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Space Jam | Subsurface scattering with Cinema4D & Octane

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Cinema4D - Scene Composition

    • 3. Cinema4D - SSS Material Creation

    • 4. Cinema4D - SSS Material Creation Part 2

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

SPACEJAM | Subsurface scattering with Cinema4D & Octane

In this class you will learn how to create your very own Subsurface scattering material using Cinema4D, Octane and the Adobe Suite.

The result: a super fresh and surreal scene.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing your designs.
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Thanks and enjoy!


All Works Copyright © 2020 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆

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1. Class Introduction: Good morning, everyone. Dropping Quinton here from Studio J Q. I'm bringing you the 16th class on skill share. So, yeah, we're excited for this one. Had a love enquiries this week in terms off my subsurface, uh, projects which people already been enjoying. I've really, really enjoyed working on them. Um, So what we're gonna do today is create something similar to this something really abstract , but really called something from one of the Really? You're gonna needs cinema four D on our team for this unfortunately side of you haven't got to, but I only know how to do this without stain. Um, so hopefully you've got saying that you're in luck. Um, if you haven't, you can still see the process on you Could still create sort of knows abstract art as well . Um, but to get the result off the subsurface customer in, you've only don't say just to give a few shouts out first. Um, 1st 1 does to Bruce Ward off behavior swell up said that right. Um, he inspired me. I would be working with him on a few side projects, getting his advice on the way he sets upper scenes the way he uses his materials. That kind of thinks he's ready. Really created designer to do, Check him out, giving a follow. But yeah, he he gave me his source file so I could see how he created the subsurface on from that It just spots. Well, this is a whole week of really fun work. Um, creators of really, really cool stuff that I think I would be working on it for another soul. 12 threes, because it's just enjoyable. I just love the vibrant colors and it's just really nice in the quality you get from it as well. Really cool. So both reformist tutorial today you'll be articulate something very similar, which then paid for your share. And then I could give feedback, and then we could just solve all together on DNA because a lot of people be really interested in the way in the renders I've been doing. And so asking how on that front of things said, I will obviously give something back. Ah, God. Cult. So it will be the longest into toils, but hope youll get enough from it where you can create something yourself. Uh, so what we're gonna be doing is Christian, say a scene like similar to this. Uh, we could be using some models from abstract Pack, which is something I'm during alongside lest one I'm on his Give him and follow his. Well, you can find the absolute crap on instagram. We also got a website. Basically, you get along this about 100 models for $5 which remains just barnet, that you can use it in three D work. You can use them postal works going back to that with this, With these scenes, you can create solve animations. Is that an international network and could still still renders it in Crete Animation, you can curate posters as well from it. So, for example, there used it is in the poster. So there's a lot of depth in terms of creating the first piece of art and then taken on two different um, different areas service post of his advertised of its web. It's just really fun to dio I'm really enjoying that. So yeah, that's just a quickly review. So if you get Teoh, obstruct pats on instagram press, illegal liquor's directly to government, which she can then purchase the park. So what? We will be using a few elements from this today. So you get an idea of what you actually get, what you can do with that? Um, And then if you just talks to digit key, May busted you take you out of step up, and then we can show your work as well, Because, um, own model be Hans. I got another Kate IDs. We'll get someone. Uh, no. Is it? Look, the supposed various dummy. So, yeah, Thistles. The Brodhead. This just gives you a native of you on this on my heart? Uh, yes. I just give you an overview of the Brian. Just shows you what you can do with the models that within the pack. So this is work with me, unless strong. Just some really cool stuff and lots of different. Just that there's no death. What? You can use it. 70 different lives. People are really enjoying it. Um, so, yeah, that's what 30 told this. Um, And then what you do is then we can use it in the and the tutorial in the portrait we're gonna do today. So that's the that was rented. Quickly. Review. There's bean 10 minutes, but so what? we're gonna We're just gonna basically get about five off jets in a really simple scene, using some of this sub surface, scattering medium material. Sorry on, then. Just just give you the way. But I do it. You can tell her I'm not very world stakes mumbling on, but yes. Say that's the idea behind this tutorial was I just get going cause I went to up right under that. 2. Cinema4D - Scene Composition: All right, Susan, here we are. Um, cinema full day. I'll just quickly go through the sections that I used to set up the seed, But you can do whichever way you want, but I obviously put on the vendor upside then for within hargon 1500 by 2100 resolution just for me. That's working. And I don't know if it's right, but for me, it's working. Um, on then, uh huh. The other people asked like how we're gonna see images sharpened, No noise, etcetera. What you're going on to render passes the noise up passes and just check the tonight's beauty to noise volume, um and then say that out as ready image in multi pass. And that's what that's what's working for. May say, um, when he's that set in, by all means do so because where you got outside window apron. Well, then you're gonna got put into Patrick's and sorry and then working 100 samples. I just saw it can do it. However, when I go into the final image, I do around 2000 samples. It takes about an hour. It's friends was in its sub surface scattering takes quite a while, but is well fit. Um, so you're just going through? I have the the death on 10 10 scatter. I didn't bring up, um what other? Ah, club one. I don't really know too much of the subtitle of Oneness, but I'm just giving you a long time ago. Um, in terms of rest, the scene of literally just got a hasty. All right, um, this one is for Crisco or that one. Just a studio. What? On the night that you just got plane in the background. What? So we're gonna stop putting together the sea so I can say for you the composition on we're gonna be used it the obstruct part. So it was good. So, yeah, just to get the absolute I put a link into the on the class, but yeah, you can just get good to the website or go to the instagram on, Then it taking straight there $5 is really worth it. In my opinion, just to give you a nave. You like. This is what you'll be getting. So for these last ones done a awesome job in crayon. Just nice random shapes and converted play with So asai said at the start, but just gonna bring in, say, three, 3 to 5. Um, he said, We don't need to buy a lot fun stuff together. Another little test I found is that there's this one here for resize it. So I want to skirt. So whether old justices okay, so normally, I took my wife. It's on before you got a model there and gets a resource against, we'll be working now. That is Ah, But if you have it all, all just does it aspiration. So it was never there was never any stretch. Well, there is the anyone. Well, I found that if you have these little object things on when I resize, it always does it perfectly. So it would bring that end the we're gonna bring in What's we have? Nets have gots a certain she had Some of these shapes will ask when we bring in. Maybe this direction touch. Yeah, shouldn't really cool in the composition, especially with the subsurface structure. And I like to solve Put them in together, blend them into girl This different colors circle What a lamb! We're going up ahead to survive has worked on the map do you take from wall? Good old good little My first it is rocks is rocks shots? Sorry, especially when I want to do here is just have layers of interest. So they but that you can't see the original shapes But then they blended together and then with subsurface catcher and they were laying great. All nice is nice. Good stuff, Uh, on a person glass glass glass material insists, is well or uses an overlay. So this is a really good shape. That's something super job. These just to mention that you're working on a new pack. It should be coming soon and say, um, do let us know what kind of want to work with, But we're doing a bit of research in terms of what do you think? There's always good to know what you want, what you doing, what you do what you wouldn't fly will like to work with to join me a message or common on on instagram inimical. Start to put together another new pack for you that you could work with have lots of family . So now I'm just putting this composition together just loaded, firing up your lock time to see what holds global. Excuse me. Here she comes. So they, uh it's Adan's and nice layers. So a nice little composition that well, I'm or was this missing some Insel? Richardson. Excuse me. I'm just gonna bring in, uh, maybe something like that's pretty cool. There's something behind it too. Oh, Missile. Say that it's together with this structure. Sorry. That about that could you could put like, a mess emitter on class. So, uh, take more than that. Um, why would have it for me is when I made around Konrad to come around. So tip You may not know if you just right click on the camera, get to recon tired protection so retried Mutual commonality can and that decides consistency. So you'll see. I don't really have on until the final render because I like to sort just move around and get up. You're in the position of one. But the other thing to work. What is the rotation angles of the family. So it was having on sof more nine to have a normal just because that way, then you just got consistency. Seven. When you paste up different artworks, they're different. But they stayed consistent in terms of structure in terms of presentation, cats Chorzow them one's gonna add Lets us into 50. That's, um um spheres. Um yeah, just like last pieces Teoh to make it to mix it up. But I will say transparency values to the piece I didn't trust. People want people to see layers. They want to see details. They want to question why things are nice that science, because that's nice. Uh, if you're working on client, Well, that doesn't need to be the reason why you put something. So just for me here just to go back to that I'm kinda composition. But what I'm looking at nothing at the sharp edges here. And then I want to balance him off with this first toe and interesting between these gaps that has in any world peace just so bad tonight Instagram you you see in the square. So I sort of got the square. So Okay, I'm thinking just seeing that. So it's kind of like a weird, spacey, spacey planet thing on for me there. These two thes of the same size as I don't want the same board. That's good. It's small, right? One of those and then looking pretty learning. Okay, so that's the composition. Salter. It doesn't take long, but it's super fun. Okay, then we go into the next stage is what would be waiting for. We could be creating our very own subsurface Scots of material. 3. Cinema4D - SSS Material Creation: So here's the fun part. We're gonna be making the material. We'll try and get a employees. But, um, followers may you might get back and forth from this, but let's give it so, um, if we just switch, show most of the objects and then it and then just concentrate on the wall. Um, that way, that way we will that we will be able to see the progress. I decided to call this our space tab. Just thinking space is kind of a spacey composition. And then what? Jobs? Just, uh, a relation. Flip back. Teoh, like, kind of being edible even doesn't know my job. It's kind of like sweets job. I don't think so. Here. We got so got to obtain material, and we're gonna have a spectacular zero. Are they Just drag it onto the piece that we're working on to see if we can see it in action. So guns the noted sir, bring the head. I just got a reference the Russians warm. So remember how to keep your Britton said them. First of all, we are against bringing in the scattering medium on the scratching museum is gonna get It's for me a gender. This, uh, so is concerned with black. They were going to be swollen out. Uh, does too. I have it on around six and seven. On the other stuff. The observation Do you dance to obtain? And we're gonna put in rgb spectrum. This is why you'll be, um, choosing your color. So for now, we're just going so and I think they're lighter colors. Shades work better for this, um, and then is in the absorption. And then we're gonna get down to this one off, turn again, are put in a RGB until this color here are kind of good luck in mids. Great. Okay. And if you can see now, start to come to go Roughness. Ah, puts in a note. Sure. And on the floats, etc. Have that on no 0.3. Also just lunch. Another four things where the lights coming for? For the moment, I've looked like from the right from the left, right. Then you get the light part there, and then that just seems to work pretty well for my compositions or not changed in two months. And then all here, we're gonna get a reflection. We're going to go to, uh, octane and then floats again. And then that fluid would put that on north 0.7. Okay, take off the bump on. Then we're gonna get down to calmer. I always have these shady resolutions or not. Ah, 4000 8004. And then if you just take fake shutters, you have you'll subsistence subsurface lesson serial. So nice. We're just saying just comment. CheapTickets com A and then Zemin's let's give it a bit old family suddenly. Okay, that such a nice step, sir. That material's just brings our whole strings out. All these shapes and shades just not say not. Excuse me. So that's kind of that's kind of in terms of material, the ones that have before just pretty, not anybody Purples were in us. So now it's gonna start building the composition that we thought. That's basically it, um, you can put in the roughness channels you can you can put like, uh, smudges smudges off. Ah, roughness map on it to bring out for this. I wanted to be sort super clean and and share the death. I said, let's bring back some of the other things. What? For this Big Helen still glasses. Just my plus. True is, um, Spectra. Bit of rough. That's no 0.25 on the roughness and then 1.3 on the in debts on the especially if the glass and then put out. So there's about playing with different materials. See what suits you. They must have fun parts. I felt that you can kind of do what you want. It's going up on the locker in the So I'm not sure that, um, some reason by these things 4. Cinema4D - SSS Material Creation Part 2: Uh huh. This is full of Yes, Yes, it's less s. What s what? One that cheapest. What? On that? The last of that and that Making okay for orange. I think it's Medio So orange. That's like the results are in Trenton. New machines. Pretty quick to assume results straight away. You mean us? I think I had it all in. No, no. Maybe the glass can get from that one. What is? And then the spring brought some of these other things. Uh, strong zoomed off, and you don't want to many colors. Um, you can get too confusing, but I would say about 2 to 3 and then just on when you put these on, if you just make sure there were no whatever shape, um, is this e v sexual arenas, uh, like a snowball. Let's do some pain thing. If you go to her, it tends to duck. Is that basically just says how much? Like get through the material? I want more. More again, the less light is going to get through it in five years. Young, about six. It's just playing for fools who's on the if you take, uh, this one on him. Can you see how their lights causes? If the object there's not Jennifer, seven hours obviously closes off the night, then you should done here. How the lot's going through there just obstinately, just as depth. Love must try. Think Spacey, Spacey, sort. Maybe Jerry Greens level green and only thing Have a look. This is what where I spent my time just actually just update in the colors. And so you're what's good? So, yeah, just for the finish this off. Now, there was a different color. You don't really want to see it pretty for office one day, and then next we're just gonna go take into after effects. I'm just a bit if I'm calling, tweaking some Narendra out and then we're do the sweetening after effects, I think include the glass. It's that simple. 5. Conclusion: so no, I rented out the scene. Um, I've done it on a different size because I need to use on this size for on the header image on school shop. But only we vendor it again. And dio do it for instagram. But 2000 samples, It took about 14 minutes. So that wasn't too, but yeah, I just want to bring it into after effects just to shoot. Um, I'm still known assets. But just to show you what I do, too, on the image when I bring them in Just so I get it looking where I want it. But there's so much potential to tweak it. The colors How you want. Um, so usually do exposure. Uh, gamma. Usually gays to suit, too. My kids. Six. And maybe a bit too bright, too. Yeah, just just, um, just show you that, uh, here. I've just used a ah, a job from a jump draw from some authorities, uh, objects library and saying with a knife just to press the concept through in space job. Obviously spacey elements in a jam jar. That was the concept behind this visual. So, yeah, I'm going to answer on that I'd like to bring in a bitter shopping. The ever doing that fall, too, just to not too unhappy. Okay, then, girls color correction on the color balance. This is where you could just tweet. But was one kind of like spacey, warmer summers were What? So what? Don't make it too cold. What a great coming from so close to work. So, yeah, that's me just to weaken Nestle Ortio and after France and then just wonder up. Yeah, that's the concept, since we're using refused abstract park legs in the description it's download the part. If you want, you can make up your own, but it's just such a cool part to play with. That I've used with you create are in sub surface scratching material on. Then we could on cement of elements are important elements, which is the jam jar knife, But you can put in what you are, what you what you want from your own. But I just heard it in the three D objects that there's many things you can play with. Put on. Yeah, so just to conclude now we created our own soft sub surfing. Siri's got the sea made up And now you can just have a play now with glass materials on different colors. Just make us up on look into light, See an emotional or something like that for my next. So serious, but and then you can put them in system about so no Issa's. Well, um, yeah, I hope you like the tutorial on give me feedback to talk a friend and he wants stolen. So grab, um to follow on just Yeah, I want to keep Gaitan visuals that you like and one of the in form. So I actually enjoyed this and, uh, be in touch. Very safe for the next Sheetal, whatever that may be. And so low chairs, But I have a nice weekend.