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Sports Writing 105 | Social media & Digital reputation

teacher avatar Nikki Parsons, Digital Marketing Manager

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. The 80/20 rule

    • 4. How to create a network on Twitter?

    • 5. Expert interview: Gerry Johnston, Contributing Writer @ It's Round & It's White

    • 6. Your professional profile

    • 7. Optimize your LinkedIn account

    • 8. How to rank your profile in LinkedIn search?

    • 9. Using social media to find work

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

If you love sports and are looking to get paid for your passion, this course is for you!

Nikki is an Editor and Senior Sports Writer at La Liga News UK and freelance sports writer for It's Round & It's White. She'll teach you about the importance of using social media to improve your digital reputation as a sports writer.

In this class you'll learn:

  • the 80/20 rule
  • how to create a network on Twitter
  • how to create a professional profile on LinkedIn
  • how to optimize your LinkedIn profile as a sports writer
  • how to get ranking in the LinkedIn search
  • how to use LinkedIn to find sports writing opportunities

Plus, we have a bonus lecture with Gerry Johnston, Contributing Writer at It's Round & It's White to discuss how Twitter has impacted him and his writing, as well as his advice for budding sports writers.

For any follow-up questions for Gerry, you can reach out to him on Twitter.

This is the fifth course in the series on "How to become a sports writer".

The series is for people who are looking to get into sports writing, whether you are passionate about sports and want to get paid for your passion as a full-time career or as part of your freelance side hustle.

Before taking this course, I recommend you have taken Sports Writing 102 and 103, which will enable you to already link some sports articles to your social media.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikki Parsons

Digital Marketing Manager


A digital marketer living in Basel, learning about the latest trends in marketing and project management.

I learned on-the-go when launching my own mobile app startup in Barcelona, following that with a role in the healthcare industry working for GC Aesthetics as their Digital marketing manager and now I work at Bachem as the Director of Digital & Event Marketing.

I've come to love both the strategic and executional side of digital marketing, there are always opportunities to keep learning which gets me excited about the future possibilities!


What can you expect from this channel?

As I come from a startup/freelance background, I developed a habit of working to constantly upskill myself and my team, which is why in my ski... See full profile

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1. Introduction: sports writing is only half the battle in this profession. You also need to have a good digital profile on understand how to sell yourself, whether as a freelancer or as a full time employee. In this section, we're gonna talk about the two main social media channels that you need to use on the active in. If you're not already, and that is Twitter and Lincoln. Now, why don't I recommend Facebook and Instagram? Well, if you have these two, that's great. But we used Twitter because it's widely used by journalists on media publishers on it could become a great source off potential leads to sell your writing. To interact with potential employers, you need to grow a presence here we use linked in because it showcases the professional profile. It doesn't need to be maintained as often as Twitter, but an editor might well check you out before giving you a writing gig. Instagram is much more useful if you are a sports photographer, though Facebook could also be beneficial for you if you set up a fund page. However, I'm personally not a huge fan of Facebook, considering organic reach is declining at the moment and Nowadays, you really only achieve growth. If you pay for me, it doesn't seem worth it. But if you have a lot of people in your network on Facebook, then go for it because it could work for you or for your region. There are still many regions of the world where Facebook is the predominant social media channel. So what are we gonna learn in this class? We will discuss the 80 20 content strategy, a great ratio to aim for when posting social media content. We'll talk about how to create a network on Twitter will interview Jerry Johnston, a contributing writer at its round. Then it's white on his experiences on Twitter, how it's impacted his writing career on his tips for budding sports writers. We'll talk about your professional profile on LinkedIn, and you'll even get access to our private linked in group, where we share writing opportunities and articles. We want feedback on. I'll walk you through how to optimize your linked in profile to showcase your sports writing ability and how to get ranking in the linked in search. Finally, we'll learn how easy it is to use social media to find writing opportunities on. The prerequisites for this class is really just a have an understanding of basic English spelling and grammar. Please also be aware that this is the fifth course in the how to become a sports writer. Skill share. Siri's this particular one you can take out of order. But if you have done some of the past ones, written a match report or written a feature, which you'll be able to link in your social media when we're optimizing those profiles, it will be perfect. So that's just a recommendation to have taken sports writing 102 in one of three. But it's not a requirement. And last but not least, who am I? Well, my name is Nicky Parsons. I'm a freelance sports writer based in Barcelona, and I'll be your instructor for this course, all about social media and digital reputation. So my background in sports I'm a pundit on the local TV chat show here in Barcelona, the week in football, where we talk about our local teams, which means Barcelona, Gerona on Espanol. I also participate on the 19 in football vlogs on YouTube. We have over 70,000 subscribers, and basically we do little flogs from inside the stadium s. So you get a fan's point of view off the match, which is really fun. And, of course, any excuse to go to Camp no is definitely up my street. But of course I have a very strong background in sports writing. I'm the editor and senior sports writer at Lonegan News UK. I also contribute, as a freelance writes it to its round, and it's whites and other sports things. On top of this is I have a mobile app here in Barcelona, where we help people find a bar to watch football. So are you ready to get social? Let's dive in. 2. Your project: your project in this class is simply to share your new or updated sports writing social media account. So this could be your Twitter or your linked in account? Yes, maybe you have a personal instagram or a personal Facebook or whatever, but this is gonna be the profile that you optimize during this class to really be your sports writing profile. So the deliverable is to share the social media account in your gallery and include a your L to the social media account a screenshot off the section off the account that you want to change a brief description off. What you're gonna improve, Why you're doing these changes and then a screenshot off that section after you've applied the changes. 3. The 80/20 rule: you've probably already heard about the 80 20 rule. There is the parade of principle in business that states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. But there is also the 80 20 rule in social media. The latter relates to your content strategy and involves focusing 80% on posts that drive engagement and then 20% on direct offers. For a sports writer on Twitter, that translates to posting 80% of your content on interests in your life, like sports etcetera and 20% of the time sharing a recent article. This will encourage more people to follow you as they get something different from following you. On social media. They get insight into you as a person, and that means that they can connect with you and your writing on a much more personal level. And your Twitter account shouldn't just be a stream of your recent articles. You need to mix it up. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your life with the world. That's perfectly fine. In that case, I suggest doing something simple, like Retweeting, some sports news content. Actually, what will be best is if you create a twitter list of some of these sports news accounts or publishers that you know and trust, And any time you see some kind of article that is interesting to you personally, just go ahead and retweet that now if you don't know how to create and use Twitter lists, all link in an article to the resource is of this lesson so that you can check it out. Your Twitter is now an extension of your brand, so make sure that your tweets are grammatically correct representative of you and your original thoughts. Tweets could be plagiarized to. Don't do that on. Be mindful of offending people. Twitter can be, ah, somewhat negative space. So just assume that your grandmother is gonna read all of your tweets. Steer clear of sex, politics and religion. Now, if these were huge parts of your life, I'm not here to judge. Feel free to post on whatever you like, But just remember that the purpose of having this Twitter account is to become a pipeline for potential writing opportunities. As an editor might review your Twitter profile, just make sure it's presentable. What about growth hacking tools? You might ask Well, I'm a huge fan of Twitter growth hacking tools, and I actually used them myself in the past. But when it comes to writing and your Brende, you really have to be careful. I have since stopped using these automation tools when I became a writer, because it became much more conscious about what I liked and what I posted on Twitter. But perhaps when you're starting out and you're looking to get kind of these first couple 100 followers, it might be something you choose to pursue. So just in case I will link in, an article to the resource is of this lecture with some easy growth hacking tools that you can connect to your Twitter account. Now, in the next lecture, we're gonna take a look at how to use Twitter to create a network. 4. How to create a network on Twitter?: after setting up our Twitter and using this first week just to make sure we've got plenty of fresh content there in the feed, it's time to take a look at creating a network on Twitter on Begin activating our Pipeline . So, first off, follow some of the key publisher influencers who write articles on sports that you're interested in and begin liking and commenting on some of their stories. Do this consistently over the next couple of weeks so that their social media manager or their writer editor can get to know you. It's important to do this consistently over the next few weeks because most of these publications that are classified as influencers will just have a lot of followers on a lot of engagement on their Twitter. A lot of likes and comments. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and really get noticed as someone who is there on the pulse of things, you need to do this consistently for the first few weeks also follows some of the people who write for your dream publication. So if you like and comment on some of their stories, but more importantly, d m them direct message them. This will really help you to stand out. For example. Hey, Nicki loved your article on how to become a sports writer. Your tip on creating a network with Twitter is already working wonders for me. Thanks. This message works well because used their name explained how you came across them, and it is clear you actually read their article. With so many boats around at the moment, that is much more valuable than simply liking their tweet about their article. It's clear you're a real person behind the Twitter account. This type of direct message personalization should be done a maximum of one time per week to a specific account. And that's because you will really stand out by doing this technique. D M's and comments even are not used to their full potential. And Twitter simply liking and retweeting content can be done by bots, while comments really can be done by bots. But personalized comments cannot. So this is how you create a real network on Twitter with riel people. After a few weeks of being connected with one of these writers on Twitter and really engaging with them for these two weeks, you could reach out to them and ask if they have any openings at that publication. Or you could even send them a link to one of your articles and ask for some feedback. As you're just starting out, you never know. They might follow you back and share your content to who knows? But be humble. They might not follow you back. They might not respond to your messages, and that's perfectly fine, too. But if you want to try and create a real network on Twitter, you need to engage with the community. At this stage, you don't need people to like and retweet your articles, but you do need feedback and advice that's much more important as you begin to grow your profile on your brand. For the rest of this course, try and focus on creating this network in Twitter. It's my hope that by the end of this course, you have a budding Twitter account with a small following. So if you need to set yourself a reminder in your calendar to go on Twitter and update things for 10 minutes a day, or if you need to use one of these free scheduling programs like hoot suite or buffer, Go for it. It's really important, and not just because in the next few sections we're going to start talking about what it takes to get published, So having a decent Twitter following will really help in this process. 5. Expert interview: Gerry Johnston, Contributing Writer @ It's Round & It's White: All right, Gary, thanks so much for joining us. Oh, you just tell us a bit about who you are and what you're currently doing. I am Jerry Johnson, 33 years old, 11 errand, um, work and that are there. And civil service. And also do the right thing. You know, I am. From what I have been doing it since 2012. Mostly, mostly football of also on a bad Obama fail. I'm snooker Bloxham on the job in having sex in the sex event you have been dealing for Onda se will join us on. Uh, that's a good experience on that. Encourage people, they. So do you write for publications through your own bloke? What people do you write for? Um, a few different ones I wanna say Terry for is, uh, trying. That's way too. It's basically like football pain, like just Wevers in the news of the minute. Um, I also have my own blog's. I have one where I'm trying to start. It's basically a magazine idea where I'm gonna be doing publishing on symbols. Onda love on them where it's just basically like a platform for everyone, right? And we're trying to get as many people looks for people. Length of people will be looking at this course, you know, like somewhere for them to go on. And what was so the more people will share share the work here, the more people are seeing it in Regina school. So why? Because you're very active on Twitter. So why do you use Twitter Is a popular social media Give me to meet Where is the best form I'm social media for? But what I want from, um, I use it a few different ways. There's there's like the way to use it is to get the news thing, Officer, if you're someone like myself, is an interesting a lot of different football on the if it's if it's English premier that you know that be the BBC Sky sports stuff got so it's great for it, but on alert, this is, you know, like I am tickle spot me show like Italian football like German foot one like I like all over the best of what we need. His basically a plastic Calera lot seem information, So if you use your toe our way and you have a tail up with your fall in the rate places you can just go on and have a quick scan rather than golden visit my big checks that from 12 states there to get the only yesterday hasn't been kept up with, You know what? What's happening? Okay, so you use it more as a research towards when I see what's happening in your research on, uh, it's also it's a 1,000,000,000 place to make contact a lot of what I do. You, um, certain there for projects? I've had pretty much everyone that I've been in contact with, and actually, I started talking to the moments where so, yeah, it's a contact on bond, every resource there to get them up to the information. And there's sort of a plan what we're going to write and what you're gonna talk about. Perfect on. How is Twitter? Because maybe this network and also maybe the research aspect, How is it helped your writing career? No. A lot of a lot of the things able in the past are projects where one of the things I like to do is a fine for innovation they he can possibly like. I am not going to be the person that asked a party by our neighborhood. So I go and ask Empire Never cousin fun. What? What's happening? So there is a sense again network. You will go on to Ariel, find somebody who's the best person they ask a break something if you want. If you want to know. Generally there's obviously there's there's experts, journalists about their, but nobody moves afoot both over nose in, Um, what was story is better than the funds are falling and they're the people. I've got the most impressed so that also get with me at work together. Contacts, I think, is the most important thing that talk about it. Talk to the people that knew the most. Yeah, so I could get every with the rest of this. This factors, um, have you ever maybe found ah writing community or come across May cat something for work from Twitter? How much? Either you reach the someone if he if you see somebody is looking for any urge, Are you here on buying opportunities on Twitter? Or sometimes people contact me and ask me to do something? Um, the stones, wherever it said to me, Where's the figments? That's got me has helped me the most. Do you have any tips for people who might be taking this course? And maybe they haven't had a Twitter before Discourse. And they're looking for how toe sell themselves. I think that the most important thing is to be active. You know, people want people want to see on gift. If you go in the entire kind and you see that somebody hasn't been talking and her husband had anything to say, I'm weeks and monster, you know, it's not gonna be very in creating, um so follow people way somewhere and breasts. You get people that get along bones in that both will follow to football websites are due to football founds and then a faithful of them. Baikal, follow them. But maybe title. Under the people you start, you start building your networks whenever you're damn right miracles. They're more likely to share your Argos. They're more likely that because words have opinions in one you know, somehow to make say, you know, I disagree, it's works to be it on an $8 more impressed. So it's all your soul. It's all hopeful. So I didn't buy the fight basing this is really important to be active on Twitter. How How active would you say you are? Maybe. How many minutes a day are you on Twitter? More or less. I wouldn't even like the whole like that. A lot of your Maybe you need to get out. But the thanks Currently a set of an Arab like the resources like anytime you're going that normal Bragg are. If you're walking to the bus stop, you're wherever you're not just having have a look at it, see if there's any news enough and happening. And then definitely every night. I, uh I like this or like, my legs May May I kind, um and anybody basically that fought that's that's following me because of football ST are way off all of them back. But we wanna have a look and see you get current. You get a lot like bad bots. And you know, I'm not interested in having them because they're not bringing anything to you, you know, having any to be a you know, I'm really interested in there. No, no interest coming from them. So, you know, I always go on anybody that's football related. Fallen by buildings on there. You know, again, it's just more people build your network culture compacts on the alert. Okay, so the last thing maybe just do you have any advice for anyone who is a budding sports writer? Doesn't have to be related to Twitter in this case. But the last thought, maybe, um, the most important thing, in my opinion, is the berating a Z rate as much as you can when Every year you start a secret back on and you'll get some Get some people that if you know that they're gonna feedback don't will not take it. Well, um, but whenever you get the feet, take it on board and see where you can improve. What? What? What way? What are you doing wrong? Some some editors are really, really good. You know, the little tiny away, What? You what you're doing Wrong way. You're consistently making CM mistakes or you're consistently you know, you know yourself. You know, there's like so many things that from whenever you started writing, So whenever you start to get you know, you're doing a lot more. You learn so much, you know, and, uh, different things as well. One of the things that I find really good was like Guys find Gates whenever I wasn't like start whenever I was expecting. You know, there's just me things and the Maya that my days That's the second nature I got fired six years ago. I had been Teoh. Look out and you would think that so about it just looks, they even grammar. Everything's ruined the guy, first person. You know, sometimes you know certain articles, opinion, articles and stuff, that's fine. But you may be right, and I might support in your neck pay for that. That was a good challenger. Bad. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. When you go back in the year old portfolio like, what did I say? I mean, not going anywhere you say, You know, if you're making progress, if you're going by in Europe and in your C under a new thing. Being a more athletes on Europe five years it was probably a good thing because it shows how far you've come. It shows how far you've been praying, so just just basically stay active, keep right and thought, Don't let we things like I'm only if somebody says you know that's what. And for football, right? And you could There's no a single thing you can rate on pills on the Internet. Everyone's with. Maybe with it just doesn't happen. So just take a homeward look. They're brave on Duh. Do your best and enjoy it as well. All right? Well, not No, thanks very much for your tips for the students on. Duh. I'm sure I recommended the students to follow you. I'm sure I'll include your your Twitter handle somewhere in this lesson. So thank you so much that I think, you know. 6. Your professional profile: thinking back. We've created a few social profiles in this course. The final piece of the puzzle is going to be linked in now. There are other professional social media networking sites out there. For example, changes report that Jammat E or my My in China, but I'm going to talk exclusively on lengthen, as I think it's a more global social network. If you are from another region, feel free to use the principles we talked about to create a social profile on your regional social media channel. But I still suggest having a linked in. In addition, as it just opens you up to more opportunities if you don't already have a linked in account , I suggest checking out the video. Siri's linked in the resource is this. Come walking through all the steps you need to do to set up your account, and it's the official video from linked in. So it really is the most up to date that you're gonna find out there. One of the best things about having a presence on Lincoln is like we said, it opens you up to more opportunities on one of the easiest ways to find both community and opportunities is through linked in groups. So what are linked in groups? Will they provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share their insights and experiences? Ask for guidance on build valuable connections? How do you use linked in groups? Well, these are the perfect places to find all of these riding opportunities. So job postings information advice from the global community or to even share some of your top articles and get them read by other professionals for feedback. How do you join a linked in group? Well, take a look at the link in the resource is, and I just follow some that speak to you. It's really easy. There are riding groups on. There are groups around careers in certain sports or publications, in addition to the public groups you will have found on. Linked in Another Great resource is actually our own lengthen group. Called How to Become a Sports Writer. It's private and unlisted, so you won't find it by searching on Lincoln. You'll have to click the link in The resource is now. This is a closed group just for students or alumni of this course, The primary purpose is to share any potential writing gigs or jobs that we've come across. So for sure, if I come across any writing opportunity in the world of sports, I'll be short of posted in that linked in a group, and I encourage all of you to do the same. If you come across something that you maybe aren't personally gonna pursue, then make sure posted in that group. Let's create this community off. Potential job offers an unemployment Also, the other thing that this lengthen group could be used for is once a week. I'll allow us to share an article we want feedback on. 7. Optimize your LinkedIn account: it's time to optimize are linked in profile. To show our sports writing brand, Never mind if you still work for another company full time or if you don't have any experience in sports writing at minimum. You have this course on the articles you've written so far, so first sounds obvious, but do you have a high quality profile image of profile Header for your linked in page. So if you don't, I was suggest making an appointment to go get a professional head short or even going to do it yourself route. Just make sure that you have professional attire or attire that represents you and what you want to display to the world. A nice clean backdrop and don't do it in selfie mode. Make sure you ask a friend or remember Teoh, take the photo for you so that you can maximize the professional level off a do it yourself photo. In terms of Header, there's plenty off free design. Software is out there. My personal favorite is can vel, which I'm gonna link in. The resource is of this lesson on. It makes it really easy for you to design a custom linked and Heather So you just put the dimensions of what you want, and then you just go putting images or text, and you can just download in a different in the format that you want. An upload to Lincoln Some tricky stuff would lengthen headers is that the crop can be really frustrating, and that's just because it's different on Desktop and Mobile, for example, here on the desktop, you can see that my profile photo is showing up on the left, which is slightly obscuring that image off my app. Where is on the mobile version? If someone's looking on the mobile device of linked in at my profile, my profile photo will show up right in the middle of the page so the two outfitters will actually show up really nicely. So in my case, I just designed for mobile optimization. I didn't really worry too much about desktop because most people do look at Lincoln on the mobile, so inside, however you want to do it. If you want to optimize for both, that's great. I just chose the time saving wrote so in the rest of lesson, we're just gonna go through the late in purple here and We'll look at what you can tweak on your profile to help optimize your profile in terms of sports writing, even if you're actually quite experiences like that, I would suggest to go through this lesson even though it's kind of the basics, because it is always good to refresh your linked in profile. I know that my linked in profile can always be improved, and I'm sure that's the same for use. Um, regardless of how advanced or not you are, you could just use this lesson as a chance to go through a profile and update one or two things. So first I would go ahead and click the pencil here, and we're gonna update your intro in terms of your contact information, the industry you're currently working in to make sure that you show up better in the search results. So we come here. We come past my headline. My headline is at founder digital marketing consultant in sports writer, and I think it's really important to have sports writer here in the headline headline is actually you can see it underneath is gonna be one of the first things that people see about you and it really needs to be. There is one of the things that you do, so maybe you're a full time sales person or working part time on sports writing and not doing it completely or you're a freelancer and you're really just think sports writing as part of your side hustle. That's totally fine. But it does need to be here in your headline. In some part, it doesn't have to be the primary thing you do. It doesn't need to be headlined sports writer only, but it needs to be one of one of the things you do. It needs to represent what you do, because you need to make sure that what a possible recruiter looks at your profile, that they have confidence You're actually serious about sports writing. It's not that you do it as a hobby, even if that's really the case that you ordering is a hobby. But you want to see miss that you do do it professionally, all semi professionally Now, in terms off industry, I've got sports here and I suggest either putting sports or there's a category of writing and editing, which is also relevant. So if you're just doing like writing and editing work. Go ahead and think that's much more relevant for you. But if you're doing some other jobless in terms of sports, which I am, that in sports is gonna be a great category for you. And also make sure that you have your contact info here. So your email, your link to your medium blawg link to other websites You might have because many people will look at your linked in profound just to kind of get a sense of who you are, what your experience is, if you have a lot of contacts, how professional you you're showing in terms of your brandy so they might contact you actually via email by other other ways instead of just linked in direct message to make sure that people can contact you. Because the end of the day we want linked in to be some kind of a funnel for opportunities for us, right? So they need to be able to contact us to give us opportunities so excited here, the next section we're gonna go to is experience so scrolled out here past or intra pastor analytics. Okay, so here, just mainly update anything you can in terms of have you ever in for any small publication ? Are you contributing actively Any small publication? Have you ever been published anywhere? Can you put something on your experience section running to writing? If you can't, that's perfectly fine. Will seal in the purple with other things may be in the education section Instead, you could put this course so if you've never had any experience in writing or sports in general, you might want to do that because then it from the show's okay, you've done something in sports writing, even if you haven't had a proper job. Whereas if you've had some roles, maybe just put that experience. And don't worry so much about the education part continuing down, we're gonna come suit the skills on endorsement section. Now, this section you want to use really strategically because only three skills are gonna show up. Here's as the default. You're gonna have many more, you can show more, and it will show all the ones that I've placed tourism event management, other things that I've done in the past. But you can choose the order of the talk three. They're gonna show up, right? So you want that in your top three, there's some referenced either sports writing, writing or journalism because these air what you wanna do now you know skills and endorsement doesn't have to be what you've done in the past. It needs to be representative of what skills Indospring endorsements are you aiming to get ? So I want people when they come to my profound to see. This is one of the 1st 1 that they can endorse me now for it on digital marketing and social media. Good for me, for other projects. So if you're just doing sports writing, it really makes sense to do only things relating to this industry. And don't be afraid to ask for endorsements. You can literally write someone a direct message and linked in or just leave me here and we will slowly roll in like they do for my other positions here. The other thing with skills endorsements. If you are like me and you have quite a lot in other categories because you can, I think it maxes you out at 99 then it isn't the show anymore. Disses you have 99 endorsements for something is that is really frustrating to promote something like that. You don't have any endorsements for on believe hidden ones that you have a lot of questions for. But the purpose of this is to show what you're skilled in and if are linked in profile is gonna show that we are doing sports writing were skilled in it. That's why we need to promote, even though some in some respects, it feels it feels nicer to promote something that, hey, I thought, you know, 90 endorsements for the scale or 40 endorsements for this steel. I'm a trusted person. Yeah, but that's not the skill they're looking for. So you need to promote a skill, even if it's less endorsements for the skill on your priorities since feeling of your the last section. Even talk about today is recommendations on. Basically, whenever you finish a job or even if you're in the middle of a job, but you just finished second important project, you should make sure to ask for recommendations. Linked in makes it super easy to ask from recommendations. Of course, it's always nice if you have that face to face before actually descending someone a request . Hey, would you be interested in your recommendation. Most people are flattered to ask for a recommendation. Will be happy to give you one. So please don't be afraid and try and get as many as you can, because I think that this is one of the best ways to show who you are as a person on This is also for any industry. So regardless of if you have had any writing it experienced in the past, whether you've worked for McDonald's, whether you work for any anything in this world, if you work for retail shop or something down the road, you know, ask for someone to send your recommendation because it shows to a potential recruiter that you're a team player or that you left the job that you left on good terms, which is really important. So no matter what you might have been in the past, get a recommendation for it because that doctors who you are as a person, whereas the rest of profile has shooed. You have experience or education and sports writing or your skilled in it. But yet a prostitute. Other things and but people love you and people. People enjoyed working with you. That's why I like This is recommendations thing now. Last but not least today. I want to talk about one of the other features on Linked in, which is that you can actually publish articles on Lee did natively. It's really easy. You just come to your home page and then from your home page, you'll click right and article, so it looks pretty easy. It's similar ish to medium kind of layout here. A little bit older version of it, I guess. But I would really only recommend using lengthen articles if you're gonna be publishing some kind of professional or industry related content, as opposed to just the sports article. If you're gonna be writing, um, some anything really to sports or much reports or interviews in this stuff, I suggest that you write that on other platforms like your medium love or you get it published somewhere else. And then, of course, you can link to it on your in your profile. You could make a post and say, Hey, look at my new article. I would love to get your feedback and then enough, but actually publishing native IMS platform, I don't think is worth it for sports writing, and it's remotely place. This is a professional social network. You don't want to be spamming people with sports article. That's not why people come to lengthen. They don't come here to find year your latest sports insight and gossip. They come here to get professional connections on the network. And so unless you have something industry related to say, I wouldn't really recommend the use linked in native Oracle's this time. Maybe in the future could become a thing. But at the moment, I think Lincoln is already becoming a bit too much of a spammy. Social network is a lot of things in the feed, which you're not as useful as they used to be in private years. So just be conscious about be professional and lengthen on. There's plenty of time for promoting your articles on other platforms 8. How to rank your profile in LinkedIn search?: So now that we've improved the look and feel of your linked in profile, I want to take that a step further and actually get us ranking in the linked in search results. And this could just help to bring more job opportunities or useful connections your way with really minimal effort on our part. And I really want to mention a quick tool that will be useful for you again. A Lincoln and the resource is it's called resume worded dot com, And this is really nice because you can upload and the pdf version of your linked in profile. And it will give you some quick, actionable tips on house who improve your linked in profile. So we're just gonna go over to my LinkedIn profile, and we're gonna be able to download the PdF. I'll show you how to do. That's really easy, and then we'll upload it into resume word of dot com. So first I just go here to more and save two. Pdf says. That will take a little bit to download all head over here to resume awarded. It's a free tool, by the way, there are some paid tool options in it But this particular part is free. Something a dragon drop my profile. It's gonna take, like 30 seconds to analysed ways that it can improve the profile. See what keywords that we might be ranking for on Just give us some really actionable tips . So I really like this tool because it's it's very easy and there's just a few things you can do and hey, and there you go. You're showing up higher in the search results, which is great. So when it finally finishes analyzing us here, it's gonna take us to the dashboard view, and it's going to give us an overall score. And then it will rank us out of 10 for certain criteria, like headline experience, etcetera. Okay, so here we are and the home page you can see on my riel personal lengthen page. We have a ranking of 81 which is a pretty good one. It's giving me some steps to improve, and it says a in less than a two minutes, you could improve your profile. That's great. If I come down here, I see the breakdown of different categories, So I'm getting 10 out of 10 for Headline thinks I can improve. My summary thinks I can improve my experience, etcetera. And then over here on the left hand side, in the columns, you can dive into those categories in more detail. So if I go into the headline, let's see why. Why is it giving me 10 out of 10? If I scroll down here? Here's how your headline looks in the search. That's great. And then it has these checks, so headline length with them. A headline is the right length minimal use of special characters? I didn't really have fun Emojis or anything weird in there. No ineffective cliches or buzzwords on it thinks I have a possible spelling air. But up is not spelling here. It's just a shortened shorthand version of a word. So it's just totally fine. If I went into summary, for example, what does it think I can improve here because it thinks I'm good? Okay, good summary length. Minimal use of special characters again, possible sparing errors. I don't know why it's got that, because if you actually go into the profile, there's no missing apostrophes or anything. It's just go Weird stuff going on buzzwords. So really, I should be 10 out of 10 on summary. Yes, you can need to be a human to interpret these results. And then one of the most useful things about resume worded. If you want to take a deeper dive into your keywords is you can come here to keyword analysis. This is a paid A version. You have to pay $39 a month to use it. I have used it in the past. I'm not currently as subscribed to the service. But if you go in here than and you pay for the service, maybe just pay for one month to get an idea is you can see what keywords your ranking four on. Also another nice way to potentially reverse engineer. How you're gonna appear in the search is you could also take a look at sport writer profiles that you really admire. Maybe you know somebody in the industry who's doing really well and you say, OK, let me go have a little his profile because you can, or his or her profile and you can save his pdf. Their details are not blow that and get an idea of what keywords their ranking for or how well they're doing just to give you kind of ah riel comparison of someone in your industry because resume worded attempts to compare you to other people in your industry. But it doesn't know maybe what people you want to aspire to be. So, other than resume word, I want to go back, toe, lengthen and back into my profile because we really briefly went past the analytic section . There's not really much here in the basic free version of Lincoln, but what there is, you should really take advantage off. You can see how many people view your profile, how many times you appeared in the search. You could also go into your latest posts, and you could get an idea of your engagement. You just click into your activity at sea all and then you could click on a specific post. You've made how common people have liked it. What's your engagement rate looking like? But I think these ones air. Just the key for you on the problem is that Lincoln isn't going to record this data if you're on the free one. So I would suggest maybe during the rest of this course, maybe during your first year. A sports writer as you're trying to improve your digital presence, your branding just take a note of these statistics at the end of every month and just strive to improve them little by little, strive to show up higher in the search to be more active on. Do you know Lincoln really can be a source of job opportunities for you? So make the most of it. Really. Try and improve your presence here. It really can pay off for you in the end. 9. Using social media to find work: So now that we've optimized our profile, we've made sure that we are showing up in the search results quite well. I want to talk a little bit about finding job opportunities on Lincoln. We're actually gonna talk in the next sections of this course, small on creating or portfolio and finding that first publication job finding bigger publication jobs. But just considering we're here in the Lincoln mindset, I thought I would take a quick lesson just to talk about that. So there's plenty of ways that lengthen can help you to find job opportunities. There's kind of the cold outreach where you have set your profile. People confined you, but many of the job opportunities you need to actively reach out and try and search and find them. Onda One of the really easy things you can do in lengthen is find publications or companies you like toe work for and follow them. So one of the companies we could come in here in search, we could search, I guess Major League baseball or something like that. Yeah, right can come in here. So first we can just straight up click to follow. This will help us stay abreast of any updates that they might have company news as well as opportunities. It's quite useful. Also, though you can go into here into the jobs tab. It's gonna load here and tell us any existing job opportunities they might have on. But you can also create a job alert, and this is basically then you're following just in terms off job opportunities at that company. I'm actually gonna remove that for myself because I'm not Grange just yet. Other things you could do on LinkedIn is you could search anyone who might have made a post about specific job or such other jobs that are available. Because sometimes you are not following all the companies that you be interested worked for , right? So you have to kind of see, you know, maybe there's a company you haven't thought off that is hiring soul searching here, freelance sports writer, and we will see what comes up in search results here. Okay, so that way group gambling's I was hiring a junior sports writer. Plenty of people are hiring sports writers sports writer in Oregon, Cedar, Robbins and D C all kinds of jobs, and they're hiring right now, so you could literally just come here once a week, make a quick search and see what's going on. I often like to add Ah, filter off when people have posted a certain post or job offer in the last 24 hours, because then I know I could be like one of the first people to apply. And, of course, that helps you to get maybe on the top of recruiters pile or included in a recruiters pile quickly when, if you had waited until you know week after the job was posted, maybe she's already filled the position. Maybe they're not. You know, they have so many other quotes candidates maybe they won't even consider you. You can also obviously use LinkedIn as a way to connect with people who are in recruiting or human resource is at companies you wanna work for, trying not to spam people with connection requests. Miss Illington also gets concerned if you kind of do that. But if you genuinely have, like your dream job or your dream location and you know a few companies in the area, yes, search the company and see if you could find anyone who is working in human resource is in that company to try and connect with them. Obviously, send them a personalized message of why you're connecting or hey, I'm connecting with you because I'm really interested in working for the company. I just wanted to know if there's any open positions that you might consider before Here's my CV, because you could make attachments in direct messages. Um, so that's a really great way to get known and also to make connections. If obviously you have a second connection with that person, maybe you can reach out to the person who's your connection in common and try and get a personal introduction as well. And finally, another way with Lincoln is you could just make a post on your linked in profile. It's really easy. You just go from the home page. You could just make a search of Hey, guys, I'm looking for, uh, sports writing freelance jobs in London because anyone recommend me or put me in touch with anyone that tiring. Thanks so much hash tag, you know, sports writing, hashtag, freelance work or something like this. You know, you never know the power of your network on linked and even If you have very few followers , they're probably gonna be really people. So So just try. You know, there's no shame and saying Ham looking for new opportunities. Send things my way. People usually love helping you out. And if they don't know anyone, maybe they can just like your post and get you more reach. So please don't underestimate linked, and it really has the potential to give you opportunities, whether it's, you know, effort. Like I said, opportunities coming in. Or if you're actively searching by following brands Bi Weekly doing a quick search of what's going on by asking your network, you know, by reaching out to new connections, there's plenty of ways to find opportunities on Lincoln. Now that you have your linked in profile, set up and optimize to show your sports writing brand, you don't have to worry about Lincoln as much as Twitter. Just check in once a week and see if you have any messages. Our main goal with Lincoln was toe have a professional profile so that you look credible as a sports writer 10. Conclusion: Not only do you know how to write sports articles, but now you look really professional to the outside world by maintaining your twitter unlinked in accounts. Slowly but surely you're going to grow your network, increase your reach on, see potential riding opportunities. As we mentioned, make sure to maintain the accounts because if you let them grow inactive, it can sometimes look a bit worse than even having the account altogether. So whatever you need to do to set yourself reminders so that you remember to post on these channels, do it. I use these platforms almost every day, and I'll try to interact with the student community as much as possible. So finally, thank you so much for taking this course. I really appreciates it. Please make sure to follow my skill share instructor profile to stay up to date with all the next courses that come out. Because the next course we have coming out next week is actually gonna be the 1st 201 level course. And it's all about getting published for the first time. So I hope to see you there until the next time. Bye bye.