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Spice Blends + More: Elevate Your Everyday Chicken Dish

teacher avatar Traci Siegel, Personal Chef & Cooking Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome + Project

    • 2. Craft the Spice Mix

    • 3. Chop the Onions

    • 4. Spice the Chicken

    • 5. Brown and Bake the Chicken

    • 6. Cook the Rice

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Cooking good food does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Learn how to make a delicious ten spice blend to take your average chicken dinner to the next level. I will share my proven techniques to make chicken that has a golden, crispy skin and tender, juicy meat.  Be efficient in the kitchen and learn how to serve this chicken dish in three exciting ways.  Be inspired to throw away your take out menus and cook meals you will enjoy even more!

Meet Your Teacher

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Traci Siegel

Personal Chef & Cooking Teacher


Chef Traci is based in Berkeley California. She is a health supportive chef for professional athletes & entertainers, cooking teacher and co-founder of Chefs for The People—a non-profit program to feed people in need working with community partners. You can get a sneak peak of what Chef Traci is up to in the kitchen on Instagram @cookwithcheftraci.

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1. Welcome + Project: Hi, I'm Tracy, and welcome to my kitchen. What we're cooking today is one of my favorite chicken dishes. It's my slaughter rubs chicken and it hasn't 10 Spiceland and I ground the chickens looks crispy on the outside, and I put it on a bed of onions and the bacon to juicy perfection. So you have this delicious chicken served on a bed of caramelized onion, and we're going to serve that over a bed of rice in this cooking class series, I'm gonna show you how you could make delicious food that doesn't have to be time consuming or complex. Also, how you can get a lot of flavor with some really simple techniques and also, most importantly, how to be efficient in the kitchen. How you can make something and serve it up three different ways so you can really get a variety in your meals. Make sure you stay to the end of this video because you get a bonus. I'm also gonna have a recipe that you can download for how to make a delicious chicken pita sandwich with a yogurt sauce as well as a chicken salad. So come on in my kitchen and let's get started. I'm so excited to cook with you today 2. Craft the Spice Mix: Our first step is to make our lot of herb rub Spiceland, which is made of 10 different spices for spices. I really like to buy them in the bulk section because I could buy just a small quantity, which really helps inter freshness when I'm cooking. The second thing I'd like to do when I make the Spice Lynn if I make it in a small mason job, because you could both make it and stored in this jar, and we're actually going to make a little bit more than what we need today, so you'll have some for later. And this Spiceland is but really gives the chicken. It's flavorful punch, so let's get started. OK, so first we're going to start with tea two teaspoons of Coonan. So put that in there, then two teaspoons of chilli powder, two teaspoons of garlic powder, two teaspoons of onion powder and we're about halfway through here. Two teaspoons of oregano and thes places you may actually have in your own pantry. So debt do check before you go out shopping for spices, so we're going to continue here. We have two teaspoons of time two teaspoons of mustard powder one teaspoon of black pepper , one tablespoon of kosher salt, which is really nice, because it helps to tenderize the meat when we cook it, and one tablespoon of coconut sugar. And I actually prefer this to refine sugar, and it gives a nice caramelized flavor when it cooks. So we'll put that in. And one of things is, I always like to look at the beautiful colors in layers of them in the spice blend, but then we are gonna want to. Then, after we admire it, give it a shake. So I'm gonna put the lid on, and you want to give it a few good shakes. 123 and voila! You now have your lot of herb rub Spiceland. It wasn't that easy. Simple techniques for getting great flavor. 3. Chop the Onions: Our next step is to cut our onions. And I have two onions here that you want to slice and put in your pants. So the first thing we want to do is take the skin off the onion. So I'm gonna make cut off. You decided the onion. I want to set that aside, and then I'm going to cut down along the length of the onion and just a little bit into the onion. And then what I'm gonna do is take my fingers under the skin where I made that split and peel around the onion. And that's my little trick for how to quickly peel an onion. Now, you wanna wash this onion before you slice it? I haven't done in here. We've already washed. So I'm gonna cut this one into slices and you won't have slices. There are about 1/4 inch thick cut down here. All right. Now, one of the things that I want to mention is if you're sensitive to onions and they tend to make you cry, swimming goggles are great thing to wear when you cut onions. The only thing that I would be careful of is not putting these goggles on too soon before company is coming over because you will get goggle eyes. But it is. But it is a very helpful technique if you are sensitive. Okay, so now we have our sliced onions, and what we're going to do is separate with our fingers, the onions into individual rings. I'm gonna do that. And I'm gonna line my baking pan with these rings. And you might be asking, Why are we putting the onions in the bottom of the pan? Am One of the things that onions do is they released moisture when they are cooked, so it helps to create a wonderful gravy with the chicken spices. Okay, look at the other rings here and lay them down. And then we'll just put in our last few rings here and now. What you want to do is cut your second onion and just like we did before, separated into rings and then put it on the bottom of the pan. And then you'll have a really good coverage with these two 4. Spice the Chicken: Our next step is to put our lot of herb rub Spiceland on the chicken, and the recipe that we made yielded about six tablespoons were actually going to measure half of that out for our chicken today. I will just put that I have a little, uh, little bowl here, one to three, and then you could just store the rest of this blend away for another time. So now we want to do is Sprinkle the, uh, herbs on our chicken, and you definitely wanna have good coverage on both on both sides of the chicken. Um, a mistake. I think people said that Nick is worried they're going toe over spice their meat and poultry. But sometimes what people don't realize is that even if it feels like a strong spice double , Ford's cooked that spice. Spices tend to dissipate when they're cooked until you want to really have a strong amount of flavor. Honestly, it's really hard to over spice, um, food. So let's get started with covering their chicken. I always feel that sometimes hate fingers hands are one of our best kitchen utensil, so I'm just gonna use my fingers and really liberally Sprinkle this spice rub first on the skin side of the chicken. So we'll go around here getting really good coverage, all right? And you can smell the garlic and the onions and the Reagan on the human. Okay, so now we're gonna do is turn the chicken and put the skin side down. All right, turn that over. And now we're gonna take our spice rub, and we're gonna put the other side of the chicken, right? As I said, it's all about flavorful cooking, and so this is really the best way to get it. Okay, And now we have spiced our chicken. 5. Brown and Bake the Chicken: Our next step is to brown and baker chicken browning. The chicken is what gives it that craziness before we bake it. Before he brought her chicken. Just make sure that your oven starts to preheat the 350 degrees. That way, after you're done around in your chicken, you can put it right in your oven. So let's get started. We want to put 1/4 of a cup of canola oil in our saute pan and then turn a Mr Von to medium and let the oil get more. Our oil is hot, so now we're going to brown the first side of our chicken. So we put that in. You probably get a nice sizzle when you put him in. That's perfectly fine. And I like to use Tom's with culture. I think they're really great utensils for taking me getting out of pans on the stove we get , and we're gonna want to put the chicken quarter five minutes aside until Golden Brown. Now that our chicken is done, take a peek here and yes, we've got a nice golden brown color on the few decide to running out front and skin side up and who It's no so good as the spices brown with chicken you and now you're gonna want to do is put 45 minutes on the other side until you have the same night golden brown and you ignore Tom's. Put the chicken on top of our better sliced onions in the making, and it's no so good. The aromas of the spices on the from the ground chicken. So we're gonna lay them here. Recover ate chicken thighs that I'm putting here. Get the others here. Okay, have put a piece of a little tinfoil on top of your baking pan. Covering this will caramelize your raw onions as well as keep the chicken tender. Can you want to take your chicken pan and put it in the oven at 3 50 bake for 40 minutes and you will be amazed how the stretch was transformed into a delicious lot of Herber of chicken 6. Cook the Rice: Now we're gonna make our rice while the chicken cooks. That helps so that when the chicken is done, the rice is done. We can sit down to a delicious meal. You want to use one part rice with two parts liquid. I like to use buzz Montana rice, and I like to use broth as my liquid. It really provides a nice flavor to the rice when it cooks. So we want to put in one cup of those monte rice into our saucepan, and then we want to add two cups of vegetable broth, and then we want to add just 1/4 teaspoon of salt. We're gonna want to turn this to a medium high heat and bring it to a boil. Once it's boiled, you want to turn down your burner toe low, put the lid on the rice and simmer it for 18 to 20 minutes until all the liquid is absorbed . Let's check a rice look stolen. Uh, one thing I like to do is put a small tell over the rice and put the lid on top for about five minutes After it's done cooking. Of course, be sure to turn off the heat for this and that. Just absorb any excess moisture in the rice and helps make the rice fluffy. Okay, now, the, um let's take the towel off the rice, and what you want to do is use a four toe fluff your rice. Uh, and of course, we want to take a little taste. Delicious. 7. Conclusion: We just took our chicken out of the oven. So now we're gonna check that it's done. I think that I like to do is just take my fork and press on the chicken. And if it bounces back, it's usually a good sign that it's done. If you want to be extra sure, the easiest thing to do is just cut into the chicken. And if the juices run clear and, um, the meat is no longer pink, then you know it's done. So we're gonna go ahead and play our chicken with rice. So let me get the rice. Will put a few spoonfuls here. One of the things that I like to do before I put the chicken on top is take some of the delicious natural gravy from the chicken and put it on the rice. Alrighty. Then let's grab piece of chicken and, of course, a few of the caramelized onions. Now you can take a few other of these chicken thighs and put serve them over rice, but definitely save a few of them for later in the week so that you can cook some other meals. So definitely be sure to download my Greek chicken pita sandwich recipe with a yogurt sauce as well as my chicken salad with toasted Come concedes with a lemon dressing. So but first, let's take a bite of this chicken young, crispy, flavorful, tender chicken. I hope this class inspired you to get into the kitchen. I'm so excited to see what you make, so please post pictures. And, of course, if you have any questions, please share them in the forum and happy cooking.