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Start Applying Golden Ratio in Your Design (Adobe Illustrator)

Lespedezza Ylv, Illustrator

Start Applying Golden Ratio in Your Design (Adobe Illustrator)

Lespedezza Ylv, Illustrator

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Golden ratio structure

    • 3. Extract circles

    • 4. How to apply

    • 5. Make an outline

    • 6. Add details

    • 7. Clear up the outline

    • 8. Pick up colors

    • 9. Colorize

    • 10. Outro

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About This Class

This class is designed for those who want to explore more about the ways of using golden ratio in artwork and illustration.

Golden ratio is an extremely important aspect of any design and it's especially useful when it comes to designing a logo or drawing an illustration. Golden ratio is a kind of magic and powerful tool that helps to build a perfect and appealing picture without any specific knowledge and it's easy to understand and apply.

In this class I will show you different ways of building golden ratio and applying it in you design. You will learn how to greatly boost your imagination and creativity playing around with golden ratio circles and improve your vector artist skills.

The class would be useful for both beginner and intermediate students.

You will need:

  • Adobe Illustrator

So let's begin!

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Lespedezza Ylv



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1. Intro: Hello. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I create my vector pictures using a Doppler stranger in this class. I would like to show you how efficiently apply golden ratio. Create your room. Beautiful illustrations. Loggers. You're in the class rule drove. Fibonacci is golden ratio extract this circles from and learn how to apply them in design and boost our creativity. Then we will draw administration over whale together, applying the knowledge of all the golden ratio. What's important is that you don't You will need to be able to draw well. Golden ratio will do everything for you, so let's no hope. 2. Golden ratio structure: hello In this lesson rule, nor hold great few manages golden ratio from scratch using Annapolis Traitor. First, select their Pangle, too. Make sure that there is no fuel and say that stroke called like make sure that you have small guides and snapped a point trundled, then holding Shift George Perfect square, then select rips to endure a circle. You should be twice larger than New York angle. Then just a circle with a rectangle. Luit shown. Select both shapes in Select Shea Billa to and hold it oak. Select the shape outside the rectangle. Now select the tangle and corporate holding up and drink adjusted to the bottom line over the first rectangle. Now select the first. Feiger and copy holding out there reflect Hogan Shoot. Make its hate equal to the hate of both Paris rectangles, then adjusted to their left side. Now select everything and rotate to minus 90 degrees. The Corp unit upper shape holding out. They reflect a gate and make the Haiti cool to the hate of the overall tiger than a chest. Select everything. Rotate now. Repeat the steps and she would have a trip tangles in the shape. - Okay , so here we have two notches. Gold Oration has a great trolling design and art, making the overall picture more tracked. The key is to play so important objects on the main line. In the next lessons, we will learn how to do this magic to build around beautiful design. 3. Extract circles: Hello here, have a golden ratio. Now let's look at two ways off how we can obstruct the golden ratio circles from it. Let's create a you where I'll choose a different color so that the circles will be clearly visible. Select the loops to endure perfect, so called adjusting it to the size of the biggest kwehr. I'll said the caller to a white one so that you could see in better now Corporate A circle holds it all can drag, then adjusted size to the size of the smaller rectangle. Then Copa gain and repeat, and she will feel all of the age of tangles with circles, then make the layer with golden ratio invisible and select, Always circles then aligned to the century. Now we have our golden ratios circles. Okay, The second way may seem a bit easier. Create a new so cool you may Copia one from upriver state of circles. It's like a circle and first control. See to cope it, then control to paste in the same place, then go to transform menu and divide the number in the reef. Stroke toe 1.618 and first enter. Then again, corporate the new obtained circle is in control. C Control F and divide the number in the Transform menu. Repeat, and she would have eight circles. Reggie. In the next lesson we learn, Holt, apply this circles using two my aunty cakes. 4. How to apply: Hello. In this lesson, we'll learn. Hold applying golden ratios circles, you know, design. At first you could just take the circles and experiment with them the way you want, so that you could feel how the broke that. Just drinking the circles one by one, creating a sort of shape, tonal your imagination and try to see different possible objects in the beautiful intersections of the lines. By the way, this congratulate boost your imagination. Keep in mind that you shouldn't change the size of the circles so that the magic off golden ratio was to remain in your picture. One more important thing. The circles should intersect each other emerging wants sold line. Kendra Drug A circle and place randomly in the open space circles Shoot intersect. It's important to be able to build a beautiful, perfect shape later. Once you've done creating, you're breaking stairs shape. It's time to strengthen object out of it. I'll call my circles to show you to a some doing that well, the first method. Select life pain, Barket said. A few call seleka circles and start feeling sections inside. Step by step boot in your shape. Don't forget to be Screeches possible when you finished, expand the whole stop. So, like Chamberlain to and holding all just removed everything outside the color shape. Be careful and remove every little piece of unwanted lines. Now we have a basic shape. We tricking further elaborate. No, the second method but foster, but maybe more tricky for beginner. Simply circles. This time we won't feel are shaped color. What rather will start immediately with removing the useless stuff. Use and shape you, too. This time you have to be more careful about what you remove, because it's harder to see the whole picture when you don't have adjusting course shape. Okay, with tomato second shape. Now we can eat a few with this caller. Believe it is the line. Both ways are good, depending on what you want to do. That later in the next lesson, we'll learn how to create a real longer shape using golden ratio 5. Make an outline: so he would have most kitsch. You can do it yourself. Breach a quick, just drool hold line, and this will be enough because Golden ratio will help you to do the rest of the book, place the golden ratio stroke OCR by and start dragging the one by one Parisian ault and placing them on the line of the sketch. Be insecure. It's possible, and attach the circles who Charles it perfectly. It's crucial because otherwise you won't be able to make a shape that you need and one quick, cheap. Don't wait. Do few older workspace with circles. Remove this stuff you don't need immediately. You can do it. Not only shapes, but also separate lines. Just select on them holding up. You could also change the brunt of the line. Agent. Another circle here. Change the line of the day. Perfect. No, the cheap. Make a just round. It's sort of rule in design because sharp ages great women off instability. So try to get rid of them. Here. We can see what happens if you don't adjust. Once ripple to another purple E just wouldn't be able to build a shape. Everything about full part don't forget to Louise. Usual slides. They only list up your workspace and make you bewildered. Now from the line off the tail police. Terkel's on the lines of the sketch care food here we can see that it don't work cause it doesn't interest sicked properly. Okay, we'll get to it later. I'll show a whole to do with this glaze small circles on the tip of the tail, then select them and elite with shape Euler to holding out. If you want to merge, shapes just don't per sulk Easy. If you've made a mistake, you can always under your actions with Controls it and try again. Be perfectionist and you will be rewarded. Okay, - so here's how we make this bend. Just place in all the circle above the circle, and it will work symbol of it. Now let's delude the lines inside schools. We don't need them. Correct line. You could see that's not right. Then continue aid in circles. Former importance and rules. I'll be this up for you a little bit because the technique is the same. Just continue drug in the circles, one by one, under the sketch whites, the witches was stuff we just so that not to give the builder and mass everything up correctly. Alliance. If you see Miss Perfections, just continue Stadium Rock. - Okay , that will meet for now. Let's continue all plan and in the next part. 6. Add details: this time we'll work on a more detailed version. While outline we've already created the base. So now we can feel free to be creative in its home alliance. Make the picture more interesting from time to time. You could make the future smaller to evaluate it from distance. Make it closer. Inspect what you call a parts to do. So I just need to hold out and rotate your mouths. Well, here is where you can actually trone only your imagination and create ruling design. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can always undo your actions. Just person corn pulls it or you can save the corporal all find to another layer to be able to return to it. If you become fuel and satisfied with your progress and important, don't forget to save your file using Contra s from time to time. To be sure, not tools all of your progress. Experiment with the artwork, take circles of different sizes and try to place them there in there to see hold works and don't delete all of the lines that you might consider useless. Think twice. Maybe they're not as useless as they seem. And maybe actually they went in some you to the picture. Ask your friends if you're not sure you're in your walk Should always be concentrated. Always think about what you're doing right now. That score. So is it okay? Does it look good enough? What can I do to make it look even better? This creations who help you stay concentrated. Your mind will be broken. Not only your hands. UNIFIL minus prison. It's working. You'll develop Was an artist. He will mental process. Each step in each step will be a lesson to you. Always be perfectionist and do the best you can. Well, don't get upset if something doesn't work as you blend, Just look at it from the other side. Sometimes you're fools. We become urine vintages. You might not like it, but others will. So be positive. Now look at what we've got. See, Whole difficult design is home when you alliance, it contains. Now you simply understand why it's a portal to get read Usual shapes, lines otherwise just won't be able to find a whale, you know was missed. Okay. I also feel like finished like there is nothing more left to Ed. You can stop. Look at her picture. Does it situs for you? You're not seeing your bullish in it. If he is, let's go further. 7. Clear up the outline: he would have our liners illustration. You could actually be logo is well, everything depends on your imagination. How we have to clear on the outline to great rude, awful ticking calling perfections. First, you can select the white arrow, oppress a, then click on the Uncle Point and drugged and chilled feeds. Okay, like these, then rounded edges. Click on Uncle Point and Drug, the little circle that appears now, My careful inspector all plane. The next method spent so to is good. When everything else doesn't work, it's like the line and drove this pencil above on the line will change. You can undo person controls that trying to get what you want. You can also change the curve drug in the line near anchor Point. Just it carefully. Here's your whole design should have beautiful lines, so be patient and consistent 8. Pick up colors: No. Let's pick up colors to cauterize the wheel. Droll little circles like please and start filled them with color. You can use pilots from Internet. What I recommend you to be calls yourself. Thus, you will greatly improve your skills. Often. Artist don't use extreme colors from bottom left to top right. They're really applied in design and create some sort of tension. You served two teens, and your design will be a pillow. I use here different shades of two calls, colors blue and truck wise. But it's also a good idea. Using complementary colors knows that are opposite on the color circle. For example, so called effect till in orange is obtained by using blue and orange when you're college together. Another example of complementary colors red and green. But in such cases, one of the collars the one that is less important, should be was situated and use less often 9. Colorize: now the most interesting part of our project. Colorization. It's fun and reluctant process. You look easier than all what we've done before. How have the select and expanded all plein Nance look Life playing Bach? It says the few color and click to the parts of a picture of fuel. Those call. I suggest you first select the base coat and feel with the main part of the picture leave. Only those parts on fuel have to stand out. Actually, it always jokes. Well, you can leave it to the tease, but we will go further. Expanded object. Then on group. Now you can select individual parts and remove them to make the picture more interesting. And again, don't be afraid to experiment here. Once your fuel look, you're finished. Select dark a call, select life by market and start making some parts darker. This will add some depth to the picture, then Jews of and darker color and add even more depths. Call of the head, the tail and the fence off the wheel. You can't even call the lines. If you want better, call bubbles. Use different shades here to make it more interesting, then select a very light color and feel the billy off the wheel. Then feel some parts of which with a bit drunk, a one. Then you can experiment with other parts of the body. Really? Them was different colors and see how it looks. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because you can always undo thumbs. Controls it. It's art and there is no strict rules. Just do whatever you want our jewelry feel satisfied? Try to make the offline darker and suddenly realized that it works. Okay, You could make the outline drug only from one site and from the other it will be light. This also works great. Play around with bubbles and find the coal apart on the books for you. Okay, so no Looks like finished. Congratulations. 10. Outro: we've done this snow. It's making the break around darker and see what we've got. Things will start converter on Doug Doug, so don't forget to use this. Treat your designers what? Let's play so one demonstration next to the Cold War and enjoy the group that you know to create an apply golden ratio. Holmes stopped. Circle some. You've been trying to create something like this yourself because no, you know everything to get started, block and be creative.