Stand out and make money on YouTube! - by Professional YouTuber JAZZA (4mil+ subs)

Josiah (Jazza) Brooks, Artist, YouTuber and Entrepreneur

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15 Lessons (2h 7m)


    • 3. 2 - SETTING UP

    • 4. 3.1 - THUMBNAILS and TITLES: Clickbait?!

    • 5. 3.2 - THUMBNAILS and TITLES: Best Practices

    • 6. 4.1 - STAND OUT: Find your Audience

    • 7. 4.2 - STAND OUT: Topical and Innovative

    • 8. 4.3 - STAND OUT: Collaborate

    • 9. 5.1 - MAKE MONEY: Adsense

    • 10. 5.2 - MAKE MONEY: Products

    • 11. 5.3 - MAKE MONEY: Sponsors

    • 12. 5.4 - MAKE MONEY: Crunching the Numbers

    • 13. 5.5 - MAKE MONEY: Additional Thoughts

    • 14. 6 - Helpful Websites


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Project Description

Build your YouTube channel and share a link with your classmates for feedback!
Attach a screenshot of your YouTube home page with your submission.
Your YouTube channel is ALWAYS a work in progress - feel free to post here again later if you feel you've further optimized your channel and improved your content!

IMPORTANT: You are NOT here to find new subscribers, but to gain insight form your peers - DO NOT ask for subs as part of your project submission - DO ask for impressions on the clarity/quality of your content and appeal of your channels presentation.

When optimizing your channel to share for feedback, or when giving feedback on your classmate's channels, consider the following:

  • FIRST IMPRESSION - How does the channel and content 'feel'?
  • CONTENT CLARITY - Is it clear what kind of content the channel makes and who it's audience is?
  • CONSISTENCY - Are uploads consistent and regular? (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.)
  • PRESENTATION QUALITY - Are the videos edited effectively? Is the presenter engaging?
  • VIDEO QUALITY - Are the videos visually clear and appealing? Are the production values solid?

I'd encourage giving feedback out of ten for each of the above points (example below) - and remember, if you want feedback for YOUR YouTube channel, make sure to take the time to give some honest and constructive feedback to a few classmates! After all, what goes around comes around!

Here's an example for how you might give a classmate feedback on their channel:

  • First Impression: 6/10 - I liked the visual presentation of the channel, however it was hard to understand how to find the kind of videos I'd like to watch, since they aren't presented in playlists very clearly
  • Content Clarity: 8/10 - It's clear you know your audience and content, perhaps make it clearer if you're aiming at hobbyists or professionals perhaps?
  • Consistency: 10/10 - You have two videos a week and haven't missed a week in the past 8 or so months, that's pretty impressive!
  • Presentation Quality: 5/10 - Here's where you could improve most. Your channel is really well presented and the content is clear, however the presentation style is a little slow and mistakes ("um" and "like") aren't edited out, so you seem to be improvising more than I as a viewer would be like if I were searching for an authority on this subject. Perhaps try using dot points and giving the video a quick run-through before recording? Then a little more attention to the pace in your final edit and you'll have a much nicer level of polish to your presentation style.
  • Video Quality: 9/10 - great audio and video, can't complain, lighting is off in a few videos (filmed at night maybe?) otherwise, stands out as pretty professional!