Speed Branding For Non-Designers: Perfect Brand FONTS Made Easy

Nathalie De Ahna, Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor

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4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Trailer Speed Branding For Non-Designers Series

    • 2. The quickest way to find your perfect font combination

    • 3. How to test your font combination on the web

    • 4. My #1 free font resource and how to use it


Project Description

YOUR ASSIGNMENT is to either:

1) Post a link to your website so that we can see your brand fonts in action or to

2) Post the fonts you chose as your new brand fonts.


Step-by-step instructions for Google Fonts:

  • Go to Google Fonts
  • Type your font name into the search box or start looking for fonts by using the search filters.
  1. Serif: fonts with little flourishes on the end of the strokes.
  2. Sans serifs: simple fonts without flourishes.
  3. Display: used to catch the eye, create a mood or feeling, or to announce important information.
  4. Handwriting
  5. Monospace: all letters and characters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space.
  • If applicable: check different previews (e.g. word, sentence, poster etc.) and font sizes.
  • To check the pop-up box for specific letters when you are writing in a language other than English, click on the "pop-out" icon.
  • Once you've added all your fonts to the collection (click the BLUE button to do so), click on the download icon in the top-right corner and choose the first option (download as a zip file).
  • Open the zip file, chose the relevant font file and click on "install".
  • You can now use the fonts on your computer in programs such as Word or Powerpoint.


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