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Spot-on Accent Graphics in After Effects (Part 1)

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. TUTORIAL 1

    • 3. TUTORIAL 2

    • 4. Outro

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About This Class

Spot-on Accent Graphics in After Effects™ is dedicated to teach how to make all those popular circle bursts, pop-animations, accent graphics and short animations that fall into this category in a quick and organized fashion so you can chunk it at once. In this class we are going to make this: 



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in my ex and graphics and after effect. If you would like to create an accent like that and spend just 10 minutes on it, then please enroll in this class. This will be a very short, serious and an each part. I'll display you how to create another accent. There will be no fluff, just straight content and useful knowledge would you could use in your aftereffect warm clothes and create something nice for your videos along the way. I can't wait to get started. If you already enrolled the class and else you inside. 2. TUTORIAL 1: Hello and welcome to the first part where we'll make those little Exxon graphics. We will start with some circles, so let's go straight ahead. Open up after effect and select a new composition. I will select Comp one full HD 30 frames and let's make it like three seconds. It should be short because the animation will be short as well. You can off course, name the composition. Let us name this one stroke circle because this will be the simplest possible way to do it . I'll get okay by the right Click new and select a new solid layer for our background. If you want to be a tiny bit professional, please select a nice color for your background. I'll, for example, use color hunt. I recently re like color hung because it has a nice light out colors and everything is pretty visible. And, for example, I like this one on the left. So I was simply copy out this color. I'll go back to after effect and I'll paste my color here. It's already prepared. Okay, okay. And this is my background. And of course I made a mistake because I had the size wrong, but That's no problem. We can quickly adjust that in order to create our first accent graphic, please select the rectangle tool, click on it and select the Ellipse store. Make sure that your fill click on Phil is set to none, and your stroke is said. Do stroke, obviously. So you just click on the stroke and you select a simple stroke. Now I have 35. It really doesn't matter, because we will off course change it. Now I'll press my shift key, and I will make a circle like that. I see it pretty big, and I wanted to be in the middle, so I'll go to my align panel. Boom, boom. Align it in the middle. Now, once you have this shape, layer this circle shape. There you have all the contents lives. Transformation options will use the olives this time. Please open up the Libs and will work with the stroke and with its transform options. So it's really the quickest way. Only two key friends will be necessary. Let's go to transform lives and let's work with the scale. At the beginning, we want 0% and we will, of course, key frame that and at about maybe 10 frames. Make it to 100%. Okay. Are you with me? So this is the first super advanced animation we have. Boom. It's really kicking in. It's a pleasure for the eye. Now I want the next step. The next step will be to work with the stroke. Please open up the stroke and in the stroke options you will have to find the stroke with because the wit will be the main focus off our Imation's. If you have 50 just like me, simply select the stopwatch. Now, I need to go to the same place where the previous keep remorse here and in the same position. We want it to be zero now, basically, this is the essential animation. We're going to create a boom. They're very simple animation we have now. We just need a few tweaks. At first, I wanted also a different color. So I'll go back to color hunt. So I run back to color hunt. I'll select my orange color. I'll go back to after effect and I'll change the stroke color. Is it working? Okay, we have the stroke now, as I see this animation, this stroke is very, very 10. So you want to go to the beginning and you want to work with the stroke and you will work with the stroke as long as you like this animation. And remember that your play head has to be at the beginning because if it will be here and I will change the stroke, it will simply create another key frame. And if you want to be professional in after effects, you want to maintain your key frame count low, so I'll go ahead and go to maybe 200. Let's preview this, okay? The animation is pretty. Okay, I'll know. Preview the animation with my page down, page down, page down. It slowly fades here. Perfect. It really looks crisp. So what we have to do now is simply to select all key frames. You probably already know, right Click Key frame assistant and Eazy e's them. Won't you have them east in select the upper to If you don't see those key frames and you got lost, just press you on your keyboard so all key frames will be revealed. The stroke, wit and the scale from the transformer lives. And don't worry if you used another scale because let me take a look. We have the stroke here, and we have transformed ellipse options and we have the scale here. We also have a lips path and we have the size here. And if you work with the size, it will work as well. Then the next item we have here, we have the overall transform options for the entire layer. So these would also work. So you can. So we have scaled scale size. It always repeat so you can select the one you are working with. And now we want to ease this animation, and this will be it. 3. TUTORIAL 2: welcome in the second lesson when we'll try to wrap everything up and finalize the animation, and now we want to ease this animation and this will be it. So I select both key frames and I'll go to my graph editor. I'll make sure that I'm using the speed graph. Well, the value graph is also okay, but in this case, speed graph will do the trick. Simply select both key frames, not a bit to this site. Nudge them a bit here and look how nice this animation will already be. Boom. So it's a bit too quick. That's why I also need to select those key frames, and they want to adjust them as well a little bit. Boom. Okay, the animation is a bit different. If it's still too quick for you, you simply select those key frames and you place them further away. That's absolutely no problem, and you have a slower animation now. Basically, you are perfectly ready to go. You are perfectly ready to go. I'll even enter and call it a stroke circle. And now I could duplicate it and Officer did a little bit. Boom, boom! I have to off them duplicate. Press on V to have the selection tool make this Will Here. Okay, let me lock this. This is this one. Is the turn smaller on the left side? Duplicate on the right side. Smaller Now. How will this look? Boom, boom, Boom! Off course. It would be helpful if we would have different cars. But let me select it like that Now I will select the next caller. I'll go back now. Where was the color? The color is deep inside stroke. So I have to open my contents, my lips, my stroke It takes a bit of time, but I will take my time. Okay. Like that. Now the last orange color Come back. The last one Contents Ellipse stroke boom, Control de. Okay, Now I'll control eight. Close everything and let's preview what I have currently. Okay, Nice Exxon graphics. And if this does seem wrong to you, you can always make those changes. You can always duplicate the lead at something changed the scale change options and it will really look interesting. Now the nice thing here is that we have different colors. I can duplicate those colors. I'll go further away. Okay. I have this little circle and boom perfect. Once you already with the animation, you just select everything. Right? Click pre composed. This is my way off naming things. Ready circle. Okay. And I can put this over my videos. Remember also the last thing since the animation is ending right about here. So I would like this composition to be maybe only one second on or 20 frames long, 25 frames. So I will go to composition composition settings, and I press one and the doctor. Okay, Perfect. Now, this is the animation I have in my stroke circle. This object is smaller, and it will be easier to put over my videos. This is exactly the way how you can make those simple X and graphics using circles. Remember that we only used to things. We used the size and we used the scale so used a circle with a stroke, and we then made the stroke go from big to small and go to size from small to big. So this created a really nice animation like that. Let us preview the final example. Boom. If you still want to add a little bit off depth into the design. You can always go into a circle goto effect on presets and select drop shadow. You can double click on drop shadow to add the shadow here. Now, it might be not visible because this is a black background and we can make a bigger distance stronger or lower opacity and another color. So you can see you can create a second circle very quickly. But this all depends on what style you want to achieve. In my opinion, this looks really crisp and good if you have this shadow. But remember that this car, this shadow, will cover this one, and this shadow would cover this one. So it really depends what kind of style you want to achieve. In my opinion, this one shadow is enough for this animation because is a really fast and crisp animation. But I lived it up to you. Boom! All right, this is it for this lesson. I want to see now how you create those circles, and I'll see you soon. 4. Outro: thank you so much for participating. If you want, you can share your product within the class. And I would also like to hear your feedback if you like those short classes or if you would prefer if I record longer classes because normally my classes were a bit longer. Maybe there were a bit harder to consume. I wanted to create something, especially for sculpture. So you open the class. You can go through it at once because this is only two short lessons and you complete the project and you're finished with the class and happy about the result. So I really hope you did like this and I'll release other parts and each part. I'll address a different information and different X and graphic for you to create. I sincerely hope that you did like this class and if you did, please leave me. It comes up. This will really help me as a designer here on the platform, and other students will see if the class this words taking and the time watching Thanks once again for participating and see you in the next one