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Spanish for Beginners with Jesus & Rocio

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5 Videos (33m)
    • 1. Learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish

    • 2. Numbers, months & so much more

    • 3. Masculine/feminine & singular/plural

    • 4. Learn how to conjugate regular & irregular verbs

    • 5. When to use ser, estar & hay


About This Class

Hola, Jesús and Rocío here from

We've created this series of fun, bitesize lessons to help beginners get started with learning Spanish. 

In each lesson, we will begin by having a conversation in Spanish. Do not worry about understanding a lot as it is just to get you used to listening to our language. During this short series, we will teach you some of the fundamentals of Spanish, including:

  • How to introduce yourself and have a conversation with someone you've just met.
  • How to say the numbers and months.
  • How to say your telephone number and birthday.
  • Fundamental grammar concepts - forming the masculine & feminine, as well singular & plural.
  • How to conjugate regular & irregular verbs.
  • When to use 'ser', 'estar', and 'hay' - the different forms of the verb 'to be'.

A little about us: we are teachers from Madrid, Spain and we've worked with thousands of students over the years, of all ages and levels. However, this is our first attempt at creating video lessons, so we'd love to receive your feedback. We hope you have fun and find it useful!





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