Sound Design in UX: An Introduction for Designers | Henry Daw | Skillshare

Sound Design in UX: An Introduction for Designers

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Henry Daw, UX/UI Sound Design Specialist

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Sound Design in UX?

    • 3. Why is UX Sound Important?

    • 4. Incorporating UX Sound Into the Design Process

    • 5. Sound Design in UX Principles

    • 6. User Testing and Research with UX Sounds

    • 7. Brand Development with UX Sounds

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

This course provides an introduction to the use of sound design in UX - an often over-looked but vital component within our product user experiences. If given the attention and focus it deserves, sound design can improve usability, further express a brand, and help to create beautiful user experiences.

I'll start by introducing you to some common examples of UX sound, before explaining why UX sound is so important. I'll then provide tips for how to incorporate sound into the design process, as well as highlight a set of guided principles to follow when working with product sound. I’ll then look at user testing and research, before offering advice on developing a successful audio brand, drawing on my extensive experience working for Nokia and Microsoft and through my company Oblique Sound. 

Our world will become ever more dependant on sound, as we slowly move away from screens and towards our primary interface of the future, the audio interface. I hope this course can go some way in helping you prepare for this!

Who should take this course?

Product Designers, UX Designers, Interaction Designers, Design Leaders, or anyone who has an interest in product or interface sound design.

Key skills learnt:

You’ll become more aware of sound and understand it’s importance in everyday life

You’ll learn how to incorporate UX sound into the design process

You’ll learn the key factors behind good UX sound

You’ll understand the important testing considerations for UX sound

You’ll learn the basics and key considerations around audio branding

You’ll be able to better construct design briefs for UX/UI Sound Designers





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Henry Daw

UX/UI Sound Design Specialist

Hi there, my name is Henry Daw. I'm a sound designer and audio branding consultant, based in London. After working for 13 years as an in-house sound designer, for Nokia and Microsoft, I set up my own company Oblique Sound in 2015. Whilst at Nokia and Microsoft, I created sounds for billions of devices worldwide, including the most recent versions of the infamous Nokia Tune and the Microsoft Lumia Default ringtone. I now work with a wide range of clients, specialising i...

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