Spice Blends + More: Elevate Your Everyday Chicken Dish

Traci Siegel, Personal Chef & Cooking Teacher

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Welcome + Project

    • Craft the Spice Mix

    • Chop the Onions

    • Spice the Chicken

    • Brown and Bake the Chicken

    • Cook the Rice

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Cooking good food does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Learn how to make a delicious ten spice blend to take your average chicken dinner to the next level. I will share my proven techniques to make chicken that has a golden, crispy skin and tender, juicy meat.  Be efficient in the kitchen and learn how to serve this chicken dish in three exciting ways.  Be inspired to throw away your take out menus and cook meals you will enjoy even more!

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good class for beginners
I'll be completely honest the intro video made me think that this class was going to show me a recipe but not be high quality... boy was I wrong. What a great class, simple recipe and was very impressed. It was not boring, it was very interesting and stayed on topic.
Joshua Jarvis

Connecting People To Purpose

Thank you for offering this class. I am fairly new to this journey and believe that once you open yourself up to exploring different spice combinations your cooking takes off and becomes much more enjoyable. I would like to note that in my opinion, the use of an instant read thermometer is the best way to confirm whether your product is done. They're not expensive and a great tool to have in your kitchen. Nicely done Traci!





Traci Siegel

Personal Chef & Cooking Teacher

I am a personal chef and cooking teacher in Berkeley, California.  My kitchen is my creative space and the place that I never tire of being in.  Twice a week, my clients come to my home to pick up healthy and delicious meals for themselves and their families.  They share with me how much they love the flavors of my food and how tender I can cook meat and poultry.  By creating my own spice blends and sauces, I can easily transform average meals into outstanding ones.  My goal is to inspire people to create simple, flavorful meals in their own kitchens.

Many of my clients and students have dietary restrictions,   Loving a cooking challenge, I have developed a tasty collection of dairy-free and gluten-free dishes that l look forward to sharing with you in future classes.