come tear ven door certifications. I will keep my eye on this Pantex plus certification because, honestly, I really don't know much about this exam. I'll have to take a purple look at its end. I will provide an update as soon as I can, But that's it for Compton. Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next class. 14. EC Council: Let's take a look at the very next bend Ore, and that is going to be the e. C. Cancel. And they say, Hackers air here, Where are you? So if you're interested in becoming an ethical hacker or a pen tester, E. C. Council certifications are the ones that you absolutely have to light, and the very first exam he would be. The C E H. One of the most popular certification exams out there, stands for the certified ethical Hacker Certification, and this is basically the one major or says a victory for certification you have to go for If you intend on becoming an ethical hacker or a pen tester, you will learn all the basic techniques used by hackers to gain information, to break into networks to crack passwords, things like that. So ch is definitely one that you must go for Now there is a new one called the Certified Ethical Hacker Practical Version. Now, when I would my CH about eight years ago, these particular version did not exist. There was no such thing as a practical see it exam, but now it exists, and it appears to be very, very practical, as the name suggests it is a six all Vegas exam that requires you to demonstrate application off ethical Hacken. And it says you'll be giving them that time, just like in the real world. Examples developed by a panel of experiences that means and includes 20 real life scenarios with questions designed to validate essential skills required in the ethical hacking domains. Wow, wow! Wow. So it does appear that this is gonna be favorite practical oriented, And it does look like this is an exam that you might want to light just to give yourself a bit of an advantage and separate yourself from those who only have the C E. H. Another excellent observation can go for would be the lion sense penetration tester, and it stays. This exam has on purpose to differentiate the experts from the novices in penetration testing. I never wrote this exam, but I do have lots of friends who have written exam, and it's not easy, Trust me. This is a pretty challenging exam. But if you are interested in the common it pentastar unethical hacker, the L. P T. The last has been a Jon tester is another exam that you can go for this will help separate you from those who only have two C h. And then they do have the C h f I, which is the computer hacking forensic investigator. All certification. So you're interested in in forensics? You can definitely go for this particular certification. I haven't written exam before, but it's widely recognized. It's widely accepted by lots of companies and firms who would want to employ forensic Analyst. So this is one that you can also go for. And I love this. It says every crime leaves a trail off evidence become a CHF. I'll off this. Honestly, if I was gonna invite any certification exam, it'll be worn under the forensic forensics and probably chf. Remember when I will go for its real excited. Now, finally, they do have the C. C i. S or which is the easy councils certified chief information security officer certification . Now, personally, I don't know much about this certification, And if you are interested in becoming a manager or like a security officer, in my humble, humble opinion, I believe there are better certifications that you can go for And of course, I'll introduce you to them later. on in the course. But before I go, I saw something very interesting here. Alan just quickly glanced through this slides. All right, so you say is the global launch off said if I said if a Blockchain professional, I never even knew this existed. This is brand new, and it's a studded new Correa is a certified Blockchain professional or intensive for their hours to be people camp. So I don't think this is related directly to cybersecurity. But, hey, who knows? If you're interested in Blockchain, maybe you might be interested in this particular kind of training. Anyways, that's it for the EEC Council, Definitely the major of anyone to go for if you're interested in the common an ethical hacker at Pan Testa or even if you're interested in the community Forensics analyst. So thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next class 15. CISCO: Let's take a look at the next Bendel, and that is going to be Cisco now. Cisco are actually not directly related to cybersecurity. They're more off a networking vendor because Cisco, the company manufacturing a token equipment like routers and switches and difficult of networking software. So if you taken a Cisco exam acidification, it's usually tilled more towards net walk in as a topic and not necessarily cybersecurity. However, the reason why I like to introduce this code to you is because they do have to certifications, which is the CC e n T, which is Cisco certified entry networking technician certification, which you can go for. You don't have to write exam, of course, but I'm talking about you're going for the training because in here you would learn the basics of networking, which is essential for your success as a sophisticated professional. And they also have different types of the CC and A, which is this is crucified network associate. Example. A have sustained a security. They have since any vows in switching industrial to the center and so on, says and wireless. Basically, the idea here is that with the sissy e nt or the sissy in a you will learn a lot about it walking as a topic. And then you can also go for the treatment. For this isn't a security where you would learn the basics of security in relation to network in in general. So six and security is excellent. And if you so don't discover that Hey, you know what? I kind of like security and it's walking. Then you can progress to the C, C and P Security, which is the Cisco Certified dental Professional security. And finally, the apex would be the C c i e. This is Cisco certified inter networking expert on security. So again, Cisco arm or off a networking vendor, not necessarily cybersecurity. But if you find yourself loving this working is a topic and your soul off security, Then your best bet will be to combine both of them. And Cisco provides the best certifications for this to see CNN security, CCMP, security and, of course, the C C I s security. So that's it. Francisco, Thank you for watching. I will see you in an X class 16. GIAC: Let's take a look at our next certification vendor, and that is going to be the G I A. C certifications. Now they do offer defensive additions in pen test in order 10 and even management. And let's take a look at the very 1st 1 over here. And that's going to be the penetration testing. They do have the certified incident handler. They've got the pen test our certification as well. They've also got the Web application condition tester, and they also have the exploits researcher and advanced penetration tester, mobile device security analysts while its networks python code A and so on. The truth is when it comes to pen test in the view plan on becoming a pan test or even an ethical hacker, the G. I A. C certifications are not the best, in my humble opinion out recommend you go for the L. P T. The last has been a penetration test it from the City Council or even the C H exams from the EEC Council. And then, if you feel like you need an advantage that you can go for the certified instant handler or even the next which is dependent. Asian tester these two might give you an extra advantage over your fellow peers in the ethical hacking up intestine industry. But if you're really serious about becoming repentance, that and all the command that you first right of the El PT 11 the ch from easy counsel. First, however, if you are into forensics, then I can tell you that the certified forensic analyst Andy Certified Forensic Examiner these two are among the most respected certifications within computer forensics. So G I a c r your go to Bendel's. If you're interested in forensics and other really good certification, it will be the reverse engineering malware. This is a really, really awesome certification for forensics. They've also got the network, our forensic analysts as well. They've also got the cyber threat intelligence. And then finally, they've got the advanced smart phone forensics. So once again, when it comes to forensics, I think G. I A. C certifications are the most respected. So definitely check those runs out if you are into forensics. And finally they do have those for management, audit and legal. And again, these are highly respected as well, especially how close it down. Let me come down here where you have the citified project manager. This is for secret professionals and managers who participate in or lead project teams and wish to demonstrate an understanding off technical project management methodology and implementation. Wow s. So this is technically suited. If you are into management of you are interested in becoming a 70 quitting manager, then the CPM is definitely one that you would want to go for. And they've also got the virus right now. Yeah, they've got the log data security and investigations. This is suited mawr. If you are into law, if you're a lawyer looking to break into the cybersecurity industry, this may be a specialty that you might be interested in because it combines law and cybersecurity. So it stays for security and anti professionals. Lawyers, paralegals, auditors, accountants, technology managers. G L E G holders have demonstrated master of knowledge, skills and abilities to manage secure relationship to business law contracts for crime. I t security at a liability 80 policy with a focus on electronically stored and transmitted records. I read that pretty quickly and it so this is a really good certification go for If you are a lawyer, you're a paralegal and you're interested in picking into the cybersecurity industry. And finally, another really good certification would be the information security professional. This is usually a very good certification to light first before going for the I S C two c I SSP certification, which will talk about very, very soon. This is kind of like the prerequisite before you white that particular exam. So there you have it for the G I A. C specifications. They felt the best guys for forensics or detain and in management as well. Thank you for watching. I will see you the next class. 17. ISACA: All right, So the next vendor here is going to be the I s A. C A. I like to call them so it's like a You do have different kinds of certifications that they provide the very first. Only here is going to be the certified information systems auditory, the C I s a. Now, this is a pretty interesting certification to go for if you are into auditing. Personally, I've never been in orderto before, but from what I can gather, this is a pretty respective certification in the auditing industry of seven security. So if you're interested in order seen, this is one of the exams that you can go for. They do have the certified information security manager as well. This is one of the single most respected certifications for managers. So if you're interested to make amends every security manager this is another certification that you would want to check out. For sure this is hella respected, and it's when I can recommend that you take even to become a manager. They've got the certified in the governance off enterprise. I t In all honesty, I don't know much about this certification. And unless I'm mistaking. I don't think it's as widely accepted as some of the other certifications in governance or management, but I may be long is just that. I have never really heard much about this particular certification. So it is one that you might want to think twice before attempting. And then finally, they do have the certified in risk information systems control to see how I see and just like the c g e i t. I don't know much about this particular certification. It's not very popular for more that can gather from what I can see. And it says, Well, this will help to propel your carrier and build great understanding of the impact of I t risk and how it relates to your organization. So I'm guessing, if you are into I t risk management and definitely this might be one of the certifications you might want to go for again. It's not one of the most populous applications out there, so it's za certification that is very, very specific. It's very niche, like if you enter risk management and yes, this is one you might want to go full, but if you're going for your pan test in ethical hacking. Forensics, Security analysis. Then this might not be a certification that you would want to go for. So there you have it for the I s A. C A. Definitely the most respected certification they have is the C I. A simple management. Other than that, I can't believe a command any of the certifications. Unless, of course, you plan on going into risk management. So there you have it. Think of fortune. I will see you in the next class. 18. ISC(2): Okay, so let's talk about the next vendor. And that's going to be the I S C two square. And these guys are well known for having what is regarded to be the single most important in the single most respected certification in all off sub security. And that is the C i SSP the walls. Crimea Cyber Seiko Desertification. This is one that you want to go for once either mast some years of experience. It is definitely not the kind of certification you want to hit within your four. Steal your secondary even your third year or becoming a cyber ticket professional. The exam is pretty tough, I can tell you that that much spirit opens quite expensive as well. So this is definitely one that you want to go for later on. Once you've had quite enough skills, enough walking experience, and it's of course, it's great if you want. You fulfill anyone off this particular rules and cybersecurity, but you can see right here they it say's but it's not for everyone. Even the Venice themselves are telling you that this particular exam isn't for everyone. It say's It isn't the best option for every cyber security professional. Before you step down your certification path, make sure you are missing an opportunity to pursue acidification more aligned with your immediate career goals. C I S S P isn't necessarily the best full ethical hacking. It's not necessarily the best for forensics and it's also not necessarily the best. If you are just starting your caviar as a seven secrets professional, you definitely want to NDC SSP Later on. If you're interested in management becoming an architect where consultants stuff like that , then yes, C I s s people be perfect for you. But again, you do need some years of expense before you can attempt to take this particular exam. But don't worry. If you just start enough in your career as a 78 professional, they do have another one called the associates off the I S e to square. This is kind of like the junior certification to the C I S S P. This is definitely one that you can go for in addition to the contest security. Plus, So he says, if I hear that you want to prove yourself and impress employers, but you don't have the expense to any seven security certification yet? Statue Career strong with the associate off I s C two square. So this is the only one that you can go for without having any work experience. You will learn a lot. Plus you'll become more desirable to employers given the fact that you don't have experience but you have your I s C to associate. You have your compass security. Plus these two exams certifications will definitely make you more disable to employers. And they would want to employ you in there industry or their company. And then most begin to get your walk expression and then go for the C I S S P. If you are interested in such an exam, they do have other certifications like the SS IPCC SPD cap and so on. I don't know much about this particular up certifications. They're very streamlined. For example, to see CSP is for club security. You have the h c I SPP bridges into healthcare, so these are very, very niche, like very streamlined. So if you are interested in this kinds off particular up ah industries, soap industries with the cybersecurity industry as it hold. And yes, you can go for them. But if you're more into management, ethical, hacking, pent essence on then yeah, ce SSP is definitely when you want to go for a little on and then the I s t two square is one associate matter is one that you want to go for if you don't have any work experience So that's it for the I c two square Think of watchin and I will see you the next last. 19. McAfee Institute: Let's take a look at the final vendor and that's going to be the McAfee Institute and Lindros It is right now. If you are interested in working for the police or the FBI off government or you're interested in forensics, McCaffrey Institute are your go to vendor. They have some of the best certifications in the industry now. There are quite a few of them over here you can see divided into three main categories. Basic, intermediate and advanced. I have highlighted five off. The ones aren't in the six off. The exams that I filled are very, very interesting Standoff de, certified social media Intelligence analyst, the S M I A. This is a C divisional train. You on how you can gather evidence from social media to prosecute or to locate or even track down a criminal. This is really, really interested in, Of course, you can get employed by agencies like the FBI, the Secret Service, the DOJ, Homeland Security. This is every one of the best examples can go for if you're interested in the ability to track down Sarah criminals through the use of social media, they also have decertified human trafficking. An investigator very, very specific. So again, over here you would learn how you can gather digital evidence to track then human trafficking. And again, these are just some of the most exciting certifications out there that you can go for. They do have the certified professional criminal investigator. This is hands down one of the most respected and one of the best decisions out there. If you are interested in becoming a criminal investigator with Augusta, several security in general. So over here, right now, it's a zoo. The most comprehensive and real life criminal investigation program in existence. But known on I tend to agree This is a really, really good exam it say's it'll quicken Eliphas getters around the world with the most advanced knowledge and skill sets required to be successful in their wool. So if you've ever been interested in tracking down criminals online cyber crimes, this is one of the exams that you absolutely must go for the C P. C I. They also have the citified counterintelligence threat. Analyst. This is the kind of suffocation told Al a tow walk for agencies like the N S a Theo FBI, where you basically Lynn how to identify and investigate seven criminals. Transito, get your organization or your agency and it stays. A seven counterintelligence analyst walks at the levels of the federal government, which include the FBI s a c a d o d d a and the U. S s, the United States Secret Service. So again, another fantastic exam to go for if you're interested in working for the authorities and they do have a brand new certification comin out in September this year, which is acidified Cryptocurrency, forensic investigator, it's obviously very expensive, but guess what. If you can get a certification, you're gonna be, ah, hot heart cake because, as you well know, Cryptocurrency is big right now. All of it will say it's the president future. So if you can get the certification that will train you on how you can track down some of criminals involved in Cryptocurrency Oh boy, companies will be rushing to get you. So this is definitely one that you might want to take a look at. And finally they have these citified experts in Sybil investigations to C. E. C. I reach, of course, tells you that it's one of the most comprehensive engagement and realistic cyber investigation training the industry has seen. If you're interested and checking on criminals prosecuting them gathered evidence, this is another exam that you definitely want to go for. So, in summary, McCaffrey Institute is your go to vandal. If you're interested in the criminal side of cybersecurity tracking down criminals, prosecuting them, gathering evidence, things like that McAfee Institute is definitely. You'll go to Vendome. So that's it. Thank you for watchin and I'll see you in the next class. 20. Career Path Student: welcome to my guide on how to become a cyber secrets professional from the universities from your college days. So this is intended for young students who are just going into school. So if you're someone who is every young and you're looking to become a subsequent professional in future, this would be the guide for you. Now we got in the kind of college degree should go for Well, obviously BSC in cyber security. This is a very new kind or four year college degree that's now been offered in many universities across the United States. But if you live in a country where you don't have any university off when this kind of degree, well, you could always go for your BSC in computer science and B s incumbent engineer in networking, for example, or any I t related field, you will be fine and you can even go for a degree in mathematics. Mathematics is also related to cybersecurity and especially in the field, off cryptography. So any one of these degrees will suit you. Just find the BS in seven secret, obviously being the best. But then, hey, not every country has universities offering this kind of degrees. He could always go for computer science Contention area networking Any 80 littlefield or even mathematics now self started. This is very, very, very important. Do not wait for your lecturers or your could come to teach you something. You have to be proactive. You have to teach yourself. So you gotta learn the basics of network in the basics of company security. And then, of course, the basics off development cybersecurity as a whole extends to more fuels like databases and things like that. But for the time being, as long as you know the basics of network in the basics of common security and the basics of development, de should prepare you for internships. And this will give you no knowledge to properly apply for internships and do well in those internships. But it's not enough to just say, Well, you should know the basics of network. Can you should know the basics of this business of that. What kinds of topics or subjects should you actually be aware of? Well, you can use this as a guide. You should know terms like AP and Mac addresses, which is what is on Hobbs, Ethernet. Http. Https Telesis, A cell T c p i p the OS I model the domain name system the ex CP ports. All these are on the networking. So these are the kinds off terms and technologies you should be aware off. If you know all these times, then you already you've learned the basics of networking We got in security. Well, the basics of security. You should know what mile way is the different kinds of malware onto valuables, firewalls, your intuition detection system, intuition, provision system encryption, biometrics, hacky methodology. Who are hackers? How do they hack things like that? And then, of course, fishing Eskil injection. But for the tax and somewhere such a medium privacy issues, they should also be well versed in this subject. And they should know about VPN, stall and any misers. These are basically the kinds of subjects and technologies you should be aware off on their computer security. And then, for what development? Just know the basics of HTML and CSS. You don't need to become a web to live in goo that can build no fantastical groups, has just know the basics off html CSS. And they know how apps of his work. Just understand that the logic behind a website functioning and how a website will relate to a Web server. This basically the key fundamental subjects that you need to be. Oh, bail off Evan, of course, the basics off databases that the bases are related to websites and Web servers in general . So if you're able to know something about all these teams and technologies right in front of you, then you will be ready for your internships. And then, of course, the self study materials you can study, it becomes a security positive fication this world give you all the knowledge you need for the basics of networking and the user of the computer. Become the secretive plus certification to prepare you for the basics of common security. And another positive occasion would also prepare you for the basics off networking. This will give you all the much needed knowledge. And, of course, you can take. You can like this exams if you feel you're up to the task. These two particular kinds of exams don't require real work experience. You can take them even went well in college, just as long as you know the material and you slay them well enough, and then you also have the CCNET certification. This is a bit more advanced and in that took place certification. But it's focuses on networking as well. It's a bit more advanced. You can study it. You don't have to take the exam, just study for the certification and just study for the knowledge. Basically, you get a lot of knowledge. If you prepare for the since CNN certification, and then you can take other online courses for the basics off your cybersecurity, every new Web development. Just take online courses and you don't need anything else. Really. If you're talking about books, I can commend to you the network, plus the only one interpose certification book. And then, of course, the only one security plus ah, book as well. These two. I have used them well, I haven't actually used them to an exact, but I've seen them. I've had the books in my hands, have studied the critical of what's inside, and I can recommend these two for your really, really good books and then 17 Nuggets training videos. There's website to just simply type Simpson gets in Google and the Tickets website they can learn and prepare for the different kinds of exams. These are basically the kinds of resources I can commend to you now for work experience. Well, internships. This would be absolutely key. Try to get internships while they're still in college and then really decide what feel do you want to go for? Cybersecurity is huge. There are different kinds of ricin. It is. You can be coming from a six analysts. It hacker a security analyst. The just keep your mind open, decide what you want to go for. And then, once you've decided you can begin to prepare yourself, you can do other things, like set up labs at home, for example, you can buy yourself a chip rata. You can buy a secondhand computer. I can buy some cables and just practice practice at home. Used some hacking software that you found online and just try Play around with these kinds of technologies. Teach yourself Basically, that's what I'm trying to say. It's almost like a someone teaching, teaching himself how to program. You learn by programming by trans equate small programs, little programs or even websites. If you're trends to learn how to become the website developer you start of by building upsets on your own, you learn, and then you apply. You learn and you apply. Same thing with becoming a sub security analyst. When you take these certifications or used to defer the certification exams, teach yourself, apply them. It's not just enough to know what you've learned, theoretically tried to apply what you've learned on actual complete as and then talking equipment. And then you can graduate from college and they consider playing for jobs. Mostly you want to go for the security analyst bull. This is kind of like the entry roll into the walled off, cybersecurity out advice. You go for this. Well, first of all, get some experience, learn even more practical skills, and then you can begin to specialize. If you want to, you can become an ethical hacker. You can go for the certified ethical hacker exam. You can come in for a red six analysts. You can go for the committal forensics analyst exam. You can even invite the CE SSP certification exam as well. In even incoming manager, you can start thinking of going for your P MP, your ideal certifications, things like that and then it grew your carrier gain experience. If you will become a free land seven Security and Alice, you can expect you to do that. If you want. You can set up your own company, hire the people things like that and then finally, well, in Masters degree, it helps, definitely. But I wouldn't say it's the most important thing you can go for, really. It boils down to your experience and the actual skills the actual practical skills you bring to the table and masters degree can definitely be of an advantage. If your plan on becoming a top executive in the company then definitely, of course the Masters degree will help you. But this is basically the path I would recommend that you go for, if in college and your plan on becoming a cyber security analyst again, remember that there is no standard path. This is just a path that I could think off, and I feel this is the path that will benefit. You feel in college again, feel free to ask me questions about this if there any particle up questions or thoughts or if there's anything on particularly, particularly show off to let me know I'm more than happy to assist you and help you on your path towards becoming a cybersecurity. Professionals, thank you for watching, and I'll see next class. 21. Carrer Change: all right. So welcome to my guide on becoming a subsequent professional. If you already have a job in a different field, if you're someone who doesn't have a background in I T and you're looking for a career changed on this guide is meant four years. The first things first here is you don't need a cybersecurity college degree community, four year degree. That's what I mean. And I believe I really talked about this early on in the course. Don't listen to people who tell you that. Well, he needs to go back to school. You need to get it for your degree. That is not true in Masters Degree would be helpful without question. If you have ah, University nearby calls nearby, you can go for your master's degree. You can even go for the online master's degree programs as well. In a branch off cybersecurity. There will definitely be very, very helpful. But really, it's gonna come down to self study due to the fact that you don't have a background in I t . The very first question to ask ourselves as well, how much I t knowledge do I actually know beyond being able to send an email or browse or watch YouTube videos Water. Can you actually do? What? Do you know? About 80 in General Lodin about computers. Can you build a website? Do you know how to use? What press? Are you comfortable using an anti virals? Things like that? You really need to ask yourself the question. How much acknowledged? Oh, I actually know. Now, assuming that you don't have any background out at all well, you need to keep one thing in mind. Certification exams are challenging. And I'm gonna stresses because I've had many students who are looking for a career change. This they ask me, they say, Hey, look, Alex, I don't have it back on the night. See, I don't know much about I t I Should I just go for this certification exam? And I will get on the knowledge I need and then against play for jobs? Listen, many of this a division exams are quite challenging, especially if you don't have it back on. Then i t if you're gonna take a certification exam like this ch for example, such exams already require that you have a certain amount of knowledge already right in his exams or taken the start of his exams. It's not gonna going stuff on the basics. You need to already have a foundation foundational knowledge off the different Bunches off . I t. Before you can even start thinking of writing most of this certification exams. So that's one thing to keep in mind. Don't just think. Hey, look, I'm just gonna prepare for these certification exam, and I will get old knowledge I need No, you already need foundational knowledge to acquire the new knowledge that you're going to get form writing or studying for this certification exams. Now, the kinds of knowledge you should go for would be the basics of network and the basics of comfort, security And, of course, the basics of Web development. These are the three fundamental branches that are related or the attached 27 Security in general. Now is not just enough to talk about, you know, in the business of networking. Well, what exactly should you know? Well, you should know. I p m Mac addresses, switches, routers on hopes how they walk the technology behind this equipment. You should know about the Ethernet. What is infinite? How does it work? http https TLS ssl You should know what this times refer to and how they work. TCP i p The always I model the domain name system. These are the fundamental core subjects the core technologies off networking in general dxy p. These are exactly what you need to know on the networking. If you can master this subjects, you know what these things are, then you're good to go. And then, of course, ports. What exactly are contact ports? And how do they walk of a very important And then, for the basics of seven security, teach yourself what model way is What exactly is my Web Auntie Vera's files Ideas. A PS encryption bell metrics. You don't need to know how to use these equipment or this the conscious practically. But you should have a solid theoretical knowledge off them off course, the hacking methodology as well. I'm not saying you have to become a hacker, but you should learn how hackers think Study hackers, the methodology. You know, the difference between the white hat hacker in a black hat hacker and then understand terms like fishing, SQL injection, brute force attacks around somewhere social media and privacy issues. You should also be well versed in the subject. And then VP ends. Tor and Anonymizer is These are the foundational topics that you should be aware about. We got in the basics off cybersecurity. These are the kinds of knowledge or the cans of technology that you should know. And then, for what developments will the basics of HTML and CSS. I'm not asking you to become you have development goo. Just know what HTML is. Just know what's ES says is and be able to add a few lines of Court of HTML and CSS and then understand how Web service work. How does the website of led to a Web server? That's basically all you need to know. So if you're able to family rise yourself with all these topics you see right in front of you, then you already you're truly ready to become a subsequent professional and then finally basics off databases. You should also understand the basics off databases as well, right? No competence, secretive plus certification. This is the very first certification. All the commend that you go for this is an entry level certification exam, and this will give you the basics off what you need to know. And if you're quiet desertification, you can then begin to apply for the wall of a security analyst in any company. And then you can also prepare for another plus certification. You don't have to light this certification, okay, you. But you can prepare for its and gained knowledge that you can get from studying for this particular exam. Sissy any as well. Suzanne is This is a certified network associate certification exam. It's in a token certification exam. It's a bit more complicated than confident that a plus, but again, you don't need to wait. Example kid acidification. Just get the knowledge, form the example and then take online courses for the basics of seven security. I have two of them again. If interested, let me know I have two basic courses for seven Security and development as well. If you're interested in linen, will be more about the development. You can take online courses for two to London development as well, and then these are two books that can come in to you. The only one continent applause, and then the only one comp testicle it applause. They're not supposed to give you the basics off network in an integrated postal. Give the basics off computer security. If you can buy these two books, you studied them. You will have enough knowledge to prepare you for the wall in the cybersecurity industry. And then this CBT no gets training videos to go to Google. Typing CBT nuggets. It's kind of like an academy. They prepare you for different kinds of certification exams. I can help recommend that you take the videos. They have really awesome instructors there. All right now. Decision time. So you've learned the basics of network, and you've learned the basics of cybersecurity. You've learned the basics of development. Questions have right now is what do you actually like? Seven. Security is a growing industry. It's big. There were different walls. You can take an inverted talk about two different kinds of. Also, you have the forensic analysts in security analyst, the security architect, the forensics analyst and so on and so forth. War. Do you think you actually like a the person who loves to look for vulnerabilities, that you can become a pen tester or unethical hacker, and you much manage amending and start thinking of becoming a seven security manager. Things like that. What do you actually like? Do your research. How much would you earn? What are the job prospects for these kinds of walls? And then think, Do you want to go in the private sector or the public sector? It is a public sector. You should be thinking of things like a security clearance. Can you actually apply and successfully get your security clearance if you need to. These are questions that you should ask yourself before you decide what field off Sabah's security you want to go into. And, of course, once you finally decided we'll make a decision and then just go for it, go for it's just circa. Yes, I'm gonna becoming forensics analyst and then go for it right. This exhibition exams each one of these fields, whether it's in the hacking or cryptography or management. They all have specialized certification exams for them, Writers exams. With all the knowledge of really a quiet and the certifications of Britain, you should be able to apply for jobs and then all the command, the role of the security analyst. This is the entry level job for the cybersecurity industry in general. But again, all of this will depend on your own personal circumstances. You could apply. Maybe a lucky you could just get the wall of a over certified ethical hacker immediately. It'll depends. It hopefully depends. But if you're having trouble gets in more specialized rules than you might want to think off ticket in the general as a security Alice, and then build your carrier from there so that you have it. My guide on becoming a savage, a good professional if you're looking to change careers, I know this may not have covert Joan, but sickle a circumstance because, hey, there are so many of the thinking of circumstances out there. It's impossible for me to be very, very precise. So if you have any particular questions or if you have you feel like you, you want to get my own consultancy. You want to ask me a question? We got in a sitting kind of challenge. Do let me know. I've been more than happy to assist you in your path that was becoming a Sabbath because professionals think of fortune and I'll see in the next life 22. Top Cybersecurity Events: All right. So let me introduce you to some of the very best cybersecurity conferences from around the world. And this conferences are great because not only can you learn new subjects, but you can also, network and networking is very, very important. And in this conferences, you will meet all those every secret professionals you might meet. A business partner. You might meet a very look creative or employees who might give you a job or something like that. So conferences are great and all hell encouraged to attend one at least every year. So we have these sons Summit. This is an excellent summit, because over here you tend to learn a lot. They cover different kinds of topics and even here, for example, in season off them industrial control systems, pain test hack fares, cloud security data Bridge. So what you can do is you can come over here to sound start off four slots, four slash summit, and then over here, you can take a look at the archives and just to give you an idea of what they have done in the past, these happens a few times every single year. The last was June 2018. And they took the boat windows. Forensics, first expression of iris health data. And then the one before June was believe in January. No, it wasn't February that when? In February. And they had on January. Inuit. I have never personally attended any one of these songs Summits before. But I do have colleagues and industry who have attended on the stage. Really, really good. So this is one that you might want you keep in mind. And what child? Full. Next You have the info. Sick walled, our conferences. I believe this happens once every year. The next will be April 1st to 3rd 2019 and floated up. And over here again, you have the opportunity to learn. You have the potential to network so you can keep an eye out for this one. And then we have the our s. A conference really, really cool. These happens everywhere around the world. You can see right now they've got one for July in Well, that was actually last month. But they had one in Japan. I believe they've got one in the United States. That's gonna be next year. Much fourth to eighth. I have never attended any of us a conference either before, but again, I have met lots of people who have attended such and they say it's really, really cool. So it's definitely one that you can also keep an eye out. For now, one particular conference I've attended a few times in the past will be the Black Hat Conference. This is really, really good, especially if you into ethical hacking up intestine. Then you definitely want to attend blackhead at least once in your lifetime. You really, really shoot over here, you will meet the very best ethical hackers in the business will have the opportunity to learn a lot and also networks a black hat. Definitely. This is one you should not miss. Attend the Black Hat Conference at least once in a lifetime. You will not regret it. Another one of attended a few times is Def con. The's happens every year, usually in Las Vegas, and just like with the black hats. This is where you learned a lot about pen tests in ethical hackers, and even I believe it was two or three years ago. Even the director off the N. S. A was a guest. He showed up and it's a look, but looking for ethical hackers who can walk for the N S A. So don't don't feel like all this conference is a kind of shady because it's about hacking . No, these are professionally recognised conferences and you will learn a lot in the lots of really important people who attended these conferences. So definitely black hat and Def Con these air to have attended. And it was amazing. It was really, really amazing. L'd Haley encouraged to attend him at least once in a lifetime. Even if you're not into ethical hacking or AARP intestine, at least attend one. Just attend one of these and you will not regret that. And I can assure you now there is a site, which is the info SEC dash conferences dot com. Over here, you can actually search for upcoming events of confesses around you. So, for example, right now in August, we've got several in the United States. A limit school down. We've got one in Italy as well. Let's go down. We've got one. I believe in the u a e e. You've got one in France. We got one in England in the UK Go one in Spain. So this is definitely a really cool website that you should check out. So it doesn't matter where you live in. If you're living in Africa or Europe or Australia or South America, there will be a seven security conference are coming close to use. It can definitely use this site. Info. SEC dash, conferences of calm. You can search for conferences and do attend a few of them. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn something you but also network in. It's all about the networking, so that's I think it's much fortune and I will see the next class. 23. How to get Cybersecurity Experience with no Job: if a public question I often get is how do I gain experience without getting a job? How can I actually acquire cybersecurity skills and experience without heaven a job in the first place? Well, the thing is cybersecurity just like any other. It's a profession relies heavily on you. Been self taught as an example of Web developer can teach himself how to build our difficulty of upsets all by himself. He can in holding the course. And then I'll learn HTML and CSS Linwood Press and then begin to build upsets over himself . They sent in the place to cybersecurity as well. The only way how you can gain experience without having a job is simply by you. Get him to expense by yourself. It's by you teaching yourself. It's by you acquaint real wall skills, and what I want to do here is only give you full skills that all the comment that you learn if you are looking to acquire experience in the cybersecurity industry and the very 1st 1 here is gonna be being able to set up your own lab, your own cyber security lab. There's a very good course here from Cyber. We will talk about Siberia bit later, but this course is free, and it's it is. You have to set up your own virtual pen tests and lab at home. The reason why all the commander to learn how to build your own lab is because you will be first to learn new skills. You'll be first to learn the basics of networking, for example, and once you begin to walk with the equipment in your lab, you're the first to lend New Thins. Okay, how do computers interact with one another? How this is competent to like with Violeta and so on and so forth. So building your own cyber lab is a great way to really gain practical experience. Although command you check out this course in Siberia, it teaches you how to build your own ah lab. In it, you'll learn how to use Virtual Box or VM, which are visualization software, and you'll earn Aton off skills. The 11 is you're going to need some basic knowledge of networking. All right, so okay, so right now you consider the perquisites. It says, if you know what networking basics so ideally should understand what a route is or water an I P addresses was the difference between an I. P address on the Mac address. But again, even if you don't know this once you begin to build your lab, you will be forced to lend. Are a few off this skills basic networking skills, so you probably need maybe two computers. You don't have to use new companies. You can use old computers they can get on Amazon or secondhand computers. You might need some sort of a router, even a switch to complete your network. But if you take this cause, I believe you would learn quite a few friends on how to actually build your own cyber security lapse. So this is the very forced skill, all the comment that you do, because once you have your lab, then you can begin to experiment. You can download different kinds off. Seven security software. Use it learn. And the best way to learn is by teaching yourself. Apply things that you've learned either form your certified ethical hacking course for your comp desecrated plus course or whatever, apply them, and that's one way how you can you really gain experience. Another skill of the commended Ulin would be how to use Callie. Callie Olynyk Specifically, this is one of the most popular open systems for ethical hackers. So if you if your plan is to become a Pan Testa or an ethical hacker or maybe even a forensics experts, anything technical, Aldo commend you learn how to use the Cali Linux operating system. If you're not looking for a technical career in cybersecurity, if you're heading more towards management or maybe even just being a general 80 security analyst, then you may not need this skill. But being able to pay from some basic hacking skills on the basic level is really helpful the colors of what our path and cybersecurity you intend to go into. So I can definitely recommend that you go with the Cali Linux operating system. There a few courses out there that you can unwilling to help you figure out how to use this open system. And then Python Python is one off the easiest programming languages that you can learn, especially if you are new to programming. I'm not saying learning how to program is a necessity. It's not. You don't have to be a programmer to become a cybersecurity are professional, you don't have to. But if you've noticed that you have an affinity for programming, you like programming and you're looking for which combine programming with cybersecurity, python will be the ideal language to learn or improve on, because Python is widely used in the service secret industry. And, like I said, computer, other programming languages like Java or C Sharp or Ruby Python is wait easier to learn. So I'll recommend you go with Python. But again, if you don't like programming, do not going to Python. I don't even bother because Python is a programming language and it takes time. It takes time. It takes dedication. It takes a lot of practice for you to become proficient at Lenin or using any kind off Parliament language. Finally, when it comes to seven security software, there's a ton of them out there hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. Now you can't learn all of them, especially when you're new to seven security. But if there is one softer aka recommend that you'll learn, it's gonna Wyshak. Why should Because, Well, it's free to begin with, and it's also one of the most versatile cybersecurity software out there. Basically It's used for analysing packets, packets of data, that a sense in a network. So when you learn how to use this software, you're gonna learn a lot about packet analysis. What kinds of information contained in the package? Whether the packet is encrypted, how do you decode the encryption and so on? So learn how to use Wyshak is a great step forward for U N. Regardless of what path you're looking to take in savagely Coty, I would strongly recommend that you learn how to use Wyshak. In fact, out of all these four, I think letting how to use Blashek might actually be my number one recommendation because it's a simple seven security tool to use. But once you begin to learn how to use it, your knowledge of seven security will grow tremendously because in order to understand the results that you get from reason, why Shack you'll have to read up on the love a lot of things like again. Like I said, packets, how is information encrypted? How is it decrypted? And so on how his information transported from one system to network and so on? Like I said, learn how to use a rash Act will force you to really improve your overall knowledge or cybersecurity. So these are basically the four fundamental skills I can commence you to learn how to use how to get practical experience. Learn how to build your own service. CO two Lab Learn how to use Caroline. Next, Lend Python and, of course, Len Wire shock. I know this may all seem very challenging, having to learn how to use all this for but again, you don't have to learn python if you're not looking to become unethical Hacker for not looking to go into anything technical technical related in cybersecurity. Donate python. But I would recommend Y shack and, of course, how they build on cybersecurity lab. Kala, Lennix and python are more towards the technical carriers of cybersecurity, so that's it. If you have any questions about this skills, let me know again. I'm here to help you and assist you into becoming a site desecrated professional. So if you have any questions and recommendations, let me know. Thank fortune and of course I will see you in the next class 24. Best Websites to Search for Cybersecurity Jobs: So let's talk about some of the best upsets that you can use to apply for cybersecurity jobs, and one of them is gonna be monster dot com. If you've never heard of Monster out. Well, it is one of the biggest obsess in the world for section for any kind of job. So you can go to monster dot com taping in the key wards cybersecurity or maybe even information security or ethical hacker or something like that. Put in your location search, and then you will see all the available results. A very similar upset a monster would be are indeed dot com. Very, very similar again. You're tapping your key wards, the job title in the search bar, and then you can put in your location, zip code, states City, country even. And then you find a job against if example. Right now, I have searched for jobs, cybersecurity jobs in the United States, and we've got over 42,000 jobs available, which is just crazy, so you can see right now everything India into Level seven security professional in Dallas , Texas cyber security analyst in New Jersey and so on. So those are two really awesome websites. However, if you're looking for another website, well, what a website that's focuses primarily on cybersecurity jobs. You can check out cyber state jobs dot com. This is a jumbled upset, but till it specifically for cybersecurity jobs. So you go in there, you can create an account. By the way, put in your key ward and then search. You can also, ah, center for identification. So whenever there is like a new job ah, in your location in your service secretive location, you can receive an email or on alert, so cyber jobs dot com is another side to go for. You can also check out the cybersecurity Job Store net. This is another website specifically for cybersecurity jobs, and it works the same way you put in your keywords right here and then add the location. The good news about this one is that you can also filter specifically by the kind of job, but it's an engine ship, are part time, temporary, full time or maybe even contract. One more website, it would be the cybersecurity job site will come again, another side that focuses specifically on Service co two jobs, and you can make use off their job. Let's function right here. You go in there and you can sign up. You tell them exactly the key was there looking for At what location? Maybe within 20 miles off. Say, London or New York, wherever you are, put in your email address and choose your job, bull and so on. So whenever there is such a job available, you will receive an email notifying you off the availability for that job. Final Websites is gonna be linked in Lincoln. Look, home is gonna be one more website out the command for you. It is one of the very best you can create alerts like here. For example. Right now, I searched for cybersecurity. Jobs in the United States are indeed has almost 34,000 results, and you can click on the alert button so that you notified whenever there's a new job available for you. A swell. So that's pretty much it for the kinds of up says that you can use to search for cybersecurity jobs and pretty sure there's some other websites out there that you can use. But, you know, right now you've got six. You've got six upsets that you can apply. They can search for seven security jobs, and I don't anyone go overboard by giving you more than six. I think this six are more than enough for you to find your savage security job. But again, before you begin to apply for those jobs, make sure that, at the very least, you have your Arqam Tier Security plus certification. But is, of course, if you are playing for entry level positions. If your plan for internships that can be different, you may not need any certification because it's an internship. But if you're looking to play for entry level positions, you gonna need at least on certification, and the contest secretive specification is the best, ah, certification to have. So make sure you have a Bill Polish resume and that's it. I wish you all the very best in your search for a cybersecurity job. 25. LinkedIn Cybersecurity Groups: So let's talk about a LinkedIn. And as you're well aware, Linguine is the biggest social media platform for professionals. It's a great place to find jobs, are network and quit opportunities for yourself. So when I want to do in this video is to walk you through some of the lending groups, cybersecurity groups, which I am a member off and also some additional groups that you can join. Now let me apologize. If the video isn't too clear, it's actually almost six PM right here, and I am not getting quite enough light from the outset. So that's why it's the video isn't exactly to clear, but regardless, let's get this video going. So the very first group right here is going to be cybersecurity. It's a very standard group, and it's the group for every kind of subsequent professional. I've been a member of this group since July of 2012 and this is one of the groups that come in command. That you join today can join this group and you'll learn everything related to cybersecurity. It's not nichd. It's not specialized in in any particular point of cyber security. This is about as general that you can get. So it's a good group to join athletes. Voice start. I want to begin to specialize in a particular field. You could choose to live this group and then focus on other groups that are more that specialize in a what you're doing in cybersecurity. An example here would also be the penetration testing and F co AC. And I'm also a member of this group. And this is, of course, for pen testers and ethical hackers. So if you're interested in ethical hacking, this is the group that I could recommend that you join. We also have the ICTY, governance, risk and compliance. Not exactly seven security strictly, but it's still a great group to be a part off. If you're interested in working for a company in and learning more about how to manage risks for your company, you also have the all over Cyber Crime and Cyber Conflict Research Group. Now, this is a very interesting, completely focused on cybercrime. Why do people commit crime? How the committee cyber Cremins What? I'm so forth. I loved this group very, very active here. I read love the posts in here. So if interested in cybercrime This is the group for you. Now we have a group here called the Information Security Network. I am not a member off this group, but it is one of the really awesome groups for networking. I really have my other ways of networking with cybersecurity professionals, and I don't really this'll at this point in my career. But if you're just starting out, if you're looking for someone to order looking for ways to start your career, Gloria carry as a sophisticated, professional, accurate commander, you join this particular group, the Information Security Network. You also have the information security community, also similar to the Information Security Network. This is a great place to grow connections, and who knows? You can even get job offers just by joining this group. They do pose job offers in this group once in a while and then the best group for jobs. Specifically, that would be the I S C and Group. This is the group specifically for trying to get jobs. Whenever there's a job available, it will be posted in here, and this is one of your best chances of getting a job through Arlington groups. So these are the groups that can recommend it should join. Thankfully, though, I was able to find this article from Temple A Shield and the total. Here is the massive list off the 100 linguine cybersecurity groups. So what I'm gonna do is I will attach the link to this particle up page in the resource is so be sure to check that out. Or you can just go to Google type in Temple a shield least of 300 best seven security groups now, because I know that as a student of mine you might be form. I don't know. Mexico, Iceland, Germany, Thailand. In here, you're gonna find lots off different kinds of groups for different cancers Spit shelters and cybersecurity goose for in different kinds of countries. So in here you can see we've got the ones for my cafe. You have the national seven Security central foam Netherland. You have that school for the down. You can see that we have good groups from mania Israel. Ah, Simone Israel there as well Asia. You've got Italian. That's in Italy. You've got Australian, New Zealand, Middle East and Africa. So really, this is a grid page. A great resource continent lots of different kinds of links. So it doesn't matter which country from all what area of seven security you are interested in. I can almost guarantee that you will find a few of these groups on this list that will match your interest. So once again, I would encourage you strongly to go through this particular group and is actually even one here. Seven security experts Association of Nigeria. I think I might actually take a look at that one. All right, so, Well, that's it. I'm gonna attach this link in the business is a bit so be sure to check out this particular our resource. So that's it for LinkedIn. Do not underestimate the power off Lincoln. Our hell encourage you to get started on LinkedIn. Make sure your our profile is professional on LinkedIn. Use a professional photograph as your profile picture. Don't use a picture of you. I don't know out there part in it, your friends or you taking a picture without a shirt or you and your girlfriend's didn't add whatever. Just make sure the picture is professional, okay? Because lots of those groups do screen people. If they see that you're probably not a professional that might not allow you to join them. So just to be on the safe side, make sure you're Lyndon. Our profile is professional and even people whenever they look at your LinkedIn profile, they want to see that you are a professional. LinkedIn is not the same as Facebook or Instagram, so please make sure your linked in profile is as professional as possible. Join a few of those groups. Check these groups on a daily basis. Download Lincoln App on your phone. I'm Shafik and check Facebook. You can check in if your social media platforms so that really bases, you should be able to check LinkedIn on a daily basis as well. So that's it's make use of LinkedIn and ah, thanks for watching, and I'll see the next last. 26. Introduction to Cybrary: okay now, I wanted to use this opportunity to quickly introduce you to a website known as side Very thought I t. This is a community. It's a resource Web resource where you can build your own seven security whitey carrier for free. It is really for free. You've got tons off different kinds off courses on the catalogue, and you can filter by the course, levelled expertise. But it's beginner, intermediate to advanced, and you can see right there for beginner. For example, they've got the counter security applause, cryptography, Cisco, sissy in A into mediates and fans. They've got all these kinds of skills that they did you can acquire for free, so I'll definitely community check out Siberia dot i t and spoiler alert. I might actually become an instructor on cyber Radiative approached me to create a few courses for them. So don't be surprised if you see my very handsome face on this side. Very platform. But on the most years No, this is an excellent website, but you can take certain courses for free and cybersecurity. End don't think because oh, it's free. It's not Ah, good calls. Equality is actually pretty good. I have our pay cruised through some off their videos and they are really, really good quality. So we commend you. Check out cyberia dot i t today, Logan register register. You can log in and then enroll in any off. Their catalogues have also go career paths as well for a beginner offering to mediate for advanced. And they've also got a resource here for finding jobs in the cybersecurity industry as well . So this is definitely are a great website. They should follow if you are interested in the common A cybersecurity professionals. So that's it for Siberia. Think of fortune. I will see you the next class. 27. Introduction to Cybersecurity Ventures: Let's talk about cybersecurity, eventual stock home. If there is any website that all recommended to follow, it's gonna be cybersecurity. Ventures took home any business because this site is basically kind of like an encyclopedia off anything related to cybersecurity, whether it's events, jobs, new statistics, jobs report, whatever cybersecurity ventures has you covered. Now what's interesting is and only discovered this website a few months ago. And it is really, in my humble opinion, one of the very best websites I've ever found are when it comes to cybersecurity. So they've got all these kinds off statistics like, for example, the 2018 7 security market report are seven cybercrime report the our job reporters. Well, they've also go like events and their main minister go to events. Open that a new tab in here You can keep track off all the common events right now for 2019 . They've got all the Communists, every security events. This is, of course, for the United States, specifically. But if you scroll down here, for example, right now, they have resource is from other websites. So, for example, they've got the the top 50 most attend information secret conferences, according to digital guardian. They've got the kindof events in cryptography, Our top up coming in for a second offence. Basically, this website in itself is just a resource. They've got all these resources from other cybersecurity websites. So this is kind of like an all in one website. If that makes sense, where you can just go in and get information on anything related to cybersecurity again, they've got the job stab as well down in here they've got They are excellent articles. Factor stepped up to mention it presents ever security, our global round somewhere damage cost, but is there to reach $20 billion. So they've got all these really interesting articles that you can read on and keep on being the loop of what's really happening in the world off cybersecurity. They've got the word strain in section from force from Sears off on circa mags in from the health care I t new. So again, this is kind of like an encyclopaedia ill ibv off everything related to cybersecurity. You keep scrolling down, you're going to see more articles from experts from the industry experts and so on. And so for that might actually maybe hopefully our block for them off these days, so be sure to check out seven scored adventures. Don't calm. I'm pretty sure there are other websites out there that also do something similar. I know a few of them, but the reason why I don't want to talk about them is because I don't want a situation where you are overwhelmed with so many. Resource is also money obsessed to check so many things to do. I'm going to keep it simple here. And if there's one up so they can recommend that you follow is gonna be cybersecurity adventures to come. So again, if you're really looking to read up on the latest in the world of cyber security, cybersecurity ventures dot com would be my number one recommendation. 28. Conclusion Cyber Security Career Guide: So there you have it. Congratulations. You've come to the end off. There's very short guide on how to become a cyber secrets professional. And I sincerely hope that I've been able to provide you with some information we got in the cybersecurity industry have been able to offer you some explanation regarding the kinds of skills you need to cancel certifications. You should write the cans of jobs you can go for and so on. And so I really hope that you've gained one of two things from this short guide. And I hope that you can now forge a plan on becoming a cyber secret professional. If you liked this course, that will encourage you to please leave a review. For me, reviews are very, very important. And as always, if you have any questions, maybe I didn't cover one or two particular things about the industry. Or maybe you have a particle up. Oh, very any particular kind of scenario where you might need my help. We got in some advice on maybe a particle exam or course to take Do let me know, ask questions of the more than happy to assist you in any way that I can. So, once again, my name is Alex. It's been a pleasure or teaching you this very short guide on how to become a seven second professional. And I just want to wish you the very, very best. And I wish you all the success. And I hope that you will be calm. A very successful samba secret professionals, a good look and bye for now.