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Sports Logo Design: Update process

Lindsey Meredith, Lover of immaculate linework

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Research

    • 3. Brainstorm Sketch

    • 4. Refine on Paper

    • 5. Vector Build

    • 6. Finalize Color

    • 7. Conclusion


About This Class

In this class I will be sharing my process of creating an updated logo design for a sports team. There are many sports team logos that haven't passed the test of time. These logos need an update while maintaining aspects that their fans have grown to love over the years.

I believe creating an updated design needs to involve very careful consideration as these teams have a very loyal fan base! We will learn how to identify key characteristics that should be maintained while making the new logo that is dynamic with an updated style.

For this class I chose to complete a concept update logo design for a minor league baseball team in my home town. The Dayton Dragons. Let's do our best to keep the fans happy!

The Original Dayton Dragons logo used as a visual reference  is Trade Mark of the Dayton Dragons.
All artwork created during this video is copyright Link Creative as was created for this lessons purposes.





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Lindsey Meredith

Lover of immaculate linework

Link represents the work of me, Lindsey Kellis Meredith. I am an independent designer and illustrator specializing in logo / identity design, custom lettering, and illustration.

My client list includes Nickelodeon, Disney, Hasbro, Leap Frog, Maple Leaf Sports & Enterainment (raptors, maple leafs) , as well as a few other collegient and professional sports teams and organizations. I have logo work featured in Logo Lounge books 8 and 9.

I am available for hire. Feel free...

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