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SpeedTree: fast modeling of detailed high quality trees for your artistic work and VFX

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (4h 34m)
    • 1. SpeedTree Course Introduction

    • 2. SpeedTree Interface

    • 3. Steps to create a tree part 1

    • 4. Steps to create a tree part 2

    • 5. A spooky tree - aerial roots

    • 6. Make trees in different shapes

    • 7. The hidden power of the zone: Create a garden or forest

    • 8. Make and use your own materials even the colourful ones

    • 9. Drawing the tree

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About This Class

In this course you will learn the skills and techniques required to model and animate detailed, high quality trees and plants for your artistic work and for visual effects.

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Film VFX


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1. SpeedTree Course Introduction: I have a question for you. How fast do you think you can make a realistic tree inspect tree on? I'm not saying from a template. I'm saying from scratch. But of course, using simple materials, that ship would speak tree. There is one way to find out. I have here a stopwatch. The idea for this part is not to show you how things work. The idea is to make a point. Shall we start before I click on start? How long do you think it's gonna take? About 15 minutes. Maybe if we go fast, do you think would be able to make it in 10 minutes? Let's see. Luckily can start. I had the trunk. I need big branches. Of course. Some little branches as well. And tweaks. Let's add some more tricks on. Definitely believes right for the trunk. I'm going to assign the bark material that comes with samples and 40 leave. I'm gonna use the leave. I come to some part meters that we're going to talk about it. I'm just gonna make some tweaks in here, right? And here and there. And off the 26 seconds might Onley focus is going to be on increasing the number off leaves . Now, this is to your lichens like how many lives you won't stop 42 seconds. It takes you less than a minute to get a decent looking, realistic tree in speak tree. You get the idea. In this course, you learn the skills and techniques required to model and animates detailed high quality trees, unplanned for your artistic work and for visual effects. 2. SpeedTree Interface: a tour off the interface offs. Petri. When you open it for the first time, you get this screen that prompts you to open a template, which could be Blanca, which I recommend most of the time, or to open an existing tree a pre made planter with a flower broadly if you've got grass, you've got plenty off options here, too. Experiment with, and I can understand there's a bigger that you want to open one of these and then experiment and look at them. Look at the perimeters to stop, but I recommend most of the time once you have gotten your feet wet, is to start with a blank. Okay, it gives you much more control because that's the idea is to give you the techniques for you to have full control. Let's open one of these templates only for the purposes off. Taking you through the interface. I'm going to go for this broadleaf for a few reasons. Number one. It's not just because only it's number it's the first, but because it's heavy, and my first point is that it's going to take if some time to load. And that's remark. Number one. Be careful when you make your trees, Sometimes it can be heavy. In terms of polygons. This is not much. Just one million. You want to stay around a 1,000,000? One million. 1.21 point. This is the maximum you want to go with. I'm not saying always, but if he goes beyond one million, if you find yourself 567 million, you want to reconsider a few things. You want to ask yourself a few questions that I'm gonna tell you these questions later? Okay, Like a number one we have here generation. So we have a network off notes, then we have properties. Then we have the display part with a few bells and whistles here. And then we have some more properties that come in tabs off materials, sets of materials, measures mosque in displacement. On this output is kind of off speed. Tree weight off talking to you. Something is wrong is gonna be in here now. This interface layout is the standard one. I I do not recommend you use it. You have the option to change it. Please go ahead and change it. I will recommend a layout, er but it's up to you to see which layout works best for you. Why I'm saying this. Can you look at the tree, please, and tell me, Is it a surprise for you? That is vertical? It's not a surprise. Nobody knows the vertical. So why on earth would we have a layout off the notes for his uncle? So let's come here. And she's a portrait. Nice. That's a good start, but it's so tiny, even read What's in there? That's the design I wish Spit Tree had thought about in terms off getting us the tree in terms of note the same size as the tree in here. Shall we do that? Let's grab this properties and drop them somewhere else. That's what we want to look at. Now, before I proceed any further, let me show you where I am going with this. I'm going to take you to another. Another instance of spit tree that I have open. So remember, you've got generation. You got properties recorded this display so we could do actually could do it. All of it up to you just by accident. It jumped as a tapas. Well, you've got this display with the best of whistles here and you've got this. You only have four. There's no way you gonna get lost. Okay, let's move on to the layout argument. Why do I recommend this layout? Now, this is another treat. This is the one that we've used with the stopwatch. But you know what? I can easily just say OK? Saver. Um close and load that broadleaf here. Okay, I have two instances open. Let me just close the other one, because it's gonna be just too happy. Um, me resetting just in case we want recently out. Uh, sure. You wish to continue? Of course. Great. Let's close this. So when I opened that there is this is going to go back to the different if we need to show the different. Now, this is where I come in 12 three, and four. So we used to have this one of the top use have properties down here. We used to have this material, this whole thing you used to have it off the rights up. Just have this one. It's just a tree. By the way, you may be thinking Is this enough where it's big enough? This is big enough Sometimes we're going to get more going to need more. I haven't just get this to have a little sometimes if it gets complicated in terms off And I hope at some point in time your notes are going to look complicated because that means you are going meticulously bit by bit and changing some details. Yes, we have gone through the stopwatch exercise, but it was the idea to make the point that you can do it really fast. But there are a huge amount. Is this enormous para meters in speed tree that we go into that I'm going to, We're going to look at We're not going to look at all the prime meters, but I'm going to shoot a critical ones, and I hope at some point in time gonna have a complicated node based no tree. So once you have this, you can, depending on the size, just reduce it and then come back on. Get more space for you tree or for whatever you need. But I need to start with the note because this is the generation part. You start with minutes and then when you select another on the right, you get the properties. These properties, it's it's a big word of caution. Please. I need you to I need to avoid your feeling intimidated and lost. If you click on all you find all of these properties, all of them. And if you want to look at separate segments off them separate parts, there's a generation which is exactly this one. This one is this one. You've got spine, so there's all and they are splitting here. The spine, their shape, skin, UV. While you can read this for yourself, the point I am trying to make about the properties. So let me go back. The main point about this one is to have it big and vertical. The main point about the properties is that you need to understand that they are using a certain logic. Spiteri team has used a certain logic to organize this. I think this logic is not necessarily the one that is going to help you. We're not going to change this because we cannot change this. However, I'm not saying that the speech freeway off organizing the parameters is not good or not organized. But all I'm saying is for the purposes of the workflow Because how you are going to work is going to be different logic. So they have a certain logic. Let me explain. What do I mean by that? And this is quite important. Let's go to, um let's create a new one. I'm going to be going back and forth between one between the template and the on the blank to demonstrate something. Let's start. How do you start? You start with as you've seen trunk. Okay, You need a truck or you need something else. You can jump straight to some other things. If you want to create a grass, there are different ways to start. But let's say you have you have a note. When you have this note here, you get a drunk. Nice. Good. Um, what are the first things you want to care about? Of course. How long and how Think How wide is the trunk? These are the first things we can't talk about anything else before doing this. Now, would you be surprised if I tell you that the length the, uh, drunk is on one town on the with, and the radius is on a completely different up. So this is why I want you to keep in mind that they're everywhere. They're respecting certain logic. That logic doesn't work for us. What we are going to do is what I'm going to do for you is give you a road map steps in terms of sequence of events. First you get a truck is kind of a checklist. It's not a written checklist. We're going to go through it step by step. You first look at the length, then you move to the radius. Then you move to the flares. Oh, by the way, the flares are on a completely different. Then you go to add cup and then you go to materials and then you you tweak your U V's and then you tweak on resolution the resolution in the segments, and then you treat the late noise and guess what? The majority off these parameters I've talked about are on completely different taps compared to one another. Okay, so that's fine. That's fine. But I'll show you the road map, not just for the trunk, for the branches, for the big branches, for the by, for kating branches for the twigs for the leaves. I'll take you step by step. Okay, so this is our apartment is a plenty of them. Are we going to cover all the perimeters? The answer is no. Why? We are going to cover the critical para meters to get the realistic look. There are some other forms that we are going to make later that will require different perimeters other than those that we have used in the critical set. Let's call it critical set for parameters. That's how we're going to get introduced to other parameters. And you can treat the rest of, um as you want, but I'm gonna give you the critical once. And there are plenty of them, by the way, plenty of them. Ah, whole page off perimeters. Just the critical ones. Okay, Now, this is about the properties. The next one is going to be your materials. Once you have your trunk, I always, always, always recommend get your material first. Yes, when I did the stopwatch exercise, I've done it after hadn't leaves. I recommend you always add your material for the trunk first, because you want to look at the tranq as a tranq off a tree. It looks better, right? So what? You could do is come here and bro's for material and added to the list automatically click on this. Go to samples. Consumables. Here. It takes little. What a load. Um, Then we find bark. Why? It's bark. And on the Bach parts, you have a few ones. It's, um that's it. Yeah, that's it. OK. No, no. Just is more. Yeah, right. So and you've got a few options. Here is the bone. There's the this one. And when you load one, the naming convention is going to define whether or not is going to load automatically. So you have the ambience or collusion. You have the glass, you have the normal. Okay? No, just the albedo. Not just the, uh to the diffuse. When you click on this, it loads it automatically. We're talking about what we're talking about. The simple ones. Of course, you're going to create your own tranq material, and it's that easy. You can get it from everywhere. Um, can you create your own leaves on? You can create your own colors on variations of that. If you want any fantasy seem once you do that, you just Come on. Bring this one here. Replace brunch material. Well, this looks a bit too shiny and too big. I'll show you how to treat thes. The purpose now is not to go through the part two through the part meters, but you go through the indifference and this is exactly the same way as you would do for the leaves. Or if you want another bark, you can add more barks to say Okay, I'll just add another one. The sample, Same story. The Bach. Uh, it's at this one for the poem. Click on it. It's not allocated yet, but what I can do is yes. Now, I've got two of them for the bomb. I come here and save, replace, and then you have it for no. Oh, okay. Now you can also come here and click manage materials. Actually, I almost never use this one. Shown you the simple because that's where you want to start. But I don't. I rarely used existence. Simple materials. It doesn't mean they're not good. They're really good, but they're only a few of them, and I want to have a richness off off materials. So I click on this one to start adding I have here into two was that I've already loaded from from the sample, but I have a new one. Call it bark trunk or whatever book Barco A black one. It's blank. There's nothing I need to click on. OK? And come to the Barca. Click on that and then I need to load. I click on the color and then I get where to get my I could go to the sample. I can go to another. What? I wouldn't do that from the sample would come to my own, set off materials and then select them. Okay, If you have the right naming convention that you've seen here, they will load automatically. If they don't, then you need to live one by one. Okay, Color separately, Normal and 100 occlusion. Generally that's gonna depend on what maps do you have, Right, So these are the materials and you assigned them simply by dragging and dropping once you have it on the trunk. If you add, anything else is going to inherit it because there is a perimeter somewhere that says inherit. You don't need to get stuck to that. If you want to have your forward have a reason on a different planet. In the fantasy world, you have your big branch, your branches in different material than this one. You can disable that, and we look at the perimeters. Okay, on the same thing. If you go for the little branches that they are going all to inherit the same one you wouldn't see this for for for a palm tree. But I'm just adding them for you to see. Let's just change. Uh, trunk, your honesty make realistic right now this we're gonna talk about the young. It's too big. It looks too big. We need tohave. It's smaller. There's not the resolution, but its texture needs to be smaller so that it looks more realistic. And this Chinese but the perimeter's again. We're gonna talk about that later. Now we have talked about the materials. What else have you got down here? Material sets that if you want to organize your materials and they're gonna be something about the seasons, weaken way can organize our materials. Insects. Okay, okay. Doing sense. We have the measures very important. The measures. Now, most over the time you're not gonna come and do it here. You're gonna do it differently. and they are going to end up here. But you can always come and look at your missions here. You got the masks if you're using the mosques and you've got displacements, okay, but the most off most often, you got to be working with materials 90% and then sometimes measures here. Why? I'm saying sometimes you are going to work a lot with measures. But what? I hope you will work a lot with measures, because that is going to make it work more interesting. And of course, you relieves more realistic, but it's don't somewhere else. And I'll show you. So you just simply come here and say, If you're going to import a no project file, import measures, import mission, important mission us as it time, that's how we do it on. It is going to end up in the mash up here. So look at this as a way of organizing things. When you come here, you click on the list, you'll find them here. Your missions. Good. Now let's move to the right. And for this purpose, I'm going to load another, Um, another one. I'm gonna say new. I'm gonna help fast see I just called it How fast? Because it's diem. The one was started. The young Oh, that's good. That's good. Actually, when I love this with the stop open. You see, this is the mesh for my leave. Okay, uh, is something you make yourself. But also, you got to do that dead easy. Quite simple, very fast. Um, we could even use a stopwatch for that. If you want. What? We won't do it. It's really fast. The rial, the beautiful part of speech tree. Is this part of the speed? Of course it makes great trees, but this is what you really appreciate. Things aren't done. Quite force. Let's move. Um, why did I love this one? It's not the most complicated on overly detailed one. It's the one that we have done in 42 seconds. Um, why did I load? It is because for the purposes off explaining this, I will need to show you a full tree with the bark. We're done. The drunk, the branches and the leaves. Render First Inc. You have a few options off selecting. What do you want to render? You are going to work most often with three of them. Number one standard. That's the one by default. Number two is script. You must work would script at some point in time. If you start and go with your tree perimeters and stuffing it with a new exporting, you have not switched to script. Something is wrong with your work. Phil. What is script This is all about, right? Solution. Click on script to see what that is. Okay, so it is a exactly a wire frame. The white frame moat, or has called its Petri script is very important when you start tweaking some off the critical para meters that we're going to go through. When you tweak these perimeters, some very nasty things can happen to the tree, and you may be tearing your your hair. That's thinking, Why is this happening? It's because you have not changed your resolution. I will show you how to change the resolution on. You need to be careful with resolution because to know is ugly is unrealistic, and it's gonna give you sharp edges that you find nowhere too high. He's just gonna be a pain, right? So what you need to do is every time you work on a certain in our roadmap every time Work on something on the trunk we need to switch to why family? To see for that particular one. Is it enough? And then look at the edibles. Okay, so this is the number two. Alberto, Check What is dot Let's click on it. You are going to have a look at the orbital check at some point in time at least once before exporting. Because what is the purpose of our beetle? Check? The purpose is to tell you spit tree, It's speech trees way off. Any new are your, um colors? Do the colors that you have Do they match what you find in nature or are you exaggerating? Are you going off board? Is it too saturated? Is are these color is something to be found in nature or not? This is a reality check. OK, so when you come here, if it's all gray, it's fine. Go. Actually, I have to tweak it to look good. Let me just go back to the live from these are simple. By the way, these are simple materials. I didn't bring any other materials for this one. As you have seen abuse sample materials for the 42 seconds tree. I have just tweaked this one. If I put it back, you're going to notice that I'm getting some Think it's not really think it's red? Red is speech trees way in this. Um, I'll be the check view speed through his way of telling you it's too much. There is too much brightness or saturation for what you would find in nature. Do you want to do something about it? I mean, you don't necessarily have to do something about it if you are making something for a fantasy land or whatever. But if you want to have it as part of your quality, check in terms of realism. Come on, look in here. And if it's blue, it's It's not enough. If it's red, it's too much. Chances are 99% of time you're gonna go want to go off board, gonna start loving those red leaves and those purple ease and those crazy yellow leaves and pink leaves and put believes and you bring them in and it's gonna shout in red any new hold on a moment. I understand you want to go crazy with the colors. Um, Do you want to do a reality check? And then you go bit by bit, starting to de saturate all of them Eso How do we tweet this? The quickest way is to come here. I know this isn't the time now for perimeters, but just to show you this interface, what you would expect is the maximum We bring this one a little bit down. This is the quick and dirty way, right? Because this is like reducing everything. Just making sure that brightness, saturation everything is reduced are on now. It's a white angry Nice. So this is fine. So let's go back to our standard view. Now you can look at the other views they want, but I showed you the critical ones that you need. You want to? You can look at the material one color, opacity, growth. But these are the critical ones. The show Bart. Okay. Show is just a matter. Visibility. Let me use shift and superior. Okay, well, let's click on this first click on just like somewhere and shift superior is going to reset my camera. There's a certain position of the Cameron's between when I click on Shift Superior. Um it will read. Size it, But it actually was. Show here I have. Okay. Did you do you want to see this text? Is it standing in the way? Do you want to make a screen print? Maybe Like this? This guy standing here? Do you know what this guy's doing is giving us a measure. This is very handy. But there comes a moment when you say thank you. I'm done with the measures because in the very beginning, the absolute first thing he wants is the land. You don't start with something else the length Does he need to stay standing there with that stuff? Not necessarily. So you have the option to come here and remove hate in together? You wanna remove this one as well? And we moved to remove texted and come here Over late. You move text. Um, remove lights and then you couldn't keep removing until you think Well, you don't want to grit. Let's get rid of the great Where's the grid? Grit you off. If you remove the ground up, you're gonna lose the shadow. Let me show you. Okay? Yeah. You lose the shadow I felt Give the shadow looks looks nice. If this is this zone is annoying. This is only is very important. By the way, it's not there for fun or just for just it is very important. It defines where things grow. And I'm gonna show you something interesting about this. Let me move them to the zone and say zones removed his own. Okay, you could say this is enough. Even this one x y z If you don't like it, you just say Okay, this is different. One. Where is my X y z access indicator? That's it. Okay, then we have a clean visibility. Does not them clean cling Overview. Hey, would love it, right? It could bring them back. Okay, we'll do that later. This is the zoom is or could do that with your school wheel. Seen part of what we talk about the forces wind and light is a different story altogether. Okay, that's where you add forces. This is where you activate with his activate wind. And this is what you want to do with access, like properties resolution. Right. This is an important part because trees, if you don't pay attention, you keep adding and adding and adding and you keep making it look perfect. And you say my leaves need to look very detailed. Your MASH is gonna have so many but polygons and you end up with something that looks like a monster in terms of particles. How big is this? By the way? Let me go back. Next. Takes over late on. This is one million, which is kind of fine. Generally one million. You're good to go. Um, it's not going beyond 57 million. Something like that. You think? Do you really want to think about it? Well, listen, it says, Go, Let's go to this song. Let's hope that you will be moving back and forth from between files. So that extended you thinks. Because now we're talking about Resolution High, Medium low on draft. When I had to load something that's reasonably detailed, right, it's still one million. Okay, listing one million. It's a lot, but it's one million. What we have in here is medium, right? This is one million medium. If I click on high, it's gonna take a lot of time. Okay? Not that much. Two million, OK, Cit's It's rather optimized. The template. They didn't go overboard it's right up towards this is high resolution two million. Kind of okay for high resolution, you can go a little bit, be above two million. It's all about whether it's a hero tree or it's another kind of trip, Right? If you have, let's say, for example, a museum back limit Zoback. I'm explaining high medium lower drafts and not what they are because you already know what they are. It's the use their off. Okay, so you have a tree like this, you have a forest, and this one is in front of the camera. Yes, you guessed it. This is high. This needs to be high. If you have a few just behind it, they're gonna be medium. And if you have plenty more at the back there going to be low So what do you mean high, medium low? You are able to export high, medium and low and use them. Okay. And that is exactly the same thing for materials. Let's go to materials were having going materials. Um but I can show you that NATO okay, because we are going. Definitely. You are going to do that? There's no way out. There's no way around it, you're going to do it. The measures for the for the leaves, for the leaves, even for the leaves you have high, medium and low. This is a brilliant opportunity on possibility. Sorry possibility in the speed tree to get different variations so that you can deal with hero trees. Does here trees with medium wants as medium was in with the ones as good. That is one part. There's the generator. A note. I'm going to switch to another one. You. Let's go back to our fast one now for the generator. A note. What is This generator is basically everything and nose if he starts to zoom on a particular thing. If I click here, then I'm talking to the trunk. If I click on this branch, have you noticed that although I have clicked on this branch order on the right, the lowest one on the right, I have all of them selected because I am at the generator level. What's generator? These are generations. These are the generators. This is the big I. It's like I'm selecting this one. If I d select and select this one, it's like I've done the same thing if I click on this and go to node, it means I am now only dealing with one of them. The others. I'm not gonna touch them so I can reduce, move, Do whatever I want to do with one specific. Okay? And this applies to any part. You select the moments you are a node. You're talking only to that. You go back to generator. You're talking to the whole set that falls under the note on the under day. Um, it's called generator activism. Node Scott, just avoid confusion here. We're gonna call them generator. Is, um Hey, we're gonna call notes as in individual parts off the directors. OK, then you've got the season part. You know what? For the seasons I'm gonna do, It's here. I'm gonna take you somewhere else as well. Seasons about spring, summer, autumn and winter. What do you expect to see at the end? Like the winter? Yes. Let's drug it and see well, we'll show dropped leaves. I like this part. You may not need it, but like this come here. I have put of Europe obvious in that I have put myself those leaves on the tree. I did in those 42 seconds I did to all of that. But what are they on the ground now? Because seasons, whatever tree you make you get to influence, it would seasons bottom. You're gonna find some of them are down and summer everything is there. But then what about the color? Now the calorie have the possibility to upload, As in Let's go back to the materials. Remember here for the leaf. We have just this one. Let's go and look at the samples that they have. Okay, so I'm trying to find samples for seasons because I use my own. Okay, cool. Cool seasons. Here we go. This is it. Okay, So you've got for the fall got for the spring. You've got this summer called the Winter. Okay, so when you load these on, you organize them. You can organize them individually. Or you can organize them in sets in material sets here. But when you look them, you can then define once you reach. And you even defined the percentage. Once you reach here. How much percent say autumn, For example, How many off these leaves? You want to be on the ground? How many will turn into another color on how Maney will be even squashed. But because the leaves don't stay flat, they get older and they get folded, right? They look old so that all of that you can influence on you can edit this part here and edit . And you say percentage. These are the percentages. So summer is in terms off. What you see, Just 33%. 60% and 1%. Okay. Sorry. What was that? 100%. This is 33% 66% and 100. Okay. And you can add stages like they're given, then natural things. So let's assume you are on a different planet. And you have not different planet like a fantasy world. And you want to have different things. You can add different things. Right? So this is about the seasons. Then you have the ad. Well, that is just another way of saying add here. If you want to do it here, you can do it here. If you say Well, I want to focus on adding things in the beginning before tweaking this and I want to maximize this window. Then you can work on it with this one visibility. Now this is a lovely one. You are going to need this one. Visibility is very critical. What does that really mean? Visibility. Let me show you nodes. But you need to select notes for that to work properly. Let me click on this. I've clicked on this one because I am a generator. All of them under the little branches have been selected. I want to zoom on this one. Yes, You know it by now You to click on the note. I only want to see that one. I don't want to see something else, but I want to see everything from the ground up to that one. Exclude all the rest. Just keep that one for me. But give me the whole route. You come to visibility and say focus or you use the shortcuts. There are shortcuts. You're going to learn them later. I'm showing you where you can find them F or control f to clear the focus. If I click on this, what is gonna happen is it's taking a little bit of time. His ability focus that is misbehaving. Spit tree is misbehaving. Well, look again. Visibility. Okay, Clear the focus on done. He treats me behaving misbehaving. Whole woman's focus. Okay, Not sure why I was crossing the morning of speech tree, but, um okay, this this now you consume on this one, and then you could do something with it. You can move it. You can do whatever you want. You actually are going to need this. When you're working on the leaves. There is no wait around this. When you start tweaking the leaves, I do not recommend you look at the whole tree and start changed to tweak in your arm para meters. Yes, I've done it very faster in the 42 seconds when I made the whole tree and 42 seconds included the leaves. But I knew what I was doing because I got so fast, so used like I know exactly. Perimeters need to be tweaked by not exactly how much, but in which direction and about how much to get them to look realistic. When you're making something, I strongly recommend you disable the other branches and you zoom 11 because you're working on the leaves. This guy over here is standing on the way. I just want to look at the least. Let's look at this and want to change them. If you want more leaves, I want to have more tweaks in here. If I want the tweaks to start earlier, you can. You can do that. This fellow is helpful for moving. Um, I don't want it. So I'm gonna come to show and it's the towards Director Bismol, you are going. You're going to reach the point when you want to find it and you won't find it. It's like you think I'm trying to move it. Where is that gizmo? You just come here to show activated because spit tree doesn't remember what you've done. So if you open it again and work in another tree, it's not gonna be there because it thinks you don't want it. You bring it when you want it. Okay, so this is one way on. Zoom in on the leaves on this is where you can curl them. You could fold them. You can twist making all sorts of things and also in terms off material. When you look working on the you can, you can do the orbital check as well. Though I recommend that all video to be done on the full tree. Not only branch, but it could still come here. Okay, Um, don't do it on the branch plants. Do it on the on the tree. Good. All right. Don't we finished a spot? Let's go to Not the part of the interview. Facebook. Almost there we have. Ah, yeah, I think we're almost finished. Clear focus. Then we are able to see the whole tree. Everything else. That's a nice way. Now the gizmo is here. You can four. It's by default scale, but you can use the normal W E r. That's something you find in my are in all, Um okay. All most three D packages. Sodini cinema fully. If this is the W r. If you're used to these, this is how you can on by default my default. You can know its scale. Okay, But you can change it with the w e r. On your keyboard. You can explore the collision here. Do you know what is going on without you noticing? XP tree is very faster for one reason, but it does give you the option to be slow right on. The choice is yours. One of those choices is the coalition. Let me just put the tree here. Can you see? Can you tell me if there are any leaves that intersect? Some leaves enter into another like one. Live inside another. Can you tell me? No, I get closer. Can you Can you show me a leaf that has intersected with another one? No, No. Okay, let's get closer. Can you show me a leave that has intersected with another? That's exactly the point of speed Tree. It is thinking Hold on a moment. No one is gonna notice. Stop. So how about we don't care? By default, we start not carrying. But if you happen to care, I give you the option to So this collision here and then It's not saying low quality meaning, just the branches. Sometimes Sometimes the branches are going to 3. Steps to create a tree part 1: let's start with a blank template that has absolutely nothing. We have not even loaded the simple materials. What we will do is start with a trunk. Now there are several options. As you know, we will notice several options, but let's start with a drunk number one. What Step Number one, of course, looking at the how high and how low. But to be able to visualize, it's better. Let's the number one be your material so that once you add the material, you can see what you're doing. You're changes to the with your changes to the length are going to make sense in line on we've aligned and in light off the material that you have added, The first thing is material. So where do you get that? Do you go to a year on? Get a sample. Fine. But guess what? We're now in the area where I want you to have more control. You have plenty. Okay, Not plenty. Sorry. You have some, um, materials here. Quite limited. Good ones are good ones. Not excellent. Good ones. But the maps that you have, the normal they hate to gross the ambient occlusion. You've got plenty of stuff in here in terms, off choices, but in terms off how many you have, How many barks you have harmony leaves. You have. It's just a something library. It's not. There's not much in this one. Okay, so what I recommend is it is very high time to take thanks in your hand to have full control. How do we do that? How about getting your own material? Something that is going to be fast on a free and do one that you choose, Not stuff that you find in. Assemble. Let's see. I'm going to open. The pros are here and we go to textures. Don't come. This website gives you the possibility to register for free and you get every day. 15 images for free with the limited was a vision of one king. Okay, so let's come here. Enter. Key word. I did not look in OK, but you need to register. And Logan, let's say bark, okay? Bark is the material that we're going to use for the drunk on. You have plenty off pictures, but I recommend that you go ahead and get these three the ones because they have okay. Three deeds because it's got plenty off maps in it. So if you come to this one and they are going to look different based on the seamless pattern how seamless similares, this one looks pretty cool. Let me go back. Show you. It's this one down here. Is this one. Okay, that one. Okay, go ahead. Get this one, for example. Get more if you want, But be careful because you have. If you have a free account, you're going to get a limited number off 15 per day. So this is 12 34 five. So you get the bark. Maybe the other time you should be used should use for the leaves. Okay, so go ahead and download. What are you going to download? Not the small one, the medium, Because it is the maximum you can get with the free one. So one K by one K one k per one k. Same story here. You're going to need the albedo we will use in the color. The normal for the normal. The, um or is it, uh, roughness. Roughness is the opposite of gloss, so we're going to use it in gross, but inverted. And we've got the young, um, in seclusion. Medications got him. But the most important one by far is a noble. That's how you get the depth. Yeah, okay. But it's a good allowed this one or any other one that you like or from any other software that, you know, size after any other, um, website that, you know, there are plenty of them that have Texas, but this one is pretty cool because it gives you the possibility to get started with something that looks pretty cool. All right, I already have. Don't know that these I'm going to use just three of them. Let's close this, and I'm going to not use this one, because with this one, I'm going to Ah, my simple. I'm going to go to add first add new. It's now it is doing is having more control bark and for fun, we're going to call it one, because I want to keep in your mind that you can add as many bark materials as you want and keep switched them and trying this one. Now try that one. Try that one. Barkey don't need to create a mess for it. That's the easy part. just loaded. That's it. So back one. Let's put it like this. The moment you create that you get back on here and it is ready for you to upload the maps . Which maps you need. That's minimum color, Noble. And it would really be really be nice if you've got a bit seclusion because otherwise that those shadows are not gonna be there. And it could be, Yeah, it's normal. That undid occlusion gives a layoff realism. So I'm gonna click on this and come to year. Got my book? This is the one that I have downloaded. So this is albedo. So I love this one here. Depending on the naming convention, that's your using for your files. It could have loaded automatically along off them in the same in the right place. But you need to write it in a certain way. I didn't I didn't know. Sorry, that's supposed to be normal. Normal Under deal. Come. It takes a little time to load this service response. Okay, good. Are we done? No, uhm I'm going to Yes, drag and drop it and say replace, but let's get closer. Yes, it looks kind of nice. But then comes the point where you want to drink the look off it. Do you have enough depth or not? So you may want to increase this to three or reduce it to 1.5. See, there's a difference. You give the illusion of depth. Um, using the normals. Right. So this is is changing is completely different. The how big is it? How do you want to change this one? If I wanted what? Too big? Like the texture is too big. I want to have its smaller. That could be a choice. But if you if you zoom in now, I think this is enough. But I you still need to show you how to do it. If you want to do that, you go to the trunk to the ferial. Okay? I don't think you v and you increase or decrees. So if you make to, it is going to be bigger. Resolution you off the UV on a smaller texture. Right? But be careful. While it looks a little bit more detailed now, it could look a bit repetitive. See this part here skating up. And if you go back, you lose the detail. So, Lou use this UV part with caution. Okay, cause if you are deaf are you can still see the detail on here and especially here. Okay, First things first is Let's look at it. Now we know what we can see. A proper truck. OK, what's the step? Number one after the material. How high do you want it to be now? How high you go to the spine length and because it's a trunk has got to be absolute to accomplish something else because it's not inherited from anyone. This is if you want to, you can make zero zero, not for the trunk, and then say I want to have them 10. 1/4 off inherited from the seat inherited from the seat 10 times the seed or wants to seed percentage off. Parent uh, for the cases of trunk, you don't you want to avoid the percentage? Okay, You want to use the accident? One. We are going to talk about the branches. You good use the percentage as a short cut on a lazy, quick way off. Getting things look realistic because there are some percentage is based on what is noticed observed in nature or you could If you want to have much more control, you could for some fantasy tree or you want to do it yourself. You can do it. Absolute. So this is going Absolutely. Let's say we go with 24 fun. Just so we say we have changed it. Okay. And then comes the with how thick it is. Um, thick is gonna be in the skins on a birth to is the thickness that skin skin is radius. Then you have absolute here, so you can make it thicker. Be careful. The size is 20 meters. So if you are going to go much higher, then it may make sense for the trees in the almost on to me dot thick and got high. But they do need to go back on, make it higher. So it needs to be proportionate to each other. Unless you want to just make the trunk got drunk. That's a different story. You got truck? He could do that. Okay, So you all going to come back to your 20 on the skin? I want my life. Hey, the thickness. Right now, this is not realistic. Okay? It's all step by step is just step number two. Number three. You want to look at your flares, This part over here. How think big detail do you want it to be? We're not gonna move to branches before we We need to get that drunk nailed before we move to any nails. You ve Sorry. Displacement on the displacement. You find flares. So that's step number three. The flares rages. Do you want a thicker? Ah, higher. I'm probably a little bit of noise. You make too much noise. You're gonna get Start getting those shar edges. It could be what you're looking for, but that's how you get it. Okay? I tend to go telling me changes with some of these binge is going to be going to bring you in or out. Okay. And then the angle is simply not dating does inside something like this. Okay, you can raise it. I could be thinker and higher doing this. Okay, that's one. It's like making a gigantic tree. Well, this goes go higher as God. Let's go. 35 intimidatingly higher tree. Okay, so now that we are done with this step number three, we're going to move to the resolution before we talk about the noise or let me take you to the noise to explain the problem. And then we come back to the resolution. Resolution, as we said, is the wire frame script. Is this enough? Well, I have no clue. I will be able to tell you once I start messing with the trunk. So let's start messing with the trunk. What do you want to do? You want to introduce some realism? Because this looks more like on almost straight. How do you add some details of this? You are detailed by come into date. Spine come completely down. There's noise. Late noise. Go straight to the late noise and add a little bit. Just be careful. This is the area where things can start to break about No break in the trunk. But the look is gonna look ugly. Thanks. I got going to look hungry. So when you do know is fine. Fine. It could go ahead as long as you get what you're looking for. But have you noticed here this you will not find anywhere. This isn't too sharp a turn. This is the problem. And here is where your friend the script view the white frame tells you you have it because you do not have enough and it has happened on the edge. So what do we do, right when you work with the noise, you always want to come to the segment. So the noises in the spine and then the segments you come to the Linda and with So for some reason, this was at least are next to each other. So, Linda is How many do you want? Fine. I want to have 50. Be careful with adding too much because it may propagate in the the, um, the quality of branches for 80. Fine. OK, that's folder Lent. Do I want to add war in the with? Probably because at some point in time, I want to add some more detail. So let's just make it 40. That's too much. That is too much. 30. Okay, this is kind of OK that I feel this could be no right. So this is high time for you to consider using another barometer under late noise Late. There's amount two week this one just tiny Better that this one is not to shop. Then you can use turbulence. Turbulence is your friend and in me at the same time. If you are too much, you get this. No one wants to see this, right? Good. If you do it slightly, you get, um, your noises accentuated. But this is the one that is gonna tell you. You need more resolution, right? So but be careful. You draw the have a reasonable resolution with reasonable noise. This is enough. This is enough displacement on the mesh. Okay, we can we deliver this? Do you work with this? I notice that there's a guard here. Well, this is your all the step. Next step is going to be lets out a cup. Well, you could, by the way, you can reduce this one. It's a choice either wants to, um, like, make it thinner. I need to give your choices that the other one is going to be less the choices for this one , um, for skin, for the radio. So there isn't only thickness here as also a part a year. The blue line. Do you know what this is? This is the beginning. And this is the end. This is the beginning. This is a doctor says the bottom. This is a top it saying you know that radio start thickness. Start with the full thickness of the bottom. But then keep producing it until you reached this. Well, what if it this is not enough? Then we just bring it down. I'm gonna bring it down until I show you that it becomes like a needle. Now, just do something that works for you Aren't something like this. Okay, uh, recently took up. So let's bring in a cup. God, A cup. It's Captain, but the camp has got no material. Needs to get this material as well. Que creek a mountain. You've got plenty of four meters for the cup. Okay, you can tweet that to you like but for now, the most important part is the trunk. Do we have the trunk? Yes. Is it too big? Too high? Probably. But I just started with something big. Let's now move to the, um to the to the branches. Now, there are some other tweets that we're going to make on the trunk. As a response to the branches. The branches are going to tell you all Hold on a moment. I don't have enough plays here. Do you want to ask the trunk to move a little bit to give you more place? We can come back to the trunk and change it to see, because you have a few options here, I'm gonna show me. Show you the quickest option, which is Big branches. Click on this off. Sorry. I need to select the the trunk first. So I get a trunk and then big branches. Big brush is gonna give you if you come to the spine. You notice now that in terms of Lemp, it's not absolute. It's inherited. It tells you. Okay, I am going to be 40% of the parent. How long is the parent? I'm gonna be 40% of it. Okay. And if you add more to it, big branches, more big branches, it's going to become What? Okay, I'm coming to this. I'm coming to this one. It's gonna be 40% off the 40%. And that's how you keep getting stuff. Now, this already has A is a starting point. Okay? You can apply the same techniques that we have done for the trunk. You can apply them to the branches. But now we need to wear fun thing. The branches are the ones that carried leaves. It's not the trunk. So we need to be careful with how many branches we have and where do they start? And how maney tweaks do we have now? Let me just quickly add a few tweets. A gain to the tree. That's it needs to be at the end. Oh, before adding, Explain this one for you. This is Speed Trees way of telling you. Hold on a moment. There's something going wrong. Sometimes you can choose not to care if you see two high own parent branch Too high on parent failed Weld. What is? Well, let's come here. Let's come here. Get closer. See this? Just trying to get to find one of the problems. Right? This one. This one this is my friend. Okay, zoom to this one. This has inherited. I inherited, um, thickness that say's 0.6%. 60% off the parent. Sometimes it doesn't have enough space toe weld as in to merge smoothly and seem a seamless in without problem because it's so high. It's so high and lower down here there's enough space will appear. The parents is getting thin so it doesn't have enough space. That's why it tells you well off. Put it in there. But guess what? It's not going to no good. So you want to keep it there or do you want to reduce the heart to hide? We are going to look at that later. Let's now go back to our big branches. But before proceeding any further, let me show you the options. You know what happened now when I would be branches. I just got big branches. But my trunk is still like this, which is fine. Okay, this is fine. There's another option which you may like from some to turn from time to time. Let me remove this one. There are the by for 18 branches. What on earth does by for Kate and mean Simple. You see here whatever you start with, he's gonna get spit and whatever you find, it's like roads that keep networks like a network off roads that keep splitting, splitting, splitting, splitting, speeding. So if I come to the trunk and selected by for Kate in branches, ID gets splitting, is guess plated. If you want this one to be part of the game. You come to the gentle ab. Yes, they are everywhere. The perimeters us spread everywhere to the extent parent and change it into any. This is not going to look good at the beginning. Okay, It's not going to look good, because the starting point off the skin for this one is good, but this skin for the radius But the starting point off this one is too thin. So in this case, off by for Kate in branches. What you want to do if you are going to use the, uh, any, um otherwise you could just simply see non on you stay with this. And if you say bye for Kate in more bifurcating, then you keep splitting more. Okay, so what you have is the optional to reduce the length of us. Reducing it is where the spine length. 100% of the baron. This is not good, but you can find is easily nature. So but in our case is too too much. I e go ahead. 0.7. You could if you want to show a comm backed tree a small compact, a tree. Now this one is not small, but If you wanted compact, you can go down 0.45 Can't let's say duplicate, because that's also an option. If you've worked on the par meters and you don't need to do them again, you just duplicate on connected this one. Then it's starting to look more compact, right? Um, let's make it even more pronounced. Three. Life. It's It's like an angry small tree. 35 that's duplicated again. This one here. So you see how different the look is off course. Here. Here, you get some sort of a problem. However, however, it's a matter offer, tweaking a few parameters to make sure that you do not get this. Let me look at these. This one, for example. We want to work on the skin part. This is where it goes wrong. It goes wrong in the 97% off the thickness. So why don't we reduce? This is Europe on seven. Reduce this to 0.7 and it's going to look much better. But if this is one of the looks you're going for okay, especially without leaves, um, then you you can look at the trunk in terms of noise, whether it's OK, You want to add more of these? Then you can come to the generation. Top generation is the number and then you come to the threshold owned reducing It is going to give you more dependent on the space. No, the threshold gives you When you reduce it, you get more. But this space defines really the rial one that makes a difference in space. You know what this is? Space between each one off them. What if I come back like just remove this one and the top? Keep this four and reduced the space in If my reduced the space in a start now getting more because they don't need that much space between them. Book? Yeah. You get live in crowded scene here, which is fine. This is fun. If it's what you wanted it Now this is for the by for kating by for Katona branches and you do the same thing you decide. Number one, the spine, the length. How much of that? The skin. That's the percentage I think I'm okay with 19 for the 1st 1 97% um, you can add you can say Well, this one, Actually I'd like to have, um, one plus no, that's That's a That's a lot 01 cross so you can have the absolute plus the percentage. Okay, that's just to give you that option. And then you can do the same thing with the noise. Noise is spine, not the late noise are you already have some in the by free kating branches, but you can get them crazier on. A little bit of Turan's identity is going to impact. Everything you do on a parent is going to impact the Children, the drunk impact, the three branches, the by forgetting purchase. And then these arguments impact. These ones in practice wants the number that off their number and where they are. If there's too much noise, then they're going to find a place where they can exist. So this is how it's organized. Okay, Now, this is one option bifurcating and in terms off, um, the, um para meters for bifurcating designed the main once, but you can also You can also go ahead and start tweaking, especially for the spine and the skin. Okay, So despite his skin now, what have we agreed that we're not going to move any further before going on looking other script. Now we can't move to the next level off moving twigs and stuff. Can you notice a difference? Let me show you. There may be or may not be enough here on this is a part that you're going to like, because sometimes it doesn't look good when it's the welding. The welding is not enough, especially if you start putting too much noise. And if you make this one think, Well, this is kind of fine, but it's on the border, like, really almost going to break. I wanted to look more realistic. This means I want to give it more resolution so that it has more freedom to move. What resolution do I mean, the trunk. Although I mean the branch, I do not mean either of them. I mean, in the middle here. So I'm gonna need a resolution here. How do I do? Let me look at this one. When I go to the u V, there's, um is it the UV spread everywhere it's called? Um, Sculler. Well, it's color. Sorry, it's under segments. Makes sense because it's the resolution. It's Weld scholar. So for this one, I'm going to increase more. So you get more. Not in here, just in this intersection, but world's color. Okay, so don't look too much. Just about enough for it to feel comfortable, right? If we do anything now, we have enough resolution to handle the the moves. Okay, lets go back described. Do I have enough resolution on this one? I did not plan to do something crazy with them, but I can always come and come to the segments and add. See here. See, this is absolute plus relative. So, Aiken, increase this six here in the length or to seven. And you noticed that because of the resolution, the place off the Children is moving. Let's go back to five. They're moving. Depending on the resolution that you're adding 10 radio, I'm gonna add some war zone. Just making five or fully seven. Okay, Good. This makes our wells color really, really strong. It does not mean we need to have it like that. I'm showing you in case things start to break Bayer. That's how you fix it with the segments. Good. Let's go back. It was our purpose from the very beginning to make this tree that looks like this. No. The purpose is to walk you through the step by step roadmap off the para meters. Just avoid you getting lost. So what have we done? We have worked on the Lent off these branches on the length in here on the skip on the noise. Okay. And timberland savvy. I did turbulence on the nose tables against him two years. Be careful, Otisville. It's OK. So this is one. Let me do this on another version. Okay? Let me get another. Should tell you what, I'm going to open a new one, Do you? When I keep this one open when I get a new one and I get another top because this is one of this is another one. I you know what is just, um Let's work on the same one. Just to save time, there wasn't gonna have to redo all the things that you already know by now. What I will do is in a lazy way disconnect these ones, so delete. Select this connecting line and lead it. I'm just move them somewhere. What about good news? Because the cup was selected with them. Yes. Move them. OK, it's a bit difficult to move this stuff. Um drunk. Let's now go and get the big branches version of things. The cricket is Well, I think the big brushes is nothing. Now what can you do for whether the big the bifurcating or the big branches not only number one villain number two the radius number three don't know is, but also where do they start generation and their number? How many do you want? You are gonna find frequency and count. These are the two that you care about. Most Frequency is Let's look at this. Consider days for as one circle one round one, wave one. No. Yeah, like one one part one frequency, but one to three four each. One of these has four branches. This frequency is not I wished actually, with these numbers corresponded with these, but it's like it's something you can move in percentages de leur the lists. You're going to help now you Or did you only have this of this one? This 13 If you want to have mawr waves, you get like this. I'm calling them waves teams of branches. Since that makes better sons sets of branches you have more with the frequency. How many do you want? The branches themselves. You're going to influence the number. This 1234 is here. You want five sixths? 123456 Okay, be careful with higher numbers, because the drunk is not gonna have enough space to support all of them. And that's where things start to go wrong with the world. And that's where you also need to make sure you have enough resolution for the wells color . But in case you need to have something fancy, you could do it. But this is the count is other two important ones on spiral Bit is like turning them around . Okay, um, the spread is how much space do you want between them? Because for now, they're set their next to each other in one perfect circle. But if you want to spread them around, it's like give them a bit of space, something like this. Okay, so I think they don't look like they're sets off branches. Everyone seems to be on its own, though They have space between them. OK, so this is the next part about the branches. The 4th 1 all right. The 5th 1 is going to be. When do you want them to start again? And their generation tab first and lost. If I go zero, he's gonna start way down here now. It doesn't mean is going to start at zero because it knows its history. It knows it's not gonna grow in here until you put a route would talk about root. So this is how it means you have given your permission to go as low as the tree wants to go on here. Just try to avoid the nasty number one. No one wants to see number one there. You don't want to see it. I don't want to see it. Your audience doesn't want to see it. Your art doesn't deserve that. Always stay a zero point. Find something because one is going to be the one thing that's gonna create all sorts of problems. Because you gotta go so high that you could end up with again, see, failed. Well, branch to high own parents because we have used the number that no one wants to see. Say that if I go 0.92 is gonna tell you, okay? No messages now you're good to go. Now. You know what a tree looks like because number It gives you the option for one. You can put it there. No one wants to see. Zero is stair awesome trees that start very low. Fine. Yeah. There are some trees. It could just start to going up kind being the tree be started from finding in starting at zero. If you want not zero as in here, but the tree. You will see for yourself. If you want to put you up. Fine. Just move with 0.1. So sorry. Uh, yeah. It was still changed to a point to completely gone. Okay, Another thing. So next step now that we have the find where they start, Have you noticed that the brunch seem to go in the direction they want? The angle, The angle is Have I decided that? Have you decided that I haven't decided up? So why is it going that direction? Why are you not point in like this? Or like this? Or like this? Why is it going like this? Because by default it looks nicer like this. But I'm supposed to make decision knots. Petri. Okay, speak trees. Give me it's than a standard default to start with. If you want to take it, then comes your next critical set setting a perimeter, which is the start angle. Where do we start? Find to start angle. You find it under despite spine, you find the start. Here is your start, uncle, and you could see what you can do it it well, it's not for playing around, but for changing, actually, depending on how crowded is your scene. And this is less relevant for branches. But it's more living for two wigs. Okay? And for the smaller branches looking branches, the bigger ones are 10 to rather go with this standard look. But if you want to change it, this is where you can change it. Okay, that is number one. If you think for whatever reason, this is like a noise tohave if for whatever reason you want, I want gravity to be stronger on these fellows. Well, if you push it off, you're gonna get this right. Then you could even define how you wanted to look like it's a matter of aesthetics. And what you want to influence gravity has got I scientific number that's already embedded in speed tree. But here, you get it out there. Don't. Okay, so there's That's another one. Good. So no have covered. I think enough para meters for the branches. Just be careful with the late noise. Be careful with the Where's the let noise, Michelle, what I'm talking about. Be careful of the late. Always careful with turbulence, okay? Because these can be quite painful, though. We haven't done much actually, this years. And travelers could be quite nasty if you don't have enough noise. Roids. Remember, the idea is just to make sure that it doesn't look flat on straight like a stick. Okay. Is that because you introduce some level off noise, some level off distortion? It is going to look realistic because there is no exact pattern from one tree to another rights. And this, and by the way, it's gonna add leaves. You will not see any of this thinking. Well, the moment we just waste no time here. No, but your tree needs to look good. Every part of it, it is speak tree fast, but yeah, I'm sure I'm showing you how to do it very fast. Good. I'm taking my time or where they spent about 40 minutes on up. Uptil here. We haven't even gotten to the leaves. But I'm showing you those critical perimeters bit by bit, explaining what impact is so that you get to work on the details that no one is going to see. But if you are working on a hero tree, they are going to see them. Okay, you will see that good fun. Let's add Brit bifurcating the top off big branches for fun, okay? Or do the opposite. Whatever. Keep experimenting with the branches, especially with the branches. They are going to give you interest in shape. Starting point for the tree. All right, let's let's go with this one as is and start to you know what? Let's disconnect on work with the little branches. Okay? Little branches is the exact same story is the exact same settings. They just happen to be smaller, that's all. They're designed by default by speed tree to make sure. If you want them, you blood them and you move on. But of course we don't do that. We just look at the length. Step number one. The length Is it enough it is very realistic. It's very good. And I think you want to have them enough long so that you get a thicker radius off the treatment. When you have the leaves, then it looks richer. It looks bigger. Um, but then you can still do that with deal, Twix, Twix or not very tall, by the way. Not very long. So you want to influence that? This is step number one. Step number two is the skin. Do you want to have thickness off? 50%? I think it works. Findings are not twigs. That should be fine. I think it's okay. So step number three is to go to the noise. The noise One is if noise you don't put too much because it gain, Let's go. And any time you touch noise, come to the wire frame. Eight. Need time? What I would like to change, however, I'm gonna jump. Directed revolt has seen this steps right. We could just repeating them. I'm got a jump directly to the angle. That angle. It just doesn't look. It looks to it's OK, it's OK. Probably I want to change change the start angle just a tiny bit like this just a tiny bit . Maybe for fun. The gravity, tiny bit gravity. No one's don't notice it anyway. And then we're going to move to the, um, to the young two weeks. Okay, what are twigs? 4. Steps to create a tree part 2: two eggs did not really branches reduced, but they're kind of branches reduced. They have similar para meters. But you're going to notice that end their generation. Um, you have several notes for the leaves. The motor gonna be different for them. We worked with Interval. I have several, um, method, several modes of generation. We're sticking with the standard one for no. And this is what you get. These aren't your tweaks now for the twigs. That is what defines the number. Okay, Partly the number off leaves. How rich is gonna be with leaves is the twigs. Mainly, of course, it's going to add more off these little branches. Have you noticed that when I've gone really fast with speed tree and made a tree in 42 seconds the whole of the tree have you noticed which, um which, um, let's call them generators, design notes. But it's called, um, generators that you don't get confused with this one. Which generators? After I've touched I stopped on the little branches. I've worked on the leaves, more leaves in leaves, more lives in twigs, more lives in the other twigs, more lives in the little branches, and stop That's how you get it. So you can influence number off leaves by increasing. It's the same story again. We've talked about this in the bright big branch. Is the same story here frequency in count you have. You know them now you know them. So frequency is how many you know what it's getting too crowded now shall resume shall be focused. So I'm going to stick to this one and say Noda, visibility, please. Is this a little brown big branch? Um, not big brunch year. He's a big natural elements have preferred to have one. That is Let me get this one better. Then I got a visibility on focus. This way this cup comes in moments in your the life off the making off the tree is victory where you have to photos and we have to focus. Now, let me just get rid of that thing, This one Good. Now this is my, um a little Yeah, that's a little the little ones. The moment you add more if the county even make it for automatically doubled more leaves because you have more underlying parents. Be careful, though. If you keep increasing this one for the count. It is going to become a little bit in oil because you will not have enough weld capacity off the parent. But for now, it's OK if you have a problem. Speech reason is gonna shout. You get that message again here. Messages. I gotta tell you the problem too high on the parent or something or not enough? Not enough for? Well, then. Okay. So I'm gonna bring it back down to three. And let's talk about the twigs, the twigs, Same story. You've got the frequency. But be careful. You need to probably to bring it. Lift it. See, I've got three of them now. Meaning if I add more twigs, I can duplicate these ones. Or to be careful because I've already added three layers here. Three times three has got nine. Each one of them has got nine. Okay, Some nine sources of leaves, each one of them. If I duplicate, that's going to be much more so. If I just bring in a twig like an innocent week, Um then I will conduct with this standard I can add one more. No more frequency. Sorry. Gonna take a little more. Here we go. That's one okay, and I will stay with three. That's it. Good. Now what do we have? We have enough to start thinking about leaves, and I will try to go through the leaves very fast because you may be thinking, Oh, that one is intimated. It's an intimidating process. I don't want to go through that one because it's complicated. That is dead simple. It's so fast, I will show you how to do it with a sample leave. And then later on, when we start talking about the our self prepared, this court self prepared leaves. This is out of same thing. OK, but the simple party is quite fun. Let's come here and at what? You've got plenty of choices or not really plenty of leave much. I strongly recommend you go with bunch Bachelet. What's the difference? What's the difference? The batch leaves give you the they're the same. That the same. The only difference is how do you say that this one keeps you keep control at individual level? This one tells you if you don't want that individual control at the leaf level, did you want to go with the batch leaves? Because this is gonna keep all dumb. Um, yeah, it's gonna keep the controls. Basically means keep a lot of information on its gonna be slower and everything. You can use it. Fine. Go ahead. Do it if you want to tweet leaves like individual leaves. But who wants to to do that? You can do that. But we have a command. You go with the batch leaves much leaves is exactly the same thing. Same look same. Everything is just you get to work on the whole thing. You want more? You get to hold on that more when you talk to batteries, as one guy was One that's just one. Thess is individual leaves. This is one guy. So let me add it. Sorry. Without added to the wrong place on uh, actually, what? Will you have this line? Because this one is not connected on the by forgetting. Can I make connected later for fun to show you the variations you could make of it. What is this mess over here? He get cuts where that's what they are. But we're going to have measures. Don't work without a mash, please. Always with the mesh. So let's get a leaf. Um, do you recommend we bring something from a simple Shall we use something of ours? No, because we are going to go through the whole full blown process of making our own leaves. I I'm going to take a sub below. Okay, but it's the same process. It's the same process. It's just that for the other ones were going to go to photo shop and recreate all the maps . Now we're going to use existing mumps. Okay, so four existing maps, same story. Hold on them. Some same story. Let me go to to the Dexter. Thanks. Cars dot Com as the same story here going to say, leaves or leave or whatever. And then you get them here. Uh, some of them are going to have those. Let me let me show you another one. Let me show another one, cause I really need you to, um, let me show you another one, quickly. Uh, don't. Yeah. So I was trying to get rid of this show you I'm getting it ready for just changing a few problem meters here. Okay. Almost done. Done. Done. Ok, there's this one as well, right? There's adobe stock now. I do not at all invite anyone to make any subscription whatsoever. Even what you mean when you look at this? See you. Look at this one textures, I'm telling you, go get the free one. You want to get the pain stuff? That's your choice. But that's your choice. But in here, you can also find, since Ling was too long, some reason given me. Okay, It's it's not changing anyway. Leaves up. Oh, yeah, leaves whatever X tested a recent one leaves. Then you get all sorts off stuff. It doesn't mean that you have them with the normal map with inter collusion with the gross map with What is it? Get capacity map. You don't have all of these. You're gonna make it. But that's a different story altogether. I'm showing you how and where it could get stuff that's a little bit six rescued, baby. That's a lovely one. Anyway, um, so you can get them from here on, we are going to get some leaves and we go to work on the Now I'm gonna show you how to do the full process with some belief. Okay, So I'm going to load. No, I would have on? No. I'm going to load the something. One symbols, What you need to do leaves a wounds and then and go to another part of the bomb. Broadly. Okay. This one. Okay, so when we will work on individual leaves, we're going to make these maps. Not sure what to make them. The necessary was to make them in. Um, no, because select the 1st 1 and just click on. OK, open when you open. Oh, sorry. Sorry. That is 11 Big Miss Steak. Yeah. Sorry. It's not Has loaded. It has. Loaded was loaded. Yeah, it has the editorial. It has loaded because I normally do my own stuff, so I don't do stuff like this. Uh, this is now the color capacity, the normal, the gloss. And you could tweak these parameters. You. We've already talked about this. You can make the normal stronger, so you get it more, get edgier and make it more detailed. You don't need to do that. Sometimes it could look filigree, but you look at details. Now before you proceed any farther, let's assume you have done it or you have. I mean, even if you have gotten your picture from elsewhere, and you made the opacity map normal map. You know, the subsurface map. Even if you do that, you are going to need the critical, the most critical, the most important step, which is a mesh. And this is the fun part. It may look intimidating and wrong and like what we need to do with this, it's quite simple. Where is the root? The party is going to connect to the, um um to the to the branch. To the tweak. Is it this one? It's not gonna connects Emanate from here. It's going to take for me, right? Okay, put it here. This line is going to show the fold in line. So where is the other extreme? This is the first extreme. Was that extreme? It's here. So how do I move this one? The angle of this one like this? Even if you get it, let's assume your picture was horizontal. Fine. That what you do is you bring this one here and you push it like this for what is not the one. Okay, so also, I just messed up one of the don't stare. Okay, let's bring this one open and put it exact centers. So this is extreme. And this is the exact center. All right, well, it's not crossing exactly like this. We don't care about that. Now we're going to create a mesh. This is already a mesh by default. What you see in here are measures made off this rectangle in here. But let's make a mish mash needs to cover everything that is the leaf. So these edges when you click at the point. Uh, well, that's nice opportunity to have this one here by accident. You can use the young, the razor to raise it. Un come back here. And, um, just make sure you cover it properly. You don't spend some. Don't use too many points more than needed. Let's put like the stop use more than needed. Because every point is creating a novice of division meaning more polygons. You are now looking at polygons. Okay, well, triangles. What? Okay, So what do I have here? I have a store. It Ian point. Have you noticed there's high medium low? Remember that story off high, medium low? It applies to leave as well. We're going to make a high. You're going to make you medium. I don't make a low. Okay, so before you do anything, come to the center and click three times. This way, if you want to fold the leaf, you have the edge is two fold in it. Okay? Something like this doesn't have to be very, very precise. But something like this you have noticed that I have this rectangle that is redundant here . Um, you don't want to have any any did wait, did weight? Polygons Polygons are just there for nothing. Now this is This is for no reason. So I just click twice here. I just go back. This is needs to go on. This one needs to go. We could have had more. But this is not British show. We have to mask out. Mask is basically look at it as don't put anybody goes here. Click and click. I prefer to use it as a razor off polygons flights. Good. Ok, so how do is his high resolution? This doesn't look like high resolution is 123456 It's not much. So how do we do the high resolution? It's with the desolation. You go up here on Be careful before you get stuff, Garrett, it start getting carried away and moving it up because this is crazy. This is crazy. This is Mark. This is insanity. This this is insane. This is Mount. This is crazy. You want to just We're talking about a tree. I'm gonna end up with a huge number of leaves if you just have one tree. Imagine you've got a forest of these. Definitely high high resolution should look like this. Click here. This is really I This is high compared to what you should have. I'm OK with this. Let's say you are working on hair. Itri. It's kind of okay. Okay. Since normally I would go something like this. Yeah, Something like medium is less polygons. Something like this. Medium and low. Something like this. Let's click on. All right. Something like, Yeah. Yeah, probably. The medium should be good. More No tiny bit more. Kind off. Okay. Yeah. High, medium low. Do I need to do anything with me to click somewhere to save or no, Just by clicking on this one, you have created it. It's already there. Get in the habit of just click and somewhere else, and it's already there created for you. It's now on. It is going to load based on where you are. Are you standing on the high is gonna load your highly Leave high Michelin medium, medium and low It's gonna bring in the low crafted All right, let's go back to the material. Let's go back to this one count. We have measures now. This is already a leaf front one cut out toward in there. You can edit it if you want, but we've already finished or did on it. Good. Now we come in a sign. No, hold on a moment. I want you to remember to Greek on two sided. Let's do it anyway. Let's come here. Show you. It looks completely unrealistic. It's just starting what I know. But we're gonna tweak it, and in no time it will look good. It did look good in less than 40 seconds. The whole tree good as in realistic and on decent looking. And there's something missing. And if you click here, what is this? Some are empty because it's not two sided. It's not double sided. It turns the leaves around. So sometimes you look at the front or Sometimes you look at the back and guess what The Back in the front of the same anyway. Um, two sided sweetly counter cited When you click on two sided then you get sort click on the bark Me to go back to my leave Click on two sided When you click on Decided that they're all filled in Now we can start talking to the leaves Now the placement off believes How do we get them to look realistic? Because if we look at this now, it looks quiet and realistic for simple reason that you have two looking at each other objects facing each other like that And it's just not good. Absolutely no good. We have some para meters. Of course, that you can very easily and very fast change. Read quickly changed eso you click on the batch leaves and let's start the show. The first thing is organization. Your best friend is the orientation top. Here you go straight to the fold. Curl untwist. Okay, so let's come here. Get closer. Look at one off the leaves, something like this. Okay, so we can start with this fold before moving to this one. Okay, let's Let's if you if you tweak this, you're going to changed orientations of having them just vertically Eso just horizontal on flat, facing each other in the flat way. You are going to be able to do this blocks plus ability actually to say that down here. So this is down and this is this is the bottom of this is the top top off. What off? The parent saying Okay, now I want to have Lis at the beginning and more at the end and more of the top or more at the beginning. Unless at the top Have you noticed those are other top get less in back. Of course, I need to have more impact, so less off it here and more. By the way, you can just school back on, then use the scroll wheel the middle of the middle school, and then you raise this one up if you want. This means that there is going to be a variation between the angle at the top versus the one at the bottom of the button of fort. But the bottom off the parents in here. Okay, so this is one tweak. Another one is going to be the A liner. So this it's it gives you the impression that is the same thing. But it's not this. This one is facing each other like face to face this one. The line is next to each other. It's like moving towards it like this. Okay, now, do not go off board with these values. Please. We're just talking about minor tweaks. Minor tweaks. 0.2 ish. Probably zero point. I don't know, some letters or a bit more for full face. It could be a little more plus. Plus this this this curve. Now, this one is quite useful, actually, because that introduces variation inside the same parent in the same Barnes. You could You could do the same thing here. Okay, um, under the face. All right. And then there is the sky influence. Simple. Do you want them to face the sky, or do you want them just not to care about it? Okay. You could start with saying let's face this guy or have 0.4. Okay? It's just as you like, um plus plus, give yourself a little bit off variation between the leaves. So the variance is actually so If I say 0.1, it means that some are gonna get 0.3 some. We get 7.4 on someone, get 0.5. That is gonna be quite helpful if we give variation everywhere, get in the habit off doing this. Especially when it comes to leaves. Now we finish with the local orientation sky influence, fold, align face. But the real, real real difference is gonna happen at that fold curl, Um, and a tiny bit of trace the formation. For now, they look like very sharp cards. No leave doesn't look like that. Let's get closer. Very Kloza. Okay, we can see the texture and we could see everything, but we would like the forum to look a little bit more realistic. So falled in it means that's exactly what we would like to see. Plus, girl, you can move it back. Gravity. You don't want to do that, Do so. It needs to be a little bit back. Something like this, right? So But this value is applied to all of them. How about we say 0.1 difference variance and that this one is zero point one difference? Okay, so already we get a form that is not sharp, not flat. These are we're going to twist. What does the twister? Why? It's simple twists. But I don't want you to go off border to twist. Please. Because if you do like this, it starts. You know, it's not very cool. So stay off zero points. Want absolutely maximum. Well, not really maximum, but I would say if you have the variance of 0.5, you're gonna get to 0.15 0.5 OK, so, um, this is number two, but it has the most effect. This is why I tend to go to come first to this one and then go back here. But let's have a little bit of discipline of going first to the documentation, dented the deformation, then go back for the final adjustment. I have to admit I have no idea why they wanted to go to the final is just an adjustment. We haven't We're not done yet. We got plenty of work to do, and and final actually would resist me. Just do. It's kind off providing the same effect as you would have up here in the fold but you are able to do it in different angles. So no like this. What you could possibly do on sometimes Sometimes I can recommend a, um, doing the following zero zero and zero. Or you could you could tweak them if you want to take them. But if you feel like you don't need to just add it the variation the violation takes effect even with a zero, because simply it's gonna be like minus 0.1 or zero no 0.1 to all of them. This way, you can say, well, without any values, I'd like to have a difference. A variation. Cool. Now can you tell now that there is a kind of a significant difference from wherever we started and where we are now from those flat twins that are facing each other in a sharp, flat way to this? How we don't Not yet, because this are the number off leaves that have been generated based on the existing perimeters. Based on what has been set so far. Having works with the creation or orientation types are the orientation time, which is your best friend for the leaves. You come back to the skin deep. Okay, The skin is mainly if you have imported your own, which I guess is most of the time. If you're gonna be working with Petri quite often, you're gonna import your own leaves, and these leaves are gonna be scans. And it's going to depend on the size of the image size of the measure. Gonna make everything. It could look big. So these are ordered optimized. If you think you're leaves that you have important are gigantic, like compared to the size of the tree. They look ridiculous. Um, you just drove that thing down. No, it doesn't work in this guy. He's because it looks well. Two tiny they have already. This is a sample. This is simple of leaf. So it's already optimized in terms off size. So this is where you can change your size. Now, let's go now to the generation tub. Why do I want to go to the generation of its? Because that's where the numbers come from. Okay. You want more generation? He wants more off something off. Anything whatsoever generation. Let's not accept the tree, the number of trees. Then you need to go to the tree. Okay? lets no come to the generation tab on. We noticed that actually, wild twigs are unload mode Interval. The little branches are one mode interval the big branches on what interval? The batch leaves our on load. Phil, Taxi. Okay, You don't need to worry about these terms if they are too technical for you For a simple reason that we have one critical, um, barometer that you want to worry about here to actually to you can get closer. The intern owed length. If you reduce it, you get more leaves. Now you're going to notice that when you drop below one, it is going to start really making a difference. Now it's already make some difference. They dropped the lower one and it starts making more. This is the Internet length, meaning you are not reducing how much space there is between each one of those individual competence. Reducing the space means you get more. That's the result. The extremely careful the shortest way on most guaranteed, most guaranteed way to get rubbish looking trees. Um, and the fastest way actually to ruin your work is to go too far down on the Internet length . Let me show you How ugly, Completely disgusting. It is going to start looking if I keep continued pushing it that there is going to come some point. And this is the point I am talking about. When you start playing around getting closer to the zero, you get completely in realistic. I'm not talking even about in the collision part where you have their entry into each other . But if you look at the whole tree, actually, we don't even need to look at the whole tree. This is now completely and realistic, nowhere to be found anywhere in the world. Well, I hope so. I haven't seen everything, but you see how the distance between them has become so ridiculously and realistic. This is something you want to be careful with. So, yes, it is your keep or a meter. But just a moment you reached 0.6, you might be thinking, Do we want to stop here, or do you want to risk making it look completely ugly? It's enough. Remember, you're looking at one single branch. You're not looking at a tree. Once you load, the whole tree is going to make a difference. So is this kind of Okay. I think this is completely is quite full. You can. What you can also do is let's get a little bit closer on. Let's see this spread you can. Too weak to spread a little bit. Just tryin to get any one of these leaves. Something like this. He is closer. Yes. Okay, now it works. Just spread. Um, be careful with this one. It it's trying to create spacer were the reason of space. All right, so it's it's you can you can try to tweak it, but I recommend if you go down on this one, try to avoid going off border. This I can grow at 0.0 three. That's even a lot. So, upon 05 could be okay. This could be okay. It's introducing a level off. Um, yeah, it's It's kind of making them a bit random. Oh, this is making 0.1 at the end. You know what? Sometimes it's good to leave some parameters alone. This one? If I didn't have to low on Internet length, I would have to exit a little bit Tiny Now the spiral bit is well, just twist stockholding a little. We're talking now about minor minor. Um, two weeks. Good. That's it. That's it, right? What you can do. I think I've already talked about this one. Do urine. When I talked about the interface, Just a quick reminder. If you get too much and got too many leas, if it's too much crowded, then you can use this. Look out and it randomly reduces the number off. Well, farm off leaves. So if you don't want to come back and then start weekend everything, especially the internal, and you can say Okay, fine. You know what? Let's just leave it. Just knock out a few. This is a very efficient way to this is in this spirit off speed, speed three. Good. Okay, now we're done with this part. Let's have a little look at the overall. Let's okay, I see you may be thinking there's 22 shiny there to clean. I agree they're too shiny to clean. That's because we have imported them the way they are, and we have a gross value off one. You don't always keep the gross value off one. When you have a tree that's been there for a while on the whole falls off. Dustin stuff has been covering the leaves and all sorts of things and people touching them and whatever. It's not shiny, so the gloss off one is not very realistic. You want to change this to something that works for you? Zero is absolutely out of the question. Okay. Zero is something you always want to avoid. Seven Attempted to go six something. Just reduce the Grosjean's. It is their produce it. And that's going to depend as well. On your it, dear, I okay, we're talking here. Or simply it's they are. If we If you're gonna make a tree, I'm gonna put it in a real live action. You're going to make an HD or I have to set right? Okay. Was it sunny? Was it, um, cloudy day? It's a cloudy day and have got so much gloss on the tree. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Yes, it's fine. The light is going to be late. Less light is going to reflect, but still, sometimes you want to turn it a little bit done. So it's knowing where it's going is gonna help you with parameters in speed. Tree good 0.65 is kind of OK for us. Now let's go back on. Say we want to see everything. India, Where is that show? No. Sorry. Not sure. The visibility. Visibility clear. Focus Clear. Focus. Never. Goodness, that doesn't look like much, does it? Why? Because the leaves have done the maximum they can do in terms off node. You know, I just avoided in your confusing you because these are technically notes. It's just that they call them now notes when they are individually, this are now generators and speak to the generator. Botch leaves has done his homework. Okay, he studied. Okay, listen, I've given you the maximum I can. You want to get more? You're gonna go and tweak other people's barra meters. I'm done here. Okay? So go ask the other ones for more, and that's what you're gonna do. So what you do now is actually a multiplication effect off what you've done. You come to the twigs and we talked about Number is generation gente generally is one of the first generally tends to be the first parliament frequency we talked about. This frequency is how many sets of circles and the count on how harmony burn circle okay. In this case, I think what I could possibly do is increase it to tiny bit. Tiny bit claim. Already at 566 issues kind off. In this case, there's go always going to the mental Nutri. And remember, it's twigs. Number one. It's twigs number two. It's little branches. I'm talking about. Three Different not to call them different generators up are going to work together with the bus leaves to make more leaves. So don't put too much pressure on one of them. It is gonna look ridiculous. 63 We kind of good. Let's move to the next 163 were Okay, let's move to lately branches frequency. Probably. I need to have a bit more the How do you call it? Diem. The placement depends also on the number, so sometimes you noticed that it's moving up. Why do you think it's moving up? Because I am creating more space for the one that is coming. So I'm moving that one up so that the other one comes and joints. Okay, that's enough. That's kind of enough. All right, then you may think, Well, do I have enough branches like the big branches me. You could go for more of these, and it always happens in the chin. So what we can do is increased the number. Okay? If I push it a little bit, it is going to go up. Then I have counts to I don't think I want to. This is too little. Two branches, first set. So here, you've got to hear you've got to You've got to it. And it's also almost facing one way. Okay, you've got one here. Um, I'm gonna go with three. This is a multiplication effect now, so if I go with three, um, duh. I'm looking a big branches on. I'm just thinking it didn't I didn't add much for the traded it. Another thing. Okay, Another thing. Little branches. Let's go back. Sorry, little branches way. Do they start? Here is 0.215 20%. So 20% off The branch is left and touched. Do I really want that? I'm okay. I could do it, but it's like all of this has left untouched. Yes, you need to stop at 0.9 ish. But I could go with something like 0.5, and that is going to create more off the little tricks. Same story is gonna happen with the branches if you go to the boundaries and you say, Do you want 20% to be empty down? Um, I think a tree tends to hunt. Yeah, it tends to have quite some space down, Andi, saying. Think with the branches would just actually. Sometimes you can cheat because it's not gonna be visible. Ah, but year in terms of branches, I think I really want this tree to add more branches. See, it's quite simple and we're trouble in terms. Offer resolution. Let's go to the script now. We don't have much of a problem here, but you can already see how many polygons for each one of those lives. That's a lot, but it's Ah, standard. Zoom back, Andi. Let's click ways that we see. We have ended up with five 0.6 million polygons, and we have and we haven't done something overly complicated. We just leaves. See, just lives are quite plenty. So because I'm working with the high what is the high? This is the high, Okay, so But if I move, let's go. Medium medium is going to change the counter 2.5 million. All right, If I go low, then it's going to drop to one million. And Lo is looks like this. Be careful because it's something you may not necessarily have. As you may not want to use this as a country. Well, it's. Let's go back to the high on start now the fun off, reducing the leaves. As we said, we have a perimeter here that is knockout knockouts, and then the amount we keep on eye on the total around we start reducing our lease. You could do the same thing, actually, for any ah generator for any note for any generator. So you want to know counts for little branches. Same story here. Look out some randomly. So this is the process off adding more leaves on reducing leaves. And the technique is working on the numbers off the multiplication hours. These ones. This is where you decide to decide how maney and then the parents that carry it and off course, the general look off. The tree's gonna be defined by how many branches you have. And once you're done, you think who I like it. I'm not sure your polygons are Okay, then how about you revisit your visited it? Simple. Instead of going back on re tweaking the many para meters we've touched, we're gonna go the speedway Onda, come to each one of them and start thinking about looking out a few percentages. Okay, so this is like, Well, you're not gonna look out 1% because that would be It's just between zero. This is a percentage zero. How many percent? 0111 This is how you can also help reduce your overall number off Taliban's. If you are working on, um, if it's matters if it matters, if your hero tree, it really is okay. If okay, some depends. And if you work in a Gladis, it's OK. Glory's you can It's gonna handle plenty, Plenty of geometry because it does it in a smart way. OK, but the top, like our topic, is not glorious, but it's always important to started a destination for us. Where is it going? Is it going to Clary's? It's OK. It's not always OK, but say try it. Try going with the high and it's gonna be OK. You're taking it to my, uh um I would not recommend that. Start with the with the low and then see h 5. A spooky tree - aerial roots: All right, Now, let's get some more generators and some more techniques by having some fun. All right, so let's have some fun with Petri designed something completely different. We are going to let me just saved this one as save as, um, fruits because I wanted to start playing an experiment in with roots. Okay, so, uh, I've got this one. Here comes Close it. No. All right. This isn't you Want? All I do is simply delete. I would have all done. Do I have the material? Yeah, I've got the materials loaded. Fine. I can get rid off all of this for now. The big branches as well. And I'm gonna leave the cap for now. Okay, So let's start having some fun with this one. I will bring it down. Let's bring it down. Spine. So we grow in number one length. Let's been get way down. 15 Onda because it's way down in the east reduced the radius as well. I just I'm going to 0.7, right. So this is how small the trees all right, have got the curve as well. I will add by forgetting branches and because my forgetting bridges come always by default as same Lanta as the trunk. I'm going to go back to the spine for the month and go with 0.6. Okay. And I will try to reduce in terms of Jim. I'll reduce the spacing fire. Just a space, and I get more of them. Nice. I will go to the spine and to the start angle. Make it wider, right? Probably that idea off. Having more of them was not really that great. Tell you what. Yeah, just keep it like this. I'm going to duplicate. I'm skipping a few steps for the simple purpose off taking you to new techniques. Right? So during the noise, working carefully on the the width and everything before he looked at that the road map, the chickens that you have the nurse that you have made based on the stuff that move them before that those steps I will just jump these because I want to take you straight to the other technique. Um, let me just duplicate this one. Just a little bit of noise. Wouldn't help a lot of noise. Does not something like this. Yeah, Write something like this and it works for me. This is okay. Let's duplicate this duplicates on plug it. Oh, I love this. This is amazing. Well, it's It's the idea I had in mind that makes this one ideal. Perfect. So what is the technique that I wanted to introduce? Um, it is do you know, roots? Uh, these routes, like, got migration routes. If you come here to do it drunk and you assigned routes decorations and you've got roots, what you're gonna get, you'll get roots. Okay. Looks nice. Um, what if we applied the roots in a completely different place? How about getting crazy about that? So let's use the roots on the branches. You will love it. Immigration Roots. Uh huh. OK, so this looks completely rubbish at the beginning. Yes, but what if you make these roots up? You give them a good punch with spine gravity. So you give them strong gravity. Meaning, I want you to come down completely down and give them some length on the length is in the spine. So in this case, I think I will wants to be, um just add something. 0.3, see how it goes. I need to be extremely long. Let's face it is extremely long. All right, It's going. One for five is going to two is kind of not enough five. Right? But I need some strong gravity on this, fellows. Really strong gravity. Good. Okay, cool. Right. Because we're applying this technique thes roots in our inter penetrating with the ground. So I will do is make this tree a bit a joint a bit higher, So make it. I, uh spine. Let's go in 25. Andi, make the branches start later. Um, Jen, all the branches first start 0.4. This way. I make sure that I have enough space. So this 40% off the tree is empty. So what I'm trying to do is have does money, right? But the roots in here you even called device plicating things. You've got these ones? No, the roots. No branch removed. Proble welfare. Okay, we're gonna talk to speak tree in a while. Let's fix a few things first before we talk to spew tree. I don't speak. Tree is now shouting, saying, Well, that's the problem with well done it. We don't care about that now. When I do care about is Where do you stop for the route to work on the branches the way we want them to be like a spooky tree. What I'd like to do is I can't stop 0.3 I shouldn't be doing that. How about nine? The number we were used to have That's gonna be fun. Cool. And now we introduce the frequency more frequency and the Count Onda. We want stronger gravity. Much stronger, stronger The gravity is, the more they look like they're coming down. Good. OK, now, because these are a bit thin, what I will do is apply this same thing. Oh, by the way, this I shouldn't be applying to same gravity on this. These are tiny ones. Root weeks. I just see how they will look without the tweets. Actually, a little bit better. Let's keep this week's up for a little while. Just maybe we may use the movement. Use them. Let's come back. A bunch removed, blah blah. I'm okay with this. You know what? Duplicate this. Let me first tweak it. Well, some spoilers get a little bit more six. Sorry, I need and number. So is going five on the count. six. All right. No. Let's duplicate this one and connected to the barons. So I want to have two types off them. One that comes okay. It starts sometimes to cross each other. So I don't need done more space for the tree, cause I still couldn't see plenty. A lot of it. Sometimes you end up with idea these things. So I have connected the roots not only to the smaller by forgetting branches, but to the bigger ones. Okay, that is number warned. I need to have a little bit more to think it's enough. No, I'm gonna do I'm gonna apply some drastic on these leaves on these branches and applied the gravity spine gravity. You know, when you start practice. Okay. Good. Good. This is it. It's meant to be a spooky tree, right? Not sure. I said I didn't beginning. No, I didn't. That's at some more, um, branches. Not because it looks spooky. Naked tree. We need to make it look intimidatingly crowded, like you don't want to get closer to the street. I will. They have to look at the generation time off the Bible or for Kitten. I know. I said 0.4. But I also know that I want to reduce the space in. So if I reduced the space in, I will get more. But it's over the place. Which one is this? This is difficult branches. It needs to get gravity more gravity. I don't mind having some gravity on this one, so I knew it Rights. Cool. So you can see how much fun you could have. Just playing with the routes where they're not meant to be. Right. There are technically aerial roots, but there are trees that look, I would say like this, but they have every words. Okay, let me just quickly try to Ah, grab, grab a young okay, trees with Ariel ut's. But I guess this is more or less what I had in mind. But ofcourse, it always helps to have something like this. These things are realistic things, okay? And, um, it's it's some. They tend to start much later the process, but because we're working on a fun tizzy spooky tree, we can work with this. Okay, let's go back. Air routes, images. Um, yeah. So you could have a lot of fun with these. They did look really cool. Really cool and spooky. Good. So that these are reference images that you can use before starting. Sometimes it's good to have an image, but when you're working on a front of retreat and sometimes you want to go with your owner with the idea that you have in mind. Okay, just make sure that this gravity see this one. Discover, I want you to get in the habit off using the cubs. See this one? It's like going up, and only at the very end, it's starting to feel the weight of the gravity. Why? Because by default, this blue curve is telling it to do so. So it's saying in the beginning, at the beginning of the branch, ignore gravity. You start to care about it as you as you go to the top off that branch. But I want to you to care about its earlier How about that? So I'm bringing it down, okay. But not too much, if you do like this is gonna be, well, like a cry entry. But like this, Yeah, you define what works for you. These are perimeters that can have Oh, they probably be Let's go to go back to the track at some noise. Spine late noise. See, Every time you change the parameters off the parent, the Children are going to change. Let's go back a little like their start should be kind of enough. You can add the number of these routes as many as you want. It's gonna look a bit crowded and then later on, once you start thinking I've got too many of these, you go back and start knocking out the run in the random or instead of going to the parameters one by one. So how about we do it? Let's go off board and it's come back again. So I will make the's roots. Gen frequency. Let's go with a seven year and with a seven year as well, Let's come back and say Sorry I didn't mean it and come back to look out. See, you couldn't know counts. That reduces. All right, so this is the beauty off the use off the roots 6. Make trees in different shapes: How do you shape the tree The way you want it to be shaped. We can use that with the new functionality off speed tree ater. What we have is something called shape control. OK, so this is under the trunk. When you select the trunk, you need to do that at the trunk level, shape, control and by default style is no. All right. Now, before I start talking about the details of how it works, I want to tell you that not everything you throw at Speed tree is going to be immediately shapes the way you want it because it requires some tweaking. For example, a zoo. See here on the left. I mean, this isn't you. I'm just using trunk big branches, little branches to extremes on Bachelet's. But for example, in this one I have read used the starting point off the of the branches. They started quite early, and I don't have too many leaves. Sometimes you need even less leads than this because once you use the shape control, the number of lease is going to grow exponentially. Okay, Now, let's use a sphere. Now, when you got this about sphere and mesh sphere is what you have by default, as in you can quickly click on that and you get something. It's going to take some time. So depending on the number off from number off lives that you have, it is strongly recommended to have as little leaves as possible because the one that I have now is a lot. This is huge. Okay, let's just go to show Andi removed the hints. Hints is how you concede the circle. Right? So it is quite slow now. It's very slow. This is one very huge bowl off. Please don't do that. Don't do that. Why did I start with this one? Just tell you. Don't do it because the number off leaves I had is go back to known. Um, it's gonna take it. Why? I had too many lives. Okay? You had too many lives. So you need to have less leaves. A. Otherwise, you end up with a tremendous amount off leaves once the shape is defined. Now, let's just wait a little bit for this to load. So what we can possibly do is come as usual and go to our lovely gen tab for the leaves. Careful the leaves and start knocking out some some leaves up the same story here, going to start looking out some branches. She by default means reducing the number of leaves. Okay. And little branch. Probably tiny bit. Something like this. Okay. You want to start with as little leads as less as you can possibly use, because later on, once you loaded, you're going to get something. I need to tweak it, and I'm literally saying something. All right, So Speed Tree doesn't know what you have in your mind. It has that sphere which by default, by the way, it doesn't come necessarily at the right place. But you need to place it yourself. And how do we do that? I will show you. Let me go back to this fear again and see what we're going to get now. Okay, so we have a sphere that has exploded like this. Why? Why do we have all of these things? Let me click on the hints to see. Actually, I've deployed. That's a great opportunities. A wonderful mistake to show you that actually are able to apply this control at any level we want. Er, if you want to shape the whole tree in a circular in his sphere. Spherical way. Then it's got to be a trunk club. But if you want to do it for individual branch, it is possible. But be careful with what you get. Okay, Uh, here, if you really insist, what you could possibly do is just reduce those spheres significantly. So for the size, actually, I opened this bracket because this this just by accident, done it here in the little branches. But it's good to do that. It's position absolute size. Okay, let me go to 0.3 if I do. 0.3, then you noticed. Actually got small spheres around each one of those around each one of those branches. Little branches. Be careful because because you want to play with the position. Okay? You want to play with the position. So now I'll continue working on this. We just bring it, bring it in. No leaves, bring it a little out comedy needs. Are you gonna get then? Probably need a tiny bigger, a little bit bigger. Okay. Found, um, position again, Right? Well, it's not gonna look like much, because in the first place I didn't design the tree for individual spheres like this. But it's nice to show you that. Actually, you can work on spherical bits. No, it didn't work. Hey, because I did not design the tree for that. But it nice to know that you can do it at any level you want now, because I've designed the tree in such a way that it will work for the sphere. Let's go back. Please activate this one in here and come to our drunker on. Activate this fear. Now I've done it now, based on what? Based on the new very, very low and reduced number off leaves. Okay, this is much better. I'm now we're not talking about how many? Not much. Just about seven million polygons, which is a lot, which is a lot. Okay, so this is one way of the things that just have to look at the medium. How was medium was? Meeting will help. Three million. Not bad. Um, okay. Low is two million. This is your 2.5 million? Not very bad, Not very about a tool. Especially if we're talking about a huge garden with also so far trees that are in different shapes and stuff. You can think in terms of fantasy gardens itself, Cope said. There are guards like this in reality. Good. So this is one way off doing it. I did two week victory to match this. Meaning, if you get something that doesn't look like much, you start reducing the number off lowering here big branches in the spine. So in the gen So I've reduced it to 0.1 of from 0.1 to 0.9 because sphere is a sphere like it needs to have. If you have, this part is equal to this part. So if you want to scare, to be that big basically means it needs to use from the top off the tree. But, you know, whatever, um this distances. So that means I had to go down to 0.1. If you want a smaller sphere. Absolutely fine. No problem whatsoever. You can do it. But then you need to go to the trunk. On the to the shape, shape control on. Did you play again with the size here? The sizes 0.7. Let me show you again that the hint right. So weaken on this green dot is very important. It's phenomenally important. It is sometimes possible that you put in the sphere and you get absolutely nothing. Why let me show you position. I will exaggerate the position, hoping to get it wrong. Yes, exactly. This is exactly what I've exaggerated. The lot of doubled the distance, but basically it's telling you. Listen, I've got your circle. I've got your sphere. I've got everything. The trees somewhere down but were too far from each other. Can you get me down to the trees so that we can work together on getting your shape? And that's how you tweak the position that works for anything for the drunk, for the branches, for the twigs, for anything. If you're doing it, they are their level. You need to make sure that that green stuff is matching the tree. You don't need to do it manually. It's quite simple. It just start with using this until you get something that Maxim's all right so you could even go. Let's get C 0.5 what we will get with that which is half what it used to get. It's something like this, like I really do not hate this. It looks pretty cool. I didn't have it in mind having things like these. What? Basically, you're not gonna render if you get just It is like a bullock. This is basically a ball off stuff in here. Yes, you can have it in the year. Um, it's taking your position. Say okay. You wanted to start. Ah, half the tree. Okay, I'll do it. Half the tree. Um, though you goes of the like here, this goes to 0.8. So you have two main made park. This is Yeah, it's whatever works for you. Now, this is the spherical shape. Is that everything? Have to be a Spiric has to have the spherical shape. Of course not. The beauty off the shape control is the second word control because I need you to have control. Does it mean you can bring in anything you want and the tree is gonna look like that? You're gonna have to spend a lot of time to weaken the tree to match that. Right? So let's import some, You know something? Uh, first of all, I mean, let me just tell you that the sphere is not the only thing that is already inside office. Petri if I come here to meshes, but that's why you have measures. Remember on the ship control got style non and you've got mesh These missions you already have some of the inside off speed tree just like this fear. But they just puts fear hair. Not to complicate things as a default. If you want more, you can get those other default ones. I think there's a rectangle. There's some other stuff in there. Let's have a look. So under mesh, Let's click on this one. Get this plus minus. By now, you know it it is to manage is basically just to look. What have we got in there? We only have three measures, which are the leaves. I've got yellow, pink, green. I've been plane with this, having some fun with this one. So I have some yellow on stop. But I didn't I did not apply these D c. It. What I do have is in here into simple. If I go to the sample is go to samples, sample measures. Somebody's simple measures just looked with simple measures. Yeah, we've got did this one. You've got this fear of God, the tourists as well. Shall we play with them? Um, where's the rectangle box? The box is the box in here. Okay, so there's a books. And then when you imported, it tells you, Miss Resort. What do you want to do with this for now? And I think you all given to Yeah, it's gonna work much better for you if you just do not them additional right now. Because there are different ways for the mesh to bring it in. This looks like it's quite handy. But I would recommend, in any case, just say do not in close. Fine. You come here. It's on the list box. Nice. Okay, now I've got a box. Well, I'm gonna do no is. I will come to the sphere to the style when I go to Lush right. And from the measure, I will then come to the forces ad Mish. Where is my sphere? Add box. See? Right. This is what you need to do. You have it already. You have already selected measures or step number one. Bring in your, um measure without doing nothing. Step number two is Make sure the style is a national on this fear as step number three is come to the mesh forces Goto add Now you are making the connection between the measure on the tree and your tree that you have in here and go to box. You click on that, then you get the books where anything that you are going to bring is going to be at the center of the world of the reference 000 point and you get these lovely handles which work with W E r. So w is for ah, moving and e for rotating are for increasing decides. OK, so I'm staying with the w here and I move it up. You notice because I have already made sure that my leaves Sorry, my branches start at 0.1, which is 10% of the treat. I am already getting something the response. So if I bring it up, I get something. Well, it doesn't look like much, does it? Oh, because it requires tweak and sometimes tweaking of the tree. And sometimes we can of the measure in this case, always start with the mesh first. Then when you see that the measures not in often you go into retreat for now, the mesh is just too small. Let's get a bigger, um, is getting bigger. OK, where is the mesh? The mess when you click on it. Here, you get in the properties. We used to have the generators. Now we have the properties of the mash, which is the box in this case, you go completely down. Don't bother wasting your time with bacon. Do it. It's possible. Click on. Click on this one and go toe armed and start increasing. I were command. You just come over here. Scale uniforms scale on. Just increase it. Something like this. If if it needs to be re uniforms, if you want to do it, just wants one now one, um, direction. You could do it out. Just reduce it in the You know what? I'm gonna use this instead. Scale. Uh, where's the Why this one? Okay, good. Something like this. This could be a possibility, but they're scaling it. I want to increase this right on. Bring it a little bit down. Something like this increasing the size up. That's too much ill. That is too much. Now it's just a matter off to weaken for your, um, show increase a bit. Yeah, but you see, it's a tweaking off the tree. Um, the tree is going to react to your, um, to your books. Now, just saying, Okay, this And if you want to have some or leasing here, I'm gonna have to bring your a brunch completely from this side. It's all a matter off. What would you like to have? What he likes out If you want to get rid completely of these branches over here, That's because I have decided to give into generation dark to start from 01 What does that look? Whereas my generation also for the big branches 0.1. If I said no started 0.3, then it needs to respond to that. May saying, OK, I'm no good. I have been limited trees that it may have been limited. I can't go any lower than 0.3, So Okay, we're gonna fill in those gaps from off leaves from the from the 0.3. Fine. Let's bring it up to 0.4. Uh, that's that. That's kind of Okay, that's kind of fine. Oh, right. Did we knock anything out from this one. I think I'd be knocked out some stuff, just like a little branches. Did I know that stuff? No, I shouldn't be looking out. Okay, we know that when we had the young the the big sphere. Now let's remove the knocked out stuff. Probably we should. Okay, Yeah, this is kind of okay, right? Yeah. I just kept a little bit off the knockdown stuff. Now the boxes standing in the way. I don't want to see the box were simple. The mesh here, this is a mess. So you come here to the mission, you click just with the left. Total visibility you click on that is gone. Okay? And what you are left with is a tree that is shaped exactly as the mess that you have used . Now, let's use something else that is not in speed tree. Let's use something else. Because I need to show you how to bring in stuff from outside. You want to have a completely different shape that you make in a three d package in Houdini . In my up in cinema four D in blender, in, um, any other 30 package. What happened? Shape or form you want, Um, again, The more complicated and thin if it's thin is gonna be challenging for the tree to fit in. But the more complicated it is, the more tweaking you're going to need. That's all it means, right? So let's get rid off this one. Now, let me just say not. Then, um, where are we now, Tranq. I need to go to the shaper and we go to non known. Basically means Let me go back to where I waas Nice. Let's bring in a a mesh. So how I will do that file import mish keyboards measure as it right. So you could do it from here. Okay, Just in the spirit off. Being consistent, Let's come here and say that's imports a mesh from here. Okay, I will go to one of my file. So this is not designed to samples. I'll goto one of my files. Hopefully we'll be able to find that store phone. What? Ah, score. Sphere. Okay, scores, sphere. Uh, this is a score spheres. Basically, it's not a spheres like Oh, um, it has crushed. That is quite unusual. Book. Let's do it again. Um, all right. Successfully optimized I'm not sure. What will God really means, like has been killed. Would you like to load this? Fine now? Yeah, we'd like to load. This is the very first time Speed three crashes. Um, and it has left us with this, which is pretty cool. It's continued shaper. No, no. Bringing a measure regular mish on and squash sphere. I will just get in this one. Oh, uh, do nothing. Of course. Say okay. You noticed that this fear is not in the right orientation. If you work in a three d package, whatever backers that is, you argument end up with the orientation. The white hands it the access are different between packages. So speed trees thinking z up, he will need to help speed treating quite up. So when the white up is like this, then I get my sphere in the right position. Now, let me get rid off. Just check here. And so I've got nothing here. No specified mish. Um nice. Then I have this. Books should not be there. It'll you know what? Let's just remove the box at all. Remove it. That's good. I started the visibility out. That's bringing this one So this is going to be what is going to be one squashed? Um score sphere. OK, Kareem is the box. Okay, let's go to here and we will get one score Sphere, if I get it, where is my sphere? Let's go here to the show on to dance. And this is my sphere. Actually, it's very tiny. It's like very, very, very tiny. Let me use the That was just OK. Use this uniforms scale. I would be in it. No, it's not really Sphere to spit squash. But you know, for a change. And we're going to ask the tree to respond to this one drunk, Let me say mesh. Well, if I say mesh, it basically means go get it from this mesh. Which measure is now connected? It is the score sphere. Okay, I think I have used it twice. That's why I've got two of them. Right? So, um, where was I? I was at the trunk. Er Andi mish. Good. That is brilliant. What does that mean? It actually means that I am using because let me just clean this mess. I've created two instances off the mish two consists of it now let me important again. Rights. OK, do nothing as usual. White up and done. Okay. Want mesh? Come here once. Quest. Good. Get up, then. Scale it up. Done. Because it has already bean a sign here. You can see that the treat is responding. Now, if I move it up, it's like the trees. Drying is doing its best. And you don't Don't do that to your tree. It's just make sure when you tweak it you get the right position. So let me take you back to the trunk. It's the, um drunk. Okay? And now the the position and everything is defined by the mesh itself. Right? The controls Have you noticed Drunk? You see that? The position on the size have been great. Why? Because now everything happens in the mesh level. If I go to the mesh, then I confined that deposition, which is translation. Andi and rotation as well on the scale are to be defined here. Cool. Okay, let's get rid off this. Some ah hint indicator. I thought that if you Oh, sorry. My policies. That's too young. This on the industry on then, just for the measure is inside. Speak tree It's the visibility here. Talking basically cool on this is one other look. Well, Aiken, move. The what was actually is not watching. Let me get visibility back. Just move it a little bit down. Visibility to Yeah, we got in some issues here. Yes, OK, nice. I'm just a 20 bit bigger drinking. It's a little bit down. Says I'm force in the tree to react. Then you have another look here. It's It's now up to your artistic Well, the trunk is looking from up here, but you could know we can do something about that. Can reduce the young for now, we don't need to bother about this one. We can simply is it for Well, you get the point. Now. With these shapes, you can do plenty or forms and let me bring in another one that I've just prepared in Houdini. We could do it in Blender. There's another course on blender. The latest version, um, you can know do as well. So the last one that I'm going to load is slightly different. I bring in Michael again. Do nothing. Why? Oh, and come to the trunk. No. Um And then I come to the mish force at the cone. The cone, I will say in uniform. Make it bigger. Bring it up. Yes, Z, I think for the idea. Okay. They don't say under the trunk parts. Now we can start talking, my son. I click on this one. Increase the shape, break it a tiny bit and you can toggle the visibility our to see what you're doing, right? So this is another shape. Basically any form that you bring in can be realize that you can reach up for Let me just quickly a little bit more leaves by making sure that I do not kill any widow knockout can reduce this one as well for the gen for the knockout. Right, This looks vertical. Okay, so it's you get the idea. The point is you can bring in shapes that you make in another three d package You can ask speed tree to make your tree adapt to it 7. The hidden power of the zone: Create a garden or forest: when you work in spit treat. You noticed that there is a circle on the ground all the time unless you get rid of it. And how do you get rid of eight? You just come to show on, take away the zones. Well, you figured out it's his own. So why is this zone always there? Like, is it just standing in the way annoying? Let me show you something cool you can do with it. You have here one tree on. I wanted to make sure that I am standing on the low resolution because I have taken this one. It is gonna be a good example. Okay, this is the one that is shaped with this fear. So let's have some good fun with this zone over here. What can we do? Well, we can increase the zone. Let's do it. We come to the tree, this is the trunk. And then now if we want to influence anything beneath the trunk, it's gonna have to be done with the tree with the seed. Okay, so the tree you have shape radius radius. Actually, it would make better sense to say that zone, but it's the shape off designed. Okay, whatever Radius the radius is 10. So if I go and say 20 it is gonna get bigger. And I think Okay. Is this the only fun you can have with it? No. The idea is that we're going to ask this zone to do a lot more for us. How about making it something like 50? Okay, if I do 50 and I come to the trunk before moving to the trunk and I say Mm. I say under the under the trunk. Sorry. Under the trunk for the gente there are two perimeters. I have one tree here. What if I want to have more? Remember, the number off branches are in the gentle, the number off twigs in the gentle, the number off leaves in the gentle up. So the number off drinks the number off trees in the gent up off the trunk. So we have gen number. But this is one by default. We're not stuck to one. I can make plenty like as many as my computer can handle. So how about we start with something simple, like six and before Okay. I don't want to do, um let me first Because if I click, OK if I press Okay. Now, what is gonna happen is I'm going to get six of them. But all of them on the same spot. 00 Who said that? The perimeters here. Boundaries first zero last at zero. What is zero? What is what is other than zero? It's this point over here. So if you increase your gonna get further away from the center, that's what we want to do now. I will not make six first because it doesn't make any sense. Now what I'll do. Keep it at one. But I will change the first. So when I start moving, I moved a tree and I can't even move the last great. And I get on the edge off the circle. Right now I have number one so I can go back to my number and say, Give me six. What is gonna take a little bit off time? Remember that this is one of those of spherical trees that have exploded number, explosion, number off off leaves and I'm working with the lower resolution. So just to make sure that you get it, let me just we live show hints to date the sickles and you can work with six trees at the same time. Now a question are these identical trees are the copy pastries? They don't have to be for a simple reason that you have this magic. But in here that is called randomize. So if I click on randomizer, they look the same. They are going again to look the same because they are spherical, but they are not the same. Okay, how do we How do I show that? Okay, it has just now changed them. You can tell that not just by how that was sick. It is difficult to tell the difference because we have given them the same shape. But what I can show you is another file over here. Okay. Same story. I just made, like a very quick, angry, angry tree without leaves and bifurcating have branches quickly. And the point off this is that if you click on randomize, each one of them is gonna look deep rent. This is to prove the point that actually they are different trees. So if you want to have a background or something in the background like this, you don't need to make six off them one by one. You can just come here and do it like this. Now you are going to need. I mean, there are They are now defined. Place the location where they are, That's where going They're going to stay. So it's within the zone. That's why we have his own. You want a bigger zone? You could get a bigger, bigger zone. Okay, If you want to get one in the middle or something, just add more than done. It could handle. And you are able This is another one with some purple leaves, whatever. Just for fun and then you can move them around. Let's move them around. Let me show you what you can do with that. So you are going to click on this same story again. What was it when you want a to click on a particular branch and want to move it around? What did you need to do? Come to the node when you are under node? Then you get this absolutely fantastic control at the gizmo that tells you do want to rotate it. Well, thank you. It's not rotation. We need it is the young was click on this. Okay. W E r. Same story again. Okay. W er so now when I click on W Just if you don't see it, click another time. Okay, So now, in fact, we conducted its going W it's appears again, and you can just drag it and move it anywhere you want. What does this mean? This means that you can now start creating your background with one tree. Can you see this tree drug? Actually not one tree got plenty of trees, but what's one generator? Tree trunk. We're forgetting bifurcating. This is all it takes, That's all. And you can have as many as you want to consider. Call this one. Move it. Here, select on this one. You could move it away on. Yes. You haven't offset from thes. Um so guess what? We're going to stop moving them around. Everything is no. See, this is one knowed weather, Sermanni possibilities, different trees, completely different trees that in addition to the fact that with only one tree, you can always come back and win one tree and click on random eyes and you get a different version. You can export it and get it undermines Do you see the possibilities here? So do you. I appreciate the meaning off the first part of the software name. Speed Tree. Do you know how fast I will be able to create a forest? Well, if I If I want to create, they don't have to be naked. These trees, I mean, I can make proper trees with the 42 2nd trees. I could make them, and I can create the drunk. You know what? Let's do it. Let's go get that one. Let's go get the 42 2nd one. Very fast. One. Okay. Simply tree. Is that one? That's not the one. How fast is this? Well, let's go back to the one we've started with in the very beginning. Let me close this one, though. It's actually pretty, quite some fun. This is going to have fun. Actually, what I've done is it's gonna take a little bit of fun. I hope it's not gonna crash, But what you could also do is just Just check here. I want to make sure I am moving the last properly nights. Good God. Okay, so I pushed him to the to diem. To the edges. Um what I will do on. I think I will have a little bit of problem. But if it takes too long or it crashes, then well, then it crashes. I will make a huge garden off this. Okay? I say huge. I mean it. So let me come to the, um What was it again? Zone. So I'm gonna go to 200. Okay? It's gonna take some time. It's going to take sometimes. Get a load. I think spit tree is gonna starting. OK, OK, fine. This is good. So there's a clipping in the camera. Good. Okay, so this is one big garden, and I think, well, it's not enough. Where? Of course, it's not enough. That's going make and have some more fun with the number. What if I multiply this? How many do I want? It's too. If I'm not employ by four. So 123 at three here. Mean meaning Each one of them is going to have three more mates. Three more trees. That means much. Applied to six by four. It's 24. So 24 Onda enjoy. When you press OK, probably go get a coffee or something. I think it's gonna take a little while, but I needed to show you this so that you are able, um, to see what you can do with this very innocent looking circle that was always on the way. Just lying there beneath the tree. And you think, What the hell is nothing doing there? That is their form or creativity. All right, so it's getting there. It's getting there. We're getting there. Yes. Okay. Can you look at the left, please? And tell me, have we created all of these? From what? From the same tree drunk, big little twig twig on batch leaves. And we've attached a shape. This garden is ready to be exported as is, and you just drop it somewhere. All right? You drop it with dirt with everything. Then you put it. Are you working on scenes in cinema 40 Working blender for being Maya Houdini or in any other three package? You may want to take it to charity in. You want to take it to view? It doesn't matter where you take it, whether if you want to take a picture of it in photo shop, you can always use this as is and starts you know, she could put something in the middle here, like a fountain that you make in another 30 package or something. This is the power off the software and the speed off reaching what you're trying to achieve . Okay, let me, um I think it's gonna take longer to do this. So what I will do is just close it. Do you wish to save your changes? No. Hopefully it's not gonna take too long to to closer, and I want to go back. So this is the body of the garden, and I want to take a little bit of your time to show you how you can populate a in side spit tree. A whole forest. Okay. Not really a forest as in, but how fast you can do it. This is the 42 2nd Article 42 2nd tree. The one that I just called the name. How fast? Which was the first question I've asked you in the very beginning. What can you do it? Right. So let's see now with this one, I'm gonna close everything else. Close everything else except this one. This one. I don't need any more. I just close it because now we're gonna get really crazy with this. Um, we have already know about this one, so I'm just gonna save it. Well, this is safe and call it something like populates forest. Okay. With four notes. Can you imagine? We close this one. All right. Now we're gonna take it seriously. Let's populate up forest. We come to the tree. Um, 200. We said, that's for the Radius 200. We are going to come to the trunk. You notice you only have three para meters to play with. Okay. Sorry for then you come here and yeah, that's a huge thing. Um, you move it around, just move the tree, okay? To the maximum. Just use the maximum. You can, Right? And then we're going to you use the number. How many Dwight wants? Let's go with something like twin 30 30 for 30. I'm not sure I have enough space for them, but would take care of that. Don't worry. Is gonna take some time? Yes. What takes him time? Hopefully something crash. But the possibility to control every single note is going to be priceless in terms of creating a forest in literally in matter off minutes. That's the 42 from scratch the 42 seconds you started with just a few minutes off drinking this stuff. Now I don't think this is an offer, but it's already very slow in movements. I move it on a response very slowly because I have also the screen recording. Think. Okay, let's move to the note. We're going to move to the nerd on identically calling one of them. Of course, he We have the same layout as we have for the garden with the shades tree. But that's not the intention. Intention is that we're going to give them the same. That same Orrico sit. That's it. That's it, Node. Okay, so let me get it's thinking. I'm just trying to grab one of them. Well, that depends is well on the speed off your computer. That's it. That is it. That is it. That's the dot. I was looking for nice. Okay, moving around. It's gonna take some time. So it's just because of the I think after too many 30 trees in one go is like you could probably start with this like, 78 populate them and then make another 78 of them 78 and export them and then put some. Yeah, I think it's if your computer cannot handle that many like mine, especially with the recordings after that, then probably you want to to do that, like seven by seven. But I think you get the idea so before even right, Well, it is gonna take some time to move this around. I think 30 was a bit too much. All right, all right. That's not That's not bad. That's not bad. At top view would always help. Well, I'm going to reduce the number just for you. Okay, Um, if I didn't have the screen recording, going at the same time would be less of a pain, because the screen recording software that I have is a bit like, uh, it's encoded of the same times. Like a crazy software. It doesn't only record, but it's already preparing the file encoded at the same time. So it's doing double the work of a normal recording software recorded stuff, So that is more of the pain. I got to the trunk and reduce it to something like, um, seven, maybe 11. Hopefully gonna have a little bit less to worry about. But you get the idea. So you start moving them around until you create the shape off the background forest that you want and then you click on randomized. Okay? Colligan randomize and then export another team. We have 11 football team off trees, Okay? They go back to where it started. Okay? For this bit more. This wants to know, right? No doubt. Nice. I was trying to move around. Okay, cool. This stuff is just I think I think with the recording software is not gonna fly. But you get the idea. You just can move as many trees as you, depending on your computer. A symmetries as you want to start with a few. About 10. 15. Start moving around, make up a few of them here and then exports and then click on randomized because you get a completely different trees. Okay. Before even you before you explode. The 1st 1 click a randomized, please, is to make sure that they are not identical because one cyclical randomize everyone off the seeds becomes different. And that's guaranteed. Okay, So, um, I was not able to show you exactly the final bed rights, but you get the idea 8. Make and use your own materials even the colourful ones: So far, we have been working with materials that come with spit tree, the sample materials, the bark material on the leaf material. Now I want you to have much more control. You want to be able to bring in your own materials. By that I mean, whether it's something you get from a side like this, let me just show you you've got textures of Texas off. Com is a website that's got also so affections, but including believe believes on the box. So these are the leaves, and then you can search for Barca and you'll get a few bark. Dexter's OK, so these are available there. I never invite anybody for something paid textures that come has got the free part on the page part. Now, the idea for me is that to tell you, just go get the free part, right, Because you are now experimented. If later on you need anything high resolution that becomes your yours to deal with. Okay, that's that's your decision whether you want to go with free orbit. But I go to say, for example, this one and when you register, you get 15 images per day for free. Okay? So that means if I take this bark, that's gonna have a few months. Now. When I said that you are going to bring in your own materials, I did not mean Onley getting it from websites like textures, Textures have come where you have work already done for you. Meaning this is the picture that was made seamless. And then they've created some maps which are very important, like the normal mapper. And then you've got the ambient occlusion of got the roughness, which we're going to plug in the gloss with negative, which basically means inverted. So when I said bring in your own stuff, I didn't only mean this because I want you to be able to make these maps because what if you want to go out, I make the picture yourself. You take the picture of the bark that's next door or you have a park or something. Oh, you are on travel. You find some interesting trays and you love the way it looks in the bark and everything. And you take a picture off the leave, you take a picture of the bark and you want to make to make maps. So I will show you how to make maps. I won't tell you how to make the seamless, because that is that simple. You can find it everywhere. But when you get the, uh, your picture seamless than you are able to make them ups. Not sure you had to do that. Now, just a word of caution, please. Before you get disappointed coming back home from a long travel, you won't be traveling just for that tree. But if you see something, if you cross, if you come across something interesting there are some rules to make pictures of these things. Number one on the most important is the shadow. As long as you are in the shadow, you're good to go. Okay, So please do not make any pictures in the sun. Meaning if you have hard shadow edges of it, shouldn't be the son, not it should be just in the shadow. All right, so or you cover it or see what you want to do with it, okay? Because you should not have the sun. So on overcast day is your friend. Actually, although it sometimes you may think all the weather is not that good itself. That's when the weather is for most people, is not good. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to make textures, because that's how it's already light. The lighting is perfect. Good. I'm gonna close this bracket and let's come. There's also the possibility for you simply if you don't want to do it yourself, just come to go on. The search for leaves undergo plenty of options here. Of course, there are some fake leaves to pay attention. Some of them, although they look nice, they are fake, Um, and then you can. You can decide which one you want to go for. All you need to know is that it needs to be realistic. It needs to be properly lit, as in, there is no sun. There's no some, so it needs to be young. For example, this one there's too much light in that you've got this. It's too much lighting. Okay, so this I don't think this will. This picture was made outside, So if you're going to make a picture, let's say you've got your leaves. Don't take it to your or if you have a little studio with the white background and stop don't do that has to be outside because it is going to be put on a tree on a three D tree on the tree in your scene or whatever artistic work you artwork you have. It's gonna be outside. So you want the lighting from outside? Take it outside. Just take a computer paper just like a printing paper. Okay. Sorry. Beautiful. Just a Brinton paper. White paper? No. The glossy ones put it on the ground in a place where there's a shadow. There's no sun on. Then put your relief there and make a picture of it. Simple. Good. Okay, now, enough talking about how to make the stuff on the advice on how to shoot it. Now we are going to move to making it happen. All right, I'm going to go to photo. Okay, let me open for the shop. And when I do that, you could already see I am having quite some fun with these. Yes. I'm going to show you how to change the colors of the lease on speech. He is going to ah, hold you a little bit back and tell you hold on a moment. You're getting too creative. um, speech. He has a way of telling new. I think we've already talked about that. The albedo check off telling you. Let me just show you. Where is it? Where is that? You know, check. Um was open a blank one. Ah, here we go. So it's surrender and I'll be the chicken. I'll be the check. When you have your tree and you start playing around with them. Let me go back to my playing around. All sorts of pictures in terms off colors and stuff is gonna tell you. Hold it is too saturated. This doesn't exist in nature. You wanna reconsider about which is a nice gesture from the speed treaty. Very nice. Good. Okay, so we're gonna do everything, including a version with color. So sure you have to color things generally tend. People tend to go for the Hubie. There's also another Another drink. Okay, so let's start. I have now 12345677 which has a collection off leaves over time. Okay, so this is one way of looking at things. If you say I want tohave enough leave variation for the season's Remember, Let's come here because leave leaves. You need to work on these also for the seasons. When you come here, Remember that season story over here. And remember the editing here Spring summer percentage stuff and then remembers. Well, what? We talked about the materials for adding the material for the spring for the summer, autumn and winter. So this is also why you may want to consider having different, um, stages off the leaf. Okay, good. Well, it starts a and it spends here, which is, I think, a noise. A nice picture here. Good. Um, I'm gonna show you how to do with for one of them. OK, So how I'm just started by isolating one. Which one should we take? Which one should we did, you know, for fun. I'm gonna take the one in the middle. Why? Because it may give us some interest in problems because I needed to deal with problems because it has two colors in it. Okay, so I just selected annihilated this one. I'm going to crop it. It was my crop tool press center. I click on OK, that zoom on this one because the resolution is enough so I can go up to 75. Now I will start the work from scratch. Let's say you have met the picture yourself. Took that leave and you put it on a paper outside on the ground. No under. Uh, not in the sun in the shadow. You took this paper. Sorry, this picture. And now we're going to start from scratch. How would we do that? So I will come to a few options. You can either select the white on, exclude the leave or select leaving. So, Dwight, let's start with the leaf. Okay? I will come to the How do you call that? The quick selection, too. You have two options. The one I talked about. The white is the magic one. If you come here when you click, you get the magic wand and then you make your it's not really perfect. That's why I chose this one looking for all the works with it. And he's got some problems. Got need to take you through the problem route, not through the smooth one. And then when you stuck with the problem you I assume you haven't worked with for the shop for these kind of things before because if you already know it. Then you will. You know it's OK, but I need to show you how you do with that. Now is not perfect. This is not good, because the urge here is it's not working right. So I recommend generally, when it comes to working on leaves on. We talk about the bark later. Okay, the bark is dead easy. It's much simpler. We're going to go to the quick selection tool and make sure you go down to about 10 or nine . That gonna depend on on your, um, I would just be selected stuff control day to de select the D size off the brush. You maybe think that's that's too small. Actually, If it's small, it's going to behave a little gentler. So if I click now, I clicked on the quick selection tool not under magic wand. Quick selection. If I click on that, that it's not gonna go as far as the other one. So see it has stopped where it's meant. It's meant to stop now. It doesn't necessarily mean it's perfect. We're going to see there's a way to check that man. You come and select the other part on because It's a leaf. That's where you need the nine. In terms of size, you can go down on the routes off the leaf. Very gently on. We have selected it. Good. Now I will come and make a mosque Creek on this one really creates a mosque. You get now some transparency. Now hold on a moment before we start celebrating. Go ahead. Creates a new layer. Bring it down. Give it to him. A black color. Right on correctness McGary selected. Click on the paint bucket to un. Click on that. Do you have any area that is white? Okay, now let's assume we have because this kind of works for me. But I think let's assume it doesn't work. I need to show you what to do If it doesn't work this issue, we've got some minor bits and tweets. You can work on them. You can You could open their Sundin starts painting in black. I don't recommend that because you better get your selection right? You know, it's like fixing it in burst when you're making a film. You don't do that. You need to fix it when you're filming. So when you are working on the selection. Get your selection skills, right. It's not about yeah, quick and dirty selection. Let's paint in black. That doesn't Does work about. Okay, So beaten and black is old even. Say planned beats plan Z, get your selection skills. Right. So this is one. Now I double Klay convinced not by the way, when you double click, you get a promise from Photoshopped telling you. What do you want me to do when you double click? One of the options is is to open this window, which is which is the just cancel, um, which is the selected mosque? Ok, it tells you. Do you want me to go to selected Mosca, or do you want me to do something else? Now remember that something unless years. So you go for selecting mosque because it's just easier. Good. Okay. Uh, the trick is quite simple, actually. Don't bother with all of these things. Go straight to the shift edge. Assuming you have one or two pictures. Victor. Sorry. Big sells. One or two big cells are troublemakers. You just come to the shift edge under years. It's a little bit. I'm going to reduce a lot. Start to show you the impact. So here I had 100% 1% of fault. Whatever that is that just the edge on. Then you're going to read, Use it a little bit. Just a tiny bit until you get rid off those, um, white. I mean, to make sure you don't take too much of the leaf. Just a tiny bit. So about 10% dish tends to be okay. Okay. Same Afghanistan here. And because you've messed up meaning you've just used them. Okay. What I mean by you've messed up is that you have reduced on the reduction as Venus can be a little bit harsh, you could consider right, adding a one or two in the smooth. Okay, maybe I go to sleep. Mm. So that no, actually, no. So just minus Just mind. Stand just minus standings. Let's stick to to the safer minus 10. Good. We're good. Nice. Okay, so you click on OK, And now you think your selection is good? Let's move on. What do we need? No, it's not for the shelter's gonna tell us what we needed. Speed three. Let's go back to Speed Tree. Okay, I would you know, what we need because of doing it plenty of times. But what do we need? You have color capacity. Normal. Close speculum. Metallic sub services percentage. Hold on a moment. There are plenty of maps. You only need a few. Okay, let's go back to Ah, this one. Let's go back to this one. No, I don't think we have. Um, maybe you have leave these. I'm not sure if they have any leaves. Like pre worked with everything. Yeah, I need to press and such. It's coming. It's communities. Check some of these is probably break on this one. Do we have anything? Yeah, that works on something that good. Ok, um, the normal, the roughness dick capacity. What do you really translucency Is the subsurface Okay, it's going to depend on what you have available. We are going to work on the critical ones. Okay? The ones that you definitely need. These ones are Cassity, which is phenomenally important. If you get it wrong than there is no tree. There literally is no tree. Okay. And the normal we're going to work on capacity under normal Onda A little bit of the subsurface. Okay, percentage. Good. All right, So, um, we have 123 The gloss is something. Actually, you can work with the value without even using a map. So sometimes you can even use the value. We're gonna use capacity normal and subsurface percentage. Let's do that on. We're going to quite faster in for social number one opacity. Don't move any further. Number one is opacity. So I have here the mosque. So this layer is actually there only for us to see what we have in our selection is good, but I'm gonna use it for passage as well. What I will do is number one. Have you finished our selection or musket? Fine. Now let's right. Click and say merge. Emergency is Was that much of anything? Also right. Click on this one and apply. Apply layer mask applied layer mask. Fine. I needed to create another layer on. Keep it up here. No problem. What I will do is click on this. Would control control click. When you control click, you get it selected. Secure. Call in for that selection. Then come on. The new layer The empty one and press em on the keyboard. Right Click on Go to feel filled with what it's got to be white, Okay? It needs to be white. That's all I'm saying. So generally, by default, the white is somewhere here tends to be the background or the foreground, depending on whether you switched or not. So I just look for the white. Is it the background find? Okay, fill it with white, okay? And it's filled with white. I need to feel this area with white in the new layer. Let's bring it down. It's done now just control D. Two D selector. Let's remove this one from visibility. This is your capacity map. Nice. Let's select these two layers on merge years on college or city. Simple. This one is done. Let's come now to the next one. Next one is going to be the normal. But before going to the normal, there is a general good practice, a good habit I want you to have when you have a picture like this. I know we have removed the rest the white spots. I know we have removed it, but caution on precaution is to add some sort of a color, just in case your capacity map is offset or whatever happened you don't get the white edges . Okay? So you don't get any any other color than the color that you have chosen on what color are you gonna choose? Why did I choose this leave is because it has plenty of problems. One of them is the fact that there isn't a uniformed color. Now, if you had a normal uniform color, let's bring in this one again on Let's look at this. These are green. What you would do, just select the green on, put it in the background. So what I'm gonna do now is just select some sort of a color that I think would work best. In this case, I'm gonna go with something that is a bit oranges because that works fine. Even if we see a little bit of orange in the edge, that is okay, because you have oranges on the edge head here. Okay, So what I'll do is keeping of course, this layer this nuclear selected I come to my, um, to this eyedropper tool ongoing Select something from here case I get this color that becomes my foreground, that I come to my paint bucket tool and click on here Yes, it is a different color. This is why I chose this one. If you had a green, you click on the grain. It looks grain on. Everything is okay. So this is also fine. Okay. Um So what I'll do is just use this as a background and I am now going from what used to be something transparent to something that has more opaque in the edges. Sorry. In this part. So I'm going to merge the layers because this is going to be my color. Okay, color and British English or color in. Okay, let's keep it American English cause there's a naming convention is ba tree where it recognizes sometimes it recognizes the other once. If you load the color, one is gonna recognize the capacity and put it in the right place a bit occlusion, but in the right place. So this is this is one bit the now the normal map. So the most important partner is the normal map. Simple. We're going to duplicate the layer on Call it normal on. Do you have any idea how dead easy it is to make a normal? Let me show you. Filter three d generate normal map and you are 99% there. Just one minor thing. Please. It's coming. It takes a bit of time. So one minor Think Consider clicking on invert based on one. Think only when you click on Invert the article that the the roots here off believe Call that route But But these branch in these branches here in inside the leave it normally with that inverting I go into the point contribute dig in words that could be in words. I need them to the outward. So I need to bring that detail Sony click on Invert it becomes it comes outside. So you get much more detail when you use the invert that is going to depend on your picture . Okay, so just which one gives you outwards, okay, and then the scale, the details scale. You don't need to go to the maximum of done it, but you don't need to do it to the maximum. 80% is fine. I think it comes by default that 80% it's fine. Keep it at 80%. No problem whatsoever. But I'm doing this for a particular reason, actually, because you have the possibility to increase the weight increased the stay, Trent off the normal inspect tree. You can started 80 here, and then you can do it. Inspectorate. Okay, so I present. Okay, Don't The normal is ready. Cool. Good. All right. Now, the next bid is going to be to make a the subsurface subsurface percentage actually is just used to, um Okay, that's if you if you make if you if you have subsurface small, but you can make a subsurface percentage on what you do is simply you can come to the color on your going to duplicate the layer, right? Duplicate. Don't need to call it yet, because you're gonna have to do it later as well. You need another layer. Merge two layers. Okay. This one? Yes, for the subsurface percentage. Now, what will we use in this? Um, you need to come to de saturate this fellow first. Okay, De saturated. And then what we need to have is let me just get a, um all right, before we start this, what I wanted to get is the levels. When I get the levels, I'll be able to make some areas darker and some areas lighter. The lighter areas are going to let light through the leaf because there is some translates translucency in the leaf. If you look if you hold the leaf, don't look at the solar, but you're gonna see something through. It's not transparent, it's translucent. So But before doing that, hold on a moment. My picture shows me that my branches here are white. So there are going to be. If I apply this technique, they are going to be hit hard and look translucent. Have you ever seen branches of the trees? Listen, not on the planet Earth, though, could be somewhere else. So we need to invert this fellow. I come here to image adjustments on inverts when I inverted. Then I make sure that my branches are black, Okay? Because the white area is going to get translucent. Okay, so now I can come to my, um here to my levels. I'm just crunched them down to the point where I can isolate some areas. What areas are these Is gonna all depend on your picture on honestly, on how good or bad you your picture is in terms of lighting. If there was in his son or something over exposed then you're gonna have some some rubbish white areas. So this is This is a bit This is a lot, but this is because it's facing because the leaf is actually yeah, it's it's not flat 1%. So this is kind of OK for me, it means that I am going to introduce some interesting trust. Listen, senior done. Let's select these two. Merged, Um, and I'm going to call it sub surface subsurface percent. That's gonna come. This percentage subsurface, we don't We're done for these maps. Now we're going to explore the critical maps that are the critical ones. Honestly, artist color, normal capacity. You cannot survive in speed tree materials without these three. I added this one because yeah, why not? So let's explore these actually avoided on this before, so I'll just use the existing ones that I've exported. Just come to the save as export, actually, just save us, okay? You can see I've already worked with it. Save as or let's say, you new folder. That's quite new folder here on you. Save your PSD. Yeah, I'm using another Save your PST. It's good to save the peace in case you want to come back and re tweak, though I don't expect you to do that because you need to get it right the first time. Um, and then you save your PNG safety and G call it whatever. Yeah, leave, leave, color, color, leaf color. And then you have, uh Oh. Sorry. That was my bad. That's my But I got that. Caps everything. Um, isolated. Uh, I certain everything on, so yeah, by the way, it helps a lot. Even when you are creating your, um so get your capacity in order a spot like this? Yeah, because even when you save your PSD, it's better to save it safe as BST new folder C saved the wrong way. Se leaf. Honestly, I'm not expecting to save it as leave because you have hundreds of these. But that's usually for now. Is this not? Your thumbnail is gonna look like the first thing here. Okay. So sorry. I would come back to saving the Jianjie on the P and G. I just select this one color on save. Now I'm gonna get Yes. Replace it. That was They're okay. Cool. Then select this one district. Want under save as you're or Prasit e simple move to the next one. Normal. Maybe we're gonna work just with these street broken. I mostly used it. Magic one of the young subsurface. Um Oh, this is what this is normal. Normal. And these sub service percentage Save us, Vangie. Some sort of has. Good. All right. Nice know that we have this. Come back here. Save this on. We're done. Let's take away this one. Uncomfortable speed tree before doing that. How about we address the bark Because you're going to work with your materials in photo shop before moving? Um Teoh. Another Z, actually, Can we bring it from textures? Let's let's see in here. Bach. Actually, you're better off. You're better off. You could do the same technique. Basically, for normals is the same thing. If I come to one of these, let's say it's not the right one. Let's say it's the seamless one from these. Got anyone seamless? Okay, let's take this one. Probably What happens has got it has so much. Okay, this one, we can take it. We can apply the same technique. The same technique is going to mean, um create the normal map, create a mute occlusion created the normal map. There's no capacity for a simple reason that it's all or bake. OK, eso All you need is a normal map and a metal closure. Okay, so when you take when you come, if you are going to use textures off, I prefer that you come and take these wounds, right When you have these, you already have, um you call it. It's like three d materials. It's got everything in there, right? Otherwise, you condemn them the way we have. I don't for the life Nice. So this is now for the leaf and for the barker that we want to use our with liquor. When you see a new we start with the Barca when we add the leaf. Okay to say Okay, now the bark under click on corps gets my okay. It's exactly the one that I have downloaded for from here. So this is exactly the one I've taken. This one have taken a Oh, enough taken the orbital. This what for fun. I'm gonna take they're off, OK, it's OK. Could take the offensive, plug it in the glass as well, if you want, but the normal right salads come back. Take the albedo. I'm sure we knew how many Max you need to get it working. Because if you look at all of these, you can get easily intimidated. No opacity, of course. For the bark. Let's get the normal. Let's get the Indians occlusion. Good. Nice. No, um, I've got a trunk yet. It's OK. I can bring in my materials goes now. Let me go get that. Um, materials. It wasn't a this one. And it was called new folder. Okay, color, click on. Okay. Now, I didn't load automatically, which is like, Okay, just naming convention naming convention thing capacity is the next most important one. Then you got the normal second mess. Importance. It's not normal, and they're gonna plug a subsurface percentage. Okay, Right now we have what we need. Um, you have a representation here off your material. You can see it. The idea is, if you want to remember, I have used 120% which is like the maximum detail. Um, I could possibly get under the the normal in photo shop. And I told you, you don't need to do that to stay with 80 because you can come here and make it three. Then it looks who That's too much for 4 a.m. Four leaf is too much. You could make it 1.5. So I had a little bit more or another way of doing. It is just you click on this aunt, you get inside the contrast that increase the contrast. More contrast means more details. Okay, so this is another way of doing it. All right? So I just keep it going. Keep it as is a little bit like, as is, just live. Of course. On we will come to our treat and something simple. Let's make something simple. Okay, Drunker on. Let's get some big branches. Yes. I didn't work on the trunk. I didn't work on the big ranch. We have some steps that we said we're gonna follow. But the focus off this part is on the materials. You already know what steps need to be followed for the trunk, with branches, for the little branches, for the twigs, for the leaves. So the idea is how to bring them in. So let's now get, um Let's get what was it? Big branches, Little branches. We are metal brushes, little branches. Sorry. It s like this one. Ah, got some tweaks. You don't need to do the twigs twice, but it helps. It helps. Okay, so you don't need to stick to this brunch and you can make all sorts of combinations you want. You can make double dip lick eight this home on, Like just put it on your own. And but the little branches on the big branches, whatever. Whatever works for you. Okay, let's do it like this. It is for fun. Yes. Spiteri starting to shout Now lie and say you know something? Branch removed Register larger than kill ratio. Fine. Whatever the focus now is on day, I believe so. Come to the barker. You've already seen this one during exercise of 42 seconds. A replace much material that you can, um, by the way, here for big branches material material it says inherited, which is really nice from the speech three team to think that well, it has to be like this. By the way, unless you say you want to have a fantasy tree with crazy different colors in the branches , then it's a different story. All together you come and change it here. Okay, Just change it to whatever leave for whatever. Sorry, whatever material that you have imported or important new one. But this is why when you just put it on the trunk, it goes all the way up to the twigs. Because all of them, yeah, in on. Inherited. That's that's why. Okay, let's come to the twigs. Aren't we all go into a touch? Our our batch leaves and we have talked about the leaves. We said, what is the difference between this one and this one? Unless you need to have individual control on individual leaves, you better go with the batch leaves because it's much faster. They're the same. They look the same that we have the same. They've got the same message you just don't want to carry with you all the individual information off the gazillions off off leaves that you're gonna have. Okay, so it's just redundancy. Why? If you're gonna use it good, right? When you import your leave material, you have this two sided, which is very important. I I wish always speak three team would in the in the creation Harris put it like this in the creation here. What would it's always decided? Let's just face it. It's always decided there is not a single instance exception where you're gonna have it not decided. So if it comes as, um OK, there are some users when you have it's not for leaves for a tree. It's always decided If you come here, I wish to have somewhere we say have new and then you've got bark or leave or if it's leave or two sided. I wanted to be sort decided by default The want to forget it. Case I click on decided. Then you have the possibility. Otherwise, he's gonna get you're gonna get lesson. If you forget it, he will have. It's not gonna look great. Simple. Okay, Now, the most important part is to do your mesh. Well, you have. We have already shown how to do that. Okay, I've already shown you how to do that, so I'm gonna do it really faster and it But this stuff in here just mover front. No explaining. Leading for simple reason before they've done it before, right? Just doing it quickly. Right? Done. Okay. Almost done. I was kicked out of you. Get some subdivisions and make a height because we don't have time, We will not make the meat medium and low. What does that mean? If you make a medium version of few tree, it's still gonna get the high leaves a little version of your tree. It's gonna get the highly because you only have created a high version. Right? Good. This is this is high for leave. By the way, as we said before, this is high because plenty of them are gonna make a lot of polygons, right? Let's now move to the part where you say, hold on a moment. I thought we're gonna talk about leaves as in added more leaves and stuff. So why am I using just one? Wait, There are two things. Let me come to the material. That's a sign it. I'm gonna show you two things. How to create a variation. Have you ever sent a tree that has the same leaf color everywhere that doesn't exist? It exists only when you reach a stage in speed tree before creating variation. Uh, it's assigned this. It's been assigned that. Okay, that it looks like this boat looks rubbish, actually, in terms off. The the size is number one, Gen. Let me go to the to the young. Started to the skin size and make it 0.7 bit smaller, maybe. Okay, then why? We don't want to have in terms where I said it was rubbish, because we haven't done the steps yet, but I'm gonna do it quite quickly. Orientation our invitations. I'm gonna go with this little point. One everywhere. Yeah. Yet you notice I know what areas, but I don't always follow the right sequence, which is coming to take a little bit the fold here. And then you've got your about 40% here and about minus something here. And Tony, Bit of Twister and 0.2, um, other points about one. I actually prefer to bring it a bit more down. Give enough. It's too much. Good. Hey, um, my 0.2, then we get some more variation here. I had a bit of variation here, of course. Roids. Good. Um, so the shape now is no longer rubbish, but we need to have more. Which that's not the focus of far, um, a fou 9. Drawing the tree: What? If you want to draw your tree, draw the trunk, draw the branches and not asks Petri to generate them procedurally using the admin You here with the generators, You want to draw it yourself? Can you do that? Yes, of course you can. How? By present the space bar. If you press the space bar and get it pressed and keeps or and keep it pressed on, you can click anywhere and you get these starting points for drawings. And when you over, I'm keeping my space bar oppressed. And when you over over these er you can take any one of them. I am. Take it in any direction you want. Okay? And as long as you press the space bar not released it pressed again. You can start playing with this stuff. Okay, good. You get the point on. Let me for the last one. One of them do like this. Why? I'm just making the point that you have absolute freedom of movement. Now use it with caution because it needs to look realistic to some point. Even fantasy trees need to look realistic. Now, I am going to delete this because this was just to demonstrate that you can on let's make something that makes some sort of a sense, we're going to go with something like their simple heart shaped tree. Okay, going to draw it? Let me show you two ways. The first way is the one you're going to prefer, which is completely hand drawing it from scratch. Doing it yourself the second way, which is a possibility, is because I need to show you that you have that second possibility, which is at some point in time after making let's assume you're going to make your your treat procedurally, huh? Big branches, whatever. Let's add by forgetting But whatever at any time, you may decide that. Well, you know what I refer to now Do it manually. Of course, you can change any time. Come here to the hand drawn top and say convert 100 big branches convert 200 0 by forgetting convert to hung. Drawn. Okay, now all of them. Now, when you double click on anyone and you click a node, you get toe this spine. Now this is your hand drawing meaning marry. You could move it the way you want. It used to be procedurally calculated at some point in time, you want to take over the control speed tree gives you over to control with this stuff. This is another option that you can that you can use. Okay, I will show you both of them. Well, you already concede. Now I think we'll see which one we're going to use for for this one. Um, let's start with the simple drawing. It's a space bar and click here on very gentle Lee gets a shape, heart, something like this. Okay, on this edge here is quite sharp. It's good to have this problem because I need to show you how you can fix it. Then I Okay, sometimes I clicked to get a branch and you notice on the left here, these are notes with a Handwara in telling you that it has been converted sometimes depending all the parent, the branches going to appear in the wrong place. Well, let's just see how we can fix this. I'm just gonna click here on done turn, then press again on the space bar. Keep it president, then then start throwing the other one. And I'm going to make a few mistakes in this one on purpose to show you that you actually can, um, country kit because you have these these these dots. Well, it's quite simple that big daughter and the small dots big dots are for moving on. The smolders are for two week in the smoothness between off transition between the $2. Okay, well, im just quickly going to bring it back in shape, right? Not in really perfect. It's just because it needs to be that you have some noise. I'm going to introduce noise anyway, So any imperfection in my drawing is gonna help a lot. I think my drawing is very in perfect. I doubt said that you get you can tell. Not great joy. Okay, now, this is a good starting point. We can take this fucker you could do that from Let me open a new tree. Let me open in your You could do that. I'm gonna come back to this one, but let me show you how you would do it If you're going with a procedurally generated something that you turn it around bifurcated branches, for example, on you are going to ask now it's your influence in it. So If you want to start logically in terms off logical, procedural way, then you need to use some logic as well to talk to speech. Then I only want one. So you only want one off those branches. You come to the generation of the branch and you are going to really increase the spacing. So the more space you create between them, the less of them you're gonna see. So I'm left with two. And I said, Okay, you know, this one is a Barrett zero points. Eight. How about killing it If I just say 0.6, but I'm gonna kill it. Okay, so I'm left with these ones. What I could also do is, um, in this one, bring it a little bit down with the spine. Start angle something like this. And then you think you know what? Let's take it from here on. You convert to your hand, drawing as we have shown before. Simple. OK, now you could do that or you quit, and then you double click and go to the note and you behave how it's going to behave as a some hand drawn. Be careful. Any change on not because I just know that any change about you convey these points anywhere you want and get less points. By the way, any change that you are going to make on the parent is gonna affect the branch. That's always the case. So I'm not gonna do it with this one. I'm gonna come back to this because it's already dawn and let's keep this weekend. Okay, let's close the 1st 1 So it just goes there, right? As you know, we always prefer to have our materials set in the very beginning. So that what we look at when we tweak it, which we could based on what it should look like, they're very andere. Let's bring in simple bark material on a simple leave. Well, it actually is not that simple, Leaf. But let's go with the park. Let me see which one of my valued last time think is the bark. Okay, I'm going with this one, which is greenish. It's also from textures that come. Okay, so it's one of those there. Get it for free. You got the normal here on the undead. Seclusion. Ambient occlusion here. Right, Don my dry agha to my trunk. Onda replace Branch on Now we can look at it now. Somehow, when I was drawing, I was drawing it. It's not facing the sun that is absolutely finer. Can just come to the tree on a roll. This is the seed. It's like you're turning the seed. We need the ground rule and then this way, facing somewhat facing the sun, See better Good has come back to our trunk on because we have used the hand drawing it does not necessarily mean we're going to draw the noise. Draw everything. Now we can use the procedural for a mate the para meters to influence it. Number one, We're not going to keep this empty gap here. Can you look at this here? This is This is ugly. So we need to have a cup. So add up and let me sign the material first of it. And don't duplicate duplicates and put it on the branch as well. Good it's to take. So let's come to the trunk. Onder for the spine, for the not the lamp. Well, we didn't tweak the land because it kind of did. It doesn't matter for me, but if you have a length in mind. That's what you start. We've talked about the steps, right? Even if its hand Rome. What's your finish? Hand drawing, Danny. Go through the normal retool off the steps that you follow for me. I'm gonna jump to a few things because the purposes now demonstrated the technique of the drawing. Um, let me just jump Teoh to the young to get in this to look good in terms off thickness, thickness radius. Here. Absolute one that does not work for me. What actually doesn't work is this. You see this? Some This curve also the curve. Absolute. This blue curve over here, this is the final. This is the bottom. And this is the top, which means that if I reduce this, it becomes like a needle. So Okay, that's not what I want. I just want something like this, and I can create new points so that the transition is not that harsh. Okay, something like this. Kind of all right, uh, similar for the branch. We come to the radius on, we play with the transition, bringing a bit down. Nice. Okay, good. It looks to Smith. So of course, we need to introduce some noise and the noise. You find it in the late noise. Hold on a moment. What's going on? Every time you change the parent, the child gets affected. So be careful with your noise in here. I'm gonna introduce some turbulence on some smoothness. Smoothed in is actually like and doing your turbulence. That's enough. Let's come back to this to a similar thing. Be careful, please. Because if you click on the Browns, you're working on the generator part because when you draw general your on the node side, if you click on this and you start changing now, your para meters have you noticed everything? Zero. Where this is one of the powerful sites off speed tree it gives is brilliant. It's fantastic. You can We're not in this case, by the way. I'm giving you a warning now, but I'm telling in all the cases you will be able to influence individual notes. Okay, But confusing. I know that these are knows, but insp itri Let's think of them as generators. When you click on node, we mean that specific individual part that you have selected if you have 10 branches he knew select one off the 10. Then it is that one that they call note in speak Tree Okay, on the branches Generator. When you click conduct you are influencing the 10. All right. Why am I telling you this story? Because if you double click on here and you create noisier So it's no note that if I click on node and you add noise, er you notice you are influencing this one. Yes, that's true. But you are. You will get distortion that is outside off this. Let me create some turbulence and you notice that actually, despite the spine is not moving because the spine is driven by the generator. Yes, You've got all freedom to work on that individual. But the spine is ruled by the generator. So if you won't, If this is what you want, that's how to do it. If this is not have you want, then you come back to your branches. Make sure you are on generator on. Then you introduce your noise. That's come back now to the noise. Er on some stuff, this is getting a bit weird. Um, some turbulence would not be, but let me select the node on if you can't see this handle? Because I want to move it now up a little bit. Okay? Just a tiny bit. Lady DoubleClick undone. Oh, I have done something for this one. See, I've introduced the noise, I think on the node level. So I would have done No, I've known that. So let me just move this a bit. Nice. Okay, Good. That should be kind off enough. It shouldn't be closed because it's gonna look too too much. But just convey the idea, right? Okay, a little bit. If most doesn't hurt, let's go to our smoothing Smiths moved in That turbulence. Maybe more turbulence in this within it on the generator. Okay, there's something going on now. Spit tree is misbehaving. I'm trying to change the timbers, but it's not reacting. Okay, let me just reset this. Go back to generator. Click on trunk. Um, try to work out. Okay. This one is working. Come back to the Branch Onda, late amounts. Okay. What happened? Look at this is this is amazing. This is this is a great opportunity, actually to talk about the blue line for the noise. Look at this drunk. The trunk is telling you here this is by default, but it's where sometimes you are frustrated. You think I'm no introducing enough noise? I don't need to keep pushing. It's because it's all squeezed. I'm talking about the track now. We'll come back to the front. It's all squeeze in the upper part over here. Okay, so you notice this is all smooth. I never think this is not what I want. I want to have noise. This blue line over hair curve is what defines that actually uphill. 50%. You have very little and zero uptil here. You got very little. Hardly any. Then it becomes that amount on the top. So what if we do like this while we're gonna get ah, now it's starting to look stronger everywhere. Now, of course, this is a bit too strong here. You can do this. Well, if you want to shape like this and he wanted to be a little smoother, then you can go to choose any one of these like corn conical and oh, that's not very bad. Discover conical and then bring this one a little bit up. Turn it like this. Something like this doesn't reduce the amount because then you are now influencing something like days. You can influence it yourself. You can start adding, I mean, with the cuff. Okay, so why am I going lower? Because I'd like to see some stuff happening here in the trunk level. Lower here. Okay. Uh, what I can do is simply for this one. We're going to know that aunt just been getting a bit back because I can. Okay, Nice now, because we've been working under parents. Every time you work in the parent, Deep child gets affected. That's been get up again. Good rights. And we do similar stuff. Let's go back to a generator and apply some noise are using. Now the curve. Let's come back to this car. This is what started this whole discussion about the car because you noticed this one is a bit weird. Okay, uh, we want tohave know is you could go even maximum. Something like that. Which means not ignore. Just make sure that the noises everywhere and when you start adding did noise up. Oh, smoothness. Zero. Sorry. Because the Smith misses is one. It basically it has no effect. Um, that's why. Okay, Good. I didn't notice that fish smitten is too high. Right? Let's get something like the conical. Wanted to tweak it. A school of maybe something like this. So hand drawing does not necessarily mean was This shape is actually find this once. Fine, good. All right. Does not necessarily mean not using the far meters. So now we're introducing some some so interesting movements to stop. What did we say? What did you say before you export anything, But before you move on to something other than your trunk and branches, you need to come to describe the to the wireless. Sorry. Twice today. Young wire frame to the white frame. And this is what's gonna show you that actually, this is a bit too harsh. So what can we do about that? We come to the segment's and we have real active and absolute. I can influence the absolute on 20. Something like this. Probably 30. Okay, this is a bit smoother on, but I don't mind having a little bit for the tracker. So absolute making dinner. Okay. For the 20 that should be fun. Ok, that should be fine. Um, good. Let's come back again to the standard and just quickly add to the radius off the the flares down here on making the tire. The binge. No angle. Cheers. Something that works for us. The noise scale. Right. Okay, good. All right. Now, I just quickly now live to the material spots where I'm going to move to the leave drinking . I just don't remember which one. That waas are you? Let's bring in the pink one. Ah, Bridge, Think one. Is this this for? Be careful. Be. That's before bees here. Think right. Capacity quickly. Six. Sometimes to load this screen on the normal. Done. Okay, Uh, it's only a bit here. 1.5 on the normal. That should be it. Ok, now I'm gonna add some twigs directly to the branch, I think. What, Are you serious? Yes, I am serious. I didn't twixt the requisite of brown to the branch, but then the tweets were gonna behave like branches. I don't want that. I want them to be a black twigs. So I go to the, uh, skin, which is the thickness ranges here. And I bring it down to 0.1. Um, it a point to make and then the spine. How long you gonna make it zero on. Remove this, Remember, even if you make it zero. There's this variance here. So it's actually 0.1. Make it zero, and then they find for yourself. How long do you want it to be? So it's like very tiny, tiny bits getting out here everywhere. I'm gonna work on the branch. And when I finished, I will copy based on the trunk. Shall we do that? Okay, then I will duplicate this and put it in here. That gives me some stuff. It's just trying to bid to get something like this, but probably did smaller in scale. All right, let's do it now with adding some batch leaves up bashed leaves. Okay, then. Did I get the mess for this? No, that's one big mistake. I should make this mission. That's very quickly. It's one big mess here. That's one big mess off triangles. Timonium. Okay, cool. Uh, well, it's an opportunity to clean the mess. Good. And then come clean the points. Good. That's done. Desolation. I'm going to go very high because I don't use many leaves, so this is really very dense. You don't need to do that, But just don't for once, we're going to go high. Okay, we get this. And of course, the orientation is what is going to save the day with this. I'm going to go very quick with this because they're also not this, not this one. Um, this is too much. Be careful with the final adjustment, which is not final, but if I'm just a 20 bit everywhere gonna get radiation, right? And in the folder, something like this. I'm not looking at it, but it's just something like this. And then the curl backwards a little. A tiny, tiny bit of twist and done at 0.1 ish 0.5 I want one. And, um, what else reports one I want to. Why? Why does numbers Absolutely no single clue whatsoever. I'm introducing creation. Got So why is it 0.2? It could have been zero points. Anything. I guess it just introduce innovation. You want to make sure that this when we're facing each other like this is not good, is not good. So what we can do is the Ford Align Turn it just a bit higher. Hey, come to the generation and we reduce the intern odor stuff to get a little bit more. As soon as you get lower. Don't less than one. You get some more interesting things. Okay, so and then the size actually of the leaf is too much. So skin 0.7 ish is good. Okay, let's look back at this. It looks like there's one here on this one here. And as one here, that should not be the case. So how do we solve this problem? We come to the twigs because this is a twig problem. This is here. These twigs thes tweaks. On the very beginning, When you come to the generation, there's something called spread. What do you do like this? You are creating space. More space between in the members off the same, um, of the same team off the same set. Okay. And you're in creating and you're reducing the the article that the space, but it doesn't mean that it's everywhere we can't do is increase the frequency this way. You are gets him more right, sir, Just check if you are able opportunity to get more values now smacks in this one. I wished I could get that and then I can turn them around a little bit. Spiral. Just okay? Something like this. I needed to start much earlier. Something like here. Then I go to zero. Okay, If that's what I have in mind, then I take this whole thing and then this whole stuff, not the cup under copy on the based, because you can also control C control V On this on, get the tree on the trunk, which creates this. Okay, now, I don't want to have them down here. So what we will do is just come to the rig generation Taba on the first on lost 1st 0 because we have copy pasted from the branch. But we want to make it something like zero point to maybe zero points. Three ish. Yeah, that's kind of Okay, three, I need zero point 25. Something like this. Okay, you can introduce more noise. You can add more things you can when you introduce noise, you get the drunk is going to change, and therefore the child is going to change. But this is kind off. One of the forms I've done a little bit, Um, a little bit too, too fast. on this one because I otherwise I would spend the whole time just tweaking it. I've taken it a bit more time on this one to make it look Dick on and mawr realistic in terms of shapes and turns on more variation. And you can look, I've spent some time also on this one because these kind of two Eakins you already know it's just matter off spending time, all that we've talked about them. But this is how you can drop in spit tree.