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Spanish For Beginners - Learn Spanish Online With Native Speakers (Level 1)

teacher avatar LEARN SPANISH For Beginners, 6 years of experience teaching Spanish

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Video de bienvenida st

    • 2. Alphabet - Spelling - Intonation

    • 3. Spanish Verb Conjugations - Reflexive Verbs - Pronunciation of letter R

    • 4. Definite and Indefinite Articles - Gender of Nouns - Plural Form of Nouns

    • 5. Ser and Estar Verbs - Adjectives - Days of the Week

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About This Class

If you were looking for a place to learn Spanish from scratch that is totally effective, step by step and without leaving your home then this is for you.

You will learn intonation, vocabulary, vocals, we give you all the necessary tools so that you can learn Spanish without leaving your home.

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6 years of experience teaching Spanish


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1. Video de bienvenida st: Hello, my name is, And if you're watching this video, it is because you have a choir. Spanish cars number one to learn the language. Spanish Tornado. So I want to congratulate you for making that great decision before you start with your classes. I want to tell you that the course is divided into models, so it's Mother consists off three or four videos, which contain a lot of valuable information for your Spanish flea, which learning? In addition, we have places, material, extra videos, audio and PdF so you can practice along with videos off the course. Remember that you have paid an important amount of money for this course, so I asked you to take it with the seriousness it deserves. Watch the videos from the beginning one by one step by step, we have organized it in the most efficient way so you can have the best learning experience . Follow the correct order to watch the video and do not skip any. Watch the videos us many times. It's necessary until you have a simulated. Their content also carefully studied the PdF books that we have prepared for you as it is the key information to achieve success in the Spanish language. Remember that at the beginning off each month we will be giving a firm minutes later life class on her private Facebook crew, where I will be Dr Flying all your doubts. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the health section of the program or just send us a message by what's up and I would be policed by helping you. 2. Alphabet - Spelling - Intonation: welcome to learn Spanish Course. In this first video, we're gonna talk about three central things. The 1st 1 is alphabet spelling and intonation. Let's make a quick review off the sounds off the elf of it. Oh, Bay. See they Hey, if he hey, actually e hota God Ailey m me any any? Yeah, Okay. N early a c They who movie who were doubly Bakkies j sit. Now let's talk about the appreciation rules regulars they produce assume some continents are pronounced differently depending on the bowel that lies behind them. Let's see the letter c has to distant sounds sharing the song with a little s and the sun with a little Q And Kate if it's followed by, uh oh or who it is pronounced with the same sound as the K like Gaza House coach A car gonna kredell. And if its followed by a or E, it is pronounce it with the same sound as the s like sister basket Andi Cielo Sky The letter G in Spanish Hey has to distant sounds sharing the sound with a little J. If it's followed by a or who it is pronounced similarly like Gatto cut Grotta drop and boost Sanoh warm if it's followed by a or E. It is pronounced with the same sound as the J or Hotel in Spanish like handy people, and he knocks you, which is the gym now. The diagram bigger for it is a group of two successive letters whose phonetic value is a single sound like doubly area. Say that you good, doubly early. Hey, who, for example, in Satun appreciation this to would be Joeckel Lati and too late? No, with the the opera MOC ation, it would be after the A like gay and after e would sound like, Okay, who? A the Who would be silent because the next bowel. If it's a or E, it's pronounced gay or three. And if we want us to make the same sound with a oh, it's like the letter C we saw before, like God, Gaza go from for a song or who like kuna, Let's see the difference here between on air our or a double air carro, which means car and cargo, which means expensive. Now the same. It's from the letter Hey, and after who? It sounds gay, like Guerra or with the e like the terra, The last one the doubly Ellie. It's pronounced like edgy, like Insee Jer or Tschida. Now let's talk about the bowels last week. Palace all vowels will always pronounce the same. Pronouncing the vowels correctly. You would be Perons in Spanish. Well, all mirrors and bowers in the Spanish words must be Pronounce it, Rip it with me. Uh, okay, e no, Remember, it is important to pronounce all the vowels in every Spanish world. Let's say again the balls together uh, like arable A like a Les fund day e like e Gless Yah! Oh, like also who? Like uber Let's repeat the worst together. Oh, arable elefant e e EAG les yah! Oh, also who? Uva More being? No, let's talk about this spelling spelling. Is it a group off letters representing a world? Well, we have the word Saturday. Can you spell the word totally in Spanish? Let's do it together. They Oh, Harry, this Saturday, the next one. Okay, e s e Oh, very good. Gardez means late and piece of means of floor. Now let's see the 3rd 1 Luna Ailey Who Any? Oh, can you do the three? The last street along. Okay, let's see. Very good now really means to open. Let's see the next one Very good or layer, which means to smell is a world off smelling Now the less one very good, you know, which means one now about the pronunciation we have. The written extent marks its The field is very important in Spanish. Still, this led the rhythm. No where to place the international When a rule is broken. Let's see some examples well in interpreting words. Question asking words. All interrogating. Have a written accent mark in a Spanish, for example. The pronunciation would be okay. Global boned the work a he in Yanis one while this 12 Wendell's one. This Wando Dilday also differences two words that are spelled and pronounced the same way but mean different things, which it's all yours in context. Like see the example here we have the same word, it's written and it's pronounced the same. But just the difference is in the building. For example, without the building we have Day, which is a pronounced but with a 10 day would be like a T. Now we have to, which is an objective, But we still there, it would be a pronoun. It means you. And it's an article like Mel Single and N building. It's a pronoun is a milk her singular say it's a pronoun see from the verb ser o suburb, for example. I know means Joe, Say Massed in this case is a conduction, but must with building. It's an adverb, which means plus me. It's an objective and me with daily. It's a pronoun. See, it's a conjunction, and see would feel that it's an information. They It's a proposition, and they would build it. It's a from the burbs that build. This cannot be written over. The five bubbles are a E O. And the accent is written from the lower left to upper right here we can see the examples is the only way we could write till this, For example, consume some years screaming hot mess in bliss Wrap beetle Arable Gardasil. Suspect there. Bill E book. Greta. Now, let's make a quick pronunciation off. The words Repeat with me can soon Some being screaming. How must in bliss Rapido Arable Paterson cess pit there. Bill e broke Rita. Old people. Very good. No, here we have a kind of joke. Talking about the importance off Build A in the words in Spanish, for example, Let's see me Papa pne wearing the CIA and use It means my dad is 47 years old and the next one without the till day. And without the little Amy, which is from Spanish. It sounds like me, Papa Danny, wouldn't they seize the animals and literally means my pool table has 47? Another thing. So Spanish is great, but there is a much of importance about the posi ation, especially with the building. Let's see another case here lie importancia Della pill, which means the importance off building. Let's see the first example. Here's a baby on it say's It'll be It's written in the same way. But the other one say End Baby, which means he drinks and the 1st 1 means the baby. So it's written the same, but the only difference. It's the location off the building in the bay, the baby in baby. He dreams Montella. Kalma User ascent owes Kepco and used a deal. This, in this case, kid call and use till this hear about the intonation in Tennessee is the variation off which, in the pronunciation off words to convey an affirmation, western or explanation. Here we have an example off intonation, the same sentence written three times the 1st 1 It's on affirmation Mama cycle like, Yes, we are going to eat Yes, In the 2nd 1 Obama said Coleman, It's like I was going to eat. It's a question I am in the 3rd 1 Mama Sacramento. Next eat. It's like expressing more in the 3rd 1 Here we have this exercise toe difference between the three Internet inter nations in Spanish. The first centers Dangle Bank, Banias single in Daniel's. The second centers? Yes, maybe a soda and a dismal disorder and the third sentence, said Yama. Maria Said, Mama Maria, No, I'm going to pronounce on Lee one of the first sentence and you're going to tell me, Which one am I talking about? Let's see. Dangled went Daniels. Is it the 1st 1 or the 2nd 1 that see the answer? The 1st 1 Very good. Now, in the second sentence, I'm going to pronounce one of them a. J smooth, proper soda. Which one did I pronounce the 1st 1 or the 2nd 1? Let's see very good the 1st 1 now in the third centers, said Yama Maria. Did I pronounce the 1st 1 or the 2nd 1? Let's see the answer. Very good. The 2nd 1 a question mark, is written to indicate the beginning and end off a question like Como estas promised us. You can practice the Internation in the Spanish. It's very simple, like it was thus, and the exclamation marks indicate surprise. Aton ish mint joy, supplication, man desire etcetera like, for example, Good idea. Now we have finished the first video off the learning Spanish course. Remember to see this video again and again. And if you have any questions, you may ask the teacher. Well, see you on the next video. 3. Spanish Verb Conjugations - Reflexive Verbs - Pronunciation of letter R: This is the second video off learning Spanish that come today. We're gonna see Spanish burb congregations reflects adverse or bear boss reflect CBO's and the pronunciation off letter air this young delaitre area first. There are three types of burbs in Spanish and they're categorized by their endings. Spanish birds fall into different groups and each group is conjugated a little differently . To muster Spanish birds, you need to be able to identify which group other belongs to birth regular follows. Regular conjugation grows for our area. A cherished and E era verbs, for example, coming up to work core rare to run brie to open. When conjugating any verb in Spanish, you remove that two letter ending and add the proper conjugation, depending on the tents on which person you referring to. Stain changing Morse, depending on how you use it in a sentence, for example, for their to come changes to Joe puedo I can the o changes to do a Joe puedo no sort rose for their most we can another verb Sarah, which means to close Joe see ero I close. No. So does Sarah Ramos. We close on the third example baby here, which means to ask for Joe Beetle? No Sapporo's baby. Most this gaze. The letter A changes to E in the first person. Joe Beagle Spending changing has constant dispelling changes in some forms to follow pronunciation growth in the first person. Singular Joe, the G or the hay Spanish changes to a holder to preserve the age sound. Let's see the examples verse ending in hair. Four. You like the hair, which means to protect in the first person. Singular Joe brought their home would change their hate to a hotel just to make it sound, They hope, because as you remember, the older video Hey, plus all sounds like Go and Joe Paterno go, It's wrong. So the person, the right association It's job tejo No, broke his This reminds the same. You protect another example. XY here to the months in the first person. Singular Joe xy ho. He's the same case The head changes to ah Hota don't exceed his reminds the same because, hey, plus a reminds Hey and hey, plus full changes to go and we say Joe xy ho, another examples verse that end in here year. This thing give to distinguish in the first person Singular Joe the head. Oh, changes to hey to preserve the hair sound and prevent the w sound by great in a oh, combination. Let's see this tingling job The sting go. Okay, lets see. Joe. This single is the first person singular on the hairdo. Changes toe on Lee. Hey, Justo, remind the pronunciation job this tingling and so the sting This because if the U is not in this world, appreciation will absolutely change, for example, would sound like this thing has and it's wrong. The right pronunciation is toe this thing this verbs that end in who were who e error without hey, for example in clear which means to include Joe include you Oh, in clo GIs were to run away Joe, Joe, Joe to Huges Between vowels on and stressed e always changes toe a e Gregor This way we're changes to Jo Jo Don't gorgeous verse that end in certain board seal like go no, sir. Which means, you know, in the first person job corps no school Look how it's written in the second person. Corno, sis. Another word blogosphere which means to produce in the first person Joe Produce School two produces in the esteem before sir or sear ends in a consonant, the sea changes to a set in the first person singular job to preserve the s sound on prevented carry sound off the court combination for examples, Go No, sir. If we don't add the Xetra, the sound will change completely. And it would be something like Joe Onoko, and that's wrong. The right pronunciation is Joe Moscow Joe Produce. You can see the complete list office team changing verse on the extra material. But of course there is exceptions. The verbs assailed, which means to go the seer to say and satisfy, sir, which means to satisfy. Do not follow the set Ceta se rule. Instead, the say changes to a hey in the first person singular, which is job. Let's see the examples I said, Joe ago, who asks is if the sea reminds in the verb Asser? The pronunciation would be something like Joe Sacco, and that's wrong. The right way is jokes ago. Us is the sea Joe Bigelow Thesis is the same case us. That's it on the last one said this facility Joe set this Fargo to set this facist irregular verse. Spanish. It's really great, but not over complicated things with most of Spanish words. What you see is what you get. But then there are those birds that refuse to be lumped into a category which will take a bit of extra practice on memorization. Irregular verbs are verse that violate conjugation groups for one or more persons on do not fall into any off the steam changing or spelling changing categories. The bad news is that they're the most used verse, so you need to focus on them more. The good news is that you can become familiar with them easily. You apply the simple conjugation sharks we will teach you and boom, you're done. The most common verb, ser and estar both birds means to be This is the conjugation off the verb ser I am Joe soy you are to Paris. She is agia iss. It is in ISS. We are in Spanish. We have a feminine and masculine for no so dress for family no so grows from masculine. Not so dressed. So almost no Soto's So most you are. This one is only used in this pain on that also has a feminine and masculine for boss address Oise also dressed So is they are summoning ages so they are in masculine a Joe's so on. You are in plural Who's Dellis? So the grease off a star I am Joe, a story you are Go is thus she is Agent esta. He is El esta. We are in the feminine and masculine. No So trust is Thomas. No, Sotos is Thomas. The verb reminds the same. The only thing that changed is the pronoun you are used in this pain. Also dressed STAIs facade Rose. It's nice. They are in feminine ages, Istan in masculine air Joe's is done and you are in plural status system. Irregular verse don't follow most normal ending Parkins. So your best bet is to just memorize its congregations now. Reflexive verse. This types of birds are not very common in English, but our use frequently in a Spanish. The reflexive verse reflects the action back on the subject. Off the sentence. Many actions related to personal pair or daily routines are reflexive, But other words can be reflexive as well. First we must learn to the pronounce again. Repeat with me, Joe, I you familiar and hey, Agia. She instead is the same us you in a former way. No Soto's and no salt dress. We also rose and also dress you all in a familiar angel's ages. They who status you will in a former way. Reflexive verbs use reflexive pronounce to indicate that someone or something is performing an action on or for itself, reflexive Purnell's. We have to memorize them. May works with Jo Jo. May they? So they see Agia see or l say nos, no Sapporo's knows or no salt breast nose say a jos se it just see, say, who stays the meaning off each one Jo may, which means myself. Do they yourself agia or l say, hair so himself? No. So trust knows no. So tres knows ourselves angels or just see themselves who stay this safe yourselves. The reflexive verse. Here we have a list just to see how they're written. We have 11 Darcy to get out Makhija Odyssey to put up on Makeup Bay Nursey to come for Nursey to poor on. Let's see another examples sent RC, which is the verb to sit. I seat myself on a chair. The subject I the verb seat the object myself at the compliment. On a share since the subject on object are the same, the verb is reflexive. The meaning of a sentence is Jonah siendo el a CD. We can use the same verb center. I see the cut on a share. The subject is I the verb sit. The object in this case is the cut. The compliment on a share. Since the subject and object are different, the verb is not reflexive. So the meaning of the sentence is Jo Seon Dal Gatto in procedure. Remember this worse are not common in English, but with a little bit practice and memorization. I'm pretty sure you will manage those burbs. Remember Berry balls Reflex Siebel's are those that m with S A A like a coast RC desperate Darcy Market DRC bay nursey. They still say desperate literacy. Levin Darcy, You can practice more about this burst on the extra material with how for you de pronunciation. Off letter air. Now let's see this video on practice dip Association. Ramon Rumyana Distance Kuramoto runs CIA Boudria Ramon is a rather insular, recurrent routine from our on call room. What era cream? Bomba, Your remarks are gonna see the really seller Rasputin, Romanoff, Coral reefs or the record room brawl reporting Romanoff's doctor. Are you serious? Your remake Romans area or even Ramon represent interesting intake area room. Young remote. Really? So, Sandra, what does I recommend you to watch this video once or twice For many times You need and try the pronunciation off all this world sweetening here. Let's give it a try. In a Spanish there are two different sounds with the letter air a softer one. The vibrant, simple on the stronger one is the multiple vibrant in the soft for Nam area The tip of the Tom Onley Rest once in the alveoli, the front of the palate, the upper area off the mouth, white in the strong for them era. The tip off the com pounds is two or more times in a Spanish were pronounced a soft area. When there is a simple error between two powers, Remember, the bowels are a he Oh, who, for example? Oh, Odle Ma data Ma data. Those are soft there because they are between two vowels. In the 1st 1 we have the air between double o order and the 2nd 1 the air is between a and a Madeira behind the continent. That is part of the same sellable. That's awful. There are gone again. Dragon. Um Grass. Yes. Breasts? Yes. On the other hand, we pronounce a strong air when there is a double There. For example, federal, Federal, when there is a simple are at the beginning of the world. Rosa, let's try the pronunciation again. Order my data Dragons dress. Yes, Pero Rosa. 4. Definite and Indefinite Articles - Gender of Nouns - Plural Form of Nouns: Welcome to the third video off this course off Spanish to NATO. This video we're going to see the definite and indefinite articles in Spanish articles. Definite does A in the females the gender off knowns which is handed off the system. Thibault's Unless we're gonna see the purer forms off knows first we must know what are the articles in English. The word the is a definite article. That is because it points to a very specific thing. For example, you might tell someone I want the back assuming that they will bring you the back you have in mind. However, if you tell them I want a bag, you will get whatever bag they would choose to hand you. That is because the words are or an are indefinite articles. It's not quite so simple in Spanish, where the English Day has four equivalence. The article must reflect the quantity off the noun on must street The form off the article to the gender off the now it proceeds. For example, if there is a one boy, we speak off and menu. If there are two or more boys, we speak off lost ninos. No, If there is one girl was pick off Latina. If there are two or more girls, we speak off last neediness. Although there are a few exceptions as a general rule, a definite article. It's used in a Spanish whenever the issues in English. But it's Spanish also uses a definite article in many cases where English does not. Let's see what all the definite articles for singler masculine, we say. L well, singular, feminine, we say Le plural masculine would say Los and for pleura feminine would say less with now is referring toa all members off a group. We're referring to objects or persons off a class in general, both masculine and feminine. Say, for example, in this group off girls, some boys we talk about then asked Los Ninos, but we'll talk about this later in the video, although there are a few exceptions as a general rule of definite article issues in a Spanish whenever the issues in English. But the Spanish also uses a definite article in many cases where English does not with knows, joined by end in English, it often isn't necessary to include the P before each, now in a serious but the Spanish often requires it. For example, Llamada el Padre Istan, Phyllis is the mother and father are happy. Another case. Sombre Lasi Gia Holomisa, which means I bought the chair and table in a Spanish. We used the definite articles with with most titles off people before days of the week before Names off Languages with Now is joined by end. The indefinite articles are A and N in English in a Spanish. The indefinite article has four forms, depending on whether the noun is masculine, feminine, singular or plural. For example, if there is one male cat, we speak off Gatto. If there are two or more male cats, we speak off. Who knows Gatto's? If there is one female cat, we speak off, you know I gotta If there are two or more female cats, we speak off bonus. Got this? The words. Some can be classified as an indefinite in English when it issues in a way similar to us and all us. As long as the Group Off Creatures has at least one male member, the masculine, brutal article issues cost. Who knows? Gatto's could refer to a group off 10 male cats, or it could refer to a group off nine female cats and one milk at the indefinite articles in a Spanish are in singular, masculine own in singular, feminine, una imprudent, masculine or nose implore of feminine or nous. Remember, the indefinite article always has to match both the gender and number off. It's now. If the notice masculine and singular like menu then it's article also has to be masculine and singular. For example, own Nino. If that same now, where plural like genius, the article will also be plural. Who knows? Me knows. Now let's talk about the gender of nose. The language is charged with gender power. If you already speaker Romans language those that come from the Latin, then you will not be confused by this characteristic. If you are used to speaking in natural terms, be prepared to open a new avenue off perception in your mind. These would change the way you view the world regarding a Spanish gender. We will help you train your brain to recognize, categorize and eventually produce gender A curently while is speaking in Spanish. First, let's see, what is it now knows? Answer the questions. What is it and who is it? They give names to things, people and places, Although a Spanish knows are classified as either feminine or masculine. Remember that there can be family now owns that describe things would think off its masculine and vice versa. For example, una Heat Effa, which is feminine inform, refers to a juror fee whether it's male or female. Every noun in a Spanish has a specific article that the knows the gender off the word. As we said before, they can be definite or indefinite. The basic rule is that masculine noun go with masculine objectives and articles, and 70 knows go with 17 objectives and articles. Since you can always tell by looking at a noun or known its meaning, whether it's masculine or feminine, most dictionaries has notations if or M to indicate the gender, he would concede the example as, for example, the word speed army. They be raw meat. As you can see, there is an F because we say Lappi, Lammy, they or we can also say Una Peter meeting Remember, learning a new language is not a result but more off process. It is important to set a daily routine for your language. Learning two allows you to see the results as it relates to gender. Familiarize yourself with the rules. Listen carefully to them while you're watching your favorite movies. Where reading a comic or a newspaper cycle. The gender agreements the most surprising, but above all, find someone to practice with. You will quickly catch on the patterns. Nonsense on Southern ties of the language this way. Think of how it small Children learn a language for the first time. A tonal listening, a lot of give a rish some quantity with mistakes, increasing vocabulary and finally, fluency. Now in this take not or the 1st 2 rules were Spanish gender. When is speaking about living creatures now runs that end in O our masculine. For example, we have Elvis E No Los Conejos el Amigo. Now, when is speaking about living creatures now that end in a are feminine, for example, love escena Last corn, a house La Amiga There is a slight possibility that you might fall into agenda thinking trap. This deception tricks you into thinking that everything associated with the mail will automatically be masculine, and everything associated with a female will automatically be family in Well, this is false Let's see an example lock or Bata l. Makhija. The following examples clearly show how objects commonly associated with each gender do not follow the rules. When there is a crowd or a group of people. Animals ideas off things that have a mix of gender, no matter what. The radio is off females to males and males, two females the group is always referred to as mass schooling. The masculine gender has more power than the female gender when it comes to making the rules. Although the words have the same value, the male acts as the default leader to make the world feminine. You simply at the feminine touch. Of course there will be an exceptions. Knows that end in MMA require a masculine article, for example problema, we say El problema diploma. We also say l diploma with this. We have to know that some announce that end in our masculine and some now runs that end in O. R. Family. They're just a few exceptions. Don't worry about it. For example, El Dia l'm Opera Alkorta El Planeta. You can repeat with me India in my papa El Chora, El Planeta. We also have laugh photo Lamanno la Radio La Moto again Love photo Lamanno La Radio la Moto Now let's see the proof forms off Now's if you know how to make now's plural In English you're close to knowing how to do so in a Spanish The first rule If amount ends in a vowel , make it plural by adding simply s, for example, Messa Just by adding the S we have Mrs the same with liberal by adding the s we have liberals The definite article l or laugh also change in the pro reform they become loss on less. For example, Lem esa become less Mrs and a liberal become lost liberals If a noun ends in a continent, make it plural by adding it s c for example, let will never see that we had a s a and have become last. So never see that this again last university that this miss by adding essay, we say los messis repeat with may los messes If a non ends in young add essay on dropped the written accent, for example like consume we say in plural last concern ISS less cancerous we have l love young in plural is Lo Savio nous remember, we have to drop the written accent loss of Eunice last consumers. If a non ends in Ceta, add essay and change this Ceta to say simple. Let's see example. Lack trees. We removed the Ceta and would change it for safe. And after that we had a S C so lack trees become less actresses. Last actresses Another example a lapis remove. The Ceta will change it by saying, and we had it, ISI. So we say Lost love pieces. Los la pieces Off course. There's exceptions. If the world ends in a simply ab an essay example Cafe in plural, it would be lost office This all for today's video, and I hope you enjoy it with us. Remember to check out the extra material, and I hope to see you soon by 5. Ser and Estar Verbs - Adjectives - Days of the Week: Welcome to the fourth BDO off Spanish Tornado. A curse of flair, a spanish dot com. In this video, we're gonna talk about the two essential verbs in Spanish, the verb ser and estar on. We also gonna talk about the objectives and the days of the week, which are Los Dias de la Semana in a Spanish. Let's start, the verb said on De Esta. Sit on the start can both be translated as to be Whole books have been written about the two important Spanish birds said on this stuff, and since both birds are frequently used, they are us a regular, as can be in English. The birth to be can be used to tell how something ISS, which is the condition and what something ISS, which is the essence? No, let's see an example off how the world to be issues as a condition with this example, The cheese is salty on how issues with the essence the cheese is salty in English. They both mean the same, or they can be written the same in the first case or example speaks off the condition off the cheese. The cheese is salty because it is not the sweet or doesn't have any other taste. When the condition of the cheese changes, it will no longer be salty. It will be sweet now, in the second case with the essence, our example. It speaks off the essential characteristics off the cheese. The cheese is salty in flavor. This particular cheese reminds salty even after it has changed in color or any other characteristic in a Spanish. A different verb it's used to express to be depending on whether the speaker intends to address a condition are an essential quality. Let's see, the cheese is salty. It's expressed as a condition. When a Spanish would say el eso esta salah, go repeat with May and Gasol esta Salako. And if we're talking about the essence off the cheese in a Spanish, we say l guess o s. Salah go Not how the objective Salado actually changes, meaning depending upon whether it issues with sir or a star. Remember, if you're talking about what something is we use, sir, if we're talking about how something is Well, sister, another example. If we're talking about someone, we ask, what is he like? So we answered in English. He is introverted as an example. And if we ask how is hey acting? We answer the same. He is being quiet but in a Spanish was say we use the verb ser because the the question waas What? So we use the verb ser to talk or to say to describe something about him? N s a job s is the congregation of the third person off the verb ser. Later we're gonna see the conjugation off the verbs. No, How is he acting? This is a question in Spanish ds who would be l a stock Kajiado? Because in this case, we're talking about how someone is not not what he is. The question is how so we say el esta Kajiado. He's being quite another example, I might say a story and federal that would tell you that I am being sick, that I am sick of the moment. But it doesn't tell you what I am now. If I were to say soy and thermal or Joslyn pheromone, that would have a different meaning entirely that will refer to who I am to the nature of my being We might translate that us I am a sick person. Another case Asia is Stop consult In this case, we're talking about something that is happening in this moment. She is tired. That's it. But if we say Agia is cancer, the meaning in English would be She is a tired person because it's talking about something the nature off, the being something that she is in this case, if we use the verb ser, we're saying that she is a tired person. For example, if you want to say I am tired, I cannot say Joe. So I consider Joe. So I consider because if I say so, I would mean that I am a tired person, that I am always tired. But the right form to use or the right verb to use in this case is the verb star. So I can say Joe story. Can Sala now another example? No. Soto's s Thomas listers you may repeat with May know So Truss s Thomas List does This means we are ready. We are ready now. If I say no. Sapporo's so most listers No. So trust so most listers. In this case, it changes the whole meaning off the sentence. So basically, I'm saying we are a smart. Now let's see the continuation off the verb ser you may repeat with me, Joe Soy Joe Soy two It is to Paris Ada who? L iss No, Soto's or no. So address. So most Ross A truce. Well, so for us Choice Angels away just oh, status. So now let's see the conjugation of the verb A star Joe s story. Joe s story to assist us to assist us. Agia will stop Asia oil Esta no! Soto's Jonas Otras is Thomas No Soto's Ono Sakura's is Thomas. Also two rows over. Also trusses dies also draws over. So trust STAIs ages Wages Oh, stay this system a jos We're just Oh status. It's the in this case is a picture, um, as a kind of joke because the man has came at the house A kind off drunk drunk is born Rachael Say would mean bore Rachael. So he came to the house Bracho on he say's que Ferris dia dia. It's an expression in Spain. Fair gift. There it is. So you say que failures And she replaced estas boruchow. In this case, he says you are ugly and she replace. You are drunk, but he replaced later in this in the next picture. See, Perreault s temporal temporal means temporary. So he say's yes, but it's temporary. So in this case, he used the verb eris, which is the verb ser the conjugation off the verb said. And she used the verb a star. So this means that he used something that is ah, condition characteristic. Something is a characteristic off the women off this woman, and she uses the verb star which is so thin, just temporary. Now you have learned the fundamental difference between sir on Star, which is the essence or the condition. Remember, sir, pertains toe identity with all off its elements and that s star pretends to estates of being like a condition, location and motion is the present progressive. But we're going to talk about it deeply in the following videos. Now let's talk about the objectives in English. The objective typically issues in one off two ways. First, it can be placed immediately before the noun it refers to. For example, in the phrase green car, green is an objective that affects the milling off car, which is a noun in a second. It can be placed after a verb to help specify the nature off the burbs subject. Thus, in the sentence, the car is green. Green is an objective that effects the meaning off car in a Spanish objectives can be used in the same ways. Additionally, in a Spanish describe, objectives are typically placed after denounced they refer to thus drink. I would typically be translated as carro, verily, with birthday being the objective that affects the meaning. Off guard objectives are frequently descriptive. Most often, objectives are used to describe a noun or distinguish the noun from a group off similar objects. For example, on objective might describe the color often object. For example, the red carpet, the yellow carpet in a Spanish most objectives change form, depending upon whether the world they modify its masculine or feminine. Not is the difference between the tall boy and the Tonle girl in a Spanish will, say El Nino Alto. The objective in this case, ISS Alto Aldo, we say alto because we're talking about a boy. It's a masculine. Now, if you want to describe the girl, that tall girl, we say la Nina el Alta. In this case, the objective changes because the feminine form off Alto is Alta la Nina Alta In plural form, we say Los Ninos altos This case it changed the article. You change the now and it changed the objective. So El Nino Alto in the proper form changes to Los Ninos Altos, you may repeat with me Los Ninos Altos. The same case is with the tall girl. If you say in the brutal form will say last Nina's Altas everything in the symptoms must be in feminine on off course and brutal less Nina's Alda's many common objectives and in oh, this objectives have four forms. The following words all mean told the correct form off the ejected depends upon the noun it modifies. Is the non masculine or feminine singular approval. Well, notice how the endings off, Denounce off. These objectives are similar to we can see with another example. If you say liberal Rojo. So the known It's a masculine now the objective which is Rojo must much with a noun. We say liberal Rojo. But what if we're talking about about the same case? But in plural changes to liberals, Rose denounced on the objective. They both change to Prudhoe. Liberals Rose. If we're talking in Semin in Let's see about a chair, for example. Si JIA roa Si JIA we say last cedar. So it's a feminine. And if we want to describe the chair, we say Lasi, dja rara, for example. If you want to say Lucija, which is a feminine with a masculine objective, for example, Lucija Rojo, that would be totally wrong. Now, if you want to talk about Lassie Aurora in Prudhoe, how it changes off course, everything must be imprudent. See, just Roz. Notice how the ending off the nuns and this objectives are similar. Addictive. That ending a also change form for singler, or prudent to form the poorer? Simply add this. And they do not, however, change form for muscling or feminine, for example, and Dino Grandi, in this case, the objective. It's Grandi and Nino Grandi, the big boy if you want. Oh, if you want to make it brutal, will say Los Ninos grandness. So Brandi ends with a It would not change for for masculine or feminine. We only add an S Los Ninos Grand is the big boys, La Nina Grandi, the big girl. If you want to make it brutal. Last Nina's Brandis The big Girls. Similarly, most objective that end in a consonant do change form for singular or plural. But do not change for masculine or feminine to form the plural. We only add this. It s a for example, facile. She's easy, facile to make a pearl would say facile ISS first see less because this is an objective that end in a consonant. The consulate in this case, is the L. A. We're going to change it form singular to plural and now facile changes to Fassi less. Repeat with me facile Fassi lists another example Last very quantas. Facile is the easy questions less Preguntas facile ISS Not this that everything must ended in brutal if the sentence is improved. Last Preguntas Vassilis Popular If you want to say it in plural, it is Papa Larry's Repeat with me popular Papa Larry's and Reno popular the popular boy, a Nino popular in brutal Los Ninos. Popularity is no the sentence it changes in feminine. But the objective in this case do not change. In 17 Onley for plural La Nina, popular popular reminds the same. But if we talking in plural last Nina's popularity is last Nina's popular is No. We're gonna talk about the days of the week. The days of the week starts on Monday. Spanish Say goodness, Miss Tuesday, this modern office Wednesday you say me and Corliss for big with me Blueness. Mother This? Yeah, Nicholas. Thursday I would say whoever's with this Ruby. Where? This Friday. I would say the illness. Yet in this some today. Sabah. Do several. Repeat with me Weber's yet in this savable now everyone's friend day Sunday, I would say Domingo, go. I mean go domain blueness mark this year Pulis! With this we have this savable Domingo Some facts about the days of the week The days of the week are not capitalized. For example, L Marta's yo ho a Madrid L Marty's Ya Ho a Madrid if you want to write it, we did not write Martha's and Capital. The days of the week are all masculine. A luminous l Martha's l miracle iss l whoever's LV Airness El Salvador El Domingo We do not say lewdness or la Marti's. The days of the week ending in s do not change form in the plural Onley. The article changes for example, aloneness the day reminds the same. But the article l changes in plural is lost. Lost lewdness the same and Marta's loss Marqise L. Merkel s loss Miracle ISS and whoever is Los Cuevas Every illness lost weirdness. Now what about Sabado and Domingo? And several changes for low Sabbagh does so in this case not only the article but the name off the week All also changes and some of the changes to lost Sabbagh does the same with Domingo. El Domingo changes to lost Domingo's. We used the verb ser to express the day. For example, Guardia is oy. What days Today? Kedia ISS boy. So we're using the verb ser Kedia s boy. If you want to tell the day will say boy, SB illness Today's Friday Oy SVR miss. What about if you want to say what day is tomorrow, My Nana IHS Sabbath. Tomorrow is Saturday, My Nana, If several Now this all for today's video. But remember to practice with exercises we prepare for you before jumping to the next video . See you, Joe.