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5 Videos (19m)
    • What You Should Be Expecting

    • Ingredient Preparation

    • Frying The Fish

    • Preparing The Gravy

    • Cooking Tips


About This Class

I am going to teach you all how to cook an Asian style Spicy Black Bean Gravy with Fried Grouper. Join me to learn how to cook this spicy and savoury recipe that I have self explored, I will also teach you the perfect way to fried a fish without break it into pieces. Trust me this dish will definitely spice up your taste bud. 

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Love adding beans to make the meal even more healthy
Jimmy Cruz

Love Art, Music, Design and Photoshop

Nice recipe! Worth to try out!
Ching Yee Liau

Sharing is caring

Such a nicely done Fried fish. Always end up breaking the skin but your way of cooking it is nicely done. Well Done.
Faith Su Han

DIY is a lifestyle.





Stella Chee

Passionate Self Explore Cook and Baker

I'm teacher who are passion about cooking and baking, I always explore new recipe and recreate recipe to suit my taste bud.