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Speak a new Language in 90 days

Mark Robinson, Mission to Spread Knowledge

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About This Class

Having a second language comes with many benefits. The typical process outside what I will teach you however can be expensive and ineffective and often leads to students giving up their dream of learning a new language. This course however is not your parents training methods and will provide you with a fun way to speak a new language in 90 days.






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Mark Robinson

Mission to Spread Knowledge

I am a former Military Veteran served in both US Navy and Army National Guard. After leaving the Armed Forces struggled to fit in corporate America. Started working in Retail and eventually started several businesses some of which were sold and some which failed.

Im also a Father of his and hers totalling 5 Kids and 3 Grand children. Enjoy meeting new people. Helping as many people as I can. Occasionally I can be seen embarrassing myself on the golf course.

I also recently embar...

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