Sourdough pizzas, and pizza sauce demonstration! | Tim Cunningham | Skillshare

Sourdough pizzas, and pizza sauce demonstration!

Tim Cunningham, Online Instructor

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Sourdough Pizza.

    • 2. What's covered in the class.

    • 3. Sourdough Starter done

    • 4. Kneading Sourdough Pizza

    • 5. After Proofing + Cooking Sourdough Pizza

    • 6. Napoli Sauce Demonstration


About This Class

This class is your how to guide on making sourdough pizza, basic pizza, and a napoli sauce that accompanies pizzas well!

Downloadable resources are attached for you.

How to make pizza dough in this course by hand, so you don't have to purchase expensive equipment!

How To Cook Perfect Pizza In Your Home Oven, no more getting the mass produced pizza bases from the grocery store.

How to make the perfect Napoli pizza base sauce, recipe included in a PDF attachment.

Cook Amazing Pizza For Your Friends & Family.

Step By Step Instructions To Make Your Own Sourdough Starter.

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