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Split Lettering: Digital Lettering with Procreate

teacher avatar Alisiah Hug, Lefty Hand Letterer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Background Text

    • 3. Erase to Split

    • 4. New layer to Split

    • 5. Adding Middle Text

    • 6. When Your Background isn't a Solid Color

    • 7. Vary Lettering Styles

    • 8. Project

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how you can create a fun split-lettered look you can add to any of your Procreate Designs.


  • iPad Pro
  • Procreate iPad app
    • Hand Lettering Brush (google free hand lettering brushes and you'll find some great ones!)
  • Apple Pencil (or stylus)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alisiah Hug

Lefty Hand Letterer


Welcome! My name is Alisiah (uh-lissie-uh) and I am lefty hand letterer. I went to school for teaching, but along the way I fell in love with hand lettering and I am here on Skillshare to combine the two. My heart is to share impactful messages through hand lettering. Modern calligraphy is more than pretty writing, it is a platform from which to impact others. In my work I want there to be a message, some meaning behind the piece. For it to be a conversation starter, a reminder of encouragement, a tool to lift others up and empower them.

When I'm not teaching or hand lettering, I am probably dancing, anytime anywhere. I am addicted to learning, I love figuring out how things work or how to do new things. I will eat just about any ice cream that has cookie dough or cake b... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to split lettering. Digital lettering with procreate If you're new here, Welcome. I'm so glad you're joining us. And if you've taken one of my other classes, I'm super excited to have you back with us today. So my name is Alicia, and I am a hand lettering and abstract artist and also an online educator. In this class, I will be walking you through a few different techniques that you can use to create a fun split letter Look with your lettering art. And what's great is that you can take this technique and really make it your own. You can take what the steps I'm teaching you and add your own style and flair to it. For this class, you will need an iPad with the app procreate as well as a lettering brush per create has a few collect through brushes included. You can also do a quick Google search and find some really great free ones, and then you also need an apple pencil or stylus. All right, I'm excited to show you guys. That's lesson. So let's get started 2. Background Text: in this Lawson. We're going to start with creating our background text. So for this one, I would choose to do it in all caps. And now, as I'm creating it, it's important to think about where the different elements of the letters are. And by that I mean, if we're splitting the lettering, we need to be able to tell what the letters are. So I need to be mindful of where say that middle of the B is or where the bottom of the E is. So it's easier if I put those towards the bottom board towards the top, because I'll show you quickly. If I start to cover a part of it, you may not be able to tell what some of the letters are. So as you're creating it, see, this kind of looks like a D instead of a B. So just be mindful where you be mindful of the shape of your orders 3. Erase to Split: all right. Now, the first method I'm gonna show you to create a split in their lettering is with the eraser toe. So we have our lettering from before, and now I'm going to duplicate it. Because since we're using the eraser tool, you don't want to lose my copy. So have the extra one saved and hidden. Then I'm gonna go to the eraser, go to airbrush is and choose a hard brush. Then I'll play around with the size, so I'll drag it across. I'm gonna hold my pencil down, and it will snap into a straight line. No, with the eraser tool, we can't move it around. So where your race is, where the split is, we can't shift it up or down. Right? So this is one way you can do it. 4. New layer to Split: The second method to create a split in our lettering is with a layer on top of it matching the background color. So before we use the eraser tool and with that, like I said, we can't move it around or play with it. So this time I created a new layer, and I'm gonna use the airbrush, and now it's gonna match the background color. I'm going to do the same thing like it did with the eraser draw line and snap it toe luck make a little bigger, but now, since it's a separate layer, I could actually move it around. It gives you a little bit more flexibility than just erasing, allowing you to play around with the location of the split and find the place that you like best. All right, so we're ready to move on in at our middle text 5. Adding Middle Text: in this lesson, we'll be adding the middle text to our split lettering. So from before I have my white layer over my lettering over my background lettering, and now I'm gonna grab a lettering brush and with a new layer on top of the white layer, I can begin my middle text. And so, with the middle text, I am going to use a different style. I'm going to use the hand lettering style, and I like having the contrast of the two different styles between the middle lettering and the background lettering. And that's something you can play around with because it's on a new layer. I can move around freely. And if I wanted because I have that white layer separate, I can move both of them around, and this allows me to decide what I like best before we move on. 6. When Your Background isn't a Solid Color: in this awesome. I'm gonna show you how you can create a split lettered look when the background is not a solid color because it's easy to just do a pink stroke the same color as the background when our background is just white or another solid color. But if we want to mix it up and do a more fun background, it requires a little bit of a different technique. So I'm going to had some fun texture to my background. It's gonna grab a bright color And I'm using a cloud airbrush a cloud brush one of my favorites to play around with. But as you conceive, the white layer over the top no longer looks like it's splitting my lettering. Clearly, it does not work, so we have to use a different technique. I'm just gonna move that layer out of the way. And now you wanna click on my background layer that I'm going to go to the selection tool, the S shaped one. I want to cook on rectangle and I'm gonna make a rectangle where I want my split to be Now I didn't like that one, so I'm gonna try it again now I'm gonna do copy and paste, so that creates a new layer. And now I'm gonna take that new layer and move it above my background text. So now it looks like it is split, But this one, I can't move it around. Other Izabal match up with the background, so you'd have to create a new layer if you wanted to move it somewhere else. But then you could just address your middle lettering over the top. You can also do the same thing if you have an image in the background. So just like before, I'm going to select that layer, the background or the image layer going to go to the selection tool into the rectangle, Gonna select where I want it. And you can see there are the little dashes showing me where my selection is now a copy and paste in it, and it creates a new layer that would move that layer above my background text. Now I'm gonna move my middle text just a little bit. You can also change the color of your text. So I just swept to turn on our flock sweep to the right, and then I used just an airbrush to paint over it with the color. I wanted to be 7. Vary Lettering Styles: in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how you can vary the style of your words. So in the other ones, I used capital letters for the background text. But you could also use a hand lettering style in the background again, being mindful of how it's going to look when you split it in half, you want to be able to still read it. So I tried to create them a little bit taller so that when I split it, I can still tell that it says you Now I am using the technique from less than six with the rectangle selection tool that creates a new layer that I put above my word. So now I'm gonna actually add text. So I went to the wrench to the ad and adding text we're just gonna put are the best in the middle. You are the best, and now you can play around with the front with the style of the phone, and I like to spread spread it out a little bit with the current ing so you could do a lettering style. You could do a capital letter style. You can incorporate text, any lettering, style that you like to use, So I encourage you to experiment and mix some different styles together and see what you really like and what cool designs you could make. 8. Project: Thank you so much for joining me and split lettering. Digital lettering with procreate. Now that you know the technique, I hope you have some ideas floating around in your head about how it could really make this your own and how you might want to try it out. The projects for this class is to create a split lettered piece in any style you choose and to upload an image of it to the project up. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the community tab. I'd love to help out and answer any questions that you may have. I'm so excited to see what you make and how you bring your own style to it. It's one of my favorite things. And now, if you would like to connect Beyonce kill share, you can find me on Instagram at Alysia Megan Hug. And if you liked this class, feel free to check out some of my other digital lettering classes and hit the follow button . Thank you again for joining me. I cannot wait to see you in another class by