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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to Spinning Silk

    • 2. Tussah Silk

    • 3. Spinning Tussah Silk

    • 4. Mulberry Silk, Hankies and Blends

    • 5. Spinning Mulberry Silk Brick

    • 6. Spinning Silk Ultrafine

    • 7. Spinning Silk Hankies

    • 8. Types of Silk 'Waste'

    • 9. Plying Silk to make Various Yarns

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7 of 7 students recommend this class
This class gives a good overview of the types of silk that are available to spinners and techniques for spinning various yarns. It's good to get instruction from an expert when starting work with a material that is so different to the wool and alpaca I usually use.
Enjoyable, well done, and informative class. Covers spinning all the different forms of silk and spinning smooth through textured to art yarns. Great class for new silk spinners.
She makes it look so easy.
If you would like to spin silk, you will want to take this class with Liz Lovick. You will learn how to set up your wheel for silk spinning. You will learn about the different types and ways silk fiber is prepared and prepped for spinning. Also the most common way the different silk put-ups are used. You will learn how and what to do to produce the silk yarn you would like. The class is setup in a calm easy to understand format with clear close up camera work, so you can see exactly what is going on at the wheel. Excellent class.