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Speed, Violence and Momentum for Audience Engagement on Twitch.tv - ft. Dr Disrespect

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. introduction to the course

    • 2. 1.1 - legacy follows you online

    • 3. 1.2 - understanding the niche your in

    • 4. 1.3 - audience development tips, dr style

    • 5. 1.4 - moderation tips for your audience

    • 6. 1.5 - be the best, build trust, brand face

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 8. 1.7 - let's keep in touch now

    • 9. 1.8 - BONUS - EP1 - speed, violence, momentum

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About This Class



Carving a Niche as a Live Streamer on Twitch with Dr Disrespect

quick link to the show | https://www.twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive

Dr Disrespect has garnered a huge twitch.tv following in the space of a year and is coming up to his first year birthday streaming on the platform. As a new viewer (addicted) I wanted to break apart the work that the dr does to maintain such an awesome show on a daily/weekly basis and why the 'slick daddy club' is growing in size each day.

in this course, you can learn. .. 

  • ingredients you need to be a successful live streamer by researching dr disrespect
  • legacy is everything online and it will always be found, investigated and mentioned
  • understand your niche you are operating in and why dr disrespect crushes the rest
  • audience development tips by watching what the dr does in his live streams
  • moderation tips, maintaining the audience before, during and after streams
  • be the best, turn up on time, build trust and loyalty and become the face of a brand

if you really want to learn how to be a create a better streamed online experience to an existing or brand new digital audience you need to watch this course. ..

thanks for all the support! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. introduction to the course: violence speed, momentum dark to get to know them very, very well. I'm gonna go through six different areas that I think make Dr Disrespect on Twitch TV the awesome legend that years and has been going for a year now streaming why he's become a role model, appear for life streamers, especially gamers online. And why has regular people tuning in every day sets him apart? What makes him different? What makes him scalable on gonna break that down for you today? So ingredients, you need to be a successful life stream as Dr Disrespect. And why should shoot him? Why I've been tuning in every day on time based on his schedule for hours on and watching this guy. Why, this is the new form of entertainment that is moving forward on the Web in terms of life streaming now that television is being caught up and over taken by the Internet. Now that YouTube is now launching their $35 package able to get live channels, TV networks know that things or stuff people are starting to move into these different areas. And Dr Disrespect is one of those ones that you gotta watch. So 1.1 point zero ingredients. You need to be successful life stream by researching Dr Disrespect of really going to this 1.1 legacy is everything online. People will find stuff about you. They will investigate it. We'll find out when you're mentioned why it's important to have that legacy before you do any kind of live streaming. Have things in place to be able to react to those things when they get bored up. One point to understand your niche. You operating in on why Dr Disrespect crushes the competition. 1.3 audience developed mine audience developed audience developed I audience development tips by watching what the doctor does in his life. Streams one point for moderation tips. Maintaining the audience before, during and after as a crucial one. And he does it really, really well on Finally be the best turn upon time. Build the trust on loyalty and become the face of the Brandon. That's exactly what the doctor does with this speed. Violence on momentum. Let's get into this 2. 1.1 - legacy follows you online: 1.1 legacy is everything online, and it will always be found, investigated and mentioned. This is Dr Disrespect on the left inside. Maybe one of these pictures isn't the dark, but like I thought, I throw it in there anyway because it could be the dark. And if it is Doc, that's even more awesome part of his legacy. I'm not gonna go into his name in his background and things like that, because I don't need to do that. But it's easy. Teoh find various bits and pieces and finding sold back story and how he got from where Iwas toe, where he is today and how he's kind of manufactured and created this persona online. So know your roots or create some and start living by them and have the respect of your community. He's definitely known as a Pierre gamer, being somebody who's developed some other maps or worked on some of the maps in some of the popular game. Some of the popular titles instantly gives you credibility instantly gives you online respect. People will always follow people who are their peers or somebody who they would like to be associated with all this guy worked on the maps for call of duty as kind of a cool thing to talk about, especially with call of duty in such a global phenomenon being, you know, loads of money. Millions of dollars now in active gaming around that particular game, he's got his great Monica off International Gaming Soup Star High stakes game player to time 93 94 Blockbuster video champion. I don't even know or even care if that is true, but I just love the idea that you brings up Blockbuster video. Because Blockbuster video was global, it was a massive period of time. The VHS, the beater Max on like it doesn't matter if Blockbuster Video had a gaming competition. Maybe they did in the US I don't know. But if if they didn't just love that hope, he's got lots of different little hooks, which give him an identity. And the fact that I've put it into this course suggest to me that it's a hook that people will remember in a past life. The doctor design levels for call of duty, which gives him online credibility. I mentioned earlier on people remember the brand of the dot is not just another gamer streaming on twitches created his character, this persona all the different little bits of identity, like the little motorbike there on the bottom right hand side. He created that as an overlay in the games of what is on the motor by or what is in the car . He's got these little different touches, which make and enhances life. Stream is more than just a guy who's just fired up a gaming stream with live video on there showing him playing the game is actually thought about the messaging that he wants all the people to see. A aims to compete at the highest level, which again, here, groups off gamers. People follow good gamers. People follow people who are well known, well respected here, his own money at competitions. He wins the attention and adoration therefore off gamers who are not as good as him, and they want to be just like the doc can't hustle your way into long term respect. You actually have to earn it. Put the hours in you put the work in, get your aim better. You get used to how your settings on your computer you optimize, optimize, upgrade upgrade it just like being an international star Olympic start. You need to train every single day what the docks done. He's managed to do that and turned it into a live stream so he can spend six or eight or 12 hours a day playing a game that he likes and get paid for doing it. So he's actually getting paid to train, which is kind of like get taking money for from the Olympics to train for your country. When people are making show reels from your life streams, you can be sure that your legacy, therefore, is concrete. If you do a search of Dr Disrespect on YouTube, you can see that people have made compilation videos off his life stream. That's when you know that you've kind of made it as a life streamers when people are starting to create show reels about what you do online 3. 1.2 - understanding the niche your in: more than one point to understand your needs. You are operating in a wide doctor. Disrespect crushes the rest. He gives a about his community, like always, spends time saying, Who's joint? Who's donated his create this great community called the Slick Valley Club. It's great. Branding is a great name. The mist. Bash the details like if you watch the live stream, you'll understand what I'm saying. Please go to twitch TV. Forward slash doctor Disrespect Life. Give it an hour. Tune into one of his life. Stream things from money to Friday. If you got a twitter dot com force Last Doctor Disrespect, you will find the schedule is pinned at the top of his tweets. What is gonna be online to give him a subscription? Do head over there. You'll understand what I'm getting at. He's crafted as an entertainer this environment for him to work him like essays and entertainers. His own Heitman. He has the gaming skills he has. The momentum is created. Clear identity. The generation you grew up in is often your legacy. So synth pop. 80. Styling the Ablow, VT. It's all the doctors turf. It's all the doctors turf he loves this environment. It's something that he feels native in has created this character around that whole environment. If you think of when I think of like eighties music, some of the music that comes to mind is kind of Miami vice in the styling of the suits, the cars of the time that Lamborghini is Thea Ferraris, all that kind of light. Since eighties music, what the doctors don't has managed to bring back that retro always wants to live. It always wants to be regurgitating and broader, especially to an audience. Have never heard it before. Some people sit in the channel IR. What's this song? What's his son? So you kind of become in the pier off, showing a environment that they've never been in before and therefore because people have never been in it for their respect. Somebody you brings it to them. This respectful big point why is called Dr Disrespect? Disrespectful is exactly how he treats other games he plays against. There is no retreat with the doctor. No surrender. He's like kickboxer to the max. He will just wind people up all day text. Passive aggression through his games, uses gaming for his release every day and paid for it. It's genius. No, he went to push the merchandise. That's a huge thing. That doctor is like really learned. Hardly ever asks for subscribers. People just subscribe because they love the content. His momentum in the lifetime he understands the virtual audience at the other end is not just a guy sitting at a desk playing games. He understand there's thousands of people sitting watching the stream, and he engages in, interacts with them. Yaya. Yeah, that's all you need to know what your show and you'll understand. 4. 1.3 - audience development tips, dr style: ID at 1.3 Audience development tips by watching what the doctor does in his life streams. So his signature in intro You Always starts to show with his intro that has got probably about a 62nd 2 minute intro might be longer than actually with the music. I've never timed it, but it always starts the same as its signature intro with this kind of eight bit eighties kind of graphic in the background. With this smoke that comes up, it always starts off with. The name is doctor Disrespect. He has this flick comb, which is very, very reminiscent of the eighties of these flick knives. But you can also get these flick combs the mustache, which is not really a moustache. It's actually an Ethiopian caterpillar again. You have to watch the show to understand. This is also got the music selection down on multiple virtual sets. Now let me get quickly into the multiple virtual sets he's really spent some time in understanding, went to take a break, went to take time out, and if you're really smart, you'll notice one thing that he does when he's playing a game. If he loses a game, which, let's be honest most of time, he doesn't lose a game. But when he does lose a game because he gets killed by somebody on the sink in the out of Emori ends up with those people playing on US service from somewhere else around the globe . So you got all that kind of thing damage there that he gets he Texas time out and goes into these multiple virtual sets. He uses them as a bit of a release, but also for the life stream. People can reboot, reset, and it kind of creates an environment for you to sit and watch and then continue watching the next game. All he did was play the game, die, play the game, die. People would leave, go on the stream for maybe 2030 minutes. I think that's people like me. You have him on in the background. You actually probably sit there for four or five hours with the second screen watching the doc. What in in play, what I'm talking about things in the in the community, things that people are talking about. People tweet at him and goes through all of these different tweets at the end as well. He's got this full size green screen set up so we can walk in front of this green wall and be on this multiple virtual sets that he's got. And he's crafted them in such a way that they actually can walk behind things, which is a really smart thing to do, is actually created like images with an image on the top of them, so that when he walks onto the scene, it looks like he's part on the scene. And it's all part off the slick daddy club. This violence, speed, momentum. When you become a subscriber, you actively feel part off this community. So the slick daily club, then empowering his remote watches to be members, subscribed following. You're not just somebody you signing up to watch this guy, too. Pay his wages to help him get by. He actually wants you to be an active member of the community, and by doing that, you feel like empowered because you are part of the slick Valley Club. If you want to be like the doc, you can't just fire a per stream and be like Doc, you've probably come on your stream and say are you doing? You're copying and have 10,000 people like spamming you or tweeting out you're doing some kind of crazy stuff in itself is a Larrys as well after, but he actually makes you feel part of something. People are buying his T shirt being part off his club by subscribing on twitch for a month or three months or six months. And he's bringing in revenue every month from twitch from donations that he gets, which helps him do what he does every day can buy additional new kit. Great what he does. He has this. Ah, this this kind of saying yes, This particular scene, it's virtual set, which is this custom built kind of gym locker scene with black on black carbon fiber blazers waiting in these lockers to be part of community. There is lots of the defining points about a stream, which make him uniquely doctor disrespect that nobody can copy, and the reason why people can't copy moves. He's created and crafted a certain set of criteria that make this show what it is. Having those signatures saying that people identify with on the brand. They remember that stuff and probably when they go to events or conferences or tweets or making little videos there. Certain sayings that people will do, which then amplifies his brand even more royal being one of them, which, like I say, go on watching, you'll understand before enduring. Remember this before he does the Livestream enduring the Livestream, his chat as people asking when he's going to be live, the people who are not following his twitch or don't know what time is gonna be starting or his Twitter account is a steady stream of conversation, always going on briefly before they think is gonna be life dreaming. And then as soon as his life streaming. The chat is crazy and it has a bunch of moderators. Help him look after the channel. 5. 1.4 - moderation tips for your audience: Okay, one point for moderation tips. Maintaining the audience before, during and after the streams. Do check. Am I on the courses, please? So people are asking when he's next live in the chat night, but is running in there to help with commands 24 7 I've mentioned night, but before he was searching some my other courses, you'll find out how to set that up in your YouTube and Twitch channel. So he has things like Murcia's things like sensitivity as its schedule in there, basically questions that people are always asking in the chat so he gets round having to answer some of this stuff. And by the way, as a livestream, especially on twitch, is probably a good idea that you don't ever comment in the chat. It's very easy for a loss attacker or somebody's like hacker who could knock you off line by finding out your I P address, because as soon as you get into that chat areas Ways of finally got your i P address through the chat box. So it's probably best I did to have a bunch of moderators and never actually chat in your own chat box. That's probably why you have a night bots or bought in there to do a lot of these commands . And so people are in the channel and asking various questions. Lots of people ask the same questions over a period of time, So having these little night, but sitting in there to help automate, kind of be macros for those things or some little talk to help with audience development and you can kind of carry on with what you're doing is a live streaming. You wanna be engaged in the game playing the game, but also in entertaining your remote audience. As far as I can tell, the doc never comments in the chat his moderators do, and I think this is like it's a safer from having DOS attacks, denial of service attacks, people knocking your flying to the reason why the doc has no issues. Most of the time with his life stream, you can go for hours on end. He's super aware of people in the chat, always talked to his remote audience, obviously through the stream, not through the chat, and they respond in kind in the chat. If people get offensive, has a whole team of moderators there to deal with that stuff so we can concentrate on the Livestream. People who use their Amazon twitch subscription get access to chat features that will this do not? Sometimes they lock the chat channel down there. Also a bunch of icons and graphics that you can use a subscriber. So when those people who donate large amounts of money, this people who put like $100 or $1000 those things that the doctor asked the channel to do the Chap Channel to do in the moderates the community is actively monitoring and helping co create with things like odd shot TV with clip making sure is an interesting one for me. I didn't really see the point about shot until I started watching a lot. He would have issues with the game when he was taking a shot gun to somebody and getting two or three shots off, only damaging that character like 30 40%. And so what people are doing in there in the channel is that they can fire off this odd shop, and it records 30 seconds on the video that you're watching and creation this video kind of in real time, which is incredible. It's a cool little thing, which allows him to play that video back and have a look at what happened. Slow it down and see if he actually got the shots on target or if it was a decent issue. He sink being when the servers lag angle look slightly out of timing, with the data being sent between the different clients. That's kind of an interesting want to me, and also that creates moderation creates audience engagement, cause people want to be the 1st 1 to provide the link to the art shot. And it's interesting how that kind of subculture then becomes about empowering the streamer . So the stream has questions as issues, and then the people on the periphery kind of dropping in odd shot links to say Here I've done it for you, Doc. And then it starts to build up and people start to get on the moderation team. And then before you know you got a loyal following of people who are there to help you out . Currently streams of Monday to Friday and maintains remote dialogue virus Twitter posts, and that's kind of like return date. So you want to go and watch again the next scheduled time, and not always at the same time every week. But he make sure that he puts that out normally on a Saturday or a Sunday before the Monday to Friday week starts. He is a full time streamer, so I presume he's got other things. That he does it in his free time. Maybe looks after his daughter, maybe like, is running separate businesses. I know he's an adviser on boom dot TV, so his craft he's crafted this environment for him to work in, which fits his lifestyle. 6. 1.5 - be the best, build trust, brand face: 1.5. Then be the best turn up on time, build trust and loyalty and become the face off a brand. If you're gonna stream to a niche audience, you half their own that environment and make it yours. You have to put your own personality, your own flair, your own ideas into it. You can't just get onto a live stream and do what everybody else is doing. You won't get the traffic. You won't get the momentum Docks case you won't get the violence. You have tohave speed, violence and momentum to be the dock with live streaming audiences. They Evan flow by viewership based on this show in the content in the engagement. So you have to continually be consistent with your messaging. And the doctor does that every time. It is a life street slick Daddy Club is made up of gamers additive class game as people who have already got audiences following them. So it's naturally got this kind of funnel of amplification of the game is we're going to talk about The doctor doesn't always have to be good. It could be totally bad it, but like is not a good gamer. He's not gonna good aim. And that creates sensationalism in the environment, which then causes more amplification. More people coming back to find out the doc's opinion on stuff. So there's people in there who are wanting to be to be better than the dog or the best of the best, And that creates this groundswell of people listening for the next bit of news. Brands are remembered why people choose Coca Cola over Pepsi. It builds legacy. The only go look at something like Coke. Call it what They haven't changed their design in over 25 30 years, whereas Pepsi have gone through this interactive process of changing their design over and over and over. And there's reasons why people worldwide remember Coca Cola over Pepsi's because that style that Brandon has been around decades and what the doctor is doing, where is done in the last year has crafted an environment where people will remember his legacy. Understanding the platform you use. You have to understand how twitch works, how you to work. You have to go in and deep, dive on that platform and work out all the intra. Chris is how it works, how to link in the payment systems of donations. Subscriptions you have toe Understand what your streaming to twitches partner with Amazon recently, obviously for the twitched prime. And this is where the doc is making his income, finally building the ability for the content change to adapt pace off the dock. He's been playing hate, one said one. So he has a hate ones that one community follows him and loves that game, even though it has, he's probably keeping the game alive because he's probably going to be the only one who's left playing it with, like 100 Vietnamese players being frustrated by getting killed by the dock indecent. But the brand needs to be known after so the doctors crafted an environment where people know about him as a player, as a good player is competed in Twitch, Can you got top eight on a particular game? Made some money from that. So obviously being in the top 10 is better than being in the in the latter stages of 100 gives him credibility. His ability now to change from H one said one to a similar game type like that is pretty much assured because people come to the end team and not necessarily just the game. There will be a handful, maybe 5000 people might drop off because they are hard called H one said one. But I believe that now, three years into the game and a lot of the books are not being fixed, probably will never be fixes or the game similar to Hey, Chuan said. One, which you're probably gonna take over on the dock is super super smart business wise because now he's become kind of on the board with other companies as an adviser has crafted an environment is making money there, and he can use that money and diversified portfolio and other stuff. 7. 1.6 - the roundup: all right the round of then So doctor Disrespect, speed, momentum, violence loved that. Say Dr Disrespect is one to extreme that is making an income from his life stream show. I know that for a fact. You don't have to watch it for an hour two hours to see the amount off collectivity with the audience that he has the amount of donations, amount of feedback, the amount engagement and how much of an entertainer of the doc is. It takes focus. It takes efforts. It takes upgrading all your kids. Every so often it takes moderators and having a respect for your moderators time. It takes solid momentum as the Dot would say on a day to day basis to build that audience. They don't just naturally come. It's taking, ah, year up to now to get where he is. Onda. He's reaping the rewards of it. The effort the authenticity designed the styling of his show just increases all the time. And it's that effort that he puts in that the audience acknowledge in the stay around. For if you've not seen it yet, why you watching this video twitch dot TV force last Dr Disrespect, I think is doctor disrespect life. So I got that right. Should be where your Amazon twitch money subscription goes every month. Honestly, keeping guys like Dr Disrespect Online definitely one of the peer group of people to look at. And he should be on panels all across the live streaming world about how you do entertainment, live streaming control, your own brand come out of a company that you work with for five or 10 years and actually create something that passionately you love to do on a daily basis. You can't copy the doc. Nobody can copy the doctors. Nobody has got any more speed, violence and momentum in the dark, but you can learn a huge amount from the way that he deals with his audience and craft is show on a daily basis. I've been Phil Campbell. I feel camel on Twitter, really going check him out. He's also means one of my favorite programs. I'm watching now on the Internet, and let's be honest. As soon as the Internet is his fastest television, as soon as it's fasters, one click on a remote control, people will never notice that television's gone. Everything is gonna be fed from the Internet. TV will just die off, would be suffocated and it be shows like Dr Disrespect, I'll really reap the reward. That's it for me today I'll see soon take out. 8. 1.7 - let's keep in touch now: 2017. I have a plan. I want to go and live in a shipping container in the middle of rural Spain, and you guys can help me do that. I watching this course, spreading it with other people, giving me feedback. I love to talk to people remotely out there on the Web if you want to get automatic updates of my new courses. Goto Online train dot click Force Ashmead 99 cents for three months. Absolute bargain. I get a $10 kickback for everybody who signs up. Get behind the scenes with email updates that digest that city would love to see you on the live show. I'm trying to get a live show started in March. I try to do in February, but things just didn't quite work out. Humble dot link for slash life stream Finally livestream event. Facebook notifications when we start to do those live tutorial videos. Also the live reviews on other courses that's coming soon. Team Humble dot link for Facebook 9. 1.8 - BONUS - EP1 - speed, violence, momentum: okay? It's fast. You know why? Because I'm playing tunes and I'm driving my 1990 Lamborghini diavolo VT with my Google prototype scopes on looking so damn good sponsored by Old Spice. What do you about? Why you have to kill me, Doctor? I 11 kills 11 is not that good. I have to. There's so much more powerful. Thats not good enough. I didn't have a shot. I didn't have a shotgun. And what did that matter? Trust me. No, you wouldn't know. You wouldn't have. You would have killed nothing. A lot of bad. How much do you want? Put out it? I'm gonna You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna like it right now. And not only am I gonna like it, I'm gonna retweet it as well. Both. There it is, Ladies and gentlemen, go to my twitter dot com Backslash, doctor disrespect account or below the feet, click on the social media like Twitter. Go to my gym, maybe give it a light. Gonna retweet as well. That's all I ask. If you don't want to do it, then get out of my face. I'm moving through and full steam. Three d six City basin. The sink sitting, sitting, sitting a deed. Seek City City guys in me. He's him! God, I want to took somebody from daybreak Somewhere down that valley in the desert. They're out there. The cartel. We need to find them. They have my steroids. Here we go. Well, what's this? These guys doing Destroy everyone, Destroy everyone. I want them all dead. Actually, forget the victims were born. We're going Terminator right now with challenging anything and everything. We're going full speed were attacking right now I'm getting all these weapons loaded up. People are gonna die. Take people are gonna die. Yeah, sky until you $425 million facility that you're looking at right here That showcases what the slick daddy club membership is all about. High octane 24 Cared interior. Inside your luck. 10. 80 p. L C D screen and every single locker showcasing my stream 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Brand new large black on black on carbon fiber slate Black blazers Waited in your locker as well The red bow tie It's there. OK, Jar Vasselin. Yes. Steven Seagal. Fake ponytail. Absolutely an Olympic size saltwater pool in the very back. The hell you think you're talking to? You're one gorgeous man. Whenever those punk kids come in your jet, you let him know immediately that you're way more dominant that you're the Dominated. Therefore, that is the title of today's broadcast. The Dominator, the kid you just write your idiot. Get your blond bangs out of your eyes. You need to see clearly. Let your mommy let's have your mommy lets you outside of the basement for once. 71 71. Can you believe this? I know I missed a lot of shots, but I got that one crucial shot in their 71 fucking percent. This game gives me from a direct hit from five feet away. Yeah, you got the best dance moves in. You got the best moves. You got the best. Smooth. But we'll stop it right there. Ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, this is my bedroom. Yeah, that is my king size waterbed. Yeah, those that You think that's the extent of the closet. Wrong.