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Sourdough pizzas, and pizza sauce demonstration!

teacher avatar Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Sourdough Pizza.

    • 2. What's covered in the class.

    • 3. Sourdough Starter done

    • 4. Kneading Sourdough Pizza

    • 5. After Proofing + Cooking Sourdough Pizza

    • 6. Napoli Sauce Demonstration

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About This Class

This class is your how to guide on making sourdough pizza, basic pizza, and a napoli sauce that accompanies pizzas well!

Downloadable resources are attached for you.

How to make pizza dough in this course by hand, so you don't have to purchase expensive equipment!

How To Cook Perfect Pizza In Your Home Oven, no more getting the mass produced pizza bases from the grocery store.

How to make the perfect Napoli pizza base sauce, recipe included in a PDF attachment.

Cook Amazing Pizza For Your Friends & Family.

Step By Step Instructions To Make Your Own Sourdough Starter.

Feel free to check out my other class here 

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Sourdough Pizza.: 2. What's covered in the class.: Hi, everyone. My name is Tim Cunningham, and I'm a chef in the northwestern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I've bean cooking commercial kitchens for the past 10 years now in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, and today I'm going to bring you my boss on it, how to make a seldom pizza base, which is called a mortar or hybrid. Oh, we're going to go live off. No expensive equipment will be required for today's course. I know what of other classes will tell you that you might need a pit machine or a door mixer. You don't actually need any of those things to make a painter at home, but it does mean that you will have to knead the dough yourself. But I found it a lot more fun anyway. So we're gonna run over a physical demonstration for the Salado pates up at home without any fancy equipment. So you will need some scales for today's course, because measuring at all of your ingredients in the quantities is important for paid. So to make sure approves correctly and everything is nice and waits. Purse Debate will also have a physical demonstration on how to make a Peter source which is a traditional Italian source, which is often used on pieces, which is called near Napolitano Source or Napolitano source in today's class than a poulet on a source that I'm going to teach you guys is a little bit thicker than the usual traditional way, because we're going to spread it on our pizza basis. We want nice and thick toppings will not be really covered in today's class by any physical demonstrations, although I have included a PdF attachment for everybody with all the pizza toppings that I've used over the years that I find work really well as a topping for your pizza base. So I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's Kloss. Feel afraid of pursed anything in the discussion area, any questions you might have, and I welcome all of you. FaII back. I hope you enjoy the Kloss plays. Let me review and let me know what you think. I would be much appreciated, so let's get right into it. 3. Sourdough Starter done: All right. So here we have aware ingredients for our Saudi started guys. I have the organic whole grain rice flour and the premium all purpose flour, which is unbleached now I've got you notice. I've got a Mason J here. That's a combination off whole grain, right? And the premium All purpose? Well, so elected. Premixed these and measured a Let's eso we've got here 500 grams of the whole grain rice flour with 500 grams of the premium or put purpose flour. It would just use the scales to measure and even quantity of those. So we've got 505 100 in the Mason jar. This is going to save a lot of time. Lead us. I don't have to worry about mixing flowers and measuring all of that out. So that has some of its benefits. Premix in your flowers. You want to make sure that everything is sterilized. So before you actually get down to start making everything for you. What sounder started mixing your flower on your water? You want to make sure everything you stare all because if it's not stare all, you can get some mold in the sourdough starter that you're trying to create and you'll have to start again. So what you're basically need to do is just get some boiling hot water put utensils in there, such as your fork, your knives. Make sure you give your mason jars and ice are clean and sterilise them Prada, putting your flowers in as well. Now, you notice here that we're using organic flour Now the reason for the seas We want the residue. Yes, or good bacteria that lives on the grains. Naturally, non organic flour has more pesticides than organic. So here is some sailed or started that we've just got going about 5 10 minutes ago. What you want to do is you want to put your mason jar on top of the scales on use the pre portioned rye and all purpose flour that you've got into a mason jar at the back Here, put it on top your scowl Put in 50 grams, measure out 50 grams of the flower into your mason jar that you've sterilized, and then you want to put in 50 grams off your natural spring water and give it a stir with a knife or a fork. Stir it around nicely and just leave it on your bench and will come back for day one aren't so. The star has been sitting here for about 13 hours now because it's cold. Where I live in Melbourne, Australia, there's no real hating. It's a bit cold this time of year, so I'm keeping my shop. My job outside of the fridge. It's called Not from the outside. Now what you want to do is you want to make sure the sides of this jar as clean as possible to prevent contamination. As you notice of the top there. That could possibly be out for signs of bubbles, which shows that the yeast looks like it's going to be activated, which is good. We want that natural. Yes, which is the purpose of the sourdough starter. So at this stage, I'm gonna leave it for ah would say number. Probably another 12 hours. Make sure all that Ah, yes, it is getting really active. You'll also notice that I've got a little piece of paper, a touch to the containing here, just letting me know the white of the Mason jar, which is 498 grams. We do that because when we chuck it on the scales, the container weight will appear as well and will make you at hard for you to judge the way weight of this outer that you're putting in. So I put the weight of the container written on the Mason jar. So I'm gonna leave this for at least another 12 hours, put my 50 grams of flour and water in and come back and see if this is activated for day two. So this is day one completed. So we're heading into day two Now you can see lots of bubbles there. And the starter is nice and active. Normal because we've kept it nice and sterile. So I've left it out. It's not too cold, not too hot. Weather it here. The harder it is in your house, the more active the startled get. So that's going along really nicely. So what we're gonna do is we're going to add another 50 grams off our right and all purpose flour mix and 50 grams of spring water going to give this another Sturtz beautiful, nice of active, nice and active, which is what we want. Then we'll come back for day three and we're going to repeat this process again so much you can see here. The starter is still pretty active. It's got a lot of bubbles there, so today is probably out last opportunity. Teoh, give it a another feed. I'm not too keen on giving this a refresh right now. It still does have a fair bit of bubbles that still does look fairly active. So we're going to give this one more feed of 50 grams of our organic rye and all purpose flour 50 grams in there. Don't worry if you make it a mess, guys, that's fun. Put out 50 grams off mineral water Here, Give this another still with a sterilized for Chris Spirit. Remember, just with some hot water, we're gonna add a little bit more flour because I had a little bit too much water. Then just balance it out a little bit down rifles, 50 grams of rye or 51 grams off water doesn't have to be. You have to be that anal about it, but has to be pretty close. Give this one last for monster. We'll see how we go tomorrow so we'll be using this starter or sell their culture for outside of pizza basis, which is the more often hybrid er. The dough is quite are quite beautiful and has a really distinct taste with the painter Base has a really good flavour. So United's with normal paid sadar, is it? I don't really have much flavour, but us making this style is going to give it something special. So just chuck this lid on and leave it out and we'll come back tomorrow on see how bubbly this is for day four. So you conceal the bubbles there and how active that starter is. It also has a very, very nice sale of smell as well. So this is done. Now we're gonna get into the cell door, paid some banking. We're going to use some of this elder culture for that pizza. Whatever's we don't use, I will just keep that in the fridge. Jamaican. Use the rest of this outer starter at a later stage toe, make another salad. Our starter, who wanted 4. Kneading Sourdough Pizza: So for us out a recipe, we're gonna have 500 grams off bread, flour, seven grams of dry commercially ACE, which we've got here. But it's gonna makes this without water. We'll be talking ourselves our culture in with the dry based on the water. And give that a little bit of a stir toe. Let that ferment. You were using 300 mils of water. It's gonna be quite a soft, wet dar 50 grams of olive oil as well. Some salt about one taste burn on DaCosta sugar, five grams. So we're gonna use bread, flour, which is double zero flour, which is ah, high quality flower. It's up to you what flour used. But I do highly recommend that you use that to make your seldom painters. The reason for this is because double zero flares actually meant for Italian and Peter making, so it's very common for bakers and everyone to use it for their breads. So we're just measuring out out Selda culture, which is from the start of that we've made before. We're gonna measure that out to 220 grams. So I've got that they're now we're just gonna give that a Nistor. Make sure it's well, evenly combined. Let it ferment and let the ace grow as much as possible. Give it a nice Forrester and make sure it's all evenly combined. Add the sugar to this as well. The sugar is the friend of the yea so that's gonna help it ferment nicely for you. So we're going to give that a quick stir. So that's been fermenting for 4th 10 minutes Now give good chance for the years to grow. Now we're just gonna add out plain flour, bread and pizza flour into a stainless steel bowl here without salt. Which way keeping separated from our yeast and ash ago. Because the soul is the enemy of the A stable. Attack it on. We don't wanna kill the ace, which is going to prevent it from rising and proving nicely for its later on. So it is gonna have a flair. And here get all that done through rubbish away. Don't mind the dog in the background that is total my little big earlier. So we're gonna mix out wit mixture of a yeast, water and sugar and without pizza flour. Use a spatula to combine this you can use your hands, but because this is quite a wet dar, I don't only feel like getting my hands Messi at this point in time anyway, so we're just gonna start it off with the special, are combined as much as possible and then we're gonna add the rest of our liquid here. Continue to mix this through as much as we can with the spatula. Keep folding at our bar and scraping the corners as much as we can. So I like to get those dry across the bits of flour off the outside of the bowl. Bring it back to the center. So we're gonna get at about 50 grams of Lavoe artist garb. I feel doesn't have to be an exact measurement, but the exact measurements are there in the recipe. If he did want to do that, the olive oil isn't so important to get the exact It's more the yeast in the flour and the sourdough starter. That's the important part. The olive oil is just gonna help it keep nice and moist. So we're gonna transfer this onto our stern bench top here, just rubbing a bit of flour on the bench. so that the door warrants Stick for us. Scrape everything out of the bowl. We can, You know, when they're now, we're going to start giving this a nice, beautiful made. So I got a little here on our bench. Now we're gonna need this user palms be nice and firm. Don't be gentle with it. You really want to smash that? Yes. That sugar, the flour, the Olivo, the sold you want to allow combined very nicely acquittal that flare up off the bench. So because this is a really wet dar the way using I lived a little bit of flower to the bench. I'll do that with more stars. That's just gonna stop it from sticking and make it a lot easier to made for you because you're doing it by hand. You really don't have the machine to help you out. So are do things to make. It is easy for you as possible. Get everything in there, keep going. As you can see here, it's starting to get a little bit smoother. I just like to add a little bit of over there. Just make a little bit moist, are so we're going to continue to need these quite heavily. I usually give this up to about 10 minutes. Really? It all depends on how firm you're kneading it with your hands. So this is about right now, so we're just gonna use our plastic specially here. People often use this to cut pages or pastries. It's quite a handy little tool. I recommend that you get one of A's. If not, you conditions your hands to separate the dough. It's not a big deal. And we're just gonna fold this and roll this into little balls. Cut the rest of that are you can use your scowl that you want them all the exact same size . But we're not gonna do that. We are not too fast about that. Keep folding him, working the there under each other to get them into nice, beautiful balls. We're just gonna add a touch of olive oil here, keep them nice and moist and wrapped them in Glad wrap so that they're not going to get any cross the bits while they're proofing. So we're gonna leave that for a narrator on Come back and show you guys how to roll it out 5. After Proofing + Cooking Sourdough Pizza: it's this pain proofing for a couple of hours. Now it's gonna take a glad wrap off over the top PR and use out little special toe. Bring this up off the bench. Just gonna make it easier toe take off and help the pizza that can continue to maintain its round shape. We use the glad wrap to stop across from forming over the top. We don't want that one at nice and moist and easy to work with. So we're just gonna grab this pizza base here and we're gonna turned in their hands like a steering wheel in the car just to get it round and stretch out the door a little bit there and then we gonna place it straight on 12 stone that we've got with some baking paper to prevent it from sticking. It's gonna work the door and with their hands, get this flood as possible and moving it around toe stretch out the door, keeping as much air in there as possible. So just going to continue to work the dough until I get the desired thickness of the base that I'm after. Obviously, if you want to think a base, you wouldn't stretch it out as much. And if you want a thinner base, you would stretch it out as much as possible. So just continue to work that what I'll do here is all cut off a little bit of gulf that side. If what happens is you notice that you don't mind, start the tear in the center, cut a bit off the sides and placed in the middle there. No one's getting No, it's not a big deal. Doesn't really matter. It'll affect any of the quality of you. Peters Cases just continue to work it, get the shape that we want their about. Happy with that? Now, That's beautiful. It's got a fairly nice crust on it that we've created. So we're just gonna start placing out. Hoping is on now. So put on a pole Tana source that we've spread over are paid to base. Here go little bits of Basilan and you can say we're gonna spread out pulled pork roll over . The paints are love, bit of beautiful pulled pork. You just get this from your supermarket. If you want some brown onion, some sliced onion that we're going to spread over there. I mean gives it a nice little crunch in a sweet taste once it's caramelized. Some Balkan Cheney Change, which is an Italian chase, is very beautiful and soft that goes well with painters. Spread that over nicely, some Palmer's and chase as well. So two different types of cheeses there that should give it a very Knake flavor. It's gonna get this in the oven now. I'm sure you guys help, so that's been in there for about 10 minutes now, across these knots and beautiful one firms got a beetle from crunch to it. With the Saudi Pages, you'll notice that the door when you bought into a lot of nice sour taste that actually has a flavor the paid to base, which is nice. We're just Sprinkle a bit of rocket over that to give it a little bit of color. But of flavor, the Dar FIA salad are paid. Devices will actually be nice and chewy as well. It weren't just be blend. I'm not saying there goes our give that a good crack it harm just going to slice into this now have a pace in any pacers. Whole wakes of this is being fantastic. Enjoy 6. Napoli Sauce Demonstration: So this is the anomaly. Source Demonstration. This is the source that we use for our pates. Up here are ingredients. We've got some diced onion, which is got some crushed garlic through that that we prepare before tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, salt, olive oil and we've also got some are basil and cracked pepper and sugar. That's not in picture that we will add to this later. So let's just get straight into the physical demonstration for you guys. So we've got our part that we've hated on our stove top. Here. You want to add your oil too Hot pot once it moves around, afraid that locket is that indicates it's ready to start adding your onion. So let onion. Now you don't want the oldest Smarck because that'll labor burnt taste in your source. You wanna add the oil and then the onion just won. The oil in the pot starts to move around freely, so that's frying nicely. Now just give this a stone without wouldn't spurn. You don't want it too hot because your onion and your Gallic will burn. So right now I do have these little high hate, but we're just gonna keep staring at frequently, and we can adjust the hate as we go along to make sure that it's ah not going to get any bird bits in it. I had a bit more will so faint, stirring these for better. Mendel ter. That's a moderate pace now, which we're gonna fry this 11 some more flavor to the source itself to give it a nice fry escape, stirring there once that's fragrant, your onions and your tomorrow paste. Then you can start looking at adding your crush. Tomorrow's so when you add the tomato paste is basically once you can have this really distinct sort of onion garlic smell from your onions, and it's really fragrant for you. That's when you add the tomato paste. Give that. Continue to fry that off until the pace becomes fragrant and then you're gonna ideal crushed tomatoes, which we're gonna do now adjusting the hated you go along. It doesn't have to be on a heart hate, actually recommending you don't do that. So now that we've got our crushed tomatoes in there, got one cannon hurricanes in. Now this is gonna become quite thick because that's what we're after. The consistency we want for when we make our pizza bases, so I give this an oyster. Once you've added you crushed tomatoes, it's OK to leaving on a high hate, because you do want to bring that to the boil and then leave it onto Asimo. Putting it on a high hate will just allow it to hate quicker. But if you are going to leave it on a high hate like I'm doing here, notice that I'm stirring it frequently. That's so that it doesn't burn and get caught on the bottom. Once a favorite of hate gets thrown into the source the way creating there. That's when it's OK to tear down the hate. Now traditional Napoli source will take up to four hours to cook. It's completely up to you. If you want to do that, it will bring out the most flavor if you the longer you leave it on the stove top and get all the soundness and bitterness that are out of the tomatoes. But that's why we've had the brand sugar because that'll ah, make that go away. Someone all right, so I'm gonna leave the same alpha four hours on then at the very end goal at Al Basil. So this is the basis here that we're going to use for our paid to bases, which is gonna be figure pdf attachment with the ingredients and method to make this Notley source will be included in the course as well for us. So, guys, thank you for taking the class when they had to make a seldom paid to base as well as your Napolitano sources. Herb, you guys have went something and have some new skills now to impress all your friends and family. Welcome all of you feedback. So leave it in the comments section below. Feel free to check out the pdf attachments that are in the class description as well. Just for you to have some documentation of, you know, the methods. If video wasn't enough for you, just something that you can get in your hand and raid and some people in different ways, he might find that more helpful. Anyway, guys, until next time we'll see you later