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Speak Hebrew like a Native

teacher avatar Itay Ben Avraham, Hebrew Made Simple

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting a Conversation

    • 3. Small Talk

    • 4. Talking About Yourself

    • 5. Books Movies and Music

    • 6. Talking About Football

    • 7. Buying Clothes and Shoes

    • 8. At the Restaurant

    • 9. Buying a SIM Card

    • 10. Opening a Bank Account

    • 11. Looking for an Apartment

    • 12. Making Appointments

    • 13. Useful Expressions for Phone Calls

    • 14. Ordering Food on the Phone

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course is designed to teach practical and useful Hebrew conversation. It will help you make new friends, find the right words in daily conversation and speak Hebrew with confidence in a wide range of real-life situations.

“I have found myself in many situations where this course would have come in very handy, wish I've studied this earlier!” – Brenda P

"Speak Hebrew like a Native" is perfect if you want to:

  • be able to express yourself in perfect Hebrew
  • say the right thing at the right time
  • improve your listening and comprehension skills
  • perfect your pronunciation
  • boost your conversation skills
  • speak Hebrew with confidence

"This is a helpful adjunct for anyone who would like to gain a greater practical sense of conversational Hebrew. It provides a way to gain better awareness of language patterns used in practical, everyday conversation. It also provides a way for learners to keep aware of the actual spelling of each word in the Hebrew alphabet." - Fred D

The focus is on conversation and communication

This course will improve your Hebrew knowledge with hundreds of customizable phrases used in spoken Hebrew. It does not include grammar explanations, but focuses on conversation (fluency and confidence). It is the perfect complement to self-study, traditional classroom lessons or video courses.

"This course is really a fantastic guide into the most common phrases used by Israelis today. As an intermediate speaker, I admit I knew a few of these already, but I loved having them organized by theme and seeing transliterations just below. Too many people spend months memorizing verb charts and individual vocabulary terms before they even try to put a sentence together. This course jumps right into the good stuff and lets you learn from full sentence examples... and it's not too long or complex. No question I'll be using this as a reference so I can get closer to speaking Hebrew like a native!  - Ruben A

Are you ready? Then sign up for this course and take your Hebrew conversation skills to the next level!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Itay Ben Avraham

Hebrew Made Simple


Hello, I'm Itay Ben Avraham and I'm the founder of ID Consulting.

Learn from the experts!

ID Consulting has been established in order to support organizations and people who work in international settings. We focus on developing cross-cultural competency and language skills through e-Learning, workshops and individual coaching.

The secret to mastering Hebrew

Our courses are based on effective and proven learning strategies that will gradually develop your Hebrew and boost your skills and confidence in less time than you thought possible.

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1. Introduction: Shalom and welcome to the course, speak Hebrew like a native. My name is the timing of, and I'm a Hebrew teacher with more than 15 years professional experience. I'm also the founder of I D Consulting, where we support organizations and people who work across cultures and international and intercultural settings. With the help off this course, you will be able to express yourself exactly how a Hebrew native speaker would do it. You will be able to speak with confidence because you know that these sentences are correct and you will be more fluent because you don't have to look forwards or translate what you want to say from your native language into Hebrew. The course consists of three main topics. Making friends, shopping, food and services. Speaking on the phone. It includes hundreds of sentences that can be used in typical everyday situations. My plan is to keep adding new lessons based on your feedback, so I invite you to post your comments and ideas for more topics, and I will use that feedback to create more videos. This course is suitable for all levels. No matter whether you're a beginner or advanced learner. I decided not to include grammar explanations because the focus is on conversation and communication. It's also the perfect complement to self study, a traditional classroom course or in online video course. So I invite you to jump right into your first lesson, and in less time than you expect. You will speak Hebrew like a native. 2. Starting a Conversation: in this lesson, you will learn how to start a conversation. Shalom, Manish. Ma. I called Macedo Toe down my car. Campus center. Hi. How are you? Good, thanks. And you also good. Shalom management called the saddle. Toda might, huh? Gumbo said, Oh, shmee RV. They're going laugh, huh? My name's RV. And what's your name? Shmee. RV. Very cool him. Laugh calmly. Madoff Name like hell. My name's met off. Nice to meet you. Call Emily Meddoff. Name like hell. The skill. The skill. Really? Cohen. What was your name again? The skill. The skill. Eliot Cohen, Atomic. Kareem. Do you guys know each other? Atomic. Your dream? The kill the RV result meant off. May I introduce it to each other? That's RV. That's me off to kill Avi. Result men off now I am like hell. Nice to meet. You know Imlach. You 3. Small Talk: all right. In this lesson, I'll teach you some useful expressions that you can use during small talk. May I fart? Data? Where do you come from? My fought data. A nim. It'll Aviv that that, uh I'm from tell Aviv. And you, Anu Mittal Aviv. That data the model sick it at those sick. What do you do for a living? Tomato sake? It Ato sick And the older Dnb Seaman's I worked as a lawyer for Seamen's a new is Dean Seaman's une karenga. Move! Tell it, Move tall. I'm currently unemployed. Une karenga Move! Tell it! Move tall on the student and the student ID. I'm a student on the student and the student it Matal made it Matal Ahmed, what do you study, Matt? Lament it. Martello Med une lamented. Ahmed. Tall, shiny women Halasz! Akeem! I'm getting my master's in business administration. Anila made it law. Med tall, shiny women! Halasz! Akeem! Oh, help! Omits Wiljan! The food here is delicious. How often? Poor Mitsui on at all time. But I would say we start on my show. Would you like to have another drink at Orza? But I would say we start on my show any lawyer fall. Hola. We start on, you know. Hag. No, Hagit, I can't drink. I'm driving any lawyer. Hold the Hola. Let's start on. You know hag. No, Hagit. And have it have less it. I need to go. Ah, Nikolayev It have left. Will Any punishment? I show maybe we can meet sometime. Well, I need piggish Mattei. Show can be. Give him nomis. Partially. Yes, that would be nice. Here is my phone number can be give in the army spouse. Really? Une gamble. Facebook has essentially Avi Cohen. I'm also on Facebook. My name is Abby. Corn. Honey. Gamba Facebook. Hashim Shelley. Avi Cohen. Ordinarily the berry toss it. Huh? It was really nice talking to you. My ordinary netted Leatherbury. Toss it, huh? No. Try a Harker. See you later. Needed Ioffe. Alka. She Ella's lahar of name. Have a nice rest of the evening. She yell us air of name. She yellow heart. LF name 4. Talking About Yourself: okay. When we meet new people and we make friends, we normally talk about ourselves. We give information, we say where we come from, we ask questions. And this lesson will help you to do that. Let's start on email. Totem Bight. I am from the United States. Une may also tablet any girl. Gotta Shanab, it'll Aviv. I've lived until Aviv for a year. Honey. Gotta gotta Shanab. It'll Aviv and Israel so toilet data. But so far neither Shan I rent an apartment in the old north on the Sohail Sohel. It they are but the father Son Une gar Gar, aim shoot off. I have a roommate. An eagle got tough and in a soy ness Wa close time I'm married and I have two Children. And in a soy ness Wa close time on the Goche Gorsha havoc. I'm divorced. Single and he goes Gorsha Novak Lavaca? Yes, like a vill. A villa. I have a boyfriend. A girlfriend? Yes, we have a lot. How? Villa? Actually a hot f I have a sister. A brother? Yes, we are hot. Yes, Ainley Him The coyote. I dont have siblings. Ainley Acclaim The high haute. How limb surely going, Boss Tanya. My parents live in Australia. Whole. Initially got in by Australia. Lem oddities for the New York. I studied medicine in New York. Lem Oddity before the New York. He actually tall sini. But Mother am assertive. I have a masters degree in computer science. Yes, Little Sydney. The mother. I am assertive. A Nimitz net. Behave at start up. I work as a developer for a startup company. Animate the Internet because what stop up and is a Mao is a merit. So sick I was sick. I'd Oman, Oman it Dan, How could I need? I'm a singer, musician, artist, dancer and he's a Mao. The mail it music. I was a guide. Oman, Oman, it Dan How could a neat, anemic pace opposite Avada I'm looking for a job Anemic capisce Make a pass, Ed Arvada HD overhead it. My wife works part time istea evaded hotsy misurata 5. Books Movies and Music: our hobbies are an important part of who we are and what we do. And that's why we usually talk about them with our friend or when we make new friends. This lesson will show you exactly how to do that on your heavily cause for him. I like reading books on your heavily calls for time. Une kuwait karenga say fairly moored Al Psicologo. I'm currently reading a textbook about psychology. A nickel, a karenga say fairly moored Al Psicologo. Any law have see frame adopted. Eonni, I don't like science fiction books. Une low have see frame Adobe Diani at our heavily cool at a heavily call Do you like reading a towel? Heavily Call. Gotta have it. We call. I have done Ah halved it. Assefa Han Sheldon Brown Did you like then Brown's last book? Hafta hafta it a safer how on shall Dan Brown Haas f l Hiatt off about a soft Hammett. The book was very good but the end disappointed me. Youssef el Hottovy of Allah Sophia Massive. I am an old motel. It was very exciting. I am an old motel on the or heavily or silt a Emma comedian silt a Paola. I like watching horror movies, comedies, action movies on me or heavily or silt a Emma comedy out Silt a Paola matter. How have we What, Matt? Or have it Lee World? What do you like watching Mata or heavily? What? My heart or have it? Lee wrote 80. At our become off, I saw the trailer e t. A topic off sfl Your tell Tove myself it The book is better than the movie Youssef El Your Tell Toe may sell it 80 at a Sell it because, you know, I saw the film at the theater 80 at the Sell it back. Oh, no animal care. Actually, it's a DVD. I went for the DVD to be released. Anemic. Okay, Actually, it's a DVD Who added the auto by Internet? I downloaded it from the Internet. No other t Oto by Internet. I don t sell it mentally. I think the movie is awesome. Lidar t sell it on the lawyer hall. Hola. Lick yacht Ble Masika. I can't live without music. Une lawyer hall. Hola. Like yacht blame or siga the media shit in a gun MPC loss. I always carry my MP three player with me the maid? Yes, it in a gun. Impish A loss as a musica, however, leash more. What kind of music do you like as a musica at that? Have leash more but thou have walk Book jaws Do you like rock pop? Jazz music? But that would have walk pop, jazz une or have musica class it? I love classical music a need or have more Zika classic Canady At a disk a dash shell, slow morality I bought llamo Altice New City Can idiot a disc Kadosh Shell slow morality A new law Metal heavy metal. I'm not a huge heavy metal fan on the low metal heavy metal but this clan initial Massadio Usually I listen to the radio but this clan initial mia audio 6. Talking About Football: football or soccer is the most popular sport in Israel. And that's why I decided to add a lesson about it in the course. Let's start and you have less a sec. Cadelago on your heavily AutoCAD a legal I like playing soccer. I like watching soccer on the or have Lysacek Cadogan on your heavily What? Cadogan Val I him a capital Aviv. My favorite team is Maccabi Tel Aviv boots. Hahaha. Va. Ally! He Maccabi Tel Aviv has a scar on her Who've Ally who? Every coin My favorite player is Avi Cohen has a hover line. Who? Every coin who saw L. He's a goalkeeper who show L. Kama Kama Styx, Memphis. What's the score? It's 2 to 0. Come a comma. Stymie efforts. Maccabee Movie Last Solossa! Hot Maccabee leads by a score of 321 Maccabee! Movieland shall loss! Ah! Hot tickle! The game is tied! Take all the high ago! Let's me! That was an own goal! Zelaya! Goal! That's me! Ah! Hello, Bosnia! The forward scored a goal in the 1st 2nd half. Hello, Bosnia hash! If it's not on beta out on sheen. Bendel, the referee called a penalty hash. If It's not on beta on sheen Pendulum, Kabalan Commerical Pieced the whole The defender got a yellow card. Have a Lamkin bell, Cultists A hope Cash are key. Berrocal, please. Saddam, The midfielder got a red card. Cash are Kimball. Lt's a dome. Our A off Sakata Mott seat, actually from a man at a captain. After half time, the coach substituted out the captain. Hi, Hafsa. Katima Hot seat relief from a man. It a captain Haka von Metz bia FDLE The linesman called offside. Haka von Metz Bia. I lived all Hello. It's names are benefit. The foreword is offside. Hello? It's names up. And if done, Zo Toyota. Vera, That was a bad foul. Zo Taita Vera Hop oil! Maca Bennett Candle Hough She hop oil gets a free kick Top oil Maca Bennett cadeau off. She I have a son Shall salutes the coat. There was an extra time of three minutes. I Taha Huh? Shall she lost the court minutes? Us. Who won? I mean, it's a US ethnic model, Miss Hock. How did the game end? Ethnic Mommy's Hock Maccabee In its heart our Basha Loesch Maccabee 14 to 3. My car being its huh Alba Shallow hop oil If seed US time efforts a point lost 0 to 2. Top oil if C dash time efforts. 7. Buying Clothes and Shoes: in this lesson, I will show you useful for cavalry and expressions for buying clothes and shoes. Let's have a look on the Iraq, Mr Kill Toda. I'm just looking around. Thank you on Iraq, Mr Que Toda. And they would say that the hood, Sir Mick alone have I would like to have the shirt from the shop window on the hot. Say it. A whole TSA Mick along, huh? Yes. Let's hide the hoods up. Small, medium, large, extra large. Do you have the shirt in small? Medium, Large. Extra large? Yes. Inside the holds up. A small medium. Large. Extra large. Yes. Hello. Hi, Thomas. In a sign made a hot yotel Dolan. Donna, do you have the pants one size larger. Smaller? Yes. Let's item business. I made a hot You tell Golan Donna and your Holum daughter toeholds arsehole on. Can I try on the black shirt on the whole, um, dot at the hotel? Yes. Look at the whole saga. Big hole. Do you also have the shirt in blue? Yes. Really Hot at a holds a gum back. A whole slick, huh? Effort? I am Adidas. Excuse me. Where are the fitting rooms? sleep, huh? A photo. I am Idiota Matter how? Chef Hamed Wilmot family. What do you think? Does the code look good on me? Matahachi Hamas, Wilmot Family and I lime her a lick gumbo. Are these shoes also on sale on a lime Haley? Gumby Miffed Hamad actually. Alba English time. I wear size 42. Hamid Actually, Albert English time Hannah aligned. Cannot do a lot. Made I The shoes are too small, Too big on a lime Cannot get a lot me die Hannah Alhazmi Elite locates it The left shoe pinches and I'll has Mulet Locates it on the locus at the Holzer Vatana Lima home haute I'll take the shirt and the brown shoes. Aneel Okay at her Holzer Vet Hannah A lime home haute. A new I would say last leaf at the hotel. I'd like to exchange the shirt A near What's a leaf at Ah hood. Some commas. Ole If Charlotte Salam Because Jesus alive. How much is that? Can I pay by credit card accomazzo Earlier If solace a limbic aeltus Asai fo Hakuba, Where's the check out counter fo Hakuba 8. At the Restaurant: going to a restaurant is a typical everyday situation. So let's have a look at some useful expressions and words. Spanish name a table for two, please. She'll han flesh name. Yes, it is all the LAMAs name. Is there a non smoking area? Yes. Is all alone Mash name a funny Ha ha List off your dime. Where can I wash my hands? If only a holly stuffy a dime on the old say that a fleet of Akasha. I'd like to have the menu and they would say it. That afraid of Russia yester freight bangle it. Do you have a menu in English? Yester frit Bangle it? Yes, my not Simcon yacht. Do you also have vegetarian dishes? Yes. My not Simhon Yacht? Yes. May not bleed blue 10. Are there gluten free dishes? Yes. May not be legal. 10 on the allergy Lego zem. I'm allergic to nuts on the Al lg Lego zem A new hotel has mean I'd like to order on the what say letters mean on the old Say it Hammock came Mannelly Shona Vettel Lasagna Cumana. I'd like to have the soup as an appetizer and the lasagna as my main course, And he would say it. A Murdoch came Manali. Shona Veta Lasagna. Cumana carried if shall cost mime. Can I have a glass of water if shall cost mime attire. Hola. Really? Mas leg calf. Sekine, could you bring me a fork, please? A spoon? A knife at a holiday. Dilemmas leg calf Sekine as a Kentucky mash. What desserts do you have as a kid? No cream. Yash. I had the imode toe. Dabbagh. It was delicious. Thank you. I had the imode toe daba. Okay, well Hyah! Merrily the food was delicious. Also mentally, if sharp autumn a Pete, Can I have another napkin? If so, Autumn appeared on the old selfish Elim. I'd like to pay on your tail. Alicia Limb His bond with focus on the check, please. His bond with focus on if Saleh Alicia Limbic all Peace Asli, Can I pay by credit card? If so, Alicia limb Because Peace Asli the small with the order If keep the change too small at our order. Slick, huh? F Marshall team. Excuse me. Where's the bathroom Sleep, huh? F or her? Several team 9. Buying a SIM Card: the cheapest way to use your phone while traveling or when you move to Israel is buying a local SIM card, and this lesson will prepare you to do that and the pathetic not cultist seem the telephone and I are chilly. I'd like to buy a SIM card for my cell phone on the old Stehlik, not Kulti. Seem a telephone hanaya, actually, and you will take out this seem but a slow Miro's ID, like a prepaid SIM card on the wall. Take healthy seem better Slum, Melrose and he would say, heavy. Let's say Lula, I'd like to have a contract for my cell phone and they would say, Have a lot to say. Hello, Mahama Spot nationally, What's my new cell phone number? Mohammed Ali. Come on the court clue Load Baja villa. How many minutes are included in the plan? Come on, the court crew lot. Baha Villa Com A holdout SMS If Sharis law Behold dish! How many texts can I send per month? Come behold the old SMS. If Solace Law Behold ish my heart. Gordon will have a lot of how much data is included. My God, l shall have a lot of Alicia. Come on, land a capsule, huh? What's the cost per minute? Kamala Qazi. Huh? And they won't say how Villa she call Etc. Hot Vejvoda wrote Lilo Hug Bala I'd like an unlimited talk and text plan and he would say a villa she Colella to see hot Vejvoda wrote Lilo Kabbalah. If only a whole lot in Natasha Bon play paid. Where can I add credit to my cell phone? If only a whole lot in a Turkish bon prepaid at Mattei faculties. But talk if How long is the SIM card valid at Mattei faculties? But talk if faculties overhead Gamba hole Does the card also work abroad? Hackle piece overhead gum. Behold. And it's a very Miko seem nano. Same. I need a micro same nano seem And it's a very make or seem Nano Seem I got this Collins home. Happy quality. Is there an initial balance in my card? Hackle piece. Khalil's home Hap Ality? Yes, it's high vote. Are there any contract obligations? Yes. Look, I vote on the hollow safe have illogically shar Can I add a data plan on the whole Joseph of Illogic? Alicia 10. Opening a Bank Account: Hello and welcome back in this lesson. We are going to the bank on the hotel. Um so how machines? Khalim? I'd like to withdraw 50 shekels on the hotel. Um so how machines Khalim a new hotel left kid? Huh? Machines? Kaleem. I'd like to deposit 50 shekels on yourself, Kid. Huh? Machines Khalim A fresh bucaspor. Matt. Where's the nearest A t m forus? Bucaspor Matt, A new hotel. If you are born, I'd like to open a bank account a new hotel if your fish born and it's a Texas born or Velva shove. I need a checking account and a savings account. And it's a fishbone Velva shop mark over her. I'm lot. How much are the fees? Mark over her arm. Lot anemic. Abele gum. Call pizza. Shall I do I also get the credit card? Anemic Abele gun cultists Asli on your home shock as if the whole chemical piece has a Can I use the card to withdraw money abroad on the whole himself. CASS, if the whole in hackle piece Come on, Mr. Get Attash survive. What's the credit card limit? Come on, miss Together. Test said I an evil Telesat have uh, I'd like to make a bank transfer A new hotel, a sort of other. A new hotel avail. LF shekel marriage bond over. I'd like to transfer 1000 shekels from my current account to my savings account. Honey, what? Senator Orville LF Schickel marriage Bonneville on the whole Assaulted by internet. Can I use online banking for this on the whole assault? It's a by Internet. A new hotel Hmiel dollar Khalim I'd like to change dollars into cycles A new hotel Amirault dollar less Khalim Yes LaCosta Hotel Mayor, Do you have 100 shekel bills? Yes. The hasta Hartzell Mayor on your telephone K that the check us in. I'd like to cash this check on the hotel. 1/2 kid it hot check has a 11. Looking for an Apartment: one of the most important tasks when you move to a new city is looking for an apartment. In this lesson, I will teach you the necessary words and expressions. The idea Tamada National Harbor Internment I saw your ad on the Internet 80 a tomato National Harbor Internet anemic union. But they are I'm interested in the apartment. Anemic Union Badia have They are a dying Priya. Is the apartment still available? Hadiya, Iodine can we are must hard the, uh How much is the rent Must Hardy, huh? Come out or not? How much are the utilities? Come on, fish or not, we're not cruelly Are the utilities included in the rent? Hospitable, Not clean Biscardi, huh? My go over Happy Caradon, How much is the deposit? Margot Va Happy card on come a father image But Iran How many rooms does the apartment have ? Comma Hoddle, Amiesh body are adirama who had it all? Oh, is the apartment furnished or unfurnished? Hadiya member Hit it! Or law Mima! Tie Hadi Europe Naya When it's the apartment available, Me! Mattei had their up. Maria Matteo of Charlotte of all When can I move in? Matthias shall a vole so the rhyme should've theme. Is it a room share? Zohdi Our aim should a theme come up with a female cash? How many room mates are there? Come a short of film? Yes, have been younger. Sano had us. Is it an old building or a new building? Have been Yayasan Kadosh Had the Amish paid said is the apartment renovated? Had the Amish pets It? Yes, Mill past it. But the Iran does the apartment have a balcony? Yes, meal Pass it. But they are Basil Koeman instead of the Are what floors department on but is a commanding te today, Huh? My wife Charlene Totota. When can I have a look at it? Matav? Sally Totota frb deokman settled Iran. Where is the apartment located? Exactly. Frb yoke Name settled. Iran. What neighborhood is that marked over to? Madrid jacket. Russia. What's the exact address? Please marked overtime. A jacket? Russia. Yes, Doctor. Not Autobus Bus Viva! Is there a bus station nearby? Yes. Janet, Auto Bos, Mus fever. How is Alberto US? Is the area safe? How is old but tow us 12. Making Appointments: Let's have a look at some expressions for making appointments and inviting friends. Alan, on your Semisi Bide sleep. Abide Misha. But hi. I'm throwing a party at my place on Saturday. Alan, on your Semisi Bide sleep. Abide Chabat. Balice Olive. Oh, are you coming along? Balasore? Lavoe! A small time Toha Lavoe. I'd love it if you could come by. This must him. Toha Lavoe If Saleh v Michu ity Can I bring someone a fella? V Maturity can be cave. Finish Matt off? Yes, sure Sounds good. At what time can BKF finish Matt off? Russia on the of immature like hall we start. Shall I bring something to eat? Drink. And you have immature Hall. They start. Let's sorry and the lawyer whole Bishop. But unfortunately, I'm unavailable on Saturday. Let's sorry on a lawyer whole, Bishop, but let's Sorry, Ashley Alicia, But unfortunately, I have plans for Saturday already. Let's ave. Yesterday, Balto. Alicia, But I fought ago. Where do you live? A foot ago. Bill Hobart Laws off stem issue the law. Hawk Marium at 12 R. Lazar, off street. It's not far from the sea built over laws off stem Mislead the lover Hawk Mariam So Baba Nitta official. But Okay, See you on Saturday. So Baba Nita Official But then Leslie start cafe beyond Sydney. Let's go for coffee on Monday. Leslie, stop Cafe Beyonce. Shinnie can better matter. IVF funny, piggish. Yes, sure. When and where do we meet? Can better matter. I've a funny piggish The album back me Sahara Chol a Kenyan at 4 p.m. At the main entrance off the shopping mall. Alba back Kenyon. Michelle Um Nell Islam Middelhoff. From there, we'll walk to the pedestrian zone. Michelle Um Nell. Islam. Middelhoff. Sergo Little sounds good. See you then. Sago little attire there, if we shall. A whole puppets. A tova. Do you know where we can find some good Peter attire there? If I saw a whole poor pizza. Tovar? Yes, Papa. Iso bonus mod! Is there a nice bar around here? Yes. Provides Obama man can on the McKeel hod Avala softened habitation. Yes, I know one I'll pick you up at nine. Can anemic your Hud Avala suffered Harbour Station. Sabah Nita A hotel mojo. Okay, See you later, Sabah. Nita O Telmo, Huh? 13. Useful Expressions for Phone Calls: Okay, let's jump right into the lesson on useful expressions for phone calls. Hello. Hello. Hello? Shalom. Edible Yosi effort into it. Hi, this is Jassi is a for at home. So long, Middlebury. Aussie effort Name said Kibble. Tha ta da Shelly, Did you get my message? Keep Barletta it. How old are surely higher to force. The line was busy. Higher the force. He got the Lemonnier Cooley. The voicemail answered. He got Ellemann a coolie captured cassata. I appreciate your call. KFC cassata. Now can I go with Russia? Michaud Name Samba Cover Shinnie. One moment, please. There is someone on the other line. Hakkari, Gabi Bokassa. Michelle Name Tabakova Shiny on Their holiday is over. Left. Can I call you back? Has he? Ha Did not come. The line was cut off. HAC, huh? Did not come on the because she show melt. I can hardly hear you on the because she shall melt on the old sailor. Sheer soda. I'd like to leave a message on the old sailors here. Hoda on your column. So, Marshall, can I take a message? A near Holum Soul. My show. Can you please tell him to call me back, but I wholly get Loeb Bokassa ch zero ally honey Tech. But M. Sasahara, he hung up on me. Honey, take the M. 14. Ordering Food on the Phone: Let's have a look. A typical sentences, expressions and words that come up when you order food on the phone. So long a new hotel. Yasmin Pizza. Hi, I'd like to order a pizza Shalom, A new hotel Azmin pizza. And it would set a pizza in pepperoni of a patriotic ID. Like the pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms on the old say at a pizza in Pepperoni VEP. A trio and they will take him back Book Little Overhead, Special Cola and also like a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke on the road. Second back book. Litter of Ahead, Seashell Cola and they will tell us Mean, Miss Paulus Skirmish. A large there misspelled. I'd like to order number 23 number 16 on the hotel as mean. Miss Bothersome Misha loss. Madam leads. What do you recommend? Mottama leads active. Actually, he hoped. Bani Odeh. Misbah's My address is five Penny Hoda Street, second floor. Actava. Actually, he was a hope Ben Yehuda, Misbah, Homage Kamaz, Nia Miss. Part telephone Chile who Small Hamas shares times Ellos al Bahamas. My phone number is 8562345 Miss Bala, telephone Chile who smaller Hamas says times a loss are Bahamas that I wholly the burial terribly at Hakkasan. Can you speak more slowly, please? At their holiday burial? Terribly at five Akasha. But the whole of Zobel's A Russia. Could you repeat that, please? Attire? Holik's ovals A Russia at that would say Majak, Okin waas Would you like to order a soup or a dessert? But I would say Majak looking Waas a lot of the circle. No, thanks. That's all. Lotta Zach. Coal commas Monroe Care How much loss? How long does delivery take commas? Manaka Permission Matteini A whole Avala. Soffit has mana. When can I pick up my order? Mattei And the whole of Oh, let's off It has Mana, Ania, Holly, shall Mboma Zuman. Can I pay cash on the whole issue? L m Burma's human totoaba later out. Thanks a lot. Good bye. The Taliban leader wrote 15. Conclusion: congratulations on finishing the course. Speak Hebrew like a native. I'm confident that your Hebrew has improved significantly and that you're now able to express herself with confidence in a wide range of situations exactly the way a native Hebrew speaker would do. I wish you all the best for your ongoing Hebrew studies, and I will continue to create useful resource is that will support you on your language learning journey. Shalem violate out.