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Spanish - 1 | How to Greet and See off Someone in Spanish

SPANISH Language Class

Spanish - 1 | How to Greet and See off Someone in Spanish

SPANISH Language Class

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3 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction to Greetings and Farwell

    • 2. Learn About Greeting and Farewell

    • 3. Exercise and Solutions

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About This Class

Hola amigos,

Welcome to my Spanish Class.

What will you learn in this Topic:

  • You will be able to learn different means of greeting and seeing off somebody in Spanish
  • You learn how to ask somebody's name, how to tell their name, birthday, age, where You live, where are You from, etc.

Once you complete this class, You would like to learn more Spanish.

Below is a Direct Link for my Spanish Crash Course, which you should definitely explore.

Spanish Fast Learning Course -

If you know Basic Spanish then you can move to the next level classes with the below link.

Advanced Level Spanish ( Vol 1 )-

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1. Introduction to Greetings and Farwell: Hello, everyone. Right now we're going to learn greetings and farewells in Spanish. First, let's learn how to say these words. Greetings in Spanish is known as Los Solidos, and farewells is known as Last Despot leaders. You will learn the greetings with the help of some diagrams. A few greetings you will learn is Hello, Good morning. Good afternoon except Tre. You will also learn the fair rules with the help of diagrams. Then you will learn how to say simple dialogues between two people. Such as What's your name? How are you? Hold? Are you? What do you do? Accept Tre. Then, of course, you will be given a short exercise to do, and then you can check the exercises with the answers. It is a very nice and fun way to learn. In fact, education is always learn properly by the students. When the lesson itself is very easy, you should never be difficult. That's what I believe in, and I'm sure you will find the same in this lesson. Take out your notebooks, begin with the North's and come back to your notes. When you don't understand something 2. Learn About Greeting and Farewell: the first greeting is Hello, which is Ola in Spanish. The first word begins with an edge. It is silent in the Spanish language, so we say owner instead of Hola. The second word is Buenos dias, which means Good morning. This word Diaz has an accent on the I. This means we have to stress on this eye. So we say the US instead of Diaz, the first word has to be pronounced very nicely and with around mouth Bueno's instead of same Wendell's. So the whole world is pronounced as Buenos dias. The third word is buying a status, which means good afternoon or good evening. The T word in thought of this is pronounced as the and the word buenos will be again opened and with around mouth. So we will say Buena started de in Spanish is pronounced as the instead of dough. Next word is buenos, not chest. This word has a C edge in it. It will new pronounced s show We're in us, not chess. Which means good night. Here are some more ways to greet somebody. The first question is co motel Yamase. What is your name? As you can see, the third Word has two l's and this two l's will be pronounced as Leah or year. If you're in Spain, you will pronounce as you And if you're in Latin America, you will pronounce it as CEO. So the whole sentence Iscor Motel llamas. Which means what is your name? The way you answer this question will be Millie ammo, which means my name is after. Then you write your name. The second question is to ask an age of somebody. How do you ask in age somebody in Spanish you say Cuantos unused Penis it Tweens hold Are you the little squiggly line on top of end? Makes that end sound as neo instead of no Hence the sound off. This word is annuals. The way you answer this question is your tangled DS Daniels Those It has two pronunciations . One is for and other one is So so is the pronunciation that uses pain and so uses platinum . Eriko, your tangle ds are news The geo is pronounced as go number three. This means what is your father's name? The way you answer this question will be me Padre psyllium, which means my father's name is question for coma Sale Yamato Modry What is your mom's name ? You will also ask somebody. Where do you live? This is asked as don't Revis Because the only means where V vis means you live. Don't they ve This means where you live. We do not have a separate do in the Spanish language where we're asking a question. But since and gold Aviva's it is a question mark in itself. This means that we're adding a do you review and whoever daily I live in New Delhi your means I over here weevil means live or I live and means in and whether daily means New Delhi number six Don't they stood Yes. Where do you study? Don't name is where once again and a studious means you study So the whole question means where do you study? You can answer this as by saying us told you, which means I study and Rubio school international historians means you study and a studio means I study. So even if you don't write you and just right, it's told you it means I study, so it's not always necessary to write to your which means I all the time number seven When you want to ask in which class somebody studies you say and K classes to the US This means in which class do you study and means in game means which or what class A means class and a studious means You study in which class do you study? You answer this by saying you're still doing like classic and then you can write a number. For example, you can say I study in class six. Therefore, you can say us told you in like class essays S E I s is the sparing off states. Next question you may want to ask somebody is what do they do in life? Oh, so you say Arcata Danica's What do you do? Que you ease Pronunciation is gay and not quit. Kate did the because Then you answer this by saying your soy is still Dante or simply Soyuz to the anti, which means I am a student. So he means I am. And it's still the Antonin student. Therefore I have nor Britain you with soy. I have simply returned soy because we and itself means I am so I don't have to say you're all the time. Is still the anti means a student or you can see I am working. So your trabajo I am working or I work. What about home use? I work so these air some eight ways to Aw somebody. What is their name? How old they are What are their parents name? Where they live Where they study in which class toe this study and what do they do? You might want to learn these properly Now here are some affair Was different kinds of fare was that you may want to learn The 1st 1 is yours Everyone knows that it means goodbye You will stress on this word because there is a accent on the O where there is an accent we have to stress at the OSS instead of saying adios with the ideals Because there is an accent The second word is hostile wiggle which means you later or by. So when you're going away from a meeting or you're leaving a place you will say to that person hostel where go the edge again. It will be silent, NGOs sound is go and blue Lego is a pronunciation. Many people have the tendency of pronouncing this word as a way. But you have to open your mouth nice and round. The third word is Austin Liliana, which means see you tomorrow again. As you can see, the second word. Um, on the first end there is the squiggly line, and the squiggly line gives us the impression that we need to pronounce this letter as Nia . So it's Asta money on and not Asta Manama. It means you tomorrow, Austin Manana means See you tomorrow. The fourth word is hasta pronto, which means he usedto again the teas. Pronunciation is the so we say Astor pronto. And not a stop pronto as star pronto, it means see you soon. 3. Exercise and Solutions: Well, here is a small exercise for all of you to do. On the first question, you have to answer these four questions about someone's oh, name, age and their parents. And Question two has a column, has a table in which you have to match some questions with their answers. So we do the first question from the first exercise. It says co motel Yarmuth. It means what is your name? And then you have to answer on the space provided below. You will say William, and then you write your name, for example, mainly on more t know. OK, which means my name is Tina. Okay. And, uh, exercise to word says much the following. You just have to match the questions with the answers to the questions on the second car. So the first question, as you can see, is don't their studios where you study. Um and the answer to this question will be estudio and Bluebird School International. I study in Bluebell School International because this answer if it's the best Okay, all these questions are coming from the lecture. I just talked to you right now. If you don't remember something, you can very Well, go back and we will discuss the answers. Here are the answers. Letter eight. Call Motel Llamas. What is your name? The correct answer will be Millie Amo on. And you write your name. For example. Malia Mo Maria. This means my name is Maria. That could be Cuantos. Our new Steenis. How old are you? Your tango. Dash our news in that die. She will write an age. It can be 10 for example. So you will say your tango. DS Anya's I am 10 years old. 10 spelling is punished. Will be d ie said, which means DS or DS. As you can remember, that has two pronunciations so and so literacy. Cosell Yamoto Moderate. What is your mother's name? Mi Madre Celje. Mom, my mother's name is and then you write your mom's name in the blind provided below letter D . Cuomo, Sally Amato Pottery What is your father's name? And then you write the answer by saying we positive Sayama My father's name is and then you write the name given in the space below. Question two. Match the following The first question is don't STDs. It's answer is letter a given on the right hand column, which is a studio and Ruber school International. Which means I study in blue for School International. The second question is, don't they ve this? Where do you live? It's answer will be. Let her be the first answer on the right hand column which says we've or in India it means I live in India of evil. Means I live and means in dying in the young means India Viva and the in the I live in India. Letter C, they don't There is this news from where are you? Day means awful from don't name is where and EDIs means you are okay. So naturally a person will say I am from India or I am from New Delhi or I am from any other place in the world. Okay, so the correct answer is the second option given on the right hand column, which is letter C. So we then we have a daily. So it means I am Davies, all for from and whoever that means New Delhi. So the whole sentence we then whether they leanings I am from New Delhi. Question D arcaded the Peca's. Basically this question is asked when we want to ask somebody. What do they do in life? The deacons means you are dedicated to So I can't get the dicus actually means What are you dedicated to? Where do you do in life? So the correct answer of this question would be so yes to the anti, which means I am a student. So let's do a little recapitulation over here from the first column off the second question , we will do. Don't this to the s means where you study Don't name is whereas studious means you study all right. And, uh, as you know, we do not have a separate word for do so. Don't esto the essence. It's written and question form, we say, Where do you study kids now? A studious as you know. It means you study and you know that and means in so you can say a studious and whoever they Whoever daily means you daily as to the S and Nova daily will mean you study in New Delhi. All right. Ah, question be says, Don't they Revis again? Don't name is where the this means you live so again be this means you love and means them so you can easily say Vivas and Web Azeri, which means you live in. You don't literacy again. Day means all Golding's where and address means you are. So you can usually say something like air is Maria, which means you are Maria. As you can see now we're able to make sure sentences in this language letter d our get it? Because here you can only ask somebody. What do they do in life? Okay, on. We have also learned in this chapter how does a, um, your name to say your name have to say Millie Amman than your name. You also know how to ask somebody name, which is a motel Hamas. Which means what is your name? You can also, um, ask someone's mother's name, father's name. And you can also tell your own parents name also. So just in case you have forgotten, something can always go back to this lecture and revise and you can come back to this exercise also and do well