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Sports Writing 203 | How to create a portfolio?

teacher avatar Nikki Parsons, Digital Marketing Manager

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to write an "about me"

    • 3. Which articles to include?

    • 4. Putting it all together

    • 5. Drafting a cover letter

    • 6. Next steps

    • 7. Bonus interview: Adam Storer, Sports SEO Editor at the Sun

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About This Class

If you love sports and are looking to get paid for your passion, this course is for you!

Nikki is an Editor and Senior Sports Writer at La Liga News UK and freelance sports writer for It's Round & It's White. She'll teach you about how to create your sports writing portfolio.

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to write an About Me section
  • How to choose sample articles to include
  • How to put it all together
    • Walkthrough setting up a portfolio on Medium

All resources mentioned in the lecture can be found at the bottom of the project page.

This is the eighth course in the series on "How to become a sports writer".

The series is for people who are looking to get into sports writing, whether you are passionate about sports and want to get paid for your passion as a full-time career or as part of your freelance side hustle.

Before taking this course, you should have taken all the intro-level sports writing courses, as well as the other intermediate level courses Sports Writing 201 and 202.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikki Parsons

Digital Marketing Manager


A digital marketer living in Basel, learning about the latest trends in marketing and project management.

I learned on-the-go when launching my own mobile app startup in Barcelona, following that with a role in the healthcare industry working for GC Aesthetics as their Digital marketing manager and now I work at Bachem as the Director of Digital & Event Marketing.

I've come to love both the strategic and executional side of digital marketing, there are always opportunities to keep learning which gets me excited about the future possibilities!


What can you expect from this channel?

As I come from a startup/freelance background, I developed a habit of working to constantly upskill myself and my team, which is why in my ski... See full profile

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1. Introduction: all of this riding experience that we've been working on over the past few weeks is about to pay off. It's time to show off our articles on the experience gained to take our sports writing game to the next level. If we're really serious about finding a job in sports writing, then we'll need to create a portfolio. A writing portfolio is a collection of writing intended to demonstrate a writer's ability and act as back up for their qualifications on experience. It's time to prove that even in this short time you've really become a sports writer, you have the skills that knowledge on the experience required to start working as a freelance sports writer at a large publication. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to own a fancy website toe Wow Viewers of your portfolio. There are a lot of free websites out there that can help you to present yourself, but we can quickly and easily create a beautiful post on medium to showcase your talent. All we really need is toe have on about Lee description with samples of your writing that showcase your experience and linked to your contact information will pin this article to the top of your medium profile, but also be emailing the article as our portfolio to potential clients along with a cover letter. This cover letter will have a standard structure, but the content needs to be unique for the position on the company you're applying for. To sum up the process of creating a standout portfolio has three key components to put together the about me description carefully chosen article samples on the cover letter. We'll break down these key components in the next lessons so that by the end of this section you have your portfolio set up and ready to go. 2. How to write an "about me": even after writing articles on much more complex subjects. Something writers always struggle with is how to write a good about me peace. They don't know how to get started or what to say. Realistically, you just need to answer four questions in your about me section. Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? And why should the client hire you? What is your USP your unique selling proposition? Remember, this is not a lengthy description of everything you've done since the day you were born. It needs to be to the point focusing on your main achievements on where you are today. It's not a resume. It's your work. If they wanted a full list of your employment history, they could request your CV or look at your linked in. Just think about how you would introduce yourself to someone who's asked what you do and go from there. The first line should be your one sentence summary. It's the first line of your about Lee. So try and hook the reader in with your key information. Definitely include your name and optionally include where you're based or what you write about. For example, I'm Nicky Ah Freeland, sports writer based in Barcelona, focusing primarily on La Liga and taking full advantage of my proximity to camp. No, it's pretty clear who I am, where I'm located and what I enjoy writing about. I try to have a little bit of my personality shine through. Even in this first sentence, a potential client can already decide if the rest of this portfolio is worth reading. You can include two or three more sentences to elaborate on the topics or style of writing . You have your credentials or why you chose to get into the world of sports writing. This helps the reader understand your motivations and see if you're the right fit for their expectations. The key to closing this section is your USP, your unique selling proposition or your unique selling point. This about me section is not really about you at all. It's about the client that you're trying to sell to what would make them want to buy from you. What makes you different from the hundreds of other aspiring writers you already have one clear USP over normal freelance writers, and that's that your specialized in sports writing in particular you have credentials needed for a specific niche of the market to try and think of your other U S. P's ask yourself these questions. Do you have experience with a specific type of client? For example, online blogger or a print newspaper? Do you provide any extras like travel availability that other writers cannot provide and is the quality of your work? So your skill set? Is it better than competitors? Is better than other writers out there. After outlining what your USP is, you'll need to include a CT a. A call to action. What do you want a potential client to do after reading this portfolio? Most likely, you want them to send you an email or give you a call about a potential writing gig, so make sure to let them know what they should do next. Now they've read your portfolio. Remember to provide your contact information or social media links at the bottom off the portfolio so they can do for the research if they want or reach out in a different way to get in touch. Now we understand the key components that need to be included in this about me section, but one about the style and tone for the peace this section needs. Toe. Have a conversational tone, right? The pieces if you're speaking to someone in front of you, if you're someone who jokes around, then feel free to include that type of tone. It's often very difficult to get a sense of who someone is from a piece of writing. You miss out on the way they talk, their body language, their gestures. So bear that in mind. Although you may re read the piece and hear your own voice in your mind. Would a stranger here that same voice would they really get a sense of who you are? Visuals are a powerful way to show who you are, and this can be as simple as a standard head shot. Or you could throw in additional photos or videos to show more character. It might be nice to throw in a shot of you working on the computer or attending a local sports match. You can decide if you want to include these types of images. It makes the peace less formal, but it might transmit mawr than riding alone can. One thing is certain. You need at least one clear, high rez photo of yourself at the top of this page. It's the first thing any potential client will want to see. Last but not least, how long should the about me? Section B. There are no clear guidelines on this, but it needs to be concise. If you waffle on, it can say a lot about you and your writing on you can just wave potential clients. Good bye. A good rule of thumb is toe have 3 to 4 short paragraphs. Short, sweet and to the point. If they want to know more, they'll reach out to you according to your call of action in the Resource is of this lesson . Ah, Lincoln. A couple examples of good portfolio pages, as well as a little worksheet outlining what we've discussed today but ultimately writing in about me. Peace can be hard just because you're used to writing entertaining sports articles, and this is a very different type of writing. It can be hard to switch that mindset because you're selling to someone. It's not an entertaining piece, it's a sales pitch, and the next lesson will talk about how to select specific articles to showcase in your portfolio. 3. Which articles to include?: How do you decide one articles to include in your portfolio? Well, you'll want to showcase your range and ability. You should also consider which articles of being published externally, this condemning straight your experience on the trust that other people already haven't you . Also, if you have any articles that you know, the statistics are really good. So you know it got a lot of views. Then I recommend highlighting those ones. It's a great talking point as well. To hopefully bring up in any interview, I would suggest taking one match. Report one feature piece on one interview piece. Take the best ones in your arsenal, taking into account these factors on link them to the portfolio article. After pasting them into the article, you can write a short description above the article describing why you've chosen this article as a sample of your work. Immediately, a potential client can see the value you provide on again that another source has trusted you with an important topic. If you've bean regularly contributing to a smaller publication, reach out to them and ask if they can provide you the Google analytics for any of your articles so that you can honestly highlight which articles have got the most traction. It's important to stress the reason behind why you've chosen your sample articles. Simply offering a bullet point with links to all your past articles isn't really that much value. Obviously, an editor can click around and see, but they want the highlights. They want to see the solutions you can bring, and they just want a little taste of who you are as a writer, with these articles selected, separate this section from the about me text with little subheading, maybe a short introductory sentence, just explaining these examples of your work to show your experience and versatility. 4. Putting it all together: There are a lot of different sites you can use to create your own portfolio. You can use a journal specific resource like journal portfolio dot com. Create your own website using a site like Wicks or WordPress, or just create a simple landing page on any bloke. It doesn't really need to be super complicated. So as you're just starting out, I would recommend to go this simple route and later down the line. If you want to buy your own domain or have a really stand out design, you can always go that route. But a portfolio doesn't have to be so crazy, really. Just a simple page will do the trick. So in today's example, I'm gonna show you how to make a simple portfolio using medium. And this is one of my favorite blood platforms. Some of the reasons I like it is that it's easy to use. It's free, and you can put articles behind the paywall to monetize your content. We're not gonna do that in this example, obviously, but it's good to know for other articles. If you want to follow along and you don't know how to set up or use medium Ah, Lincoln's re sources into the class, but you're free to use whatever platform you prefer. Let's walk through now how to use medium to create your sports writing profile as you have all the different elements, like the about me article samples, etcetera. Ready to go, this process is going to be relatively straightforward. It's just a case of putting everything together in my account of sports writing. I've published three example articles as you can see the interview article around and feature piece around a match report, and this is just that I can link them when we're putting our portfolio together. It's purely for example, is you can see it's just a title around an image and blah blah blah is the text, and I've already gone ahead and opened all three of these articles after publication in separate Tabs of Chrome. And that's just cause we're gonna be copying and pasting the Urals into our portfolio article. So first I will open up a new story, and then I would add in here in the title my name on whatever position that I want to associate myself with. So maybe sports writer, maybe freelance sports writer the next step would be to add in a photo. And I suggest, rather than dragging and dropping your standard head show, just customize this space a little bit so it can look really professional and fill in the full width of this article. And you can use a free software like Canada, which we talked about in one of the previous skill share classes. Just to go ahead and really make something custom here doesn't have to be the world's best design, but something that really fills the space. So I'm just gonna right in here profile photo next you'd have in here your about me section . So remember that includes your hook, other things like your motivations, your U. S. P etcetera. Next, we're gonna highlight some of our sample articles, so I'll just go ahead and put some tanks like examples of my work. And now what I'll do is I'll just copy and paste the girls of the different articles. So for me on medium, I have the other articles here you can be publishing whatever links you want on the here. It's gonna show up nicely. So if I copy from one of my example articles, paste and hit enter and they're showing up. So I'll just do that with the other two really quickly. Now you can spruce up this section by using the formatting options the medium offers. So, for example, I could highlight this text of examples of my work and add it as different levels off headings, so that would make it really stand out. I could also write a little 1 to 2 sentence interim to this section on, and then also after each each piece. I can make a little explanation as to why I have included it. So I think we talked about this in the previous class, such as I wrote this interview with XXX on It was published and now they can use UK and received 25,000 views, etcetera, etcetera, right, something like that. Just to kind of explain your felt processes toe why you have included it. I think that that will make this this section much more powerful. Many times I've received portfolios from people who have just kind of copied and pasted random links. It doesn't really tell me anything, so make sure to explain a little bit the logic of why you've included thes pieces, why you consider them to be some of your best ones. And finally, you want to end the peace with your call to action and your contact details so you could say something like currently available for freelance work. Please send me an email at xxx at example dot com I'm putting a cult Action is important, but it's also important to keep it simple to give the reader one clear action to take. You could say something simple like Give me a cold, get a quote or send me an email. But don't do all three because it can create in action on the reader's part. Just offer one clear action to take after reading this portfolio, and make sure to include your contact details, at least an email address. And if you're not comfortable having your regular email available so publicly that make yourself on alternative Gmail address. So, for example, in Woman and I guarantee you it could set up a a run of email address like Nikki Sports writing at gmail dot com. No problem. Whatever name is available on Gmail, and I could set that up to forward to my regular email. So in terms of taking care of this account, it would be no problem because it would all be forwarded to the same place. But my riel regular emails a bit protected from from spam. And with that, it's really ready for publications portfolio. It was very, very easy as we talked about You just need your title, your profile photo. You're about me, some samples, all of your work, Cole traction and your contact details. So it's not rocket science to put together a portfolio. It's much more important to have one and go improving and updating it as you go along coming up next, we're gonna take a look at writing cover letters so that you can start getting this portfolio out. Toe Editors. 5. Drafting a cover letter: preparing a cover letter is the last piece off the freelance sports writing puzzle. If you're applying for something through a jobs platform, like through Lincoln, then you'll attach your cover letter as a PdF document along with your application, and I say pdf just to avoid any potential formatting issues that might come about. If you say that as a word document, if you're applying directly to a contact, then your cover letter will essentially be just this email communication that you have with them. It's pretty rare that you send a short email and then have to attach a cover letter as well . These two things kind of merge into one. In that case, creating cover letters can be time consuming as a low will attempt to create this standardized structure. Each cover letter that you send typically has to be personalized, both with the content on with styling to match that unique job that you're applying Teoh form letters, lock originality and as a freelance sportswriter, you actually being hired based on your writing ability on your creativity. So a cover letter matters more to a freelance writer than it does for other professions. In this lesson, will look at some chips as to know just what to include in your cover letter, but how to make it stand out. The key objective off the cover letter is to get an interview to get your foot in the door so you need to pique their interest enough that you have a chance to sell yourself. The key info for any cover letter is to state the job you're applying for to describe how your skills and experience are a good fit on to include a call to action and your contact details similar to our about me section. We want to get to the point on. We want to ensure that they will read the entire message. If you've ever opened a long, rambling email from someone you didn't know and immediately clicked delete, you'll understand why brevity is so important. I've attached to short pre made templates to give you an idea of how to format this information in a cover letter when you reach out to publishers, whether you know they're hiring or not. But these examples are very formal, so you need to adapt them for the company you're applying to so that you match their requirements, and you seem like the perfect fit. Play with the tone of the letter, making it more formal for traditional newspapers or more upbeat for a blawg with a younger target audience show that if they hire you, your voice will resonate with their readers. In order to strike the correct tone, you may need to read several articles on their website to get a feel for what the editors air looking for. Researching their site can also provide insight into the technique their current writers display Is there writing? Very descriptive doesn't evoke more or less emotion than your typical article. Finally, in terms of content, you want to show that the type of content they need you can write and you can write Well, perhaps they have some interviews on their site, and they're all from a literal perspective. Well, if you have one from ah hybrid perspective in your portfolio, maybe you should change out the sample selection to show you right in a way they like. What type of headlines do they prefer? Can you change up some of the articles in your portfolio to match this preference? What's their ideal article length are most of their features over 1000 words while yours or just a little over 500. Maybe you can rewrite an article to adapt it to the type of content they're looking for. So our goal is to create a standard cover letter or maybe several different versions of this standard and go adapting it on adopting the portfolio if needed for every job we're applying to. And that's really all there is to a cover letter. It's actually easier than writing an about me section, but obviously what makes it so frustrating is it's very time consuming process. And it's also very frustrating because you do spend so much time to receive in response often a lot of silence with the cover letter finished. The only other thing that we need to prepare in advance for the hiring process ease your resume, your CV and writing a resume for sports writing is really the same. Is writing a resume for any other job. You might be applying to the only small differences if you want to include the name of one of your popular articles or one of the publishers that you've been writing for for a long time. So to help you with this process, I'm not gonna talk so much in detail in this section about it because it is so uniform across industries, a Lincoln, some interesting articles, and the resource is of this lesson to help you out with that. And there's also a lot of free templates out there that can help you in terms of designing your resume. But if you ever want any advice personalized to you, if you have your resume or your cover letter and you'd like to just have me have a read through it, I'd be happy to do that. Just read, Joe. 6. Next steps: great work. This section was a piece of cake in comparison to some of the last few. Your portfolio is set up and ready to send out potential clients to begin bringing business your weight. We also created your standard cover letter. So with just a bit of personalization on your part, you have that ready to send out as well. I would recommend spending some time now. Teoh either create or update your resume so that you have that ready to go. Because in the next section we're gonna talk about how to get paid for your sports writing , so you need your resume ready to begin the outreach. The final few lessons of this course are on the horizon, so it's time to talk money. How can you make the jump from the little leagues, the little publishers to the big leagues? And how much can you get paid for your work and how to negotiate? We'll talk about this in the next section 7. Bonus interview: Adam Storer, Sports SEO Editor at the Sun: Thank you so much for joining us, Adam. My pleasure. So tell us a little bit about who you are, What you do for a living. Call this jobs? I'm a poster. Missed. I worked for the sun at a forms CEO editor. I usually got that Rome in less months or say it was originally a freelancer. And then before that, I was a university. So, do you have any advice for all the students in this course about how to build a journalism portfolio? Well, in building a holiday is so you start your own blood or you need toe get on toe young. A website, even if it is unpaid, is that way. You build up your building up your arse, lose. Yeah, You show him that you are publishing for even even even for yourself. You couldn't take that Teoh any editor of any newspaper website on and they had no easy. You got to show so you that you are You are working on the industry. Not just yeah. Just said a hunter. Nothing. So maybe in that context could you tell us a bit about your journey of how you went because you studied journalism, most sports journalism. And then So you basically how you started out writing. Maybe you write for small publications and worked without, um uh mine was my my jammy toe Get Why I'm now is quite a long one, to be honest, but, um, short version. Uh, well, someone is the university. I try to get some more experience. Uh uh. You problem websites I get Cem. It is, um So what? My work published. They know that I'm running for a couple of unpaid websites, so But we'll work out a bit more. Couple of I worked for was touch and talk, and more recently, legal news UK. It was just helping Meteo so more shade that I can do various, not just so reporting on news, but also report you match port as previous features. Even into our food, there were always handy to have a mixture. So which what would you never see? There you go. To what degree do you have? I did a swift Jonathan three at 17. So university in die in Hampshire, England. So maybe that's a unique experience that not many other people that I talk to have because many other people just go straight into it and they don't do that. The greed. Do you feel like having the university opened you up to more opportunities? Or do you feel like it was actually this other stuff working for the small, limpid publications and then working without that kind of this work did it for you? I'm just curious as to that dynamic. Well, everyone has different ways of getting into the so my way was going to university. And from that you whilst I learned a lot of university, I still had Teoh off my own back. Get my experience, get my foot in the door. I talked to people. Get get contacts, Onda eventually ot you get my job. I I mean now. But I've known people that have taken Sof a grip. So yeah, she months intensive course into journalism. And then Maisto worked their way into the industry that way. Other serve who come from other other person. Tease on, then. Yeah, somehow their own way going into the industry into journalism. So it is not just, you know, yes, University helps me, but at the same time, I still have Teoh part teeth amount to get get contacts that I wanted getting chance. I wanted it was all off my own back rather than yeah, when university expect this. Okay, that's interesting. And maybe if we go to more of the specifics of making a portfolio, do you have a formal portfolio? Do you have a website with links to your articles Are or do you just straight up send people emails with links to some of your previous articles when you're kind of giving samples this kind of thing? Yeah, I e I can just find my best ones, but over and over the years, Yeah. Trying maker get variety. So I'm not just sending news. I'm sending my features much foot into pieces, people that actually in a feud on obviously news as well. But I don't have absorbed website myself. Um, I extend her way. I work is no money for some of those are from no matter where I worked, Permanente might lead him or have leaked interior in TV. Just so they've got variety. They can see that I have worked that you shows you have work to these places you have. Some of these are close and sure shows a so Russian as well. His Some people might look so my oldest one from years and years ago. Okay? He did them. They're right. Then you see my read more recent ones. And you changed the question of how well I've done over over years. How better? Myself. Okay, so tips for choosing samples would be choose a variety of publications that you've worked for that shows the experience shoes, a variety of pipes, of articles, much reports, interviews said the stuff Andi also you. It's just include one from like old days and one from recent to show progression. Yes, let me see that After include lights off about 5 to 10. But he is always Yes, I'm minister who just looking very well. Im time to leave this, that you get a few just but not so show that you have worked there on you. It just shows that you home have worked to the faces rather than just writing on your CV going. Oh, yeah. What year? Ok, you show me seven evidence you have. Yeah, it's not so much so yeah, I just worked here. You know what? Here. Here, CASS. Best nice, but show me evidence you have shown me that you have actually being there works there done than these parts of our food system. What you say? Well, you're saying in your but it's your TV or is so we're not need to. So you think that this is one of the things that can help in application? I guess. Stand out from the crowd. Yeah, it's something to see. Yeah. Having a list of places where you're about to hear more problem on war were respected the education office even more. You know, the better this guy look, but at the same time is longer has shown that you have worked. There you have. You got proof of how well you are doing is you'll get editors. There were three days and okay, look, he's Yeah, that's yet that we as well Yeah, he's someone I could bring in. I won't have toe trained myself. I, you know, have toe Willian. Pray for him. I do get about two standard. It's required. Um, I'm just Yeah, lo tweak here now and get to get so other than samples. Usually when we're applying for jobs, you have to write some kind of a cover letter. Nowadays, it's more of a longer email than a formal cover letter. But you have any tips for for in writing that email or cover letter? How to, you know, be top of mind in a potential job? Uh, the key thing that I've I mean, I've appointment probably hundreds in the last she is. But key thing is, always leave the job application. Yes, the job application will state what they are looking for. And this goes, so goes for your CV. Always tell you see the to the job. So you if it's saying that we cover football in a way, cover just football, there's no point your CV covered at a set and useful you do not be quick. It go tennis. Whatever his logo, you know, be bothered by that. They wouldn't know about your ex unity book. Say you cover letter is sort them. You're staple your assurance in your TV, but your government needs to go bit more and looking more in debt. Cohen wanted to areas Andi or T using the job specification, so pick out. So if it says we need someone that's given, so should be their show you say? How? How you help? Say a site in so should be an improvement. Social media. What were you here when you're in accounts? If the job stratification says we need someone who's really in tow Football? Yeah. Say, I worked for this website I covered for you family of wolves. Severely girl La Liga. These only obviously Tony divisions. So then we'll see. Color also needs to be personal. So you got a You see, we would stay over here, wax rooms that you need to say who you are as a person. So you your heart working, Are you? Yeah, you are. You're control in your job. Are you G critic? Eight with with the people? Well, yeah. You weren't in team, That's what That's no sort things. He's so picking people. Saudi CV expanded on them. Look at the job specifications. See what is what they want. Company want chip Put in that into a couple er and own a section on what? You are yours, person No. One of the great tips for sure is one of the annoying things about cover letters is that that's why it takes along. Apply to jobs If you're doing it effectively because you do have to customize, um, at least cover letters. And sometimes, like you say, CVS, even you have the pick and choose what you include. Eso on this knee. Bon TV, one general TV off his Yeah, it is reach, like, probably hundreds of time. They have a don't talk vacancy. You need to be his tailor to the company. I was just finally been Or daily mail, for example. Every. And do you have any other advice when it comes to, um, applying for jobs to make yourself stand out from the crowd or this type of thing? One thing I've learned is make sure you go quality overcompensated with which job you prideful. So you if you stop crying Teoh se right five a week, then they're all guys there. Will got Sam the same. There were just Yeah, is And they're not gonna Yeah, and it isn't see from and just like, a huge surprise party for, say, sky sports. When you wanna wear it daily mirror books out and say, Yeah, pick and cheese. What do you do on But in terms of Yeah, what? You know, jobs. Looking for the jobs is Just keep an eye on. You will keep an eye on all these different on this Both job websites Specially tailored Teoh journalism You have to find online. And can you write down any of those websites? Incidents? Media beans on Twitter is a brilliant wonderfully, always place leads, especially your interest journalism on no one is go Kona us d o k a They they put in about two minutes their base in London. And you lovely people there. Yeah, they do post Or not only will they can help you. You need it. No, that's great. Do you have maybe any last comments or advice in general, for students of sports writing that you might just want to share is a kind of the last thought. Yeah, and well, Milly, if you if you wanted to get into sports writing Well, not one main thing people forget is journalism. His communication. So you gotta be willing to communicate people. You can't just Yes, He's great that you write in Brian website. Your Oh, yeah. You're cancer free. Um, crime jobs. People say Yeah, these jobs hired that you do the hiring managers or that company that company. Find out who some of the units see if you can get contact with another will know in on your back crossroads from years. It is, Yes, but you will get one or two that will get back to you just even if you're asking for advice . So Askinfor freelance work for any work experience? A lot of them, they were like, Yeah, sure. Come in. If you come in for a few days, we'll see what? You're right. So you get your going around So you go. Oh, yeah, but it works minutes here. Okay, great. We'll have you come do it. Works. Get here. And then eventually you build up, not experience that you'll be out. Teoh. So you know. Yeah, cheek at Procter. Proper job? Not just that, but you meet the contacts. If you're doing all of this different work experience, I think that's a big part of this career. A swell is just who you meet, who you stay in touch with. Yeah, I mean right, Twitter. You know, you can always find all the journalists under that. Oh, yeah. Come finally going city to message me. Some of that will help there. They're probably messages open so you can use in contact them. So you'll look, Tim. Yeah, connect with people and her message in when you dio Yeah, a lot that might get back to keep you. You know, you might get one or two that will. We were crying, and one thing led to another. And you hear your weapon spared freelance, or you have a full time job. Say yes. You're watching is great. All right. Private jobs, Yes, but also fine. You speak to people Speak Teoh. People in the industry, even just for advice. This more more than likely that we will. Every will help. Well, perfect on that note. Thank you very much for being with us today. Um, And for the students, I'll surely link Adams that Twitter handle. Just in case you have any other questions for him, you can feel free to follow and get in touch. OK, so thank you. Bye.