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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. supplies

    • 3. Quick sketch

    • 4. First layer

    • 5. 2nd layer sparkle

    • 6. twinkle

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About This Class

Hello! Thank you for joining me on this class.

This is a class on painting techniques to make a unique  starry night sky art piece

Its simple easy and for everyone.

All you need is Watercolor paper, a couple of round brushes, paper towel, a pencil, and the colors we will be using are Blues, Browns, black and white. Ah! and water of course.

And we are ready to go

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melissa Conde

Artist, illustrator



A warm welcome to you.

If you like watercolor botanicals and fashion illustrations, you´re in the right place.

I'm Melissa Conde and I believe in art made from the heart.

I am a Brazilian artist, instructor, and illustrator. 

I work with watercolors on paper, I am always looking forward to learning new and beautiful things to pass on my experience, my passion.

I use different styles of painting to approach different subjects.

Pattern design is now my obsession!

Let´s make art together!





Be my instabuddy  @melissaconde_designs 


Also on 

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1. Hello: Hi, guys. Welcome to my new skills Share class, Starry night. My name is Melissa, and I'm a Brazilian artist. Throughout this class, I walk you through the steps I took and if you have any painting background that plus. But it's definitely not a part of anyone can absolutely take this. You are invited to stick with me to then and trust me to the process, which will look a little bit abstract in the beginning. And then we'll take the shape off the between police time nights. Come on, - let's go to the supplies video. 2. supplies: 3. Quick sketch: we will start by drawing shapes of stars. We want them to look and even and randomly placed. Try drawing under a bit bigger than you first imagined because they will get smaller after repaint. And as you go down towards the bottom of the paper, you will draw fewer and smaller stars. We're doing these shapes because this is how we're gonna get that sparkle. Shiny effect. Draw as many as you like. You can always think over them if you think you did too much. 4. First layer: on this part of the painting. This first layer were using only two colors brown and blue, darkest shades you have. So go ahead and mix the mop. We're going to go back and forth, mixing sometimes more block brown, more blue. There's no right or wrong on this one. I have my stars already sketched out, so let's start placing the colors around the stars. I want to make sure I leave little pieces of negative space in between the stars, which then later you can decide to leave or paint over them. But it's nice to have options, so make sure you do that and these little pieces air going to shine through, turns out they are kind of important. If you think you didn't draw enough stars, you can also make some more with the pink pressed. You might ask why I'm not doing this with a masking fluid. Frankly, I prefer the results I had making them like this. So you gonna have to trust me on this one and see what happens. It's totally up to you. Though experiments are always welcome, very loose with your hand. No worries. Try adding more water. Last water and you can see they start to come out here. I put more brown and blue, so they it darker. I want to make more star, so I'm drawing them with paintbrush. Like I said, it's always better to have more and then paint over them. If you think they're too many as you get to the lower half off the paper, more sky last stars you can even at this point, change to ah, larger brush if you like. - Here I am with the larger brush and lots of water starting to cover the the lower part of the paper. Just making circles around the stars more blue towards the bottom. Try that. You're welcome to try other colors too. You can put some think and purple on the next video. We're going to goal really some black. So this part is really to have fun and not worry. This is the part where you trust me. Ah, and experiment. I know it looks a little crazy. The here I decide to put more off brown on my mixture. I think this blue is too bright going to come back to that later or you can put more glue around upper part. Whatever are you doing? The part that where there's almost no stars and we're gonna he has lots of water. Try to make it. Maybe is if there were clouds on the night I decided to to lie toe, come back with darker mixture. Yeah, I like that. The way bleeds more more. Now you're going to get the paper towel, make it into a little ball. If you want to make some clouds, just dab it around This war. Every part. I think I made too many. So cover up again. No problem. And you will have something looking like this In this first layer of the painting, I couldn't come back. Some finishing touches cover up some stars. I think there are too many, but I'm going to cover some of them with the black in the next video. Yeah. Here we have our first layer finished 5. 2nd layer sparkle: Now that we have our first layer ready and dry, we're halfway there. The hard part's over. I will be using black ink just because I'm out of, ah, Blackwater color. But you can use Grosh, watercolor or ink. Any of these will do just fine. Let's start applying the black on top of the first of the year around the stars. As you feel the need to darken this or that area. This layer is really gonna make these stars pop, darkening the background but not covering all of it. I want to leave some of the colors from the first layer to show through. They're being gently a little bit more paint than water. This is the time to cover some of the stars. You you don't want some of them. I just cut in half or playing. Go over them, minimize them if you like. - You see how the black already starts to bring out the stars. This one's too big them is gonna Okay, I think it's almost done A little bit more black here crowd No, all depends on how dark you want your sky to be. And we're pretty much die. No, si. We're gonna move to our final touches and sparkle and twinkle 6. twinkle: All right, We're almost done. This is the phone man to go part, at least for me. I will be using Ah, Grosh. But I've tried with white water color and it works just fine. So let's mix a lot of faint with water. Try to make, like, a hand distance. I don't know, 10 15 inches to start and hit the brush on your finger. This one didn't work, so I'm gonna mix living more paint there. Now we have it. I love making the twin co a lot around the page. You can get closer a second time as you feel more confident towards the bottom as much as you like. I like a lot of it. So there being close. Baruchel. Ticos. Parker, my child. You don't overdo it. I guess this is fine. That would have been my There you have it. You should have something like this. You can feel free to change the colors if you like. On the glass project. If not, you should have something like going like this