Spiritual Journey Step 1 - Happiness & Mind

Kaavya Jamadagni, A Multi Talented Women

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11 Videos (46m)
    • Spiritual Journey - Step 1 - Happiness & Mind

    • Introduction

    • A Special Story for nature of Mind

    • Controlled and Uncontrolled Mind

    • Layers of Mind

    • Are you a Positive Thinker ? - An Assessment

    • Mind Control Techniques - Food

    • Bonus Lectures - Celibacy & Yoga

    • Bonus Lectures - Pranayama & Aerobic Exercises

    • Bonus Lectures - Thratak - A Yogic Kriya

    • Bonus Lectures - Silence & OM Recital


About This Class


Whenever I say your Personality decides your future, People think it as a physical appearance and get confused. But real personality is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviors that make a person unique.

If a person is happy, joy and enthusiastic, he is considered as person with positive personality,

If a person is sad, Jealous and lazy, he is considered as a person with negative personality.

So , to be successful you need to have the positive personality and this course is created to give you just that.

When I say positive, the only thing that first matters is Happiness, because happiness is not a result, but it is a driver.

To give you an Example,

If you are working on the ways to be productive in a day for your daily work, probably the best way to be more productive is to just be happier. "Happy people accomplish more."

Sometimes it can feel hard to keep up happy state of mind. The emotion, like all the others, isn’t always permanent. But there are ways to keep it up or boost it when you need it. Luckily this course will show you the ways to do it in a very simple way.

Once you just implement the learning of this course, you will see the results very quickly, which makes your personal development journey a happy one.

You can include this to your daily mindfulness, meditation, spirituality journey as well. Its easy to apply and start seeing results in just few days.

Whether you are looking for success in your project , Academics, Business development, software development, parenting, relationship, productivity, creativity designing, Marketing , Health, Teaching, Music, Photography, Astrology, or even for your test . This course will supplement you for your success in any field.

The core of this course is taken from Ancient spiritual books from India which is a proven method for your personal transformation.

You will also learn pranayama, Yoga, Asana, Food, thratak and OM recital.

The following is the course structure:

1. Introduction to this course

2. You will learn about Mind and its nature.

3. Bonus Lectures about Pranayama, Thratak - A yogic kriya , Silence and OM, Meditation, Celibacy and Yoga

I hope you enjoy this course.






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Kaavya Jamadagni

A Multi Talented Women

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