Spot-on Accent Graphics in After Effects (Part 4) | Andrew Pach ⭐ | Skillshare

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Spot-on Accent Graphics in After Effects (Part 4)

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. TUTORIAL 1

    • 3. TUTORIAL 2

    • 4. Your project and congratulations

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About This Class

Spot-on Accent Graphics in After Effects™ is dedicated to teach how to make all those popular circle bursts, pop-animations, accent graphics and short animations that fall into this category in a quick fashion so you can chunk it at once. In PART 4 we are going to make this: 



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: welcome in the spot on X and graphics in after effects. Part for this part will be really cool, because we'll create animations like this or like this by using a master key frame. Wheeldon. Adjust and tweak this key frame until we have a really cool animation. Well, duplicate the lawyers. Well, Officer, them will work with everything a bit around until we have a finished, consistent design we can showcase with Kraft. So if you'd like to create this innovation for this animation or a variety of different animations, which will be consistent with that, let's enroll in the class and let's start designing. 2. TUTORIAL 1: Hello there and welcome in part number four off our spot on X and graphics in after effects . So I want to show you another great website, which is collars dot CEO. And what's great about this website is that you can automatically generate colors or you can explore the course. Once you explore the colors, there is an option to save the cause by exporting them, and you can export them straight to a PNG file. You just click, for example, the P and G, and you have a ready file to save. You have the hex colors. You see the colors, so it's a really nice website to use. And I wanted this time to go for something green. So I've selected something like that or, for example, this one. It's a bit colder but more leaning towards blue. I think I also like this one, this bluish greenish one, So I'll just export and save it to a PNG file, and we see each other and aftereffect. I have arrived in after effects. I've imported my color file and I'll create a new composition. Let's create a new composition, calling it part for main key frame. I'll call this main key frame. I'll explain in a moment. So we have full age. The 30 frames, as always. And we have the duration off two seconds and 15 frames just so you can preview the animation nicely. So once again, I want to import my color scheme. I press s and I make the core scheme really small because I don't need it as much. I just want you to be here in the corner. I will, right click on it. And I decided to guide layer so it doesn't get in the way. Okay, it can be closed. And I can even press on this little guy too. Shy this layer and activate the shyness for this entire composition. Now it's invisible. So at first, as always, I want toe right, click new and select a solid layer for my background. I'll call it G. I was like the darkest color with the Pickwick because I believe the darker scholars worked really well. Here, let me reveal this again, places above it. Okay, I can hide it. And now we are ready to work. This time we'll work a bit differently. We have two ways of doing this. We can either click here, select one of those objects and placing here, or we can right click new and click on new shape layer. What's best about doing a new shape layer like that is that you can open it and you can click here at if you add a rectangle, Ellipse Police, Starr or Pat, for example, this time will add an ellipse. The great thing here is that the Ellipse will be added automatically in the middle. So in order to see this, of course, we need to add some fill or some stroke. Let's, for example, at Phil. You see, we have to fill, and if I click on this button, we can see it perfectly in the middle of the screen. Let's click on the expat and again work with the size and its position. At the beginning, I wanted to be like that, but at about one second or 20 frames, depending on how quick you on the animation, Toby, I want a slower animation this time, so I will go for one second. Their position should be like that. It doesn't letter in which way you go. We can also go in this way. But here it's better visible. Negative 400. Let's make it like that. And this is the place where the animation will end. This is also the place where the size should be. Zero at the beginning, the size should be as well zero but in the middle. In my case, this is 15 frames. You want a master key frame? I will explain in a moment why? I'll call it a master key frame because I will, unlike this one now and I will create the actual shape. So I want the first shape, for example, to have 20 picks is off with and a lot of height. Okay, this one is pretty big. Let make it smaller, maybe less with like 10 and the size to 150. Because we are doing X and graphics you want at the beginning toe have nothing to see because if this emerges from the middle and I will repeat this several times, we don't want them to cluster along each other so it will reveal and then again, height. Let me get rid off this awful color. We have already the film, so I'll fill select my pick Web and select one off the green bright colors I've selected. Okay, let's preview what we have until now. So you have this simple animation, so you should have the same. You should have this animation prepared, and I will now, as always, at the repeater. So please click on the shape layer, click on add and added a repeater in the repeater. We only have to do three things. We have to set the copies to example 16 because I want several copies. Then we want to work in the transform repeater options in the transformer. Peter. If you remember from previous parts, you always need to set the position to zero and work with the rotation. Let's click the left old or option key. If you're on the mag, click on the stopwatch and press 3 60 divided by the number of copies. So select this little snail pick Whip, Go to copies and we have the copies prepared. Okay, this is our initial animation, and I'll end this tutorial here so we can continue in the next one. Let me close everything, click on the shape layer and press you on your keyboard. You should have only this key frames available. If you want, you can also set another key frame on the repeater on the copies. Let me set it in the middle, so it's better visible copies here this way. By pressing you, I can adjust the copies by having it opened here. If you want to see some crazy things which we will do with this animation, let's head straight over to the next tutorial. 3. TUTORIAL 2: hello again in the second part. Off this tutorial, let's make this animation more fluid by adjusting the key frames. So select all key frames. Right. Click on them Key from assistant and Easy Eastham. Once you have them east in, you can go into the graph editor. We have the value graph, but I will select the speed graph to see better what's happening here. So it goes, and then it fades off. Let me select the last key frame and pull it slightly. Ford. I'll pull it like that. We don't pull the green one because it's the size. So the size stays as it is. Boom. Okay, the animation is a bit quicker. And now see what great things we can achieve. We have this animation well duplicated, maybe three times. So I want to offset it by five frames. This will be offset to here. This will be officer to 10 frames. Sorry of selected boat. I'll hold the shift key to snap to this point. And at 15 frames, I wanted to snap here. Now we want to open everything and press you on my keyboard. Let's preview what animation we have until now. Okay? a pretty simple, straightforward animation. It's like appalls animation. But I've told you about a master key frame and this one is the master key frame. Look at the size we have the size unlinked. We have two values here and the value growth to this point. It grows to, for example, 10 150 and it goes back to zero so we can adjust each key frame to get a completely unique style. Let me make this round it and make the smaller Let me place my key frame here, select this key frame and make it a bit different. So I will select like that. Make it closer. Maybe Like this. And the tenor of a ticket. Okay, now the last one. I want to select it again. I want this to be very, very 10 like five pixels in a bit and not so long. In a matter of second, I've created an animation like that at totally different birth. Really going very interesting about this. Let me select the 2nd 1 Click on Phil, click on the pick whip and select different colors. So I was like the darker color. Then I go to fill I said, like the next color I have referred or, for example, the sandy one toe. Diversify it a little bit. Now I select the last one Phil Select, Select Another Green Corps. And in the matter of second, we have a totally different information. It looks really great and you can still duplicate and duplicate. We can still offset it by this many frames and this many frames we can press you and this one key from in the middle. Let me also change the copies because we have always 16 copies here. I want more randomness. 12 copies here here, for example, only eight copies. Because we have bigger circles I want here to have. Maybe we'll go for a rounded icon and I want to only have four copies. Let's privatise. Okay, this is that one and let's make it round. It may be rounded like that. Let's see if this looks interesting. It's really weird, but actually this weirdest one looks really cool is an animation, and you can see how you can go for totally different styles. So this one I pursue, and I placed the key frames a bit later because this one was too quick. We'll just be OK. Boom! Oh, I know what I made a little mistake here. I changed the copies in the wrong position. So let me delete Disc Efraim. I should change the copies here because here we have the key frame set eight copies. Okay, Now everything should be all right, Boo! And this was all made by adding a shape layer, opening the shape layer and adding a simple lips. I am having a lot of fun now, so I'll copy this one more time. You can go as well for a different style. Let's preview this. Okay, let's offset it because it's too close to each other. I'll offer it here and this one could belong. It could be very small. Then I could up the copies to 32 look what style you can achieve in a matter of race seconds just by working with some key friends. And you can see that this would be a totally different animation. Let's just preview it one more time to see what we achieved in this tutorial. I hope you do really enjoy this totoro, and please go to the last lesson to wrap everything up. If you can please leave me attempts up for this class. I will be really grateful. Thank you and see you in the next one. 4. Your project and congratulations: let me show you the simplest way you can submit your ready product once you have the animation completed, for example, like in the first part, and you have the composition here. Ready you go to composition at to render queue. Once you are in the render queue, just select an a movie fight. For example, Quick time the information coded It's OK, Select OK and select where the file should be saved. Won't you render the file? Then you can import the file into Photoshopped. Simply go to file, say for Web. You can lower the size here and said the looping options to forever You have here some basic options. Just make sure that gift is fairly small. I'll go for 600 pixels because this is a amount that I know. The TRO graces well and then just clicking forever and saving the file. This ready gift file can be uploaded to skills her as a product file. I will really appreciate if you will go to your project and start the product. Simply upload a cover image and upload the gift you created. You can write a name here and you're ready to go. Just hit create. If you did like the class, please leave me a trump up. It's really simple. You just take here and select leave a review. Perhaps it also popped up here on the top. I will be really thankful if you could do this because positive reviews really motivate me to create more content for you. Thank you very much for participating in this part of the spot on Exxon Graphics in after effects. I hope else you in the next part See you then.