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Spanish to travel to Mexico

teacher avatar Hector Jimenez

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Class 1 Why this course

    • 2. Class 2 How to greet in Mexico

    • 3. Class 3 Family and possessive pronouns

    • 4. Class 4 Describing people

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About This Class

You will learn the Spanish language in a descriptive and fun way, we will give you examples of the use of Spanish in Mexico through videos, dialogues and situations that commonly happen in the daily life. As a language, Spanish is fabulous and in Mexico we use it in a unique and fun way. We have many idioms that in other Spanish-speaking countries do not have

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1. Class 1 Why this course: three way Samir Minutos highest a coarser Indo Nepal India land owner. Normally in this bunion better know what gets you who stood up in that and let's ban. You're putting the southern Mexico the number of sector, he said. A sweet Durant history after is the last of the sureness. Gardez comida for most animals. Comedian Mexico Tenemos infinite Adam of these most notorious places that respond that no different care they re sign and Porto Santo Network Society 17 days and in the form of the that personas for last. Still, during this wisteria me, the New Mexico travels the details soonest. Person voted for another party, but it's one of the latest mastermind uses last comedian Steve because a human lots more These most Nope. Whether they during this wisteria and me record kill Mickey Cano is Amalia. Respect also bongos, percent attention and assorted communities. Eunice videos Garrido's But up from the settlements, the most Goodmans in US 2. Class 2 How to greet in Mexico: - already the window I different This former this hot little ass personas bottom most hospital Mexico No is less obscene pain on the financial woes basis Absolute in Mexico. Outer persona. Living with stress respecto ego stop or esta persona They presente solamente north number also elope Either it's the people that salute goes on a number of completely Some part of cartoons must for my list or so Lisa and ronin is a travel you know, the media to Alexander Esto notice prices and spoke a common better knowing making no important years for my going for my we'll make it. I know CM prolix ended up metal and not respond there said Consider time spent an update on the manuals. Simple Lots of people every middle operate. It's a window. Bring it on Call frequency. Who still upset of Iraqi and making courses defending depending daughter love a human. Don't listen, Quentin in Canada in saluted Rahm breast, Escalona put it on the manners Andrew McCrae. The last person is that if it ain't taking it home Very okay, Tina. No, never. Oh, poor familiar. A costume brand outside of that? Yes. OK, will stay. Allow droppers on extending Premera Lamanno solar company say in Soludo conferences and see is simply being a different person, Lastra says. Masco Mona Skepticism was in Mexico. Alcohol stop me. Number is me. Nobody is Essen. Plus it. No, I meant in Mexico. Person jacket personas know Brenda's. When we start, there's a woman. States of apple. Isn't that so far in the outer persona in Mexico is almost paralysis. Coma? Yes, me. Nobody is. When I started this me number is when it's not just me. Number is in Espanol Putinism or buenas Noches? Yes, there that open experiencing the financial eating less continues. Good evening, Palestine. That a good night part of this business come up with an upset about Yes, the sorrows in Somalia. India which followed the desire. Yes, that's expressiveness in the Dallas who stay. They went in there income aumento in curios. Totally sadness. Windows D S O India. So this is the moment they say that the banana or say Sammy Sosa in malaria or those who pay me witnessed artist born a target. So the Lisa the middle ear Or does it obey me? I see it. The baby boy knows no chest or Bonanno. Jake Sooty Lisa. They last see it literally. City. Pay me my last dose, then a 1,000,000 much practical haciendas Expressionist but Bono Zia's me number Years, Wendy A. The number is the number is I'm not Talal Express soon or like it done, If that's Brazil significa Camilla ego interest area in replays. For my part, it's a really sad for the for love is embodied concerns. It's been a pretty back in it. I e puts everything to say honest Allah salute for media economical. But that was sorely more upon there being gaseous needless process and it really is honest and tenemos must complete its candidate Momento que becomes a persona asked love the most. Come with us to stop practical as in this explosion is put up again. India assortment present Mexico Morocco from Brahmos is here Most Americans Pakistan came Utd Sex for the sheerness. Kamala living in this did this dick about this? We see that the eyes, nose, we sit down. So you there Bingo this baby inside your persona in Mexico. So they said local operate on the miners Interim breasts economy best so in Jamahiriya Interim. Okay, this say he though doing when the sale baby understand practical and lasting interest experts. Eunice, by this 57 gets it's been over in this six year. They most need o come O Sullivan person and making court one day. Mom was a practical excellently. Howard. Yes. I coma responded Wonder sometimes who got recon? He come over this period. The exam is my persona in the spine. It's sort of a practical. My Ellison. You complete the government. No one was in the class ideas. 3. Class 3 Family and possessive pronouns: way. All of those in, like listen to your upper animals are present Tomorrow's persona in Mexico operandi. Most are respond there. If in element Apprendi moves are this pavilion knows the last person nous todo esto in espanol Loss of kettlebell classes happening there at this Caribbean are those members the left one million Mexican upper in their last 11 Candy can position the last courses and Mikiko la Familia is here. It's almost more concerned about this and so strict Half a 1,000,000 was permitted Then they'll be Wasn't was just Travis Eunice, incidentally or no Sensini in Lisbon notice fundamentalists product will be really associate una familia Typical Mexico is talking for mother Lots of vuelos no steals Looks pretty Most some consider others from a lettuce You know, for one part of the local familia Sin embargo So unless personas massing Portentous Entous killing me Blast Pelotas in Espana Baroness Caribbean Minerals and familia So Father Morning, Mother Bro, that sees them at a minor son China equal doubted Ika Children Ecos bargains by these in Mexico Booties almost Pelotas Cortes But really knows who member Lannister family more than my mama. My father Poverty But by, But get on, Father. I will. I will leave, grandmother. I will. I will eat them. Pardons, batteries. But definitely gonna person apples with that. Sam was movies. Most camera See in this boy. I need you. It's crinkly guard Nina. It's greatly Jamaica tenure adolescent old be a hole or oca en espanol. Let's ask until it's almost part of the popular. They wanna various cause us a legend. Mammals for a number is posted. CEOs. They went in there with a totally service Jack. Yeah, the financial in English and espanol Algunas You know this. Just follow last summer's Cindy since you, my Neil Omiya meals Mia's juror to you in single two years Improve that. Hes soon there hair super there. Yeah, it's so there. You our nice try in c Angola. No oysters dare Soon. The years. Oh, yes, sure. So new step a campus. My book. I mean, even jer book to leave. O Sullivan. His move. Sullivan. It's Saleem, our in West reliever. German. So leave there soon in Espana. No, till it's almost contract soonest running the courses. Is this a Saudi explosive? I don't know that soon. Completely. Your father's boots a liberal on Facebook in the middle. My mother's book a liberal every month is the Is that esto candy and singular algo organ gets in interest that can run Referee most owner persona. Okay, Can newest acerca so close? It's almost easy. Yes, I can. Okay. Yeah. Can you put it in blood instead of me? This is my book. Yes, it is me That is my boot And this close up in the most common thing taking a 1,000,000 making last four months quarters They come on over very most on Mr Sandusky leaders personas se going to wear that A little common demos finger without the saddest as foreign women can jacket Mr No one more lesson classic Adios. 4. Class 4 Describing people: - says that Oh, yeah, And the most algunas palabras resembles in espanol e l Who knows more than most only cause the medical part of this criminal is personas still up in the air as described in our press persona last bolas mas comunes en espanol. Find this out sooner so I don't don't. It's a total media other buckle sharp Gordo fat The thing What handsome Bernita Ready? Failed ugly clothing junk. Maybe in a that meet the ledge vehicle Oh, in Mexico Putinism most otras palabras part of this criminal as persons who stayed there jackets with us. This is what I want to tell Mrs Pucci gets ever feel Is that the stuff Don't get on the Grandeau. Gotcha. Average maybe, and maybe a sharp chaperone. And I know fat Branson, but a good team born thing Flacco Kaleka is kill itto handsome Carita Chula Very Tchula ogni or oh so can jump Hoping no certainly must stop allowed a part of this Caribbean persona loves animals For a very news You don't say that one of the in the people cover you get in a Putin is almost love shirt Strange Lisa or La Curry Resettle Cocina Gambino's almost Expressionist. Our practicum bullet is contending up put asunder. It is almost unless you get the photograph here. This is almost the skill is your Little Corner Cafe is also host Some evening. Describe persona. They scared that it's Farsi, our practical description, unless personas Calera It's Kribel us, a practical super in its classes near last allowed us in the Spaniard, but it's creepy about this percents. No one will send us again ideas.