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Spiritual Decision Making

Lydia Sohn

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5 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction to Spiritual Decision Making

    • Method 1: Ignatian Imagination Exercise

    • Method 2: Talking with Your Older, Wiser Self

    • Method 3: Writing to Your Intuition

    • Method 4: Wait, Observe and Trust


About This Class

We all make innumerable decisions every single day. Most of the time, this process is fairly easy and intuitive. But, occasionally, we find ourselves stuck or even lost at critical junctures in our lives. We go back and forth, paralyzed by indecision, and do not feel at peace—sometimes even after we have already made a choice.

If you want a broader set of tools and methods to help make decisions, this class is for you. We will cover strategies that can apply to more everyday questions (Should I attend this conference? Should I start this new diet?) as well as the high-stakes dilemmas we all have to face (Should I marry this person? Should I take this job offer?).

I will introduce you to four different but complementary methods that can help you access your subconscious thoughts and desires with a focus on spiritual awareness and integrity. These methods can help illuminate what it is that you truly want and need and how your choices can align with these objectives. Whether as replacements or supplements to traditional rational/logical methods of decision making (like decision trees and pro/con lists), these tools can help lead you in the direction that is best for your life.

Your class project will consist of sharing with the class what decision or decisions you were making, which method(s) you used, and what kind of clarity you received through that method or methods.

All are welcome to take this class if you feel like it can help you. Prior experience with these kinds of methods are not required.





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Minister | Writer | Speaker www.revlydia.com

The Rev. Lydia Sohn is a minister, writer and speaker and on staff at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in San Diego, California. 

While her role requires a vast array of tasks from preaching to cleaning old storage closets, her strongest ministerial interests include contemplative spirituality, progressive theology and building community.

She received a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College and a Master of Divi...

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