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Stamping Basics - Creating a Birthday Card

teacher avatar Papered Chef

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Spamping Basics 01

    • 2. Stamping Basics 02

    • 3. Stamping Basics 03

    • 4. Stamping Basics 04

    • 5. Stamping Basics 05

    • 6. Stamping Basics 06

    • 7. Stamping Basics 07

    • 8. Stamping Basics 08

    • 9. Stamping Basics 09

    • 10. Stamping Basics 10

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to create a hand-stamped birthday card using simple stamping techniques. We will use card stock, designer series paper and several colors of ink to create birthday cards. The process will be outlined step-by-step and you will have a chance to practice your skills with materials you already have in your craft stash. 

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Papered Chef


Hello, my name is Kimberly Smith, The Papered Chef. I love sharing paper crafting recipes with the world though my YouTube Channel ( and Blog ( I'm a paper crafter specializing in using the Brother ScanNCut, card making, 3D craft fair items and stamping techniques. I teach crafting courses and workshops to adults and children. I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator ( and share my love of crafting with my customers. I help my community of followers take their crafting skills to the next level though step-by-step inspirational projects. That is what I aim to do through these project. I hope you enjoy my first round of project based classes on SkillShare. They teach you card making ski... See full profile

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1. Spamping Basics 01: Hello and welcome to the stamping basics course, creating birthday cards. My name is Kimberly Smith, also known as the paper Chef. I'm a crafter stamping up demonstrator, and I have a YouTube channel and block, which mainly focuses on card making three D projects and using the brother scan and cut machine. In this course, I'm gonna be showing you how to create thes card bases and then how to layer them up with paper designer Siri's paper and how to stamp the layers and also add little embellishments to your cards and or envelopes. You can follow along in this course, regardless of the materials that you have, because all you need to create beautiful birthday cards are stamps, ink, paper and card stuck in the next video. I'll show you the materials specifically that I'll be using for this course, and then you can go and gather similar materials that you may have and follow along. And I hope at the end of this course you will share your projects with the rest of us so we can all be inspired by your creativity. See you in the next tutorial 2. Stamping Basics 02: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'd like to cover all the materials that you will need for your birthday card project. Okay, you will need card stock, at least one piece of nice, thick card stock, and it should be 8.5 by 11 and that'll make us to card bases. If it's bigger than that, that's fine as well. You're also going to need at least one piece of white card stuck, and that should be 8.5 by 11 as well or larger. And then you're going to need some matching paper and I'll tell you what all of mine are, and you can gather what you have. That is something similar. I'm using gorgeous grape card stock by stamping up whisper white card stock by stamping up . And then I'm using this. How sweet it is. Designer serious paper. And the reason I'm using it is because, and there's another piece of it with different patterns of both sides. I'm using this paper because it coordinates with my gorgeous grape color, and all of the colors of ink will be using Okay, In addition, you're gonna need some stamps and hopefully birthday stamps since we're making festive birthday cards. But you can make any card you like, and I'd like to see what projects you created and please share those in skill ship. Okay, I'm using. I'm gonna be using this Happy birthday step. This little pattern up here and this cake, this is all an end. This sentiment here life's too short to say no to cake. This is all part of a stamping upset. I have called amazing life. Another step said amusing for the inside of the card is I'm just gonna use, like, I just adore you or so glad we're friends. And that way, when you open up the card, you can see these extra sentiments inside. Okay? And it depends on what size paper I have left is what size matting. I'd put inside my card, but you just can't write on the gorgeous grape itself because it's too dark. So that's why you need the later color of matting inside. Okay. In addition, to mount the acrylic stamps, you will need acrylic blocks. Now, I just have some McCullough blocks here because I like to put off each color on a different block. Use whatever Kulik blocked you have. Or maybe your stamps already mounted onto wood. And in that case, that's fine as well. You're gonna need some coordinating colors of ink I'm using Pineapple punch, Coastal Cabana, Gorgeous. Great. And Granny Apple Green. Because I know these colors are going to coordinate well with my papers. And in addition, just some envelopes because we're gonna decorate the envelopes as well to match your cards . And I will be honest. I cut. I cut most of my layers with the brother scanning cut. I'll be giving you the dimensions. I will show you how to cut the car based in the next video. But after that, I'm gonna be using the machine because it's just more accurate. But you can. I will give you all the dimensions up for every single layer and show you how to attach those layers as well. So you will need since you might not have a brothers can cut, you're gonna need even for the card bases. You'll need this. You're gonna need a paper trimmer. Okay, so I like to use this this. Listen, I have lots of paper tumors, but this is just a cricket paper trimmer with a little blade for cutting card stuck. Okay, you're gonna need a scoreboard or something to score with. So this is for when you create your card basis. I had to reach for that far away. Okay, This this is a simply scored scoreboard. By stepping up, I also have like a Martha Stewart one. So you just It's a it's a board with ridges in it. It helps you score and then some kind of spatula or bone folder to help help you increase that card after you squirt. And finally, you will need some adhesives and and embellishments. So I like to use this advanced tape bladder rolling adhesive. I also used, like to use foam adhesives, which which help raise up these layers, this desire on foam that he says, And I'll show you that. And I also yeah, I think I know. I also wanted to say you need some embellishment, so I already have the hearts put on here. So if you have little hearts or something three D, maybe a little bit of bling. I have a little bucket of bling here. You could actually add little Rhinestones or bling or something to your card at the end if you want to. And I'd like to do that in groups of three. All right, so those are all the materials you're gonna need. So please stop this video at the end of this video, go gather all the materials you need so that you can follow on along every step of the way . And by the end of this class, you'll have created your own birthday cards. The best way to learn is by doing so, please participate by following along. Thank you. 3. Stamping Basics 03: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going to create the two card bases we need for your birthday card project. I'm using one piece of gorgeous grape card stock, and I've turned it horizontally. Okay, it is 8.5 by 11. So what? I'm gonna dio see there's 11 inches there. I brought the arm of my ticket paper tumor out. Okay? And you can see that the paper is 11 inches long. So what I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna cut that in half. Okay? So we're gonna cut that five and 1/2. Okay, so we've turned along its width and we cut a 5.5. So now we have two pieces, and the two pieces are 5.5 by 8.5. Okay, so now we're going to score those two pieces to make two cards. Let me shut my trimmer, and I'm gonna get out my scoreboard. Okay? Okay. Now I do so much card making and scoring that I actually have a little cheat on their I Actually, I actually put a little notch there to show that four and 1/4. So now I'm turning it horizontally again. And I'm using the score. Told that came with it, and I'm just gonna score. It's 8.5 with. So I'm scoring at four and 1/4 Okay. And then that made a little valley. I bend it up to make a mountain, That's the direction. And then I'm gonna take my little This is just a little cricket special ahead, and I just like it because it helps me get nice, creased, folded cards. Okay, so we'll do that one more time. In fact, I would do several cards at what's always kind of have an assembly line process. It helps you be more productive as a card maker. OK, so I floated that. Now I'm just gonna lay down. I'm gonna crease it, and we have to card basis these air called a two card bases. Okay, Each of those measure in the in the end, right before you make a cart right before you start decorating, the car based itself is gonna measure 5.5 by four and 1/4. And in the next video, I'm gonna go all the dimensions for the card and the mats and layers, and then you can write all this down and trim them up yourself. Meanwhile, I'll be using my brother scan and cut to trim up those cards pieces for me because I have a machine that that's how I cut them. Okay, Thank you for watching. We'll see you in the next tutorial. 4. Stamping Basics 04: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna go over the dimensions for each of the parts you will need for your card. And once again that we just show you in sample. Okay? You have four days. You have a card base, and then you have the designer series paper layer, and then you have another card stock layer, and then you have the white layer will be stamping. Okay, let me just leave that. They're so you can reference that. Okay, Card. Let me turn it this way card basis. OK? They're going to be We just made those 5.5 by four and 1/4 inches. Okay, then the designer serious paper. Go cut a bunch of those for however many cards you're making. They need to be five and 1/4 by four inches. Now. That's just because I like to put it 1/4 inch inside. You know, inside I always like to have each layer be 1/4 in smaller. That's why your personal preference You don't have to do it that way. Okay, then These little white stamp players, they're going to be sorry would do this one first because I'm going from. Biggest stuff will do. These cards stack layers and they will be a larger. They're gonna be 3.5 by three inches, and then this little whites card stock later will be stamping is three and 1/4 by two and 3/4 inches. Okay, So with that said, I'm gonna get out my handy adhesive, and I'm going to attach these card bases. Are these mats today to this car based on? Let's just leave one there and we'll move the seven weeks, you can see what I'm doing. So I just put this. I'm just gonna I want this side showing, so I'm gonna put the heat of one there. I'm gonna put about four nines adhesive, and I'll let you see that in the light. You got to get used to this tool. This is this is a rolling, advanced take life. But you just use whatever rolling intensive you have. The idea is that the card base See that? I put a few lines of it. He said you can use double sided tape. You could use glue, but glue buckles. So it's better to use rolling adhesive. And it it's whatever told you're comfortable with, like some like to use this now what he saver Just whatever he said you're comfortable with . And then I'm just madding it. I'm just putting this layer on, okay? And it's good to stand over it when you do that, so that you get even covered around incense and then later you should have another piece of this, this white paper this size for inside of the car. But we're going to do that at the very end, so I'll be cutting some of those later. So you need you need a couple extra five and 1/4 by four pieces to put inside. And what I mean is, Oh, I just did upset number two. So what? I mean, if you're going to need white put inside here so you can write your sentiment in messages. So another another couple pieces of these All right, so let me lay out all these dimensions in case you're still writing this down and you don't want to pause to see There we go in order the four layers. There we go. All right, so now we're gonna but here, the player I love this greenbow background. I also like this little sweet treats background of the house with his paper to, but that's a little too much pink. The rainbow just looks better so I could put rolling, he said around the site. And if there's any extra kind of pick it up, holding it in the light, take and see how much it heats. If I add not too much and then I'm gonna put it down, I'm going to stand over it and I'm going to attach the layer. So my tip for car making productivity is just to do a bunch of these at once. You have them already, but never ever attached these parts like don't attach. Don't attach this to this yet. There's no recent board you have to stamp in. These need to be flat when you're stamping. So you wouldn't you wanted attach these next layers until later. Plus, we're attaching with something else. All right, so now go get your mat like something, protect your table and stamping mad or something so that yeah, you can get your ink get urine Kredi your code blocks because we're gonna be stamping our cards in the next video tutorial. See, there 5. Stamping Basics 05: Hello and welcome back. We're going to use the sentiments from Amazing Life steps that to correct our little rectangles. Okay, I'm gonna take out the life too short to say no to cake stamp. I don't mind like some of my stamps really staying because I also have a craft club and I do not let me see it and that club use my stepping up inks and then they use other things which really staying a lot. But that's because I have to let them use cheaper ANC's because even though they staying because I just can't let up near my stamp pads right after by extras and columns official because they would, they messed with them. Anyway, That's not digress. We're going to use the gorgeous grape Teoh stamp. The life's too short to say no to cake. So I'm just opening up my stamp. Guys like this and they flip open and I leave them down. And whenever you have a bunch of stamp pads up and you forget what they are, it's there's like a little the name of the colors on the bottom. So it's easy for me to say No, I need to mount this. So you get a stamp in block. I say this is just a stamping block. I have. And you just map that you take the flat side and you mattered in it sticks push with push on it with your thumbs. Okay, So when you stand, let's stand all of these at what's and you know what? Let's use one of these lines. So it helps you better. I have I have other stamp in black sidelines. You know what? This This just might help you see how you know it's lined up a little better, and it helped me to. Okay, so there you go. And so I've mapped that on train acrylic block, and I only stamp one piece of card stock at a time. Whisper white and I'm stamping. Life is too short to eat cake. Not to say just say no to cake. So I tap tap tap into the ink and then I look at it and I see that it gets it has good even coverage in that it's wet. And then I get a I'm gonna place it down onto my rectangle, and I'm gonna hold it there for a few seconds to let the Inc absorb whisper. White has really good ink absorption, but you know you can use whatever materials you have. And then sometimes we lift up the stamp. It sticks, so you peel that off and it comes right off, and I do all the same color at the same time. So we're gonna do all of these because it's just more productive. Deal. You're stamping at what's to staple in color. Let that dry stamp another color. Even there were only making two cards in this course. In this class I have, I think I cut you cut six of those. I always cut extreme case in case I make a mistake and be because I'd like to have among hand because then even if I only have this part done, it would be so quick to make a card later because all the stamping part is done. I don't have to do all the stamping part again. Layering up is easy. That's the part that's pretty quick. Okay, Hope sea mist up when you mess up, it slipped. No big deal. You flip it over and you can't see through to the other side gate that's better. So I still have a good one. Don't put it on top. Something else still drink? Okay, that is it. So we have these air done and Google See you in the next video where I will take some more stamps in some more colors to use. And we'll keep on stamping our design. Thank you for watching. 6. Stamping Basics 06: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going to continue to stamp the other colors of our design We've already stamped. Life's too short to say no to cake. Okay, We've used gorgeous Grape is the color. Now we're gonna create. Now we're going to stamp the cake and the happy birthday. Okay? We're gonna do the next to not the design layer just quite yet. Okay, we're gonna stamp in coastal Cabana. And by the way, just to when you're when you're done with your stamps, I flip up in the Costa Quinn. Just simply, you know, use a baby wipe or stamp cleaner to clean them off right away. And otherwise, you might get stepped on your you might think, like, on your arm or somewhere. Take out the cake. I'm gonna map that training growing block, and you could see through it. So you know where it goes. My krilic block is personalized to All right, So I'm tap tap tapping, and I'm gonna put the cake about here because I'm putting in the top, right? If I mess up, it's OK. I've made extra screws. We're only making two cards, so I have a lot of extras to have on hand for my birthday card projects because I want you to see that this is what I really do. And I have a stamping project. I make a lot of things at once. Okay, I got a little bit of ink up in that corner from the edge of the stamp onto that one. So that lesson that teaches you is just to move your stamps a little bit farther away from each other so that this you know, the local on the other. But you all you do for that situation is covered up with an embellishment. Embrace it to have a few little embellishments that got messed up. We flip it over. And the reason it got messed up is simple because I'm teaching how to stamp it and to show you how mistakes were made. So what happens if you're not staining over something? You're not getting the leverage. So I always, like, stamp all standing out, Burdick sitting up straight in having the things right beneath me on the table because it's it's really hard to stamp it in anger. That just means that part's done. But I just do the life's too short to say no to cake part again, but I don't need to do it now. We'll just take that out of the equation and will work with these five, okay? And we will stamp the happy birthdays. Because, like I said, all we need is really two of them so that there's ankle over. You get a baby, right? First, wipe the edges. You can watch them better later. But I'm saying this is just to get this stuff off right away so it doesn't get on your table on your stuff. All right? I always like to put my, you know, my steps back right away as well, because they stick all over other things. Like, and you can even stick on your cat and they work away. And you're like, what happened in Mustang? All right, so there is the blank. So now we're gonna use we're gonna close this one. Let's talk about because we're done. I mean that we will We will use it again later to decorate. But we're just doing Happy birthday for NASA. Let's open up this one. It's called the Granny Apple Green, and it's another coordinating color Put that over there. Take out the happy birthday stand, take out whatever you're using. And I'm very to for this one. Since I'm done with this stamp, I'm going to use the one with the lines, even though I'm putting in an angle anyway. Doesn't matter. Okay, so I've mounted that on there, have pushed down with my thumbs, its it straight, but even told me to step it at an angle. So we just stamp it This you always look at your sample or you just know what you're doing . So I'm gonna skip it at an angle right there. So tap tap tap into the granny upper green ink stamp in an angle, and that looks good. And the first time you the first time you stand, you will see that it gets its a little darker. See, that was a little darker, and they just start becoming crisper as you go. And that's just because you just took the stamp of its case. And, you know, it's kind of like in Castor soak into it a little bit. Okay, so now we have those too done so happy with our progress. I'm going to go ahead and stop this video. Close my clean my stamps. And when we get back, we'll use the pineapple punch and the little design to finish creating these cards. We just need to spread and spread apart a lot more so that it doesn't He's onto each other . Okay. Thank you for watching. See you in the next two tour. 7. Stamping Basics 07: Hello and welcome back in this video, we're going to use the pineapple punch color and this beautiful design here to stamp this nice little design at an angle on the top in the bottom of the card. All right, so let's look at it. So we wanted to go that way. I kind of think it looks like So it a little like a string of lights, And I just mounted it at an angle on my stamp. And you can you might even have a big step block that holds it up. Pineapple punch. This technique is the same except ahead had just have more room. I mean, we're still tap tap tap, and we're still putting the stamp there. The difference is you just want to make sure there's nothing else around it because there's extra ink that's gonna end up getting all over the Met. Okay, so I'm just stamping, and then I'm stamping at an angle. And one tip is that because the word happy birthdays at that angle it's good to put the this design at the same angle. Just so you don't confuse, like, visually confused the person looking at the card. Okay, that means the lines are going in sort of the same direction. Okay, so that's that. And that's let's do all the other cards right. Why were at it? Because we're productive stammers. And this this techniques Very simple. But it's all the colors that adds. It's all the extra colors. That's what makes that's what makes this card special. Someone's gonna know that you spent the time to hand stamp their card and use colors. Hopefully, your colors coordinate. Do the best you can, and I hope you share whatever project you come up with with us. And there's a little whenever, just little extra dots. I just go out place for an embellishment. No big deal. That's where I'm gonna add my little extra embellishments later. But like we said, we only need two of these for our finished cards anyway, So that's good. And you let these dry and we'll do this one. You kept up tip. So don't worry if you're if you're stamping blocks aren't long enough for your stance. It doesn't really matter, does it? Oh, I think we that was one messed up a little, but that's OK. I'm still gonna use him You can also take markers and color in these stamps. All right, sir, we're done with our stamping. And later we'll go back in stepper and bloops. That normally would have done it earlier, but I just didn't What? Think? Getting all over the envelopes. I need to take this back. Okay. See you in the next tutorial where we will start to assemble the layers of this card. 8. Stamping Basics 08: Hello. And welcome back in this tutorial, we're going to go ahead and mount thes stamped parts onto these cards, stuck rectangles. We cut out using foam and he says, And then we're going to just taking the best ones. And they were gonna attach those to the carts. Okay, so I'm just using for what's called it. These are called, like, foam dimensional. What I'm using using four of those, Okay? And then I'm attaching that to the I have to test this. Well, it's not on the card is just easier. And because the cards dry compressed there, normally I wouldn't. Okay, let's get the next best one. I mean, they're all good. They all came out good. Just preference. The ones that don't have extra in Ghana. My guess would be the best one. But if you have extra ink, it's OK. You just use embellishments to cover them. And even that one we've messed up on the other side. But it doesn't matter. We are crafters. And that was Now we're gonna put that on. Okay, let's attach these to the card using the rolling adhesive. This is advanced. Take bladder. I'd like that to be really on their good because it's heavy. Heavy piece. See, there's you could see how much tape I used. And then I guess, you know, in the centres okay, for this one kind of in the center, cause it's already it's not even though you're putting in the center, it doesn't quite look like it anyway, because it's a rectangle that isn't the exact shape of the center. So it just kind of comes out nice like that. Okay, so that's one down and want to go. And you always check that the card is opening the right way because I have put these on upside down before, so that's just a little tip. Now we're gonna put that okay, the cards opening here and on to the center. So now we have lots of birthday cards so that your job for the next before the next video is to go make some of these go make some of those with the white card stuck that air five and 1/4 by four. So that way we can stamp on to them, and then we'll also stamp onto the emblems. So we're going to take another stamp set. Incredible. Like you. And we're going to stamp the sentiments wanted inside of the car card on to whisper right card stock. Then we're gonna mount those inside the card. Then we're gonna decorate the envelopes. Okay. See you in the next tutorial. 9. Stamping Basics 09: hello and welcome to the section where we will place our sentiments onto the cars, Which will be we're gonna be stamping from this incredible, like you said. And we're gonna stamp So glaber friends and And we'll do a couple with hope Your day is amazing as you. So we'll just take Just take both of those outright now. Okay? Hope your day is amazing. Is you? And so glad your friends can We just can amount those onto acrylic blacks. Okay. And remember, we always have our extras case we mess up. No big deal. And also, I wanted to just tell my students that I apologize for my audio not being so loud. Earlier in the course, I had some technical difficulties, but it's all straightened out now. Pretty sure my microphone is working. All right, So anyway, let's say so glad we're friends and we're gonna put that right in the center. You may be wondering water and I just stamp after its inside the card. Well, what if I mess up then I've already glued inside the card, so I was stamp before I put it inside the card. Then if I mess up, I just flip it over, stamp it again. So that one's done. Gorgeous, grape. See, I've already got some ink on this one, so we flip it over. I think it I don't know where that came from because I'd even have it on. That would mean a color I was using. Oh, well, we're crafters. We don't know where it comes from. It comes from everywhere. So let's put some every year and these air pretty new stamp pads. And that's why they're pretty juicy. Okay, so there are sentiments and then will, Like I said, you have a have a baby wipe enhances toe to keep this from getting all over the place. Okay, Now, I'm gonna go ahead and close this gorgeous grape, and then we're going to take out the coastal cabana, and we will Let's put these let's put these up to the side so they can dry a little bit. We're gonna take up the coastal cabana, and with that, greater and the lips because we're stamp er's I have a pile above lived here, but I'm going to one of the time mount the stamps that onto an acrylic black okay. And like I said. We could have just done this earlier when we had the Coastal Cabana Inc out. That's probably what I would have normally done, but my table was too crowded. Okay, let's just put that we're putting this on the envelope on the little flap of the envelope. I don't like to put things on the very front of the envelope because it can confuse Mr Postman. But this is just a nice added touch for your birthday card envelopes. I mean, this and all the different colors used really show people you were thinking about them and that you're trying to make their day special. And so this is every little added touch there like, Wow, they even stamped the outside. So if you share your project, take a picture of the outside as well. Now I've got a little messed up, but it doesn't matter because we just color it in with markers. All right, and there's the next invalid. Okay, so we have envelope stamped. We have card insides done almost everything. So let's that's good and close the sink, and then we're gonna attach these insides to our cards. We'll keep these trump up, so we're gonna do one hope for days. Amazing is you and one of these so glad we're friends. We're gonna add some rolling adhesive, and hopefully that was dry. And I'm not smearing it right now. No, it didn't smear. Yeah. So here's your car theft at this to the inside of stand over. It can make sure that you get that quarter inch nice margin around the sides. But don't rub over this part, because maybe it wasn't all the way. Dr. Well, uh, well, admire our cards in the final video. Let's let's just get these together. All right? Well, get over all the stuff that we did and just real soon. Okay. I'm pretty happy with this. I hope your day is amazing, is you? So it's good to mix it up. Okay. Thank you for watching how we put this part of the card project together and we'll see you in the final wrap up video next 10. Stamping Basics 10: hello and welcome to the conclusion of this class stamping basics. Creating birthday cards. In this class, you learn tattoo, create the card basis and create all the layers for your card. Here are those dimensions. Once again, you learned how to stamp and what we do. If we make mistakes while stamping and how we sort of go around that and why it's important to make extras. You learned how to just use the different colors and designs from your stamp set to make a coordinating a cohesive pattern for your card and then how to mount everything together with adhesives. And then I reminded you to, you know, stamp the envelopes to for those extra added touches. All right, so speaking of out of touch is that's what we're gonna do in this final RePet video I have in Nadal Heart and I have little I guess these are called the glimmered Blizter enamel dots . So when I add things, I like to add things in groups of three, so I'm gonna just add one. There's different size hearts. It doesn't have the same size. I'm just gonna make three like that 123 and putting them in the middle because that section was sort of empty. And I just like to add things in odd numbers. Okay. Voila. That little bit of extra glimmer just made the card, and then same with the bling. Okay, I'm just gonna add the bling groups of three. You can spread out. You could spread him off, and you could make any numbers you want, but I just do odd numbers. So that extra bling on that card as well, So those are the finishing touches. So I hope you enjoyed this course. And I hope you will share the proud your card projects that you create with us in the project sharing section. Thank you. And this is Kimberly Smith, the paper chef. Hope to see you in a future course.