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    • Welcome to Speaker Meeting 2017!

    • What motivated me to make this class?

    • How am I living now?

    • Into and out of the darkness

    • Where to get the sex, alcohol, and gambling money videos?

    • WELCOME to my journey in VIDEO GAME ADDICTION!

    • My gaming addiction gets crazy in college

    • The gaming addiction comes back and adapts to a family

    • Introduction to my journey with FOOD

    • My eating started bad and got worse at college

    • How I lost 20 pounds in 10 months and put it back on in 2

    • Losing weight with MyFitnessPal and counting calories

    • My magical experience at Detroit Metro airport

    • How I eat now has unbelievable health benefits!

    • WELCOME to my journey in EMOTIONS

    • Crying helps immensely for processing challenging emotions

    • I try to feel all my feelings today

    • Life is full of mostly good emotions which are easily missed

    • How do I process my emotions today?

    • WELCOME to my journey in RECOVERY!

    • Going to Alcoholics Anonymous

    • Wait for the pop

    • After my fifth step confession

    • Is the whole world in recovery?

    • Project for Speaker Meeting 2017


About This Class

Watch this class today to unlock an autobiographical experience you will never forget!  I just finished filming Speaker Meeting 2017 in January and February 2017 to share my experience, strength, and hope with my addictions in candid detail featuring the following with the hope you can identify and learn from my experience!  

  1. My life story such as where I grew up and how I live today.
  2. Video gaming addiction from beginning to end including starting my business to help with it in the middle.
  3. Using food to change how I felt and unconscious eating behavior with a 14 year weight gain and loss journey.
  4. Emotional roller coaster with depression, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, frustration, annoyance, and anger transitioning into a life of peace, joy, and freedom today.
  5. A day and life lived in recovery now with an in depth view of what I do one day at a time to be free of the six forces that guided my life in misery which today help me stay connected with my higher power.

While you get the majority of the class here, Skillshare does not allow explicit content which means I am not allowed to include the discussions on sex, alcohol, or gambling in this class.  If you would like the extended version which includes these, would you rent or buy it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/aPzmDezsRZA or on my website at https://jerrybanfield.com/product/sm17/?  The following sections are omitted from this version of the class:

  • An intimate journey for mature viewers only inside my body shame and problems with sex.
  • The full two hour speaker meeting of my alcoholism where I share what it was like, what happened, and what life is like now.
  • Where gambling and money issues left me nearly bankrupt and ready for the end.

Thank you for learning about Speaker Meeting 2017 with me and I hope you enjoy it!


Jerry Banfield





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Jerry Banfield

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