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Soundcloud Promotion Plus Monetizing Your Soundcloud Channel

teacher avatar Christopher Greenwood,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Soundcloud Course Introduction

    • 2. Follow for follow back strategy on Soundcloud

    • 3. Buy Soundcloud Plays ? do this instead

    • 4. Going Pro or Pro Unlimited With Soundcloud

    • 5. How To Monetize Your Soundcloud Account

    • 6. How To Embed Your Soundcloud Songs On Your Website

    • 7. How To Add The Buy Link To Individual Songs

    • 8. Promoting Other Artists Profile

    • 9. Monetizing Each Individual Song on Repost Network

    • 10. Networking With Other Artists

    • 11. Tagging Your Songs

    • 12. Soundcloud Promotion Tip Turn fans into super fans Edited

    • 13. Using The Spotlight Feature In Soundcloud Edited

    • 14. Soundcloud vs YouTube

    • 15. Updating The Songs Photo Image

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About This Class

Soundcloud has over 175 millón unique monthly listeners and is now paying artists!

That's right we can finally monetize our Soundcloud channels working with 3rd party aggregators similar to that of YouTube placing ads on our channels.

In this course I teach you the guerrilla roots Soundcloud promotion strategies to get more plays, followers and build a real fanbase on SoundCloud.

I don't recommend you buy Soundcloud plays or likes but build a following by reaching out to fans of other artists channels.

Using Soundcloud music distribution channel to promote your music and build a fanbase is the best strategy which all artists should be doing.

Get in early and learn what it takes to promote your Soundcloud channel, monetize it and grow a real fanbase.  

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Christopher Greenwood


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1. Soundcloud Course Introduction: Hey, guys, thanks so much for taking this course. I'm really excited about Soundcloud in the opportunity as us as artists creators to get our music in front of people. Soundcloud boasts over 175 million unique monthly listeners. I haven't even focused on it until more recently right now, and I've almost gotten half a 1,000,000 plays just by putting some of my music on Soundcloud. So it's so important to be where the listeners are to be where your fans are in this course , I'm going to go over the how to build your fan base on Soundcloud had to promote your profile, how to monetize your channel and to finally make money on it. And I just want to point out right now I do talk about the follow for follow back strategy , but you have to be very cautious not to burn the bridges with soundcloud and go over your maximum. From what I've learned right now and what my experiences, you can follow up to 40 people a day and then unfollowed 40 people a day. You can't go crazy and max it or you can get banned for doing inappropriate Spammy things. I don't teach that. In this course, you can follow up to 40 people a day and then unfollowed I ain't even encourages to go a little under that just to make sure you don't have any red flags raised on you. I got banned from Twitter once from doing too much following unfollowed using bots and stuff like that. And I don't recommend any of that in this course. I think you could really organically build your fan base by just being consistent over a period of time. And I just want to encourage you as artists, you know, stay in the game. You stay with that. You stay consistent. You stay on the track and you just put this into practice by doing these things that I'm gonna teach into this course over a long period of time and you will grow your following even on my Facebook page, which I'm not talking about that at all in this course. But the fact that I was just consistent posting every single day, I'll never forget when my record label came up to me. They're like, Chris, we're just so glad that you stayed on your social media and you weren't just promoting, you know, two weeks or a month before your album came out and then a month afterward and stock. But you stayed with it over the full year and years. And so that's what I really encourage you guys that, you know, consistency wins, staying in the game, staying at it, uploaded new music, connecting to your fans, which I talk about how to reach out to people, how to follow other artists, fans that are similar to your music, which I'll teach in this and then just being consistent with it and staying on top of it for a long period of Hey, if you want to have a full time career in music, then you've gotta do the dirty work Sometimes I did it for a very long time. Now I'm just very blessed that I could have interns or my team do it. But I'm still in there touching stuff, working on stuff and learning these platforms because I like to be in control of my career . And I'm very thankful for the full time career I've had in music, and I want the same thing for you, and I know this course will help you by building your soundcloud profile, but then also monetizing it because it's great to create music and uploading music on the time. But what does it matter if you can't fund and pay the bills? And so now that we can monetize our channel, that's how you could do that. So it's diving in this course. And of course, you guys can ask me any questions in the comments sections there, and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Let's go. 2. Follow for follow back strategy on Soundcloud: I am very happy to say that the follow for follow back strategy works on Soundcloud. I just started implementing it a couple days ago and already seeing great results. I will be updating this video in about a month to show you where I'm at. But I'm already super stoked, and you need to get on this right away. Um, it's probably the best way to start promoting your music for free. And if you're an artist, it's not making a ton of money from your music yet. Then you probably have more time than money. And so you need to start investing in getting a new people into your brand and finding your music. Soundcloud again is my smallest platform on social media. I've only got 570 followers, so we got some work to do, and we're hiring a bunch of interns to start hustling on this. So here's what you do. You click on the search and you look up a band that's similar to you. I'm compared to Lincoln Park all the time, and so I'm gonna click Lincoln Park and look at that as Lincoln Park. Wow, they're using soundcloud. They got 4.93 million followers. Okay, well, I get compared to Lincoln Park a lot. So I'm looking up them and I'm gonna click on their followers, and I'm just going to start clicking. Follow on. All of these artists are all these fans, and hopefully they'll go Who who started following me and, um, they're gonna go back to my page like, Oh, this guy, the manifest just fall down when I'm gonna check out is is music. I know. Check out his tracks, and then I end up getting more plays, and then maybe I start getting some repose, and then maybe I get some followers back and people actually start following me because they dig what I'm doing. And I would really suggest whoever you're following, make sure if you don't have a pro account, I don't have the pro account. Right now, I'm going to be upgrading so that I can set up this spotlight so that I can spotlight the track that I want presented the most that I want people to see. So when they go to my page, when you said spotlight, which is showing a different video, they see whatever track that I want them to. But I really suggest you look up vans that are similar to you. Maybe you're Mumford and sons. I'm pretty sure there on here. Mumford and sons right there. Boom. Um, Doesn't look like they've got a full page. Okay, maybe you're like Taylor Swift. Maybe she's on here. You got fans that are similar to Taylor Swift. Let's see if she's rockin it, she might not be because she's like, Oh, there she is. Boom. Taylor Swift, 15.8000 followers. This might not even be a full professional page. But again, if you got music similar to her, click on her followers, start following people. Okay, so that they hopefully come and check you out, all right. Could be Eminem could. Actually, eminent doesn't have a page, but Shady Records does. So if you're like a rap artist or what not And you want followers, um, that air into hip hop in that kind of stuff, they've got 8.27 followers, and you can follow up to 250 people a day. That's the max. And then what you do is you go back into your followers and people that haven't followed you. Okay, I'm gonna go back to who I'm following, and I can start unfollowed in people that haven't followed me back. Okay? And you just do this. So you follow and then unfollowed. Yes, it's tedious. But then just get your cousin or whoever it is, get someone to do it for you, okay? And then you just unfollowed the people that didn't follow you in a few days, and you keep maxing out your following, and I'm pretty sure you can follow up to 2000 plus people, okay? And then you just unfollowed and then re follow. And it's a great way to start building up your presence on Soundcloud and I will update you on how my progress is going. But already in the last a few days, we're seeing a lot more plays on our tracks, and it's great. I'm getting new fans and you don't know these fans are gonna go on to check out my website , go to my YouTube on my Facebook, goto my merch page on my shirts and CDs and buy stuff. So again, free promotion guys, if you got more time than money, I'd suggest you invest the time until you're a full time musician. 3. Buy Soundcloud Plays ? do this instead: I really want to discourage buying soundcloud plays or buying followers or any of that nonsense, because at the end of the day, you want to have a real fan base. You want to have real plays, riel stats that you can promote to. And so I want to show you some tips to doing that. And just to prove here like, Look, Soundcloud is not my biggest channel. My biggest channel is like Facebook YouTube instagram. OK, and even Twitter is bigger because I didn't invest is much time into this. But I am now going to grow it, and I wanna tell you I'm not going to grow it by buying followers and by buying likes, I'm gonna promote my pages to my other Social media's. That's one way I'm going to do it, and I'm gonna suggest that you reach out to artists. But here's another really cool trick. I learned from my guy at Repost Network that I want to show you if you click home here and then you click on charts, and I'm specifically just gonna click pop charts here because I found this artist I just thought was really interesting what you can do is do covers just like YouTube. And here's an example. This guy Kumari has been a cover of Justin Bieber. Love Yourself doing covers that just came out and then uploading to them to soundcloud, just like these people who do covers on YouTube. His exact same strategy you can use on Soundcloud. I clicked on this guy's profile. He's got 34,000 followers I've never even heard of before, and it looks like he's doing tons of covers. He's gotten a lot of plays on some 35,001 0.45 million's on this seven years by Lukas Graham. And so there's one of the Justin Bieber's covers here. And so this is a great way to build an audience and then mix in your own original songs, just like you would on YouTube. Same thing on Soundcloud without buying followers without buying plays. Total waste of time. Do it legit. Do it the right way. And don't try and game the system because at the end of the day you can get you could get kicked off. You can get in problems, and I'd rather and you'll feel a lot better than knowing that you built your profile and your business and your artistry by doing it the legit way and promoting it that way. So I hope that helps you had I encourage you to do some covers, reach out to more artists, don't buy followers, don't buy, likes, don't buy plays, it doesn't work in the long run, and you just end up hurting your own career. 4. Going Pro or Pro Unlimited With Soundcloud: Hey, guys want to talk about becomes soundcloud pro whether you go with the Pro or the Pro Unlimited. And I just recently signed up for The Pro Unlimited, which gave me upload without limits, basically unlimited upload. I can see my stats way more stats. I see the city's my listeners are actually come from, which is super helpful as faras touring and then see the Web pages and APs. Honestly, inside of that is not so valuable. And I'll show you why in a second I'm with the Pro, which I think would be Justus valuable. You only get six hours of upload time. I don't know if you have more than six hours of music. I think I have to upload all my albums. Haven't uploaded them all yet. I'm going to kind of do that, um, in a systematically and get them all uploaded because I'm really building my soundcloud channel. But what I think is really powerful is the pin tracks and play list to the top of your profile with spotlight, and so I might actually end up downgrading just to the $6 a month with the pro because the Pro Unlimited, the city's air Great, which is coaches showing a second, which is really helpful as faras touring. But at the end of the day, I think you can get away with the pro account only. So I'm just going to click on my profile here and click on profile. And then you can see my stats here so far and then actually have to click on this down there again and go to stats to actually see the stats so I can see so far in the last seven days 12,000 plays, which is cool. I can see my most popular play tracks already. Got that info with the regular Campbell, which really need is I can see the top countries in the top city. So my top countries, United States surprise, surprise. I was really shocked to find out Brazil was my second and third Australia, Germany and in Canada, where I'm actually living. And to be honest, I've toured the most in Canada and the US US being number one. So I'm happy to see that that's number one, But what I thought was really cool and when I recently did was I get to see who's played my music the most this week and it changes every week, right? Like if I was to go up here and I have to change this for the last seven days, I could say, Let's do from, Let's say, January for the last 67 months and then apply the stats there and then change that. Where do you hit? Apply so I can click in here basically, and I can change the the year and I can click apply dates, all right, And then I can see who has played my music the most. Is this guy here? Vices. He's played my music 521 place so I can always click on him and I can check him out and I can message him and reach out to my own fans is a dude. Thanks so much for playing my music. I appreciate it. Consider re posting it and just want to say thanks. Hopefully I can come to your town and tour would love to give you some free march, send you a free CD just to say thanks for promoting and listening to my stuffs. A really cool way to reach out to your fans, his father, websites like I didn't really find. This is valuable. Maybe they're still collecting data. I don't know if it's because I just signed up, but it's only showing the Soundcloud as number one. Surprise, surprise. And then it's got more stuff I can click on expand to Seymour here, Um, it shows all the websites and what not and sure, it might be cool to find out where stuff is coming from, but honestly, I don't really find it that valid. But maybe there's a blawg. Maybe there's somebody that's promoting me. I could reach out. I'll let it continue toe to go. But to be honest, it's mainly going to be coming from Soundcloud. And when I start embedding my music in my own page, so kind of going back here, I would just really recommend going with the pro account. I wouldn't go with the Pro Unlimited and again, I'm going to test this. But the other cool thing is obviously the spotlight feature, which is really awesome, which will I will show you later on, but it's right here at its spotlight. You can choose five tracks that you want so you won't edit, but I'll show you more of that in a different lecture 5. How To Monetize Your Soundcloud Account: I was at the ASCAP Expo and I was attending a conference session and I was like, Okay, teach me something I don't know. And I found out that Soundcloud now pays out and you can monetize your soundcloud account. And that's because I met this guy Jeff from Repost Network. If you seen my bar, here's his repost network. They can now monetize your soundcloud channel. You have to apply. They don't just let anyone in there. Okay, so you've gotta build your channel. But then you can start earning money. And when you become one of their artists on here that are monetizing their channel for you still own all your own content. Okay, Um and they can even do YouTube audio I d. And a bunch of bacon distribute your music on iTunes. I only use them for soundcloud monetization. But when you get accepted, after you apply, which will go through that in a second, you also get by joining repost. You get access to the perks associated on the soundcloud premier program. Well, if you click on here, this is Soundcloud Premier program. You get access to the revenue sharing premier partners can monetize their content in the U . S. And earn even revenue generate on soundcloud. Every add on Soundcloud directly supports an artist. And I heard now the UK is being added to that is, well, two. Plus. You get the management promotion side where they're gonna optimize their presence and get promotional opportunities through sound clouds Account Management team, which is awesome. And then, of course, you get even more stats in tools because if you just have the regular account with Soundcloud like I do because I don't have the paid version, I just have the the regular version that stats are limited if I click on my account here and click stats because my account hasn't been fully approved yet through Soundcloud already talked to the do through repost. So I am gonna get approved, but it hasn't gone through yet. But if you look here, um, top cities, top countries, I can't see this, and they're trying to encourage me to go pro. Sure, they're showing me the most played tracks, but I don't know the top cities or top countries, and so this is where it's really important to get the premier account because I want to know where Who's playing my music? Who's listening to my music? So I know if it's a big city and it's blown up there, I want to go to or there make some money. Okay, so let's go back to repost network dot com. And if we just click, apply here. You start putting your info your first name, last name, email, date of birth, All this stuff, your soundcloud page, how you heard about them. Um, the content that you're putting up with its podcaster music and follow repost automatically on soundcloud. You do this, you apply, you create account, you start making money on your account. In another video. I want to show you guys is the potential earnings and how that breaks down. I'm so excited about this. Go apply and sign up for a soundcloud account. Even if you get denied the first time, keep building your account and start monetizing it because they are paying money and you want to get in early 6. How To Embed Your Soundcloud Songs On Your Website: all right. I want to show you how to in bed one of your soundcloud songs on your own website. What you do is, you click on this down arrow Here, you go to your tracks, you select the track that you want to in bed. I'm gonna do this new song of mine won't give up. So I'm just gonna I can just click here highlighted and then see this era right here I can click on that. And then it says, embed I grab the embed code, which is right here. I copy that, actually says WordPress code. So I'm just gonna copy that instead because my state is wordpress. And just so you can see here, if you scroll down here and click more options, you can decide what size you want this picture to be. I'm gonna do 450 by whatever pixels, which is fine. And you can enable automatic play if you want show comments, show recommendations. I think that's great. So I've copied that. Now I'm gonna go to my website and I'm going to plug it in. So this is the blawg post here. I'll just show you what it looks like right now, it's got the YouTube video in here right now, and it's got the download on iTunes. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add the, ah, the embed code in this site, something to click back. And now I'm just gonna click on Edit Post. I'm not like a Web design or anything like that was pretty freaking easy to do if you have a WordPress site. And so here's where the download iTunes is. Here's where the YouTube link is gonna put it just underneath the YouTube paste. Click update and let's see view post and see what it looks like now. Oh, I didn't look very good, did it? Some wonder why I did that? So let's go back and let's check edit. That's because this is on text, which is right. Let's g o back here and delete that and make sure I did that right. Let's go back to Soundcloud. Your tracks on Soundcloud. Maybe this WordPress coat masted up. Let's just grab the regular code. I don't think you're supposed to grab the WordPress clothes. Let's just grab that. It's copy it. It's quick update. Let's click view post and then bam! There it is right there. There's the word, the Soundcloud version. You can see soundcloud right there. So when people play it, there's your track. Boom. So now I got the YouTube and I got the soundcloud, so I'm getting spins on both love it. Go take action guys and embed your songs on your website. 7. How To Add The Buy Link To Individual Songs: Hey, guys is really important when you're editing your songs and adding your information that you include your iTunes link. And as you can see, I have it from my song Impossible here. But I don't for no Plan B, and that's because I've got this going to the wrong link. And so I'm gonna update that right now. And so I'm just gonna click on this edit button here and that will pull up No, Plan B the song. And then I've got right near watch the music video in my description. But to change the bilingual gonna click on the metadata. And as you can see right here, the buy link is just going to my store. I'm gonna change that to go to iTunes. I'm just going to delete that link. I'm going to go to iTunes, and I'm actually gonna grab this song manifest. No, Plan B and grab that off of iTunes. And where is it? Here on. Grab it off this version and grab the link right here. Copy. Link. Go back to Soundcloud. Copy and paste save changes. And so now this. If I refresh this page, it should say actually buy on iTunes. Now it might take a little bit of time, probably won't do it right away. But anyways, I've updated the Lincoln, so it'll say, buy on iTunes, which I think is a lot more sexier then, just by because the apple branding, I think, makes a difference. And so I got to do that for some of my other songs, but that's how you add the buy link into your songs. 8. Promoting Other Artists Profile: Another really important way to promote your channel is inside. Here in my repost network dashboard, you'll see this button. This is featured profiles and so I can feature other artists profiles. This is look, promote your friends through your banner space. Sound clouds promoted profile feature allows you showcase and linked other content creators on the platform. It's a great way to be a team player in a great way, yes, to be a team player and ask them to promote you as well, too. So really, here's your homework. Find four artists that you can reach out to and say, Hey, I want to promote you on my profile. I got four slots and I switch it up every 2 to 3 months, and I'd like to feature you. Would you return the favor and feature me? Because I think we have a similar audience and we can grow our audience together really awesome. And I think this is really cool, and I'm really exciting because there's not a lot of other platforms that do this and so really cool to see how you conjugate on the other person's or other artists fan base and just kind of promote each other. And it's a team effort here, guys. And so that's what I think you know when they're talking about team player here, but you promoting other people and then promoting you, you all grow together. Super awesome stuff. Find three artists three profiles that are similar to yours that you could promote that would also potentially promote, um, you as well and ask the favor and reach out to them. 9. Monetizing Each Individual Song on Repost Network: Okay, So once you've applied to your repost network and you get a log in, you can now see inside your total earnings. And right now I don't have any total earnings. Here and again, I'm logging to my repost network account, and I'm going to click on my channel and I'm going to click on my tracks, all right? And so I can see here inside that some of my tracks with my bigger tracks. This was 148,000 plays are monetized, okay, It says monetized right here. Some of those were not monetized. And so I had to submit all my information, especially the I s our C code International standard recording code. That's what it stands for. Okay, International Standard Recording code. You can get that from your tune core account from your CD baby account or potentially, whoever mastered your album. But most likely the easiest place to get it is from your tune core or CD baby account, because once all the tracks that are here are basically mirroring the tracks that are in my actual soundcloud account, and there's some in here that are not monetize and so I want to show you how to go into that. So right here, As you can see, I have this song right here. It's gotta be Well, this one's not monetize. It's reborn. And I just put Johnny Cash versus, um, manifest for fun. And so what I do is I click on this button here. I think it is here monetization, and it's asking for the SRC coat. And so I need to dig that up for my song Reborn Soul Input. There. I'll input my name Manifest. This is not a remixer cover track. Remember, you can do covers. Okay, And I gotta put in my composer information my affiliate, whether my performance royalty affiliation with your with ask at B M I you could be with So can, which is Canada or see sack or jazz rack If you're in Japan, just put whatever you registered your songs with, cause that's how they collect money. They need that publisher information, and so in your percentage, which has to add up to 50%. So if I wrote 50% of the song, which my name's Chris Greenwood, imagine I had all my information there. I'm gonna add another publisher and their or composer, which is just the other person who owns the other 50%. And I wrote this song with my buddy Adam put his email, put his affiliation in there. He's with ASCAP. I'm actually with So can put that in there. And then I just click monetized Once I filled in all this information and then guess what? Your tracks become monetized and you start collecting money. Now, remember, it's not retroactive. So you want to do this as soon as possible? Okay? You wanted this as soon as possible so that your songs can start getting plays and you can start making money. 10. Networking With Other Artists: Hey, what's up, guys? I want to show you how in Soundcloud you can reach out to other artists and network with, um and maybe do a repost for repost kind of thing so that you can promote each other's music and grow each other's channels together. Um, logged into the home page here. But what I want to do is I want to click on charts, and you can easily find your similar genre. So I am very similar in either alternative rock or hip hop wraps. If I click on hip hop rap, I can scroll down here and you can see that, you know, just because it's the future and the weekend doesn't mean that that's who the actual artist is or who uploaded on whose profile who uploaded. So you want to find someone who has similar music is yours and who has a following, and it might not be in the top 50 charts. You might want to, you know, scroll down to someone who's maybe the similar size is yours, and so that you can both do a share for share and repost. So let's just say for this guy here Tory lands, I have no idea who this is, but I'm gonna click on his profile and I can see here. He's got 285,000 followers. He's following 10. I can easily message him here and say, Hey, man loved I could see it like a man Love your stuff would love to trade for a repost. Um, either way, I want to promote your music because because it's rad. Check out my song here, and then you can just add And I would encourage you just to add one track from your playlist. Okay, So I want I want to add Throw it away. There it is, checking out there, maybe two at the most. Okay. And then you just click send, and you can just go and find out tons and tons of artists here. You know, this guy's got a massive following 285,000 followers, like, even compared to me. Um, what do I have right now? I got 537. You know, it's soundcloud has not been my main thing. Facebook has been for a while, so I've really got to grow this. So for me even, um, I need Teoh, build my followers. First of all, I gotta find people that maybe have 400 followers 6 700 followers. And maybe I can leverage the fact that I'm massive on Facebook and I can say inside, Hey, if you repost me, I'll repost you on my Facebook, where I've got 169,000 followers and when I post a video it reaches 43,000 people and sometimes gets 194 shares. So there's different ways you can leverage what you have. And so it's going back to, Ah, the home you're going back to the charts and just finding similar music. It doesn't even have to be top 50. Could we just knew and hot. You know, you could do it that way, and you could just find people that maybe aren't, um is Bigas You're just a little bit bigger than you are just trying to see here. Here's new and hot. Let's click on Ah, it's just fun. That's like a chance site. Let's check out this guy. Michael Vega. Never even heard of a Michael Vega. 23. Okay, it looks like he likes hockey there. Have Marilyn, you you know 388 followers there. Okay, so maybe I reach out to him and message him. Just got his mix tape thing here. So really interesting stuff you can do to get out there and to build your platform. And it's really just putting in that hustle. So my challenge for you right now is to find 5 to 10 people on soundcloud, type out your message and reach out to them and see if you can do a repost for repost there and start to build your soundcloud channel. 11. Tagging Your Songs: Hey, guys, tagging your tracks is also really, really important for people finding you and looking up your genre. And so again, I'm just going to edit my most popular song here Impossible. I'm gonna click edit And as you can see here, I got the genre rock and I've got rap rock alternative rock I'm also gonna add in Lincoln Park in here because I get compared to them a lot. And I'm also gonna add in maybe Papa Roach, because we get compared to them as well, too. Um and I don't think you're allowed spaces. That's why it's Xing that out. I could be wrong. No, it's just doing that because of that, you are allowed to type that in. And then I'm also gonna add in maybe one other band 1000 foot Krutch because Trevor is singing on that song, and so that's all tagged up. The most important part, though, is getting sure your genre is right and then adding other genres in here. I could also put hip hop just again because it's kind of rap rock which I think will make a difference. Um, right there it's actually pulling that up, and so There's my tags put. So put in your genres, um, and also other bands that you sound like so that when people are searching, there's more of a chance that you can pop up, so I hope that's valuable and helps you guys out on tagging your songs. 12. Soundcloud Promotion Tip Turn fans into super fans Edited: Hey, guys, just want to give you Ah pro tip for some soundcloud promotion and reaching out to your fans and your most engaged audience. Why do you know who is the most engaged into your music? Well, if you will have a pro account pro or pro unlimited, you can click on this down a road and go to your stats. Okay? And I've got this for the last seven days, I can see who has played my music the most. I can also change this to say, Hey, who's listen to my music the most in the last 30 days And it looks like this guy zero is listen to my songs 452 times This guy here Z Gillick sick uhm is listed at 407 times I can click on this person. I can follow them back cause they're following me. I can click follow back, which might be a really good thing to do. And then I can also message them and I can say, Hey, um, thanks so much for listening to my music. I really appreciate it. Here's another free song or I'll tell you what. Here's something you guys can do. Hey, zero. Thanks so much for listening my music really appreciate it and promoting it. I'd love to send you a free T shirt or free wristband or free sign CD just to say thanks so much. And what's your size? And you send them a shirt or you send them something free. I'm gonna turn this fan not only just to a fan but a super fan and a promoter and someone who is just promoting the junk out of me. And you start doing that once a month reaching out to your fans or once a week, I'm sending them free stuff, just connecting with the menu. We're gonna turn not only your regular fans into raving fans or what we call super fans, and so I encourage you to go to your stats and reach out some of your fans again. If you don't have a massive profile yet, you're building it. This is a great way to build a fan base and to just grow your music career overall. So I want to challenge it, take some time asleep once a week or once a month and reach out to one of your fan. Whoever's played your music the most. I can even go like this and go, Let's see, the last 12 months this user here is listening my music 1000 times So that's pretty awesome . I think that person deserves Ah, shout out and say it. Thanks so much, man. And what cannot? What can I send you like you listen to my music 1000 times 1000 streams like Imagine that was 1000 streams on Spotify and we don't know the numbers yet for, um for Soundcloud, But we'll have those soon, but 1000 times Spotify. Listen, times 10000.7 That's seven bucks. OK, it's that guy invested seven bucks. Let's liken album. He bought an album this year. That's awesome! You know what I mean? And that's only going to go up and up and up and up and up and up. So encourage you guys. Man, keep reaching out to your fans. Grassroots marketing makes a difference 13. Using The Spotlight Feature In Soundcloud Edited: So when you go with the pro or the pro unlimited account, when you go and click on your account, you can see at the top here. I've got this option of spotlight and I can choose five tracks. Which ones? I want to be at the top. And so I've selected five songs. No Plan B Avalanche. Every time you run Impossible and Pray, my most popular song is impossible. It's gotten over 161,000 plays and no Plan B 194,000. So what I'm going to do? Actually, I'm gonna click Edit Spotlight and I can always just remove songs. I can just click on this X and delete songs and then add another one. And I can also adjust which ones I want to be at the top. Well, I want to put my most popular songs of the top, which is going to be impossible. So I'm just kind of clicking and dragging that to the top. And then I also want no Plan B. So I'm just clicking and dragging that to the top as well, to its drag it one more up. Those are my two most popular ones and every time you run is also a popular song, which I just recently added. It's like 26 plays, which is crazy, cause it's got millions on YouTube. So I'm just gonna drag this up to the top is well, too, because I always want to put my most popular songs there at the top, because that's what I want. The first impression to be annually. Get one chance at a first impression. Sure, when I released new songs and some of my new singles, I'll put those at the top for a period of time. But remember, you only get one chains on a good first impression, and I want to put my most popular my best songs that people are already liking. And I want you to notice, too, that you can see here that it says buy on iTunes right here because I've added the buy on iTunes link and I need to obviously do that for some of my other songs as well, which is really important. So I gotta update that you can see it's on some of them, but not all of them. So I got some work to do in some updating to do so. There's some ideas again. I recommend going with the pro account to get access to the spotlight feature. You don't get that on the free account. You do get it on the Pro Unlimited as well. Um, and I was a premier account holder to with the free, and I still didn't get even though I'm premiere and monetizing my account. So you do got to pay to play sometimes, guys. 14. Soundcloud vs YouTube: first of all before I do this comparison, I just want to understand that soundcloud and YouTube are two completely different beasts. Okay, Plus, YouTube has been around a lot longer. Soundcloud Onley does audio where YouTube does video. But if you look at the stats here just on Google by July 2013 Soundcloud registered user had could drop court quadrupled in number from the beginning of the previous year with a total of 40 million. An additional 20 million listeners were using this service on a monthly basis. We look at YouTube, okay. YouTube says that 300 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site every minute. Okay? And then if you scroll down here, the site, the site has 800 million unique users a month. Unique users a month. So I just gives you an idea of the size comparison of the two. But really, where should you be focusing your time? I think you should be in both places, but I don't know about a lot of soundcloud stars. I have heard of tons of YouTube stars, one of them being my friends walk off the earth and another artist you might have heard of Justin Bieber. Okay, And there's just dozens, dozens, hundreds of other stars, people making money on YouTube. And so if I was to invest on my time, I would say, you know, 80 2080% on YouTube, 20% on Soundcloud if even that. But you want to be on both places, I think it's really important. It's just, you know, I would focus on YouTube because you've got that multiplication factor. The monetization is very newest. Soundcloud will see where they go. Maybe I'll have toe reshoot a new video soon about this. But if I was to give you advice, I would say Start your YouTube account first, put your focus on there and then eventually build your soundcloud account. 15. Updating The Songs Photo Image: I think it's important to give each song its own identity and give it its own album cover. And I only have a couple of songs here that there were still private, and so I'm changing those right now. So if I click on this song right here my way, it's private and it's just got the default picture because if you don't put, um, your own picture and there it just grabs the picture from your profile. And so I'm gonna edit this and I'm gonna upload an image First Update image, and I'm gonna put the album that that's from some grabbing. It's from the album, the moment, some clicking moment, cover high rez of that boom it's in there. And then I also want to make this song public, and this is not a custom genre. It's actually more, I would say in the hip hop realm of things. So my way Boom right there. I can add some more additional tags if I want to click, save changes and now that's on my profile, and it now it's got a better picture as well, too. I really think it's important to have a good looking picture whether it's a single cover or whether it's just the image itself. So, as you can see here, I need to update some of these. Some of them have picture someone have the default thing, but I really encourage you to update the pictures for all of them, so they really stand out when you're marketing them.