Spell Jars to Draw in Self Love Energy - Magical Tools and Witchcraft | Ashley Krout | Skillshare

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Spell Jars to Draw in Self Love Energy - Magical Tools and Witchcraft

teacher avatar Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting Your Intention

    • 3. Tools You Need

    • 4. Examples

    • 5. How to Make a Spell Jar

    • 6. Sealing and Using Your Jar

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About This Class

Spell jars are one of my favorite magical tools because they’re a physical representation of your intentions and wishes.

They’re also portable, allowing you to constantly remind yourself of what you’re trying to manifest. Spell jars can be personalized and made for any topic under the sun.

For this class, I’ll be showing you how to make a spell jar to draw in more self-love energy.

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Introduction: spell jars are one of my favorite magical tools because there are physical representation of your intentions and wishes. There also portable, allowing you to constantly remind yourself of what you're trying to manifest. Spell doors can be personalized and made for any topic under the sun. For this class, I'll be show you how to make a small door to draw in more self love energy. In this class, you'll learn how to make a self love spell jar and what my favorite affirmations are for bringing in peace and calm. What herbs help draw in an abundance of feeling Love, gemstones. Aiken Support your intentions how to put this spell drive together, including sealing it with wax and what to do with this culture once you finished making Let's get started. 2. Setting Your Intention: before we get started with making this bell jar, go ahead and grab a piece of paper and a pen and then write out some affirmations or intention. Do you like to manifest? So, three that came to my mind when I was making these spells. Yours was I radiate peace and joy. I am piece. I am calm. I am joy and the universe has my back. Doing this first helps you have a clear picture of what you're wanting to bring into your life. 3. Tools You Need: the first thing. I want to go over what we will need to make a spell jar. The first thing is some sort of jar. And I love these little guys. I believe there about 1/2 announce and I got a 50 pack on Amazon for around $10. They came with some twine, in case you want to turn it into a necklace or an ambulance and a little pack of these guys and see that, um, that just screw right into the top of the cork so you can turn it into a necklace. Next, you will need the herbs you want for your spell door. And for this one, I chose different herbs that bring in loving energy and are just very common soothing in all different formats. We have rose petals, lavender buzz, camomile flowers, huh? Biscuits, puddles. And then there's also some pink homily and sea salt right here, which isn't an herb, but keep in the same places I keep my herbs. So it ended up in the same bull, and I threw in the pink commonly and sea salt because from a physical standpoint, it's very nutritious, filled with minerals and nutrients. from a metaphysical standpoint, it purifies things, and I'm sure that, like all humans, we all fall victim to negative thoughts that could use some filtering. The next thing that I'm adding to these self love spell jars are some different gemstones, and I tried to keep these two ones that are easy to find and pretty affordable. They are moss, agate, blue lace, a rose courts and then some just courts points just to amplify everything. I chose these four stones because they all bring about a calm peace like blue eyes. Egg is especially good for calm, peaceful energy. The Moss AG A is really great for healing and calming and rose courts is great for love of all kinds, especially self love. And then those courts points, as I was saying, are great for amplifying everything. The next tool you'll need is some sort of candle or wax. I get these ones from my local health food store, and they are made their para Finn free lead free. Falih free and vegan believe they're from sustainable palm oil. Yeah, Palm lax and, um, I believe he's usually cost about 2 50 There's 12 of them in here They're great for spell candles. They burned down in about 15 minutes and they work really great for this. And you also need some sort of lighter and any tools you use to open a circle. You can treat this as a full on ritual if you would like or just make it for a craft day, selling it with your intentions. And if you like, you can even have a scrap of paper with your number one intention for this jar written on it and then put in the jars. 4. Examples : here is an example of some spell jars that my daughters and I made this past weekend. So I let them just choose any gemstones and herbs that they wanted to and really personalize them. And I love how even looking at them, I can tell which daughter made, which, because they just sit there personalities so well. 5. How to Make a Spell Jar: to get started. We're gonna grab the job and I'm gonna put the islets screw into the cork first thing just because after we put the wax on it to seal everything in, it's a little bit harder to put this in. Actually screws in there really easily. No, Looks great. And then you basically just start layering this how you want it, Teoh. And you don't have to use the exact same herbs that I'm using. Where the same stones that I'm using. I just wanted to give a general idea for what ones will bring in some self love. I'm recording this right around the time of the holiday season in the U. S. And this could be really stressful time for many people. But really, any time of year, we could use himself, love and some intentional time to draw these energies into ourselves. So it's gonna be kind of a messy process. The set of jars did come with a funnel, but I think we can try it out. I don't think it's gonna work great with these. That's not bad. A little salt in there, so you can either choose to make this completely mixed up, Um, like one of my daughters did. Everything's just kind of jumbled together where you can do it in layers. This one started out in layers, but I think we've moved it around enough that it's not in layers now do whatever feels right for you. So just keep putting stuff in really a little rose petal in there. And if you want whatever herbs you use right down, why you're putting them in the jar and then as you're putting them in, just think they hold that intention in your mind like lavender and putting all this in here for calming energy. This is not here we go and then cama meal. I put in here because one of my ways I'm taking care of myself is by allowing myself to sleep more by going to bed earlier and making sleep a priority from put those in there. You can even do herbs and then gemstones on herbs and then gemstones from throwing some moss ag it for some really calming energy. And I chose to do three of each gemstone because three is a complete number and kind of an amplifying number and magic. We're getting three rose courts, and that's really full in there. I don't think we're gonna have room for the the clear courts in here, but that's completely OK. I'm gonna top it off with some pink sea salt, and I'm sure yours will look much prettier than this. When I was sitting at a table doing these this past weekend and the other times I've done them, they come out a lot neater. But of course, on camera, that doesn't always happen. So here's this one filled with all those calming herbs and calming gemstones you so you can see. 6. Sealing and Using Your Jar: If you're using something like a baby food jar that has a metal lid, you can melt a little bit of the candle right here and stick it on there and you have to hold it until it completely solidifies or it'll just fall off. But something like cork you cannot put the candle on there because when it brings down, it will just catch the cork on fire. I like to say that's just common sense and not admit that I tried that. But what can you, his lawyer melting this wax? Just hold the intention that you were ceiling All of your intentions and affirmations and wishes for yourself in here. Can you just take this melted on there? If you're gonna be doing this in a place where you wanna hang it up, then I suggest not getting it on that middle part. And then if you can really keep it going and get it down the side sometimes that and will light on fire, sometimes it doesn't. But you can just get this all around here, see, and I'm gonna work on this for just a minute. Is with the wax all hardened and I'm really happy with how that turned. Now, the color candle you use can absolutely bring in from different energies. I chose to do yellow because it's really cheerful color, and all of the stones and the herbs that I chose are all really peaceful and calming, which is excellent. But I wanted something with a little uplifting power, too. You know, not something that's just calming, but something that's cheery also, especially if you're making this during the winter months. This can be a great reminder that the sun is coming. I really like how that ended up sealing. So if you're not liking how it looks at first, you can always pick the wax off. It's not gonna come off the court very easily, but it will come off of the bottle and just be very careful about the cork touching on fire . So once you're completely done with your spell bottle, there are a few things you can dio. You can keep this in your pocket or your purse somewhere that you will easily be reminded of it. You can add some twine or court onto it and wear it as a necklace. A few Blake There are smaller bottles that would probably be more comfortable. You can put it on your personal alter. So you see it mines going to go on my altar in my bedroom So I can see that every morning when I wake up and at night before bed, just to be reminded that I'm drawing in those peaceful energies wherever you put it, have some affirmations handy that you can say, well, looking at it or holding it So you could say something like As I hold this jar, I draw in abundant peaceful energies or my vibration rises as I hold these herbs, just something that really resonates with you. Use the list of affirmations and intentions you made at the beginning of this video and maybe trying to memorize one or two that you could say every time you hold this jar, and that will really help you with your mindset and putting your hide in the right space to be manifesting what you want to manifest and to be drawing in the energies you want to draw in. So for your class project, go ahead and make a spell jar and share it down below. If you have any questions, please put those down in the discussion. And I am so excited to see what you guys all make