Speed Branding Fon Non-Designers: Your Brand's Irresistible Look & Feel | Nathalie De Ahna | Skillshare

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Speed Branding Fon Non-Designers: Your Brand's Irresistible Look & Feel

teacher avatar Nathalie De Ahna, Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Trailer Speed Branding For Non-Designers Series

    • 2. About Me And Why DIY Personal Branding Is THE Way To Go

    • 3. How To Design A Personal Brand That Fits You Like A Glove

    • 4. Nailing Your Future Brand's Look & Feel

    • 5. The Most Important Thing

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About This Class

Make Every Client Want Your Brand Or Products With Powerful Brand Design

Did you know you can create a visually powerful brand even if:

  • you have no idea what personal branding is, let alone how to (brand) design
  • your cash cow died of shiny object syndrome last fall AND
  • your schedule is more stuffed than Pamela Anderson’s fake breasts?

My name is Nathalie, I’m a highly-sensitive (that's code for easily distractible and quickly bored) serial entrepreneur, and I show non-techy small business owners how to build & brand a biz on a budget.

(And how to make every client want your products through powerful personal branding & brand design).   

Crappy branding & brand design will kill your business before you even have a business.


1) Grabbing your ideal client by their eyeballs with powerful personal branding through

  • an irresistible look & feel
  • perfect brand (or product) colors,
  • matching brand (or product) fonts,
  • a great brand logo and
  • beautiful branded social media pages

is the FIRST step towards entrepreneur’s heaven.

(That's where countless clients are telling their BFFs, colleagues and librarians about you and ONLY you.)

The next step?

2) Your "special sauce”, i.e. ALL THE AWESOME THINGS which make YOUR personal brand or product so much more attractive than the other ones on Online Square.

3) Add your unique brand copy, and you’ve got the perfect dinner experience.

(Engagement ring hidden in chocolate pudding included.)

YOU: “So what could still spoil my surprise, uuuhhmmm, DIY branding success?

ME: “High costs, little focus and zero fun.”

Do you fancy:

  • a HIGHLY ACTIONABLE course, showing you 
  • the crème de la crème of FREE (or super affordable) DIY DESIGN TOOLS and
  • my secret & super effective personal BRANDING SHORTCUTS which will help you
  • generate RESULTS FAST?

(So that you can get back to binge-watching Netflix without feeling guilty?)

Then I want you so “sing along” while I’m designing the brand of fictitious health coach Anna Simpson together with you.


In PART 1 of this highly actionable series, you'll define your new brand's irresistible LOOK & FEEL.

In under 10 minutes.

Ready? Then go and enroll.

I look forward to seeing you in our Personal Branding & Brand Design Classroom!

xo, Nat

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nathalie De Ahna

Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor


My name is Nathalie and I built my first successful online business in 2006.

I'm a multi-passionate online entrepreneur, DIY designer & Holistic Health Strategist teaching small business owners how to efficiently build a brand and business with non-techy and inexpensive tools.

Because I can never sit still and learn new stuff more often than other people have regular bowel movements, I've started building other businesses, too.

With limited time.

(Because I have small kids).

And fun and non-nerdy tools.

(Because I'm still wearing a tech-onesie myself and don't intend to ever grow into a full-blown nerd.)

Also, my French roots are allergic to over-priced tools and services, which is why I've become a Black Belt Master in Free But Effec... See full profile

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1. Trailer Speed Branding For Non-Designers Series: you don't soprano with lots to offer a little time. Little Bonnie and the total body. If you want to get out there quickly, your role, my way. You, you're offers. Hey, I don't do the trick. They're compelling. And all these funds, they're they're just know, fits your on so frustrated you want to do it yourself. But you just don't know how they're targeting just about anyone. Seriously crystal clear that you're selling to you totally can't predict guest running on your own wreck spurs. So I never made me these big bucks. Just be happy in this. No, I don't. Your to sell your only child, you go. 2. About Me And Why DIY Personal Branding Is THE Way To Go: Hello there, Natalie. Here from Pimp Your usual start. Com. I'm a multi passionate entrepreneur running three online businesses, and I've put together this course because I truly believe that for small business owners and start ups, do it yourself. Branding is the way to go. Why would I say that? First of all, it's quick. Second of all, it's free. Also, no one knows your business or product idea better than you. And what I think is most important. No one cares about your business or product idea more than you now, believe me. I once tried outsourcing things, and I wasted thousands off dollars on marketing PR and other experts who brought me little to no return on investment whatsoever. They all had great ideas. They all promised me a lot, but they completely under delivered. And because I didn't and still don't want to go chasing after experts who might be able to implement my ideas, I just take matters into my own hand, and I turned my first online business into a six figure company within two years, completely on my own. Would you also need to know about me is that I suffer from terminal idea. Ria. I have new business or product ideas all the time and do it yourself. Branding allows me to quickly and cost efficiently find out whether an idea even has actual potential or not. So are you also an entrepreneur with a lot to offer but little time and little money to spend. And let's talk about the three ingredients you need for a killer, Brendan. 3. How To Design A Personal Brand That Fits You Like A Glove: Let's talk about the three ingredients for a killer branding. The first ingredient is your secret sauce, also known as your unique selling point. You have to be crystal clear about what makes you really special, because if you fail to give your future clients plenty of reasons to buy from you and Onley , you there will simply go and make business with somebody else. The second ingredient is your very own copy. Copy that rebs your visitors into a wall and fuzzy cloud and takes them straight to client heaven. And I'm emphasizing very own here because I truly think that with a little bit of background knowledge, everyone can write great texts that truly fit their brand personality. Now, in this course will mostly focus on ingredient number three. But later on, I'm giving you some awesome tips and worksheets that will help you tremendously in figuring out what you have, what other stoned and in writing magic of copy. Now what's the third ingredient off course, your fantastic signature design, which grabs people by their rivals as soon as they enter your side. You've only got a couple of seconds to leave a first impression, and I don't care what copywriters and other people say. This impression is always usual. When someone lends on your website, they usually don't care about your hidden inner beauty. Just like in real life. Design is key, which is why I have put together some interesting facts for you in our next lecture before we dive right into the directing aboard. 4. Nailing Your Future Brand's Look & Feel: okay, In our theory, let's get to the practical part and define your new brands or products. Look and feel. I'm gonna show you know, the exact same steps that I came up with to create something that your and my future clients will find super compelling. And if you follow along with me and that's kind of the whole point of this course, you will be done with your Brendan by the end of the day. Okay? Now, before we start the actual design work, I want you to think about the basic looking for you. You want your brand or product to Conaway? How do you want to make people feel? What do you want them to think when they visited your side for the very first time to help you figure that out? Let's do the following. I want you to note down five websites of products that have what you don't have yet. What were you totally want? Now the sites don't have to be offering what you are offering. Their products or services can be completely unrelated, but they must. Conway, this special something that you are envisioning for your own brand too. Okay, let me show you some examples when I put together the branding for my own business Pimp Your wish. ALS I was inspired by a couple of websites. For example, the 1st 1 was irregular choice. They're selling shoes and their target group, uh, women. Another side is gorgeous. Gorgeous are selling stationery, bags, cups, lots of different cute stuff. And also it's mostly for girls and women. 1/3 side that I was inspired by his apple. Now who doesn't like apple and apples? Target Group is off course. Everyone who loves technology, who loves design both men and women. Website number four Simple green smoothies That's mostly for women. They're offering recipes, challenge everything that's got something to do with a healthy lifestyle and the last Web site that I was inspired by. And it's actually not a real website. It was rather a demo side for the theme that I ended up buying for my own website. It's the lending seam by seam. If I look at this and when I saw that theme, I knew it was exactly the kind of look and feel that I wanted for my brand as well. Now what I did with these website was, of course, not only look at them, but I describe each of them with the 1st 5 concepts that came to mind and by concepts I mean adjectives, knowns, emotions, anything top of your mind you can think of without consciously analyzing things. Now, for example, for irregular choice, I came up with feminine fun colors, hip and retro for gorgeous. I noted down Try me. Fancy, clear, creative and fun for Apple. My concepts were stylish, neutral, minimalist, white and playful. For simple green smoothies, I noted down inspiring joy of life, female light moot and yes, I can. And for my last sight for theme. If I I noted down colorful brides summer engaging and layout. And as you can see here, I put that all in one need table. Now, once I had described my five websites, I compared my results to identify the top three concepts that really made these brands stand out to me, for example, the first concept that made me fall in love with these sides. Waas Anything related to fund to being hip, to joy of life, to conveying a light mood and communicate a summer feeling. Now the second concept had to do with colors being creative, offering something stylish, minimalist things that were layout related and the third concept carried a really inspirational component, something which basically screamed at me. Try me. I want that product. I feel inspired or yes, I can do that to, you know, something that engaged me as a visitor from the very first moment. And this, of course, led me back to the look and feel that I wanted to create for my own brand fun, a colorful design and I really want to inspire and motivate them so that they feel, Yea, I'm in. I can do that too No enough about me. Now it's time for you to get going. Your turn. Grab your worksheet and start with task. 5. The Most Important Thing: