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29 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. Welcome to my relaxation massage course

    • 2. Why this section is the most important section

    • 3. The Table-The 4 most Important things about your Table

    • 4. Setting up your table properly

    • 5. Creams and OIls-What's Great and what's not

    • 6. Some things that make the massage experience even more amazing.

    • 7. Why I Don't include these things in my massages

    • 8. A word about timing

    • 9. When in doubt, don't.

    • 10. Why most therapists don't last and what you SHOULD do instead

    • 11. Getting feedback

    • 12. Practice makes perfect-what I should have done.

    • 13. Some final points

    • 14. It is really important to use soft hands

    • 15. The general stroke

    • 16. The correct way to do the kneading strokes

    • 17. Scissor Stroke-the correct and incorrect ways to do this massage technique

    • 18. Mastering using your forearms in massage is a game changer

    • 19. Acupressure techniques-so many massage therapists do this badly

    • 20. How to apply the correct pressure to give an amazing massage to your client

    • 21. Heavenly foot massage-just the way to start the massage

    • 22. Moving on to the back of Legs

    • 23. How to give an awesome back massage that your client will love!

    • 24. Doing a great neck, head and face massage is absolutely vital..

    • 25. The arms and hands done correctly feels amazing

    • 26. And now we move onto the front of the legs and feet

    • 27. This is really important to do before you start your massage

    • 28. Full Relax (1)

    • 29. Congratulations!

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About This Class

"This massage course is worth every dime. In my opinion, instructor and his team went above and beyond with quality lesson plans. I recommend to serious massage therapists who want to become great, take this course. You will not be disappointed."

"This is one of the best massage courses I have ever taken!"

"Excellent and expert instruction. Beautiful videos. These methods are far superior to what we were taught in aesthetic and spa training classes."

Want to learn massage online? 

Whether you would just like to learn massage online because you would like to treat your family, friends or partner or you are a massage therapist-You have come to the right place!

To do great massages, it is imperative to get the correct massage training. 

When it comes to a massage clinic or spa, your best asset is your massage. Without an incredible massage sequence and techniques, it will be very difficult to have a thriving practice.

This online massage course will give you the skills set to give your clients or your friends or family an amazing relaxation massage experience.

Mark's spa had the first 100 out of 100 reviews on Tripadvisor ALL 5 STAR! A feat never been done before by a spa. They were also shortlisted this year for the 2017 Spa & Wellness awards for the Americas.

It doesn't matter whether you have had massage training before or have no experience at all.

In this relaxation massage training course, Mark guides you step by step and shows you not only what his 20 years of experience have helped him, but also he shows you the ways to avoid the mistakes that he has made along the way.

In this massage course you will learn:

  • Our Full Body Relaxation Massage sequence
  • The Do's and Don'ts of setting up your massage room
  • Correct Body Alignment and Postural Problems
  • How to Set up the right atmosphere for your Client
  • The Importance of First Impressions
  • Plus so much more!

The most important aspect to any spa or massage clinic is the quality of the massages because without the ability to deliver great massages most therapists will not succeed and are taken over by the competition in this highly competitive industry.

In this online massage course, you will learn not only our secrets to giving incredible massages to your clients, but also know how to use your body correctly and avoid the pitfalls that many therapists fall into. 

Enroll in this course and set yourself up for life as a Great Relaxation Massage Therapist!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my relaxation massage course: Hi, My name's Mark Parent Jones from the award. Winning is the very spot, and welcome to my relaxation massage course. In this course, you're gonna learn how to do an incredible relax ation massage, whether you've got massage clients or whether it's just for a family member or friends, we just to earn some extra money. You are going to know exactly the same real accession massage therapist that I used on a lead. Athletes, celebrities, even presidents of countries. So I'm going to show everything you need to know from the basics from the set up right for doing the mess sides and all things like marketing. You gonna learn everything you need to know to give an incredible relax ation message experience, so let's get started. 2. Why this section is the most important section: All right, so in this section, this is the most important section off the course. So now, if you've done one of my other massage quarters, I have this section repeated in each course. Because you please, you must understand that some people might just buy hot stones course or they might just by the relax ation, just deep tissue. So if you've seen it in the other this section and you've done date tissue and now hot stars, you can skip on to the next section. No problems at all. But for those of you, this is your first message course with me. Please watch this section. There s a city. This is the most important section. And I'll explain why now? This is gonna teach you all about not only your body mechanics and how toe set up the table when 74. But all of the things that it doesn't matter how good your technique is. If you don't get this right, you could be the best message therapies in the world. The person can hate the experience and I'll give you an example. I was in Melbourne, Australia Wonder One Winter's day. I was messaging and there's a message there. Persist up the road. It was a cold, chilly day, so the oak up and get a massage in this person. Now this person might have been an incredible message therapist, but every step along the way made it one of the most horrendous message experiences I've ever had it. And I remember like it was yesterday. It was 20 plus years ago. Now here's what happened, right? So I go there and I look very nice lady and a book, and we got upstairs and it's a wooden building. And members, coach, I'm thinking, are not close your room. This would be wonderful. Maybe should have electric blanket, maybe some heat packs. This is gonna be awesome, you know, just to get out of the chilly air. We get up there. It's a drop D a dropped room. So there's a breeze going through this cold breeze. Melbourne. You know, in wintering breeze cheese. This is not good. So anyway, so he's just gonna get undressed. And I look at the mess as table and there's no head hole. It's just a plane with no head. Hope so. Now I've got a life face down with my head like this copped inside, so I'm not happy about this already. So this is the importance of your table. You gotta have a head hole. But there's so much more that was wrong about this experience. So I get a take all my clothes off that she's extract lie face down on my head here. That's hurting my neck. And she's got this. Just a big tower. This is one sheikh on top of this This table, um and then I've got this small, prickly I don't know whether it was a pack of I don't know what was some low ahead. I think it is like you put a throw rug over your sofa bits along here, and it's prickly and itchy. So I got some already cold. I got goose bumps cause I'm called and put this thing over. It goes, how it just covers, Basically my But here it's about this long. So now I'm cold and prickly. So I'm thinking, I just got it. I want to get out of here. There's nothing underneath my feet, my ankles getting Could you put a pillow a bolster underneath the person? Speak as you learn so I got that. So my feet are hurting my next hurting. I'm cold and I'm prickly and I hate being prickly, right? So then she comes back into the room. There's no music, by the way, none at all. I could live with that. But you know you want have a nice music court. Then she gets this cold oil that she doesn't rub it in my hands, as in her hands of your partner. As you learn, she squads of like, ketchup on a hot dog. All right, she squirts May with this cold oil, and I kid you not from this distance. So it's spraying, so and she's putting a ton off oil, which you'll learn later on, and not to do so. There I am. So I'm car. I'm Brickley, my head. My neck hurts my feet hood. And now I've got a feeling I'm ready to get basted in the oven and this cold oil. She hasn't just got sports goods good, and now it's dripping down my ribs, and it was just so remember she might have been best message. Terrapin, Australia. I am already ready to run, not walk out of this room all right. That's why things think is so important. She was never gonna win me over because a city it was called was itchy. And now I'm itchy and oily and cold, which is no good in a message. So please look at all this and get your your environment right. You're gonna learn about techniques, body mechanics and had to a great message. But if these things are not done correctly, you could be amazing with your techniques. And the person can hate your experience at at worst or best, they just never gonna come in. They're not gonna refer anyone, and they're probably gonna be like may and talking about it 20 plus years later of how horrific and dramatic this Waas. So that is why this section is the most important section of the course. 3. The Table-The 4 most Important things about your Table: Okay, so let's take a look at what you need to do when you're buying a table there. Certain key factors that you need to look at their really important. Because once again, if the person is not comfortable on the table, then it doesn't matter how good your messages. Right? So the first and foremost, the first thing you need to do is to check, and you need to lie down on the table and check the face. Hole is comfortable. Okay. Now, ideally, they think here called base cradles. These are really comfortable and you can adjust them so you can get the president to tip their heads down to get better access to their neck. This is a face hole right here, and they're okay. But a face cradle is way better now, so you need to check the face cradle and make sure that it's got enough petting. Make sure that it's comfortable. Put your head down into it on DSI. What it feels some of these are not. Do not have enough petting, so they will start to press on your you feel your head onto the under the board underneath it, so it's really really uncomfortable. Um, yeah, but yes. Oh, the best case scenario is to get a face credit. Okay, Second best is a face hole. It's poor cousin to towards the face. Crater face credits way better. Okay, You gotta face home, then. That's OK, but make sure that you do not go out and buy a table that has none of these. You just buy a table has no face hole whatsoever. Run. Don't walk. Don't buy it. You don't want your client having on a face table a message table with no face hole. So they've got a lie there as if you imagine lying on your bed face down where heads pushed to the side. It's horribly uncomfortable. And the press is gonna be changing their head from side to side. It's just don't even do it. Don't buy table unless it's got a face hole. All right, So the take away from this is if you get a face cradle, that's best case to know and make sure it's comfortable. You've got to got to try them out. Okay. The next thing is, you see various wits of tables. Now, when it comes to buy a table there generally a standard on a slightly wider one. Get the wider one OK, for a few extra dollars. It you won't be sorry, because if you get big people that you've got just a standard tail standing table with, then there are zombies of slipping up the sides. And again they want beginning the benefits of your message because they here they said direction. The I'm slide off the table again that put their thumbs and make their hips. It's just not a wider table is so, so much better. Okay, so base Crader, get a wider table into the standard and you want to get adjustable. Height is not the end of the world. If it is not, is not an adjustable one. If you're going to have something that's fixed much of the mirror adjustable anyway, so you don't really have to worry about this too much. But if you get one that's not adjustable, then the last thing you wanna do is have one that's too high. So if it's too high food heavy enough, it's too high. So your table should be adjusted to point where when you're standing up and your fist is by your side. You're standing like there you have your fist like this. Let me show you that that is the level off the table when your arms go down my side, where the bottom of the fish there, that's the height of your table. All right, so if it's too high, what happens is then you've got to now create a muscular effort and lift your shoulders to try and work, especially the person's big and you got 10 minutes to high. It'll ruin your shoulders really, really quickly on once. As you learn in the course, now you have to use muscular effort to try and work on a person, which is exactly what we don't want to do. Or I'm gonna be using as your own body, weight and weight transparent as opposed to master ever, which will go all into. Okay, so make sure you so if you do get a fixed one and it's too hard, get those legs chopped off down to a height where it should be. All right, so that your wit, that's the heights of adjustable again. Don't worry if you can't get in a just was launched because really, unless you've got other therapist using the table. Once you got adjusted to the higher you don't need to readjust it. All right? You just really just set it and forget it. Okay, so that's that. All right. Now the other thing, what already looking to is the white, Because there's a very good chance that you're going to start doing trying to make money is you probably be doing home visits. So you're going to take that table put into a car. So if this table is too heavy, that is gonna be you're gonna hurt yourself potentially, because get to plug it in and out of the cop. So really, check that it's a lightweight, strong, lightweight, sturdy with the other thing is, by the way, that it doesn't squeak. I had a table once that I couldn't get rid of right to buy a new table. I couldn't just was the wood or something. The timber between each other. But it's just like doing this. This Yeah, we wouldn't This person quick. Great. So I couldn't find it when you try on the table. If you've got someone with you could try. Just do a bit of your moving of your body on that. So it's you tell you. Tell it. Sturdy on Not squeaky. Now, where was before? I got sidetracked. Wait. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So Okay, so try get lightweight, so you make sure you can pick it up. The last thing you want is make sure spend the extra dollars and get the massage bag. Quite often they come with it. But if not by a message bag for one reason, it will protect your final. Okay, so if you got that on their last year, do is rip the vinyl on the corner of a building or something. So that is really, really important. Also that have a big shoulder strap. So now you're carrying it over your shoulder like you would like a handbag, something bag. And that's way better than having to hold it like a suitcase. It's really uncomfortable, Especially got the wider so they're gonna be taller. You do this. You don't want to be hurting yourself before you even get into the massage. All right, so those are the key factors, really. Try out the face cradle, get wider. If you can make sure it's adjustable and also check the weight on by that bag. These are the key factors to having the table that you need to give great messages. 4. Setting up your table properly: Okay, This lecture, what I want to do is show you how to set up a table, how to put the sheets down the towers down. It's very simple, but I want to show because it's really important you put a sheet down underneath on top of the table and the towers on top if you just put towers directly onto the massage table, what happened, though, slide off and then the person skin on the last thing you want is a person skin on the massage table. All right, so that's why I put a sheet down. Then the towers won't slip. The other thing is, if you get a message or onto your message table onto the face credo, you wanna watch office hot, soapy water because if you don't and that stays on, it hardens the vinyl, and then eventually it will crack. So you always want to keep a message or off the final table. OK, so I'm gonna put a sheet down. I'm gonna show you how to do that. Now I'm just using what regular people percent regular people like people that don't have a spy or anything. I just use it a couple of beach towels. So what we need are either to really big towns or as I'll show just two standard sized towns to put underneath person and then, after a large beats, that puts out the top. If I was in the spire, then I'd be using your the same color bonds. I don't advise you to buy white linen. Don't buy white towns. Begin when they get stained. Yo, you gotta throw him out all right. We always used nice blue ones, but whatever color but nice plain blue was really nice healing color. But for the purposes of just show you because I know a lot of people. Just don't be doing what I'm showing that just got beach towels and what have you for the face cradle? You can use a small hand town, but I prefer to use a pillow case because of pillowcases. Just it's dinner, and it's softer on the face so you can actually go out by proper fresh credit. Disposable ones, those sorts of things, but understood We never do that. I think it's, you know, enough stuff, disposable. So just watching these, but I like a pillow case. That's really nice So I show you this out how to set it up. So we just all you need is a chic between two large towers or two smaller ones in a large one and a pillowcase and a pillow. You're always gonna put a pillow underneath the feet when the person is lying face down. You put that underneath the ankles so it doesn't compress. The air cools. So let me show you what to do. All right. So, as I said, you could just have a bed sheet, any old, bitchy, and you're gonna drink this over the table. I just want a queen size bed sheet. I had a little bit of overkill, but you just tuck it underneath a secret, ties bedsheets Absolutely fine. I took that old in under. So you just put that on that one. Protected, tailored to us. Said to stop the talk of the town from slipping off to just spread that out nicely. Normally, I'd come round, are tucked that under the sheet underneath, and then you want to put a pillow up, guys underneath the ankles. All right. And then, like I said, if you're a spy, you want a nice blue tells I just put out some beach towers because I think lots of people are just gonna have something like that handy. So what? One there? And you want to put a second over your pillow so you're not standing your pillowcases. Or as I said, if you got a really big tail that would fit all the way through but all the way along the you could just use one large, large beach town, all right? And then you got a large tell here, and what I do is just drape it along the side here. Okay? So that way, when the person comes, they were gonna get you. Tell him to get undressed in life, face down, that make it easily pop that over the top of them. Do you see that? I just felt that in thirds. So it's easy for them just to pick it up. Because when you go go out of the room, then you're starting a life face down. And while you go but the title of top and there's a feel like ice and all you do forever has simply pushed down. So is plenty of room down for them to breathe. You don't do anything more difficult that it 5. Creams and OIls-What's Great and what's not: Okay, let's talk about whether you should use massage creams or massage oils and the pros and cons of using each of them. All right, so messy creams. Great. I really love them. You can buy them on Amazon so they're not as oily because obviously, the cream eso they're really great to use and doesn't leave the person feeling so early as well. It's a message craved a really, really nice to use that so you can get them on Amazon. All right. When it comes to oils you can use, you can use go benching gets a baby oil. Use that. No worries. Of course, it's thin synthetic. But for those of you who want to go natural, I wouldn't use olive oil. All right, at an absolute pinch, maybe, but it's too heavy and bloody. And so, you know, I don't think that person's death I'm just talking about, you know, if you're doing it, be a partner at home or something. They had a pinch. You wanted something a back rub or something. Never in the clinic but the most common oils and natural, a sweet Armand oil and grapeseed Sweet Amador is definitely the most popular. It's what I used to use. Now there's a couple factors you really need to factor into that. If you're gonna use natural oils like sweet almond, you've got to have a good washing your good washing equipment. Good laundry equipment because if not, you need to use hot water. You need Teoh no good laundry soap because if not, if that state into those towers and what have you, it will start to smell once they stink, because the oils with residue of the always gets rancid on. Once extinct, you're really going from away. It's so you need hot water so you can go to get these oil down. That's the big problem with natural oils is only a problem if you don't have. You know, if your washing a cold water, you don't have good laundry area. OK, so that's really important. Otherwise, massage creams and a baby oil those sorts of things, they're all great. You have to worry about the washing up so much of that. But that's the real standout thing. If you're gonna use natural, just make sure you got good laundry use Good Lord research, that sort of thing and you have any problems at all 6. Some things that make the massage experience even more amazing.: All right, so I want to talk about things that make the message even more special. This could be just for your partner, your friends. Or if you're doing it professionally, you want to mess as professionally. So these little differences really are going to make the experience mawr. Incredible. Okay, so all these little things I talked about what we're told you at the start of the this section was how bad things can feel. But so what I'm doing now is make that experience more, even more special for that person. If you could do that, then they got a rave about you, OK? Even if your partner make this special message is such a lovely gift to be out of gift to someone, so make it special. You really, really want to just, you know, go all out because it's etches in so much memory. So one of the things that's really if you're a cold climate, what we did A spark which would have an electric blanket underneath on top of the table underneath the sheet. So it was really lovely to just don't know. You don't have to hire that person perspiring, but just low So you know, it just feels so good. Person comes into this room on that light out. It's a surprise. Oh, my God, This warm. This is lovely. So having a little single bed electric blanket is just absolutely delightful. If you're in a cold climate, when it is cold, wintry days, it's just you've already won them over just the fact they lie down just so nourishing, so comforting that want the other thing it would do. So I'll set the scene food. So what we're doing? The spot the person would lie down would have them lay down on the table at the talent, and we go out of the room. So they're now already super comfortable with this warm electric blanket on what going always do, which was, Get a heat. Pack your the heat. Petrie. By that, your microwave that these air greater got rice in the more beans and stuff like that, you picked him up cheaply and they're absolutely fantastic. And so what? We do microwave for a minute or so, whatever it takes to get nice and warm. And then when we come back into the room, we delay this over their lower back because the person be laying face down. As you learn throughout the course, we start them face down. So then when we start to work on the feet, which is you again, you'll learn, Reside in the feet. Said They've got all this time with it. Just this beautiful hate pack warming up there something up their masters in the lower back . It just if you got a message service down the road not doing that, you're doing that. You just You're so far. So it's just so much better these little things that you're going to realize that these little things that become big things have become memorable things that the person is gonna really love. So that's one thing I really recommend you do again. Even if it's for your partner, you spoil them, get the heat pack, put it on there. They're just gonna I love you for even more. Three. Other thing. If you're a hot climber, just make sure that you don't have the air conditioner or fan directly pointing on the person, especially the exact You don't want cold air going directly onto the person. That's really important as well. So they think you're a fan. You could be oscillating fan, that sort of thing. But because it can contract the muscles, especially with cold air, you get like, a cold chill. And so you don't want that person as well. So you want the temperature of the room, right? But just not blowing directly onto Okay, so those things here with little things that really do make a big difference. 7. Why I Don't include these things in my massages: all right. I want to go through a couple of things that I personally don't include in my massagers. And the reasons why All right to the first thing is I don't message women's breasts in the massage in message school, we were taught, you know, you don't have permission. Who asked, Did they want the breast massage? In 30 years of massaging? I just think that woman feels more uncomfortable than put it this way. 30 years of messaging, there's no 11 that's gone. You left my breast tell. That's weird. You know, I just think you're someone. Obviously, if someone said, Can you place message? Absolutely. But, you know, I said again, I just think women more uncomfortable. It's not like, rather your focusing on their back and neck. The other thing. I don't do it people's stomachs again. These are just personal things. You could do that. By all means. We're again. We were taught this back in my side school unless someone came in with, you know, constipation, stomach strained muscle strain. Something like that. I just find I want my clients to be drifting off really complete Jell O. So when they're lying on their backs and you look, I was found that you could. They pulled down the tower and then they get it. Could be cool on def. It's women. You pretend across. It gets cumbersome. If you don't know correctly, you to cover up their breast for the tower and that and then it's cool And the stomach I've never really had. I've had no one said to make. Why didn't you do in my stomach? You know, I really love my stuff. Most people I don't think he's getting, maybe you have a different experience. But in all my time 1000 mess, I just, you know, one unless someone specifically asked me, You know, I really like to get my stomach massaged, but that's, you know, really very, very rarely. If I had that, Okay, so that that's what I don't know, obviously with working the chest, that something, working with the upper chest area, this sort of thing by all means not. Just don't pick minor pick Maj up through here. Yes, by all means. I'm about the breast tissue itself. Okay? The other thing I don't do is stretching and their reasons for that as well, you know, like stretching out there. Hamstring. You're saying mass size and they'll get their leg and stretch up the hand string on their bending this and bring this in a relax ation mess. I'm lonely, lonely and relax. I'm once again I want the person to know, not get out of their blissful state and what I mean by that. But you'll find out when people, when you're certain, stretching that, want to help you and it distracts him. But they might be just completely stopped out on then. Oh, you know, getting pulled here help. And they might want to help you as well, rather than just be completely floppy. So get it just takes them out of that. That blissful state. Likewise, you could also, you could actually hurt someone's posterior disc bolts in the neck by doing flexion. You can actually worsen the problem as well. So again picking up the head. If you don't do it correctly, you know it can be cumbersome people. I've heard lots of messages. They I teach people how to pick up the head properly, but I've seen so many messengers they fumble and stumble on your head. So you know, I think tohave that person ghetto have that person and completely blissful, zonked out state with just I don't need to stretch them to mess toe. Loosen up. Okay. They're gonna be so loose on so relaxed from the massage. I want a little distraction as possible. I just go about my work and release them out and that it said that those are the reasons I don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable and stretching. I don't find it all necessary unless they say, if you got an athlete, it's on that wants to get stretched out. But I'm talking about just a full body. Relax, ation type of massage, then I don't do it. 8. A word about timing: All right, let's talk about timing. Okay, So, Tie say timing is everything. Now, when it comes to knowing how long you got for the massage, then you want to don't use your phone. All right? Could you go to pick up your phone or pulling area pocket which major to look at the time to see how much time I've got left? You don't want to be doing that, because one you know, if you gotta figure out your pocket, then you're suddenly doing one hand massage or you're picking up a time or worse, which you learn toe walk away from the person to check, which you don't do. You don't have always contact with you. Learn in the course, Have a have a clock on the wall. Have a small crop. Whatever, but don't use your phone. Three Other problem with using a phone is you said it to silent. You still vibrate, which had this persuaded if someone Cozaar that's got a text message or what have you as distracting the person with the message? Remember, you want to give him the best experience possible, and a vibrating phone on the desk in the room is not going to help the cause. Okay, now, another thing that you don't do when you're doing your message is text someone like one of my therapist did once who? Shore name will remain nameless. She was doing a message. I knew they were doing a message. Another client came with one another massage. Wanted a message with her. So I halfway through, I just sent her a text, which I knew she'd get at the end of the message. How You've got another massage after this one. So of course I just said that it expected, You know, when she finishes the message to get a reply. But I got a reply straight away. Oh, what? She was doing a bit. Why? 10 minute? So she was obviously messaging, gotta find with her, had text, message me back. So I had to have a word with them. Why? We don't do that. And we're still You're not gonna believe this, don't you? Fun. All right, I kid, you know, I was asked to do some message in a five star hotel. Biggest that had complaints. Several complaints from several of the therapists. I mean, there are free therapists, but answering the phone during a massage. I mean, I know. Can you believe it? So fine rings from the inside or something, huh? Hi. Yeah. No, Uh, yeah. Just doing the best. I don't have to call it. Can you believe that? By the way, this they were charging $130 or something for a message, so that would be the last. These just the people that they knew off that it complaints that God knows how long that have been happening. Right? So clock on the wall right now. The other thing is, when you start to get busy with massages, scheduling appointments, here's what I suggest you do. If you're doing it, our massage and then you've got it. Let's say another one. Another person that's gonna come in scheduling 15 to 20 minutes afterwards. Why don't give you arrest will give you time to reset your room. And you know, you don't want to put yourself under stress, but having like 1 11 1 12 1 on one. All right. So you really need Teoh. Just take it easy. Have 15 minutes break between them. Everything is nice and calm. You get time to do that Good time to say goodbye to the person. So that's one reason the other thing is that if you let's say you're working from home on, um, you've got another person coming up after this massage. Well, you don't want them are They arrived 15 minutes early on. They start ringing your door, Bill to tell you they're here for their message. So that's another reason you don't want to be doing that. Okay? So those those things are really important to do it now. The other thing that you might come or you will come into is what to do with the late client. No, this could be a tricky situation. So let's say someone arrives 20 minutes late for their massage. What do you do? Do you give them the full hour? Let's say you've got people coming up after that. You're free. More messages after them. Are you going to give them the person? So then that person licks out to 20 minutes past 20 minutes late. Do you give them the full hour and then make the other clients late? No, you never do that because all the people arriving on time because of one person arriving late. You don't want to have all the other people all upset because of it. So it's a delicate situation. Now, if I didn't have someone straight afterwards, I would always given the full hour. It was the most people apologetic, you know, I'm so sorry, Traffic. You know, you could just give me whatever time to lift that sort of thing. But it really if you don't have something straight afterwards. My advice is you don't make them feel good about that. We apologetic. But if you can give him that full hour because you're no one after that, that's what I recommend you do. It goes on really a long way and then be really, really appreciative. And, of course, you're getting referrals, and this person will be You'll win them over as a client as well. Okay, so now, um, if you do have to you can You do go do have clients afterwards on that person's gonna get 40 minutes. Do you charge for the full hour or do you do you know? Do you charge just outside the 40 45 minutes it's gonna be up to you? I would generally not again. Most people will be on time. This sort of thing. They respect your time. So again, it depends on your situation. If you're in a big spot, then they'll probably charged person because, you know, they're light. You're working for yourself. I would always just charged an average is chosen for the 45 again. They're gonna be really appreciative. Andi, be apologetic again. It just goes a long way. You know, if you could do that, that's my 22 pence worth. Okay, so those are the things, so don't aren't you phone? Don't text on the phone. Don't use your phone you to clock and give yourself time to between treatments that take all the stress out of it and you'll be out of give great treatments to each person. 9. When in doubt, don't.: Okay. The old saying, if in doubt, don't What do I mean by that? So you get someone coming along at some stage where you're not sure if you can help them. OK, now, I've seen this time and time again where therapist will try to do something outside of their their knowledge based outside of the level of expertise. The best thing you can do is if you don't know what the problem this person has, You know whether you should be treating my message is generally very, very safe is a modality. It's not like a chiropractic where you could You can really do some damage with messages. You might make someone a little bit sore or something like that at worst. But if you try to do something really outside of your 11 expertise, then you you might stir them up. So you want to refer them on which the climate be really happy with you. Say, look, I'm really not sure about this now. They say, OK, that's fine, but you can refer the moon to someone are awesome. Just eo get getting to ask your doctor. If you don't know whether they should be getting a massage with this particular condition. But really, that's That's the thing you need to know. Don't try for this miracle cure, because if you stir them up, then they're not going to be a happy at all. Okay, so just stick within the knowledge that you have, and if you're not sure, get them to ask for the doctor or get refer the mind to play primary care practitioner, physical, their first osteopaths, chiropractors, someone like that, or even just another massage therapist that has more remedial experience. 10. Why most therapists don't last and what you SHOULD do instead: All right. Now, I want to talk about using your body weight, your weight transparent as opposed to muscular effort. So there are certain things that we are absolutely not going to do, which you see in massage courses. Or I've future how they're doing it completely wrong, which is burning out massage therapist, shoulders and thumbs speaking thumbs. One of the worst things. Mess, eyes, they're person. It taught I myself. I thought, this is well, is thumbs, small muscles, small joints and all this thumb circling. And we were taught, you know, some working thumb over thumb thumb serving between the shoulder blades and your thumbs just can't take it. They get tired and they'll get injured. I had tendinitis in my thumbs because that's what we had to do. Some work film with you will not see that in my courses in any of my message courses, because it just wrecks these thumb joints. Okay, so we want doing some circling all over the place like this. My goodness, we're gonna be using a bigger muscles and keep that some static, and so would be working it and using the body weight and weight transference. Right. So What is your between Using body weight and weight. Transparent as opposed to muscular effort. Right. Let me come back here. Just going to show you and they don't get up a table and show what? What? I mean, but you see this all time. People will just be statically during the meeting like this. All right, this is all shoulders and arms. We are going to be using body weight transfers, working from side to side or from front from one foot to back foot as we working, and you won't see a lot of movement. The elbows. Okay, We're not gonna be doing this all right again. This is just all armed, And one, you'll get tired too. You probably get injured. Three. It doesn't feel very good. All right, so this So what we'll be doing is keeping either the elbow will probably be. It doesn't matter if it's locked or been slightly, but it's static, and the movement is coming from my body way. Likewise, we're gonna be nice and why you learn this in the course, But I'm going to touch on this now, wide across the shoulder. You don't because I want. I want you to understand this now. So you don't get these bad habits later on, OK? We're gonna keep their shoulders down, General be I see so many therapists doing this up and this is what we talk about the low table. So showed it down and relaxed. We're not all crunched in like this, which is contracting the muscles here wide across the shoulders. OK, get that feeling of elongated when your message pulled up by balloons from your head So it doesn't matter what you do, you're getting the nice question. It will make it so much easier to do the message for you and will feel so much better for the client when receiving it. Okay, so I just think we do it again. I'm going to show you this when we go for the different techniques. But when not working is a way I won't be bending. It's the work is coming through that body, which I'll show you standing up in a second. The other thing is you would be aware of no sharp angles. So we're not having sharp angles of the wrist. Yeah, that will compress your recent really hurt them. OK, so we want to have none of this sort of sharp language were pressed down like this? No, we won't have anguish that straight or very slightly bed that way. You're not gonna hurt the joints as well from that. All right, so we're not going to have lots of little time circles. Forget about that. Nothing had sharp choice. And we're not gonna be doing muscular effort We're not gonna be using. Always must. Horrific. We're gonna be using body weight and weight transfers. Let me show you what that looks like. I'm going to show you the difference between doing right and doing it wrong. All right, So I've got a nice wide stance, and you can see I'm rocking. Most of my wife is on the front foot, but I'm rocking back as you can see the general. So the work is going through the front leg, and there's very little movement in the arms. It's all coming through that weight transfer interference. And again, you gotta just touching on this. Now, you will learn this throughout the course, but just want to plant the seed. So you see that big difference. So I'm just all of that. So There's where your pressure comes from. There's very little muscular effort at all. Now here's what you see. A lot of time, which is no movement and no body weight, transparent. It's just all arms, all shoulders. It's tiring and it feels never near is good. Same with the elbow here. The Forum. It's just wrecking their shoulder like this. So I just did say, I wanted to show you this now his needing said persons crouched over. No, I'm moving in the legs. So it's again, really. It's just all muscular effort Now here's the way you should do it. Nice. What's there to a rock from side to side now? So while we're rocking forward back now, we're rocking from side to side, so you can see there's a massive difference. So I wanted to show that now, because that's what we're gonna do throughout the course. 11. Getting feedback: So if you're just starting out massage, you want to get feedback, and it's important you get the right feedback from the right person or people, so you start to practice now. So when you going to start the massage? What? I used to always say it was just so that the person please let me know if the pressure is not enough or too much on. But then they define, you know, and so they say up a little bit more pressure. Well, that's a little bit too to date. And so you get good feedback, and the more experience you get, the better you'll be out of a sense pressure young with the depth of pressure. Right now, when it comes to getting feedback, you don't want the person you want a brutally honest person. Okay, this might be a family member. It might be a friend. Selma is not gonna just say Yeah, that was great. Thanks. When it was what? I had a problem to this with a very first start off. Because people obviously want to be polite. But you need Teoh. Make sure the arson you're with the things that I could have done better. What part did you like? What were the best bits? So you really sort of, you know, rather healthy massage. That's a good that's not giving you good. Think back. You want to be more specific in your question, you know? What part did you like the best? Anything you thought, you know, I could have improved on or you didn't like so much. Any strokes he didn't sort of like So you're trying to get much better feedback than just someone. Just say no, That was nice. Here, Thank you. That's polite. That's lovely. But it's not helping you improve. So is a family member or someone something brutally honest that they can give you a good, constructive criticism is what you want because I need that way. Well, you know, because the thing with messages you don't know how it feels, you know you're doing it on someone. But you can't message itself to feel you know what does that feel, Right? So this is really important. Get something, give you good, constructive feedback, and you'll improve in leaps and balance 12. Practice makes perfect-what I should have done.: Now, one thing you want to do is like any other school you want to practice often. So you want practice on people. One of the best things you can do is start swapping with other massage therapist. Okay? And if not, if you can't stop them, then this is the biggest one of the biggest mistakes that I did as a young massage therapist. I didn't go out and get messages from other massage therapist. I got busy quickly, and I was doing massage. I really, you know, do as I say. Not as I do. I should have been getting there, Sarge. Is the reason it's so important to get massages from someone else is the fact that you can feel what feels good? No. The massage that I teach 10% If that is what I actually learned from my original course, the rest of it is what I picked up from other massage therapist. Your the mass as you go. Man, that was great. It was really good. What are they doing there? I'm gonna include that. Because what you love generally what your clients or love. So it becomes this so potpourri of different techniques and that's what you got to see in the course. These are things that I experienced that I thought, This is going great. I'll add this into my my mess. I sequence all right, so really important for practice, getting like, talked about with feedback and getting getting massage jizz. So if you can swap, then you're not having to pay for them. You swap and get, give each other really good feedback. It's a really important thing, and again, it's going to fast track your, um, your massages. We're going fast right now. How much better you get so much sooner and say That's one of things that I didn't do, which wouldn't may be much better therapist a lot earlier if I'd actually done that. 13. Some final points: now they're a couple of things you need to consider which are really important again for giving this personal a blue, a blissful experience. Music. Now I've got a lecture that's got to my favorite music you can get so you can have a listen to those but picking your spine music. His family needs to be a really low background music. You don't want anything that's gonna detract from get the person thinking, Ah, that's in your or something Haven't old download. It should be really Just all of these things are going to help person drift off. Okay, We don't want them in their mind, thinking, I know What's that song from, you know, So you won't have this music that just it's all part of this drifting off. That's what you want for your climb. So having just nice and low and has something has got recommendations, these sorts of things and don't go to you don't like do something of Buddhist chanting something that might drive someone nuts. Someone might like it on this. A good thing when you have your you can ask people if they have different preferences for the music, but if you get some just some nice music like I've got in a later lecture. Then that's absolutely perfect is to use that and listen to those those sorts of those types of music. You can go on YouTube and check out just right in massage music. There's tons of stuff. Relax, ation music, meditation, music. These sorts of things, if you keep that into YouTube, would be great. Another couple things. If you've got a light above you, you don't want that light on with the person's like lying face up, because I'll come over there. This is like when they come face up. So you want to make sure you just lamps that sort of thing. Don't have a strong overhead light because they say once they turned face up, they got this like their face, all right to remember about the air conditioner you don't want blowing on them. Those sorts of things that heated the room. Make sure your room is spotlessly clean as you are so you want. You don't want the person coming in on their off. Put already because you know your towel smell of rancid oils or, you know the broom is not clean. It's got to look spotless. Everything has to look spotless. Okay, It's gotta be clean. And likewise to you. I had a my therapist. Hey. Said terrible body odor. He didn't know he was Young guy trained him up a terrible body odor. I had to see him aside. Hey, look, you know, you can come to work. You've got a You know, it's really embarrassed on um but, you know, I just gently put him aside. Say, Hey, look, set it aside and say, you know, you can't You gotta smell nice and clean. So these little things, as they make a massive difference, is to the experience for your client. Also, you want to dress well as well. Okay, So you wanna look professional? You want a clean professional? Well kept, as is your room as well. So all of these factors that I'm putting putting it in front of you. These are all gonna make this for a standout experience for your client, which will make you wanna be hidden shows about any other massage therapists. And if any of these are up to scratch, then they're going to have an effect. A detrimental effect on your business because life was People will not tell you. It's like generally like in a restaurant. If you don't like the meal and the first gives up, Everything OK? Yeah, sure. Very few people go. Well, you know, for this is that there this most people would just be polite. I don't make a fast, but they won't come back. Message is no different. So if you're not up to scratch it all these things and giving a superb experience for that person from the message from the welcome from the cleanliness of your room well dressed. All of these factors a guy to her get this experience that you want that person to refer on . You want them to keep coming back. You want to win them over your loyal regular customers that I will tell their friends about that. Tell people and they'll be happy to refer you on. So make sure you put all of this. This is why it's so important. That said you the very start of this section because if not, if you fall down, you, they don't they just won't come back. And you'll never know why. More often than not, they just be polite like the restaurant and say thanks very much. And they say, Thanks for us. That was great. But a couple of things out of the room was too cold. Oh, the person squared Oil code oil on their back. Magical. Like a hot dog. Yep. 14. It is really important to use soft hands: all right, so whatever do first of all is teacher about using soft hands. It's really important when you're doing message is to keep your hands soft. You really want mode to the contours of the body. And I'm gonna show you how I do this. I'm gonna show you what's right and what's in the wrong way, because what you want to do for a couple reasons why it feels way better for the client. Secondly, for your pal Peixian, you'll be out of feel more than not to know the tissue that's dysfunctional tissues. You feel the bumps and lumps if you like. So keeping those has nice yourself moulding to the contours as a poster having rigid. I guess if you do that, you're going to get tired really quickly and more like get injured. So just remember, as we go through, you want to keep whatever structure doing as you'll see as I show you. The fingers followed the contours of the body. Whether it's the arms and legs, the back don't have the rigid like this. So let me show you what it looks like when we're doing a massage. This is the correct way to do it. So you see here, just have a look here. So you see, if my hands are following the contours of body like to talk about and they're covering the whole body there, you see, that nice, soft thing is so caressing around the contours of the body, their body white transferring from side to side, doing, meeting, and then I'll show what you should not be doing. Okay, so she didn't see how about the rigid fingers down to rigid. This will tie. Well, this is the way not to do it. It feels terrible, and it is terrible. 15. The general stroke: right, And, you know, it needs soft hands. Let's show the first strike that this is really what is called a garage. I just call it a general stroke. This is the stroke use, which will learn later in the course. It's what way. Start off with, Okay, It's very light pressure as you're working through, and you don't want to start with the elbows under someone, you've had them jumping off the table. So this isn't an introductory stroke. Doesn't have to be like a skin polished shot. I'm not saying that at all. So what? I want you to do what I'm saying. You're not going straight in pressing and thumbs. You gotta loosen up the muscles first and foremost. And that's what this one does. And it gets a person used to your touch. So what? I want you to see as edgy as you see, The video which I got through with you is watch the way I'm using my body weight. I'm going from my front foot. I'm driving through the whole time. So you see. Now, remember, have shoulders down. You don't wanna be hunching your shoulders like this at Oh, you'll get really so quickly brought across the chest and you're good body weight, transference and very little movement in the art. We're not doing this muscular effort like I talked about before, so I have a look at this and I'll show the differences between what's good and what's bad. So just remember, move that body weight and no sharp angles with the risk, that sort of thing, like I talked about earlier on the course. So this have enough of that and I'll show you what's right and how not to do it. All right, so this is F garage. I just called a general stroke. So Okay, look, no sharp angles of the wrist you could see go right around the body coming back. And then I'm pushing through my lunch position, go around the shoulder coming back onto the back foot and then pushed down into the front foot. Just like you throw a tennis ball. You go onto your front foot when you're working forward. Here's another look, so you see it will give you a better example of my using my body weight. You see, I'm wide across the shoulders. What, of course, to chase my shoulders it down and you could just see it as we work through their age, timeto saying, I'm leaning my upper body over the limb. That's really important to help get your waiting. So you see that I'm still putting good pressure on since we just work your way down through there, keeping that body weight moving. You see that there? So when we come to the leg, should be able to do that just like that. Anyway, over the over the limb there, I just working through. All right, so that's the way to do it. All right, so once again, the person what may crunched over, not white across the chest there's nobody when it's all arms. Oh, moving at the elbows is it's all arms and shoulders. Horrible technique. My horrible 16. The correct way to do the kneading strokes: Okay, So once you've done that, General stroke. You see this when we start to work the limbs, but I'll go through each of them. So what? You've done this after Rodgers General stroke, Then we're going to stand based on the body. So the 1st 1 you in that lunch stands one foot in front of the other. As you work the body right now, you're coming face onto the bodies, do needing and which is basically a figure eight with your hands. Okay, So your basic doing this now I have my thumbs like this. You can have up like you're close to your fingers. Everyone just never soft hands. You could have them like this, or you can have him down. I kind of like more to get. It works better onto the limbs, you know, because you get your thumb on the backside of it. But that's up to you. You could do either way. It doesn't matter. The things I want you to notice once again is okay. Before we were looking forward and back shoulders down, white across the chest. Now once again, white across the chest. And but now we're rocking from side to side until you're taking away from left foot to right foot. Now, rather than forward and back facing the crime shoulders must be down nice and wide across and you're going to work rocking from side to side. All right, so those who thinks remember to keep your hands soft. The other thing is as we go through the course is you want to cover the whole limb, so don't leave out. You see this more when we start doing the city a stroke. But if you miss an area, the body really knows it. So make sure you cover the whole leg. Don't miss up the top or down the bottom. Make sure you go and do the sides. If you doing said, the citizens will show you later on, but makes you go right to the edge is as much as possible. So you're not missing out a ZA client? They really feel like that's bits being missed. Yeah, So that's what you look for. It will cover the whole the whole limb. When you do, you Nadiya with back. If you're doing the back, what have you Alright showed us down on Really get that rocking from side to side. Let's have a look at it. Okay, So needing stroke here remembers like a figure. Right? So you see there. So what's that? I'm talking about seeing my body right now. We're rocking from left to right side. You see, that showed us it down my body waste again leaning over the person to apply more pressure. A beautiful soft hands. You see that? Covering the hole in that I was talking about again. We're covering the whole in. See, It's all coming from body weight to that white transferring its So I give you a better angle here. Another angle? I guess so you can see that just rocking from side to side. That's what you want. That's like I said it. So many therapists just stand aesthetically on. Don't do that. And of course, it makes it more fun for you as a practitioner. You're doing this dance. It's all rhythmical. She just working along the limb there. It's just so much easier to do as well. Of course, this felt feels amazing for the client, like a city before. When you're using your body weight and your weight transference, it just feels so much better. All right, so let's have a look How not to do it. I se see their grippy pincer grip. Rigid fingers have any moves all armed from shoulders again, the shoulders air up. The show does not down and relaxed. This I see all the time and it's pretty. It's just not rhythmical flowing concerts. It's not even in the same boat buck. 17. Scissor Stroke-the correct and incorrect ways to do this massage technique: Okay, so now we moved on to the scissors stroke. Now, this one traditionally sidestep it'll have they think that the things that I do wrong will have their fingers stiff. What it is is going backwards and forwards across the back of the live across the limb, this sort of thing. OK? Yeah, of course it back. It's bigger. But the whole thing that most would say most a lot of massage therapists will get run that they won't use. The power comes from your torso from the twisting of the torture. So you'll see this in the video again. But a lot of their just do this same thing. Okay, girl on this. No, you again, you're using muscular effort or arms, all shoulders, and it doesn't feel this is the whole point that I mentioned that we talked about body mechanics. It doesn't feel is good apart from you as a therapist wanting to do these correctly, because it's better for you as a therapist. It feels a ton better for the client when you're doing them using your body weight. So you're you're working. So this this one, I really want you to get the field off this twisting of your torso. Okay. Keep those shoulders down. This is one. A lot of message there. Get their shoulders up. Keep those shoulders down. And as you'll see moving is this torso to the big muscles powering a small models. If you're golfer, you know what that means. So what we're doing, we're using the trump rotation to get that movement. So let's have a look at that. So I just remember the other thing. Soft hands. This is a classic one where people therapist will taught in their fingers up soft hands, motive to the contours of body shoulders down and really get that movement. Okay, so we'll have to This is it struck now. And like I said, you you'll see here. See, I'm low down my shoulders it down, and the power is coming from the legs. You can see how the power is coming from the legs here and it turning the torso. Shoulders it down white across the chest, soft hands covering right down the rib cage. You could see that not missing out on anything. So that's worlds away from what a lot of message therapist do here on. They just stand aesthetically as you can see here. I just That's it, general. Rigid fingers not covering all the way down the ribs. I see this so often and it feels horrible, quite frankly. 18. Mastering using your forearms in massage is a game changer: okay, It's time to talk forearms, forearms and elbows when I talk about this now this you want to practice because you won't be used to putting pressure the forearm. So this is where it's really important to get your feedback because we have so many more nervous their hands. We get used to using the pressure. Four hours will take some more practice, but it is worth it a 1,000,000 times over. Doing the forearms on person is well, number one. It's a lot of therapists don't do this. A lot of terrorists used it for because you're not used to it, but it saves your hands, saves your wrist and use a lean your body weight onto the person. You know all of your body weight, but you gotta sink down into the muscles. You'll see it sink down, and then you work with your forearms. Now, when it comes to working with your forearms or a several different, and I want you to play with this as you practice along now, in in the course What I'm actually doing the forearms so OK, if you're heavy, hard headed, a karate chop position, you'll feel this bone wrong. here, blade that your own a bone. So if you work along with, that would be good and strong because the bone isn't working through muscles get it feels fantastic and say Sink your way onto the limb, build that pressure and then work your way through. Okay, so that is really great. It's great, powerful and date. Now, if you want to put more pressure, you just gently bring up the took to bring the elbow up into more to play. Okay, so we're really sort of working this area a lot with the forearm. But if you got a big person, you have to practice is again so that you just sharpen the angle with the elbow on. Then you can start working with your elbow as well. I suggest you start off just with the four on first, and because it is bone, you're going to be careful across. Bony prominence is around the shoulder blades, that sort of thing. All right, spine, your staff, the spine. So what a great way to do This is if you put your head on the face down, you'll feel the muscle belly here. The forearm flexes, and same with face up so you could just you could work in the bony areas. You can play with this and have it like this. We want more pressure, but you could also have less pressure. And with the palm down or palm up as you work the forums that way So really, play that. And of course, you could do twisting movements with the hand as you work through, like that's what It's really lovely. Um, as you what? You could do rotations with the head. I really suggest that you practice a lot using both forearms and practice had palm up supine position Graddy chop position if you like and palm down and really just keep working . Just keep working the whole time and practice all this like spend your half an hour just using your forms. Now, what is really, really important again if they represent doing forth, what they do is this. Now start doing shoulder circles with in using their forearms. It will trash your shoulders in a heartbeat. All right, you'll see when I teach you how to do this, the shoulder must stay virtually static who do not want to be doing big The movements would once again come from your but white transparency from your body. Okay, this is not doing the work. These portable super spin artist muscle here will get trashed really, really quickly. So just for that, you want to have it out at about a 45 degree angle front of you as you work, they're keeping this static, Okay? So just keep it all nice and relaxed. Don't have your fingers all time. This is another common thing. So watch out for that. We go like this. Okay? Keep it, Isom. Next, keep your hand. Relax. I just lean onto the part of the body you're working on. Keep that out in front. You drive through and saying, when you coming back? So your body way is always doing the work as we talk about through the course. So I practiced with that palm up palm down, okay. And because one and you will save your but your hands and your wrist letter thing. That's number one. But you just don't get tired as well. But it feels amazing when people work their forearms. Well is so much better than just using your hands and palms and salt fish So what have you ? Forearms abroad and the deep. So this is where you do your deeper work. Okay, This is where you start to rather than you have tried to do Is hard work with your hands, this sort of thing? You can. But it's so much easier just to lean your body went on to that person and just adjusting the weight. The men of weight that you lean onto them by adjusted that adjust the pressure on as you get used to that I just working through that. It feels incredible. So let's take a look at the forearms. Okay? So you seem like a talked about. We've got my my shoulder, my elbow and forearm forward of my shoulder. There we come down. There's very little movement in the shoulder itself. And then I stepped my white back onto my back foot as I pulled back under this nice. And so you see, also my hands just nice and relaxed there. No, no. What attention? There. It's gonna staying off the spine, of course. And here's another look. This one, you can do this as well. So you have my left hand on my hand. There just for a bit of extra control. You can do that. Don't go heavy over the knee. So she has sinking my weight down. Also, my weight again, over the top of the body, over this, off the leg as I sink my weight down. So dropping my weight down really feeling with my forearms, I say, Don't go hard over the knee, Ever very sensitive area. So you see that virtually no movement in the shoulder. It's all once again driven by the legs through weight, transparent, just like every other stroke. All right, here's what I was talking about. Before you see this a lot, you can see that now. The elbows back behind the shoulders, movement going everywhere. This will Rick your shoulder in no time. It's almost painful just to look at it. So give another look at this because you can see this a lot. See this way back behind shoulder. It's a really rip up. Your super spin artist ended in your shoulder. You see that? And it just it just all movement to shoulder this message therapist wouldn't last very long doing this on a day to day basis. Okay, that's what not to do 19. Acupressure techniques-so many massage therapists do this badly: So it's time to look at your acupressure techniques. Thumb pressing. Now, if there's any technique that I see more like a dollar for every therapist I've seen that does this wrongly on it will really wreck your thumb. So I'm going to show that the correct way to do it. Now, let me just show you something. So a lot of therapist prison like this, OK, but a couple of things wrong with this, So obviously, you know, just hey started when you press on this, there's no power in that whatsoever. All right? You're gonna poke someone. You don't poke him like that. Do This is no power. You poke him like that. What are we doing here? If you're poking someone like this, it's along the lines of the But that has power, right? You want to act official like that by the way they do it to things not poke, poke, poke. If, right. So same with thumbs. Okay, The thumbs aligned them along the forearm, but all right, so then there are no sharp angles. And as you work through your gonna align them, okay, So and you're aligning the bones as opposed to this I hurts just to do that. So that's one of the things you want to thump in. Pretty much a strain on as well. Another thing I say a lot off people doing this so stuff. Yeah, sharp angles are the here or this joint. Do you see that? Okay, See that shopping? You don't want these. That will flare up that joint really, really quickly. Likewise. I see this a lot. This, this, this here they don't flare that dry up. All the pressure that you're putting down that person is going to trade through that joint . Okay, so you want to have a good line, and so keep that thumb in a good linemen with your forearm, but okay. With the radius. So that's really important. That's one of the things. The other thing you want to do is when you don't know by the way, you can use it down. So I showed the video clip the thumbs. But you can, by all means. I could just show you used to two fingers, your middle things, their strongest. But you double them up like this and work that here. Now you might notice something when I'm doing this. See the rocking? So many message therapist will do this. Press, press, press, press? No, Just like every other stroke. It comes from your body weight. Your weight transfers So it's always a rocking motion whenever you're doing and you want to go slow in slow out We remember Hold for five seconds if you're naughty areas, but it is not Jeb. Jeb. Jeb, Right. It's not fast in slow release. It's not slowing fast release. It doesn't matter how long a holder for, but you gently sink your waiting and then back out. Okay, Sink your wedding and then using your body weight has a touch of all the way through. Okay, so remember this as you go align your thumbs. Practice with that. No sharp angles. Okay? Use your body weight on 1/9. Nice, rhythmical movement and feeling down as you work. The pressure points work the muscles work those naughty tissues. Okay, so that's what you want to do. All right, get that rocking. Get that feeling. You can't even breathe in and breathe out on the breath. I can do that in Thailand. Breathe in and out on the breath. Practice that. Get that alignment. Keep their shoulders down, as always. All right, that is how you do some prisons or acupressure techniques. All right, so let's have a look at doing some president acupressure. Okay? So, like I said, you have your damage. What? Aligned with your forearm burns your radius. So you see, go slowly down slowly. It doesn't matter how long you're holding for, but like city, there's no jabbing motions. So you see a good online and I've got my thumb. There's no hyperextension of the thumb, no sharp angles on. Once again. You see it when I worked the fate here. So you see might see how my body it's just like the rest of the techniques or using body weight. So you see how I'm rocking forward each time. It's really important. Of course, this feels absolutely heavily on someone's feet, and this is where you're gonna start the massage on their feet. Doing work like this is you're about to find out you'll have a absolutely putting in your hands by the time you stop doing this feat work. So I could just say, is it worked down through there? He's nice, gentle, even presses. That's what you're looking for and good death as well, just working my way away through the figure. So this is how you want to be doing your acupressure. They see him doing some surfing, but I'm not. I'm using my whole body to affect the surface. Is not my thumb circling itself? So that's another tick technique you do. But you see, it's the whole making the circles. No, my thumb getting torn apart. All right, so we've on to how you should not do it. Now look at the angle, the top of that there. I cannot see this a lot. There's a ruin, your thumbs, and it's jerky and jabbing. There's no body weight. And now I'm hyperextending my thumbs, which again I see there's an enormous amount. So see those sharp angles with times. You gotta avoid this at all times. Now, all that pressure is going through that top thumb joint there. So, thumb circles, this is what I'm talking about. This is not the way to do that. This, but you see all the time people doing and of course, wrecking their thumbs. So you see, now found a hyper extended. You don't want to be doing that. So these say are all things need to avoid. You have a good alignment of the Germans. And now some jabbing. What? No. So, of course you don't be sharing the person. 20. How to apply the correct pressure to give an amazing massage to your client : Okay, so one thing is important is to get feedback from your client about pressure. Like I said, you were in the court. I I always ask every clime mind before the message. Just very simply, It's a place like me now for any pressures. Too much or not enough. It's simple. Is that and then you don't have toe ask again because then the ball's in their court. So but you do want to start practicing and work on what a good amount of pressure so that how do you do that? So, as I said before, when you do the general stroke, the F garage later introductory. But they're not wishy. What is not what I call a skin polish. You still want toe work to a certain death. The only difference is you're not working in hard, but you still here's the thing. When someone gets a massage, they will know within the first 10 seconds. Max, whether this is gonna be an awesome massage or average or it's that quick. So that's why you have to be so switched on when you start your massage, you big present for them and really put your energy into that person. So okay to the F garage. It was still working toe a nice depth. Okay, so but it is an introductory stroke. Then we got the kneading and talked about, but pressure. So let's say you doing some thumb presses or you wanna start doing deeper with your four rounds or even your hands? So what do you do? So what you got? This will take practice, by the way, when I look And when I first started massage, I a back felt I couldn't feel in nuances in the back. I couldn't feel not. Yeah, the messages. Did you say you feel there's not to those rapid matter? No account. It feel that there are some students that had better pal patient skills, I guess, naturally. Or maybe that done massage before they go. Oh, yeah, Yeah, I feel that I could It might have been a block of concrete for this. Far as I was concerned, I couldn't feel anything, but gradually a pal patient skills developed. So, um, where was it? Okay, so So when you're when you're doing this, what you would do to get right pressure is here's a good exercise. You can do now. If you oppression to your forum like this, it will get to a point where there's a resistance, right? So it's like soft, tough, tough, tough resist. That's where you want to do when you start working in deep pressure. OK, that's that's even before you get down to that resistance. It'll take practice, I could tell you, but anything worth doing is take practice. So if your time your fish and feel that that's that's type muscle now is what you want to feel, that sort of pressure, you feel that. Okay, I get that. I feel what that feels like. It that's tight, right? Loosen your hand and they go down to the time area, All right, that's getting to the point where you worked out. Okay, I start to feel so I want you to Practice is your legs everything? So you feel it's got that give, and then there's a resistance. That is where you get that lovely, happy pain. That's when you get into the deep muscles. Start to really deal when someone says it was Greg, really that you're really getting into it, that's what you're attaining, trying to attain. Okay, even if it's a realization message, I think I think it's it isn't my big issue. I said this in my dick tissue course that, um, most people want to take tissue message because they don't want a message is to see so many messages to stop and just going, for God's sake, get into it, you know, and it's just stopped. It's frustrating and it's irritating and, you know, just like That's why I call it a skin polish that's more than what it is. So practice this okay type go down and you feel it. And then you can practice with your time pressures or whatever this is. When you want to start, you start doing a jig work, so you've done your F garage you needing, he says. And then we start to work deeper, whether it's using soft fist. If you wanna practice with that or whether you're doing your thumb presses where they're using a forum, start to go into that deeper level. Get your feet back whoever you're practicing on as you work through. And but that's what you know, your sink, your body weight in. I get that point. I just and that is the point where that person it will feel amazing. That's where your massage goes from. Me too. Amazing what people feel that that now is not hurting them in a way you never want her person. Um, so you're just working there and they just feel like a This feels amazing. That is what you're looking for. 21. Heavenly foot massage-just the way to start the massage: Okay, So what we're doing now, we're going to do some presses along Three aspects of the fate. First on the media side, the inside of the arch here, working away, down. And then we'll go through the center line and then the outside of the foot. You'll notice it. It's a little hard to see because a close up view of this, but I'm using my body where you can see this is not using muscular effort like we talked about before. I also noticed that when I'm pressing, it's slowing. Slow out on a relax ation massage. You really wanna have things so you don't want to speed up your movements. You want the person really relaxing just going down there and you see the thumbs that we talked about before and some pressure. It's a straight line down the arm bone right through the thumb, so we're not putting excess stress on the thumbs. Now I'm just doing some gentle circles, have done three lines with presses. Now we're doing three lines with some thumb circles. We start the message on the feet because it draws the person's attention away from the head were thinking all the time. It's a great way to start the massage on their feet. It draws their energy out of their head. Their attention goes to their fate. And it's really a relaxing way to start the massage more. Some press is there. You can see it's nice and firm. Nothing too quick, nothing jagged. 22. Moving on to the back of Legs: I want to see how I take the towel off women to talk about driving. It's very simple. Top bottom. And there it is very quick. Very simple. A lot of people make a lot of fast men to comes to just removing the tower to expose the limit. You gotta mess our John. As you see, I grab it the bottom grabbed at the top at a very quick simple and then start to apply the off the legs. So we've done the fate. And now you can see we talked about before you conceive my arms pretty much stiff, and I'm transferring my weight from the front leg. When I go up there, they bring it back under the back leg. These are general strokes. You start off, get to apply the oil. We're going to use the most of that pressure when we start to use their forearms. I'm just doing thumb suckers around the ankle. They're meant to start to do some needed through the car. Now, the very first struck the F arise stroke with general stroke. When I was playing the oil you I want to start off your fairly light not to life course, but really like. And then you just lean your body weight onto your hands again. Even with a general stroke in like F garage, you still have a good pressure. You don't want to have what I call a skin polish. No one likes of messages. Way to live. So you can see again my Now I'm transferring my way from my right to my left side, The shoulders it down. I worked my way through it. Now hand over hand. See, I just bring in with forearm, distracting with the hands it slides in underneath. There, comes on the inside of the ankle, then goes not too hard for the 1st 1 But you still have a good death. This is where we're gonna apply the pressure in the massage sequence. So even though I said we have good strength with the F garage general strokes, that needing, we use their body weight, everything we talked about, You see my my arms forward there at 45 degrees. So I pushed through just using my legs to power through the motion, my body weight leaning over the person. Do you see how my head's right at the top? of the lake, said that it's all going right down through that arm bone. No, she had two different techniques on this I use. You see, my right hand is on my left forearm. There, on the wrist there, two had control the hand use. You can see it's soft. It's no tension through the fingers, the left arm. I'm using the self part of the forearm and you can see I've slowed it right down here. As we start to work deeper to its slide down, look deeper and deeper. It is leaning down to that. This feels fantastic. Recline in your message, you see, should always feel pretty much like one stroke now gonna work the i t band. See that right hand and again you can see my arm there. It's still pretty much locked, and I'm still using on my white transferred shoulders it down, going back to a general strike that because of already quite a lot of messages genera strokes, really seeming leaning onto that client. There's nothing wishy washy about this stroke. There in some circles circle around the ankle, their Achilles tendon and look that put town on very great. Simply butterfly stroke to finish the game, then double thumbs. Some pressures on the thumb decide by side as we got in and on to the other leg. See that very simple butterfly stroke long, Really, And you should always have contact with your client so you don't leave the limb. It is always contact with you. It was touching the client. You don't want to leave the client. It'll to his other legacy. General stroke. Working their way through started. Put more pressure on now about six or seven repetitions. Which leg should take around about 5 to 6 minutes. Let's see the needing. But once again it's of the top there, leaning down onto him. The person body wasn't there. Basically, for my head and forward to the table. That's being all my waiters, directly on top of that name. My whole body. It's structurally coming. When the doing needing for message there is to lift the shoulders up. It's a really bad thing to do. It will believe it. Sore shoulders that makes you always your shoulders it down. Have a look in a slide, that elbow and forearm distract the left arm in. It comes to the forum so the person really doesn't expect for under coming. Distracted by the other stroke. The 1st 1 pretty general work up the whole length of the limb. Not too hard of the knee. Of course, we'll keep soft over the knee. Generally used my pressure about 30% on the car, 70% onto the back of a fire to the hamstrings and then light over the knee. When you cross every day so see their deeper livers We something up the muscles. You could go deeper there, Slow down through the hamstrings. Now you can see I to show you I'm not. I don't have my other hand on the wrist control. You could do it just like this. My left hand is now just leaning on the table. The support I'm just using the right out without the wrist helped by the left. So the two different techniques you could do it before I'm using the soft part of the four on their most of that, once again, working up through the T band, finishing strike. Just generous drugs. You'll also note when I apply the oil I put into my hand and not directly onto the body I think that Taelon from the bottom there, that sort of butterfly stroke to finish a limb. So what's together for double thumbs have been both sometimes. 23. How to give an awesome back massage that your client will love!: So here's a nice technique. You slide the town down. It was really fantastic to the top of the bodies. You see, I'm still touching the person along there, so I don't believe the person at all. You've always got contact a little cream into the hand. First is always you just spread the old around, so just getting those bitter in the back. But even still, you want to feel nice. So it's to putting pressure on because I'm covering right the way down the ribs there, right to the table often. Message therapist. Don't go away down And you really do feel it is a client Who you think, Gee, the only their own Go halfway down the ribs. Any party gets missed out really feels miss down. You see, they run around the shoulders there once again, you see, there's no sharp angles at the wrists, soft hands and we double up the hand. You see them interlocked there for extra pressure. As I worked that down stroke, I've got my hands interlock. I'm just leaning my body and so I get a lot of power just generated from the white from my upper body. You see, the elbow. Just no movement. The elbows, just like we talked about before. White transfers, you see? Seems coming up. Look at my legs there, coming up and I have it pushed that white. Okay, now what? From the same side of the spine as I am Push up. Working on the spine, we got one and top of the other. Get extra pressure, Murad around the shoulder Study and lower, back and sinking. David. Data never go to the other side, Down from the top. There again. You see the hands itself. I didn't see coming up to the neck there. What? You definitely don't want to go Had any message? There s keeping messages, but they come up and then they drag the oily hands into my hair. I don't have much here, but it's still hate. So don't bring your fingers up into the hair. Stop at the base of the ox. Put at the top of the neck. There. Basically here. The ox put ranches. Him covering the whole body. You must do this stuff now. Moved to the other side. And we're doing the opposite. We knew the same thing on the opposite side. Start with. This is a stroke right through the body, out of the top. What you see on this stroke change from right to left side. So best repeating double hand circles. I'm really being wedded about fingers. Wanna go in that shoulder blade there And now director spinal muscle again when he runs the lower back up around the top of crazies around the shoulder All the same distraction technique. Hand over hand. And there was a sneak that for I'm in, see the right hands going up around the top that incomes before so softened up the muscles somewhat. Never gonna use for around the top of the shoulder, of course. You staying off the spine around the hip, their top of the buttock when you use the forums again on See, I just leaning down to it. No muscular effort. And then I push with my right leg, front leg when I come back, this is a stroke. The slower you do it, the better it is. And now come from the other side. See? Looks come up through there again. I'm using this stuff part of my oboe across the spine. But on my white is, um don't be so part of my swore on and see And then we turn around to come down to in short about this bond. Really slow down, get my white and really work That area between the shoulder blades really slowed down. You really want this nice and slow to get right there. The deep muscles. This was absolutely fantastic. Usually brought on using again some part of the forum. I worked my way down the other side once again, you see, I've not curved my lower back, not rounding my lower back by four runs out in front for a stupid that inward neutral curve . My lower back. So I'm saving my number. Spine legs event this letter right? So you just never do for our work too slowly. You pretty much can never do too much. It's really fantastic. And again, I'm using next to know muscular it. But it just made leaning onto there. You could do this all day, every day. See if you projects in my left hand Here, it's on the table. So I'm just giving my body a bit of a break there. You can put your hand on the table there. I just work with you, for that's very 80 for the therapist across the top of the buttocks. Into them. Heres something probably. My favorite stroke is double for Ah, stroke elbow. It takes one out of control to do it. You write down the erector spinal, you're not on the spine. It all your on either side of the spine of the muscles. You gotta really be client. And you're a small practitioner. It might be a little difficult just because of their length of their back. But if you can and then you fan out across those must have crossed the shoulder blades. They're inference. Bananas, Cherries, minor. Major Najera called Cascade Stroke Just going down. All right, Now we're gonna use the thumbs to work around the shoulder plate. You see here what I've got here, but one thumb pressed against the other for extra strength. You see, I'm not doing thumb circling. Zor comes going over top the others. It just strong together. No movement in the joints of the thumbs. It's once again using my body weight, some suppressed together to each other. Excuse a lot more strength and just working away through those mustard from the shoulder blades across the top of the shoulders. Superspeed Nanna's from voids, trapeze. His No, What you want to do is a shiatsu. Practitioners say you must have your eyes on your fingertips. So when you go through, he is scanning through. There is a tension. You do a bit of extra work for those areas. No, once again, just double thumb because right the way down. So what we've done, We've used the forearms to really do the deep work, and now we're using thumbs. But we're using them sensibly and once again coming around the shoulder brights up through the neck and stopping before the hairline. What you can see his I just working, and I just press my fingers into the occipital, the base of the spine. There, the base of the skull, a big is he and hands are soft, no attention in the fingers needing across the neck. And then, of course, we do the opposite side once again, leading right down on the body there and then slide the town when she finished the back sequence and place the hands just like you do with centering. Then gently lift them up 24. Doing a great neck, head and face massage is absolutely vital..: Why can't we just felt the town down gently start from the sternum, Work across the top of the pectoral muscles here, then come across the shoulders across the top of the trapezius and up the nick, stopping once again at the ox. Put not going, Dragon. You poorly fingers into the hair. No. Well, thank you for that. So you can see here. See how the person's getting lifted up. My fingers are pressed firmly together. You push those fingers right up so you can see that body lifting up there. That's what you want to see. You wanna have the enough pressure that you actually see them gift up through that? This feels fantastic. He sees you. They lifted up their drawer. Wrong. You could even put a little bit on the back in the base of the skull. There a little bit attraction. They can see the way I want you to route to go back and have a look at that. How I with the hand, put the head into my hand. My journey to the right, put into the left and then into the right. A lot of matters of therapists really make a mess. of putting the head into the hand to do the side of the neck. So what should have a good look at the way I did that because really used to do, uh, but a lot of the time it's really an uncomfortable thing. Therapist. Just get it all wrong. Anderson finger servers in the ox put once you've loosened up inside of the neck there. The other thing, even though you can't see it, my right hand that's coming the head. What you'll which can't see, is that my hand is not cupping over the here. It doesn't feel nice to cup the year. So my right thumb is above the ear on the high side of the year and in my fingers and below it that it's not over the year. Okay, so it wouldn't through the sky days working through the side of the neck this again first, fantastic. As you work your way through them, they can do that's finger circles of the OB support and then simply tip it over. Now you can see in my left hand there, so we're gonna do the up of a society that Nick now work your way through I always called the back of the neck the tip zone. I was heading my therapists, and I tried him that you could do great legs announce. But you get that back and neck fantastic. And that's what with a client generally tip because everyone loves fantastic back and neck massage. That's the area much attention for the majority of people. Six fingers using a self fist. I think that was scored again, working alone right through the neck. You see what I'm doing here? Say I'm using my hands to make circles through the back of the neck. Here, this again just feels fabulous. You work your way into those deeper levels of the neck, going from the bottom, the neck all the way up to the Aqsa. Put. I'm just leaning back and see my body. I lean back and do some traction because my fingers at the base of the skull and say I'm not used mound again. I'm just leaning back. That's always using body weight. Now I'm doing alternate circles with my fingers again. You can even see my body rocking, even doing the neck. There's no motive for the elbows. The body's doing all the work, even in the neck. Looking ahead, just a nice bump circles. Some presses onto the years and that works for the far right Here. Do three nines and then do circuit of the temples do this quite firmly to under some pressure works with the start of the eyebrows. Middle of the eyebrow. Cross the bridge. The knowledge come around the cheek bone once again circling one of the jaw onto the temperament mandibular joint. And they were gonna work the scout. Now one of the things you're going to see is I'm my hands are actually moving the muscle on the skin. Did they're not. It's a scrubbing if you like the way I don't like this. The technique I had this before is it. Scrub your hair, this slow servers, and again you can see it's not. My hands and fingers do any movement. It's rocking from the body. Even doing this, she works at a centering stroke. That's a lot off the top of the head. Now a good place to tell of the eyes 25. The arms and hands done correctly feels amazing: look, a little butterfly stroke up through the arm. There, you see, I take the town off. Very simply exposures e on. Not if I stroke such police to hand apply the island oil into hand. Have you never squirt oil directly onto the body? You take it right up right across the top of the shoulder, Down the back of the arm there. I just didn't work on the floor. Arms, 50 head, working down through the floor. You under nice. And for three, the foreign protect Plenty of pressure just leaning under the body weights using my legs. Shoulders it down. Now I'm going to use the soft part of the forearm. Especially important. Just take the arm out Work stopped the show. Do you want to have the soft part of the forum cases? And bony prominence is up on the top of this shoulder. Especially be banging, but on bundle you see, I just lifted up gently the hand on now, more firmly down through the forearm. Look from the left left and not a bust dredging down through that. This was absolutely fantastic. No, it's working. Wrists, cities thumb circles across top of the wrist squeezing nice, nice and from the Hampshire hands could take plenty of pressure. Now, what you see here is that pick up those fingers, some circles all the way along. And then I squeeze the finger now, right, Firmed it and give the figure out Niceville squeeze. It's really firm when you squeeze it. Just put, like a little shot of squeezes. It feels fantastic. It really finished off the end of the fingers, making you under the hand nice and strong. Now turn the hand over little finger in little finger in so that the little finger underneath the hand between the thumb and the forefinger and the other little singer goes between ring finger. Then the other thing is that underneath the hand and you open it up like that works and they just finish off the arm after turn the hand. Talent hope underpaid inside. - I want to say is nice and firm through the Florence and sit before the foreign protect will any of weight and you see, when I bring the strike back, I just pushed down through the legs. It's like when you throw a stone, you throw a stone on your back foot and then on to your front foot, saying with these stress, come down my front foot and then back into the back all the way into the front foot, then under the back foot as I come back down. No master effort. Here we go toe before I begin. Bring the arm out of the crop, of course, top of the shoulder, down for the forearm, then really sinking body weight before and protect plenty of pressure. I can't do this really firm is goes absolutely heavily in the book behinds again. 26. And now we move onto the front of the legs and feet : now. Once again. Butterfly. Stroke of what? So I pick up the towel. Very simple. Oh, there we go. Because they have cut my hand on top of the leg, even though it might apply the oil of student contact at all times, Just like the back of the legs. Without to use every so working his general stroke straight up, leaning down with H with age stroke started. Put more pressure on such a need through the from there. Like you see, I've got my thumbs on this side here. Is that that way you can also work the TBS interior in the front of the lake bed. Rather knee, work your way through the side to get my show. You can see it in this angle, but my shoulders it down. I'm dropping my way into the hands there for the name back down. Same sequence from here. And you see here is district with the right hand. Bring it before on solo that form of the inside of the knee again. Lean your body right down. What normal quadriceps you can see here. I've got my hand on the forearm there. Work the tribute band again. I think I just look my arm in and pushed through the legs circles around the ankle. He sleeps at their home butterfly stroke everything very quick and simple, but had taken the town off explosive leg and noted the opposite leg. They are working with soft hands, soldiers down using that body weight. Okay, I'm gonna work the front of the feet now. School easing the foot both hands again. It's feels fantastic and nice and firm just, like do with the hands slide down and then squeezes the toenails. This is once again something we didn't. Nice and strong squeezing that foot. Really working through now music Sounds just working again through here. We're here for anything. No, I squeeze of the hand. Nice and firm, if passed was ticklish. Very simple Camera, someone. Someone sticking it. We do. Just slow down. Slow down your strokes. Okay, so no very quick movements into the foot. That sort of things that just slow down. Nice firm pressures. And then the first wife ticklish Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, Work through the sums. Then you get a fish both through that same time again working on it so you can see I'm eating plenty of pressure through there leaning my body weight in no work through the sums it all and through the center of the foot getting so it's fantastic. Now you do here, just finish off a little butterfly stroke. Can we offer foot one? The 2nd 1? They're just leave fingers there, Drifter. 27. This is really important to do before you start your massage: All right, so now it's time to the full sequence. Put it all together. Now. Now, I want you to understand something. Really? I mentioned this earlier in the course. It is a vitally important that when you start a massage, I don't care if it's for a family member, whether it's a friend or where, especially for a client, is that you have to be present. There's a major difference between just going through the motions. You're just mechanically going through the motions. And actually, this is why we stew centering before we start a message. This is a time for you to remove all your stresses from outdoors out from outside of the room. You know, we'll get stressed, but this is the point where you take a few deep breaths and then put your hands on the body and then you're gonna start. So you are there for that person. Okay. Like what? I said also, that a person would know what this message is gonna be incredible. Or just so so within the 1st 10 seconds, maybe even less. Really? So you're putting sitting and then getting started on the massage? Really? Be there really be present. This is your time to shine And give this person your there in your hands. So really be focused on them. And it's a if you need to use a meditation before just take some deep breaths. What have you I always used to get my message surface to come 20 minutes before a massage. Um, never five minutes for you can't get your nice and calm and centered in that time. I take come 20 minutes before you sit down. Have a capital. What have you. And so then you nice and relaxed, you know, haven't had to rush to this clinic or anything like that. And then, you know, you could give your best massage possible. 28. Full Relax (1): 29. Congratulations!: Well, here we are. It's the end of the course. I want to thank you so much for completing the course. And if you have any questions, please write to me. I answered all my questions from students within 24 hours. So please let me know if you don't quite sure of something. And also, if you haven't done so already, I would love it if you write a review for the course we will really appreciate as instructors. It's great to get this feedback. So I hope you enjoyed it. As I say. I threw. You finished the course and hopefully you continue learning with me.