Speed Form Sketching on Toned Paper | Marouane Bembli | Skillshare
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4 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Speed forms! Shading with a few markers

    • Adding contrast & highlights to make your sketch pop

    • Class project!


About This Class

Hey, Marouane here.

In this class, you will learn how to sketch speed forms on toned paper. We will use toned paper in this class to create some cool effects when it comes to highlighting and shading. 

The idea with this class is to let your creativity guide you without putting any pressure on yourself to create something perfect. That's why we are going to focus on speed forms. I'll explain more what that is inside the class.







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Marouane Bembli

Design Professional & Online Teacher

Marouane is an industrial designer and online teacher from Stockholm, Sweden currently living in the sunshine state of Florida. He has a great passion for design and especially the art of design sketching. 

You could say he's a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) who can't help but sketch whenever he picks up a pen. He's worked as an industrial designer, concept artist, illustrator and online teacher for over 10 years which sometimes makes...

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