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Speedy Business Success with Webinars

Nicola Laing, Busy Business Lady

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • The Customer Buying Journey

    • Why do Webinars Fit in the buying Journey

    • Totally Cool Webinar Tools

    • Recap


About This Class

Watch whilst Nicola takes you through why Webinars TOTALLY fit into the modern world of engaging fast moving interactive content to promote your business.

The course quickly covers how customers now choose which products and services to use and how Webinars ft into this decision making process.

Find out why your target market would benefit from watching Webinars and in turn you will build brand awareness - trust and loyalty! All this leads to more sales!

If you have not seen the full power of Webinars in action then you will be blown away by the COOL tools that Nicola will show you are possible on a Webinar.





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Nicola Laing

Busy Business Lady

Hello, I'm Nicola. After years of running a home business I managed to gain lots of business skills without noticing!!

It makes sense to me that I now pass that knowledge on.

I have two small boys and love working from home in my cottage in the Mendip Hills in Somerset UK.  

Webinars are my speciality although online marketing and digital courses pretty high up there too!

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