Spark AR Halloween Effect / Instagram Halloween Face Filter | Ekaterina Usova | Skillshare

Spark AR Halloween Effect / Instagram Halloween Face Filter

Ekaterina Usova, Artist

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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro to the lesson

    • 2. 3D object

    • 3. GIF animatiion

    • 4. Particle System

    • 5. Patch Editor


About This Class

Let's create a filter to celebrate Halloween! In this lesson you will study:

- how to work with 3D objects: normal maps, diffuse map, specular map

- how to work with GIF animation

- how to work with Particle system

- how to add the "Tap on a screen to try" effect using Patch editor

Feel free to leave your questions!


1. Intro to the lesson: Hi. Did you hear The hell wins coming. I was surfing the web and found so many interesting pumpkins there. Lanes, bars me and I decided to create a filter with pumpkin head and fire from wise. In this video, you will learn more about three D objects particle system, get to know how to add a GIF animation to your mask. And moreover, work with Patch editor. Let's get into it. 2. 3D object: first of all, I'm good free three d pumpkinhead. And I found this one nice and scary with a pretty hat. So I downloaded the three D model and all these PNG files in spark A r I add my pumpkin and put it on a face tracker. I don't need ahead. Include, er, in this case, because the purpose of a haddock Lueder is to act like our head and help us to place objects like helmets and crowns. My pumpkin is ahead itself, as you might see. Let's correct the size and location of my pumpkin. All right, now let's import these PNG files. I will use diffuse, normal and speculative. So this diffuse file is nothing more than the colors off of a hat, for instance. I guess this color is for the head. The seven for the hat. We already have a material for our pumpkin on the asset panel you see under the three D object. Let's go t texture and choose diffuse file. Yep, it worked. We have our colors Next give to normal and at a one normal file. In this case, normal file adds height. So we have bulges on the object Looks more natural. Finally, I add speculator to the speculator. Whoa, whoa! Looks amazing 3. GIF animatiion: Now let's add fire to the pumpkin mouth. I will use these GIF animation, which I have converted to you. PNG files to PNG file using one of the websites how to add a GIF animation first, great material. Go to texture and choose animation and the information was created. I click here and choose my PNG file. Now the tough and you must remember things go to the texture you have uploaded and find Sprite sheets sentence. We have rows and columns here, and we need to tell exactly how many rows and columns our PNG file has. When I was converted it, I chose one column that was stupid because I got 60 rows here and gosh, it was tough to count. But here we are. Six Arouse and one column and it's exist writes off course. Rose by columns. Next, let's greet a plan Object connected with the face record. Um, choose our fire material. Well, great 4. Particle System: finally fire from eyes. We will use a particle system. Let's edit and put it on a face record. Also, Since I want to see my fire particles, I'm changing its position a little bit. War on close to the punking I great. Now I make them bigger And choose this Pangea file, which I found I want to change ab land moment she add to make the far and more intensive. All right, go back to the amateur. I said both rate to 10 because I don't need that many particles and change the spray angle . Okay. Next, I opened the particle find lifespan and set it to you. Fire sag Because guess what? I want my particles to leave longer. Finally, let's add some gravity Goto fours acceleration and said strength to zero. See, I told you we will add gravity, but we delimited it instead. Well, if you need gravity, you may always edit here. Okay, we have done with one eye Let's duplicate the immature and move it to the other. I, uh Oh, so we need to do this type minus here and yet we have fire prone both ice 5. Patch Editor: I like to do one more thing. I want users to see no effect when he opened the filter and on Lee when he taps on the screen, the affect appears to do that and go to the patch editor. Add screen tap patch Andi Sweet patch. Since I want the pumpkin and fired to be visible, I click on visible to create patches. Connect them with switch for my political system. I need to add if than else patch and create a patch from the amateurs both rates, because I want them to start when I tap on the screen. Let's connect them all together. And don't forget to type 10 here because on the number here should be equal to our growth rate. Now let's go to our screen and change it to similarly touch. So nothing and ah hah! Well, I love this voter. Let's add this instruction top to try out. To do that. I go to projects and it brought juice capabilities. Quicken plus find instructions. Insert. After that, open their instructions here, choose custom instructions, click a loss and find Allah instruction. Tap to try on good insert. After that, go to the device on the scene panel and greed a patch Prom instructions here. Good click on Enabled. And I don't need to connect this patch with anything. Well, great. I'll add this affect to my instagram on It will be approved soon, So go and check it out. I definitely love this mask. And there was having fun while making it. I hope you too. So feel free to like and comment this lesson. If you have any questions, live them in the question and answer section and I promise I will answer all of them. See you.