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Spring Landscape in Oriental style

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Landscape painting - main technics

    • 3. Lake and trees - the first composition

    • 4. Hills and blossoming garden - the second landscape

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About This Class


I invite you to the new set of two short but exciting classes. Let’s draw  landscapes, using many features and secrets of traditional Chinese painting.
This wet painting style is easy to study for the beginners.
Experienced artists may also find many interesting and exciting and improve their landscape drawing skills.
You will obtain new knowledge, perfect mood and a few different traditional landscape pictures right from the end of the first class.

You will study and learn:

-how to see and feel composition before you take a brush

-how to make very light charcoal sketches that won’t harm your picture next

-how to draw on the paper there ink and paint fluids while drying and how to feel the result

- how to begin from the only single house draw a lovely village in spring

- how to draw confident, fast and easy by ink and paint.

- how to get two different pictures at one class only.

Play with one or two different compositions, using just ink, paint and water. The technical styles are various and  options are endless. Tune your inspiration!
Let's start!



1.The materials you will need:

Discover what tools I use in my work... you will be surprised how basic it is:

-Big brush for xe-i universal (goat hair or mixedr) –as biger as better

-Middle universal brush (wolf hair or mixed) - 3- 4 cm

-Paper for xe-i/sumie for drawing with medium fluidity
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors, or another brand of mintral paints for Chinees/Japanees painting


Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: Hello, my name is Olga. I invite you to the new set of pair of shirt but exciting classes. Let's draw a landscape using many features and cigarettes of traditional Chinese painting. This wet painting style is easy to study for the beginners. Experiences artists may find many interesting and exciting, improved their landscape drawing skills. You will obtain you knowledge. Perfect mood. I have few different additional landscape pictures right from the end of the first class. That technical styles are various and options are endless. This merge creation, let's begin. 2. Landscape painting - main technics: Welcome to the first lesson of our Chinese landscape clause. We're going to start with one charming spring view with village houses and blossoming fruit trees. So let's start to draw a few small houses like cottages and group, or F3, F4, or any number you'd like. But the same is it have to be in your composition next, the first one, the brushes, thin vertical strokes, you are using a light pencil drawing. So dry brush carefully use napkin. Choose the style of the building like this, small enough with tiled roof and a few windows. Now need much architectural details. Your house is suggested symbol, just a detail for your landscape. Nothing particular, but just as an impression of Chinese village, you may look at the photos to see how it is. Now need to draw the base of their houses where we'll add the land later by big red brushes. Tried to draw fast and creating the protests have to be joyful and exciting. Trained to make a few groups to get used to draw it, to be aware of their style and composition. The houses are different than later one behind the Nava. Let's try to draw the next group. Later, you may draw your native landscape with their cottages and blossoming trees of your homeland. Here we have very easy to draw the trees with some branches only, but follow blossoms. The front side treat one more behind both contrast and black enough. That's trees behind the houses are more light. Bail have less details than on the foreground. More abstract. At trees to all the sketches. And the krones now full of blossoms. Before to draw, we need to dry the paper to avoid fluidity of the smallest details. Take big brush. Blossom is usually pink. So let's take red paint and make it more or less warm. Adding some yellow to the mix. I will take more water it and peel for the foreground trees or more concentrated color to that are in the front. Mind that your color would get less bright than dry. Easier to be sure in the color you use. Tried to different tools on the special people for training. Use it like the pellet. I will paint my trees like dots, bigger or smaller. This techniques help not to touch houses. Ruth, your paper has memory. The points of your pink color are separated and different. Sound trees are more dark and concentrated. My color is looking bright and active enough. When wet, but it gets more pale, run dry. Add more dark red to the foreground and more dense to the front. You may add some white to make several emphasizes on the front crowds. The paint with white changes it quality. It's getting non-transparent like wash. Careful to avoid mixing all your paint with white. On the easy if you don't like to make all your trees less transparent. Let the picture dry to see the contrast made different crowns. Now, let's paint houses, roofs, orange or brown nature or four tiles. Yep, technique is called wet painting. Do not be afraid one, some color is getting fluid a bit. Now let's draw horizontal line with their far mountain governed by mist. Look planes to the top of the big brush. You need to make one wide, strong single line so your brush must have enough water. I start from the outside of the page 1 line with different width. And for the single hill, absolutely similar to the distant mountains we have got. Now, this useful training is right before we begin withdrawing the composition. Next lesson. 3. Lake and trees - the first composition: Now let's draw a spring landscape with blossoming fruit trees. First to make your composition, try not to get to the center. All the elements of your picture. Let me, according to the rule of third, sketch, a group of houses not big enough. One big place on the land, like an island. And the smaller visual reply, a bowl. The central line of the page. As we have imagined the composition, Let's start with the houses. Dr. Ting brush. Take it in the vertical position. Do not worry if something is not correct in architectural weight. Our quarter Jews are not particular. Like a symbol on there Show that the roofs are Thailand and the windows are on the same line for the each house. Now we'll sketch the land there is my village is. As before, their foreground is bright and contrast. The background is more light and pale color you'd like. Tea brown or orange may be mixed with green. Less or more up to your imagination. And as confident you are, some more black to the tip of the brush for the bride, for ground first. Tried to keep their houses What careful drawing around it. And on the top, a small Live Land. Little bit more bled graphics that visually combines my foreign grounds. And just a few light strokes to the far land. Remember, your paper has fluidity. If your ink slowly spreads to the white pots, stop this process planking the napkin on these plays to absorb extra ink. And I need to draw the whole picture before drawing trees on the land. The trees are black and bright. You may use the thin brush for drawing it. And bright and gray into the trees behind the houses. Also, for the distant island. And we will let dry everything again before drawing law. Some crows. Light being first with enough water in the brush. The brush have to be very clean or take another one, also big soft lodge points that are looking together. You may do from pots a bit more concentrated red. Avoid touching the houses, keep it white and clean. And to the fathers trees with no details. I will make my foreground more bright, but you may leave it soft and quiet depending on your mood. While my red points of blossoming trees dissolves to each other and rise slowly. I'd like to draw a horizontal line. Light blue paint. Take a color, you'd like the line. One single move. No worry if it goes out to the Bordeaux that picture. It is very traditional to this style. Now take what Into your brush. It is OK if some paint has remained in it and make wet lines or their water and add by pale pink dots reflection from the trees. Now details, just a hint. And let's add more details to the real trees and flowers. It is all dry enough. Like at the training was sound white-collar. Make different dots, being small, more or less bright. This plants also absorbs into the paper and getting less contrast when dry. Finally, little bit more color to the roof to complete our spring landscape. Orange was Tim Brown is very specific call to the roof tiles. Let's take this. It is looking fine and ready now, waiting for your owl pictures to enjoy it and discuss. See you in next lesson with one more landscape. 4. Hills and blossoming garden - the second landscape: One more spring landscape we're going to draw is the hills and law some trees. The top is more dense, more heavier than the down part of the picture where the foreground is. As before, mark the middle. And place the volume under the imagined line. And the main group or hills above. And the vertical center line is also have to be real mind. One heel is bigger, one smaller, not equal to connection in the central of the page. The rule of thirds. And some free space above the hills. It is masked for the composition. Find this the place to your CT images. The small group of 45. Leave some space in front of the trees. You will add to the front, as before, the houses by thin and dry brush. Berry's position, same style with a Thailand roofs and small windows. Dry your brush carefully. The palm trees to the foreground. Some more behind the houses. Last Black. That is the main foreground. Now the hills leave this space to add valley between massive leg heels and their houses with the trees we have already. The brush I use is the largest now. Mix the T Brown may be with green and orange and take the paint to the base of the brush. Black into the TPP. That is how we'll make dark forest on the top and light enough lower side of the hill. Draw one more, smaller and add some space with the previous. As with how wet painting style our own pot, they connect to each other later when glutes. Each field gel was by a single MOOC. More timber onto the ballot and we need to cover the health space. Remember about the volume under the heel, keep its unpainted while it is wet. At some graphic to show heel structure. Do your graphics to both heels and fast enough when it's dry, it asylum or waterfall between the mountains. Michael bit more green color to the graphics as where our drawing spring landscape. Now, the lands where all houses are like a bank or the river or lake and opposite bank further. And the graphics while the banks are wet to show some grass, then grouse on the bank by the water. Some green to the background. While the gardeners with our red Lawson take another clean brush with no shade is of infinite. Much water, some yellow. Now being points connect to their background. Heels. First of all. Okay. Now fraud, it deals with bright trend, different and various connect more, the heel and the trees. Mandala keyed graphics though they're far group of trees. While the baby is wet enough. Small pink points to the front trees with white paint as before. Some more black branches. And we'll see that all black grass on the most glows land has dissolved with the ink. So we need to restore it. Again, some more dry black ink to the less contrast places. Now the final point, the roofs brown and bright. Waiting for your own spring picture with mountains volley and village cottages in a blossoming garden.