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Spanish for Beginners

Rachael Davies

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5 Videos (42m)
    • El Abecedario

    • Los Colores

    • Los Dias de la Semana

    • Los Meses del Ano

    • Los Numeros


About This Class

Welcome to Spanish for Beginners! This short course is designed to introduce students to the foundation from which the rest of their Spanish learning will begin. It's packed full of opportunities to practice along with the instructor and in a variety of ways, which makes the content sticky and memorable.

Students will be introduced to the alphabet, which is so important since Spanish is a phonetic language (meaning letters are always pronounced the same way) so that they are able to pronounce every Spanish word right from the beginning. Students will also practice colors, days of the week and months of the year, along with numbers from 1-100, and greetings and good-byes. 

If you are ready to begin speaking Spanish and feel confident in your learning, this is the Spanish course for you!





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