Spinning Ultra Fine | Elizabeth Lovick | Skillshare
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9 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction to Spinning Ultra-fine

    • Finer Still - continuing from Spinning Finer

    • Preparing to Spin Ultra-fine

    • Preparing Top and Spinning Worsted

    • Spotlight on Holding the Fibre for Worsted Spinning

    • Ultra-fine using Longdraw

    • Fibres Suitable for Spinning Ultra-fine

    • Spinning Silk Ultra-fine

    • Plying Ultra-fine


About This Class

This class will give you the skills to spin wool, silk and other fibres into frog hair.  Starting with setting up your wheel, we look at the special spinning techniques for ultra fine spinning, including the common problems and how to deal with them.

Note that I suggest you take my classes in setting up your wheel and spinning finer before this one in order to get the most out of this class.


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Clearly explained and demonstrated.
This class is packed with information useful for spinners of various levels of experience. I consider myself an intermediate level spinner, and have taken away several tips on wheel set-up, fibre preparation and drafting techniques. Ms. Lovick's manner is, as others have mentioned, calm and instructive, and she explains the underlying principles for her advice and methods while clarifying that there are no right or wrong methods, as long as they give the results you want for a specific yarn. I find that helpful. Her expertise is evident without any intimidation!
If you like to spin ultra fine yarn, this class is for you. I had some "light bulb" moments as I took this class. I found myself saying "Oh that's what I am not doing." Then I'd give it a try and sure enough I saw an improvement. Liz Lovick in this class gives a wealth of information at an easy to understand pace. She has a calm relaxed demeanor which has the feel of being there sitting by her side enjoying a unique learning experience with a friend.





Elizabeth Lovick

Knitting and Spinning Author and Teacher

I live and work on the small Orkney island of Flotta. I've been knitting, designing and writing since I was small and enjoy bringing traditional stitches to modern knitters. I have self-published several books, including Patterns for North Ronaldsay Yarn, The Gansey Workbook, The Fair Isle Workbook, Exploring Shawl Shapes and the Fine Spinning Workbook. I am the author of the best-selling 'The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting' and 'Magical Shetland Shawls to Knit', published by Search Press i...

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