Star Your Own Photo Flip Book - DIY A Creative Photo Gift | Eva-Dewi Pangestian Harahap | Skillshare

Star Your Own Photo Flip Book - DIY A Creative Photo Gift

Eva-Dewi Pangestian Harahap, DIY A Personal Photo Flip Book

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11 Videos (11m)
    • How To Make A Photo Flip Book - Class IntroTeaser

    • Welcome

    • The Photo Flip Book

    • Which Camera Do You Need?

    • More Fun With Props!

    • Find Your Stage

    • Cut The Pages

    • Tools You Need For The Japanese Binding

    • Intro Japanese Binding

    • Japanese Binding Step By Step

    • Japanese Binding Tips And Tricks


About This Class

Are you looking for a really suprising yet personal gift? - A photo flip book is a photo gift with a twist!

You'll only need a smartphone, some creativity and basic crafting tools. 

We will even show you how to become the star of your own and handmade photo flip book! 

Believe us, you don't need to be a bookbinder or a photographer or graphic designer to make this DIY project a success. 

In this class, you'll learn how to make your very special photo album by using basic tools.

  • Find the right setting
  • Props to make it funny
  • Star your story
  • Set your Camera
  • Make your book with an easy bookbinding technique


Eva-Dewi & Johanna are co-founders and makers of Nauli, a handmade design company in Germany, wellknown for its colorful paper products. After many years adventuring in Graphic Design and Art and Anthropology and Literature, the two crafty sisters decided in 2008 to never take hands off crafts again and start their entrepreneurial adventures. 





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Eva-Dewi Pangestian Harahap

DIY A Personal Photo Flip Book

I'm Eva-Dewi and co-founder of Nauli. Since 2008 we create and make products to keep good memories and a smile. Most of them are made from paper.

You can find a big range of our products on Etsy, and our whole range at

I'm excited to share our first Skillshare class with you:

How to make a photo flip book shows a creative photo gift - and even become the star of the stage! No advanced tools or skills needed!

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