Sound Design - Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo

Gary Hiebner, Sound Designer and Composer

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20 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Intro to Creating Audio Logos

    • 2. Previewing an Audio Logo

    • 3. What You'll Need for this Course

    • 4. How to Create an Animated Logo

    • 5. Importing Video into your Project

    • 6. Making Markers for Hits and Scene Changes

    • 7. Finding The Tempo for your Audio Logo

    • 8. Adding a Hit When the Logo Lands

    • 9. Turning this Hit sound into a Sub Hit

    • 10. Creating Your Own Unique Whoosh Sounds

    • 11. Extra Sound Effects with Impact Sounds

    • 12. Creating Reversed Sound Effects

    • 13. Embellishing your Logo with Sparkle Effects

    • 14. Adding Tonal Chords

    • 15. Layering Up Your Chords

    • 16. Add a Sequencer Instrument Part for Movement and Pulse

    • 17. Using Arp Sequence Instrument

    • 18. Editing Your Mix

    • 19. Exporting your Audio to Movie

    • 20. Sharing Your Class Project


Project Description


Project for 'Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo'

In this class project you'll apply what you learnt from the course and create your own audio logo. Work with the steps most relevant to the audio logo you want to create. If you feel like a specific step isn't needed for your animated logo that is perfectly fine, as each logo is different and will require different elements. So apply what you feel is necessary. But I'd recommend trying out many of the techniques we covered in the course to experiment and see what results you get. 

Class Project Steps:

1. First if you don't have a visual, animated logo. Create a very simple one with a video editor, like explained in the course

2. Import this animated movie into your DAW.

3. Create Markers for hits or scene changes in your video.

4. Find a Tempo for your Logo.

5. Add a Hit or Impact sound somewhere in the Logo. For example if the text lands or hits somewhere.

6. Create and use a Whoosh sound somewhere in your logo.

7. Add a reversed sound somewhere in your logo for a build effect.

8. Add some sparkle effects, like chimes, crash swells, or harp or glock effects. So these sounds will occupy the higher frequency registers.

9. Add a chord or chord progression to your logo. Pad sounds seem to work well for these types of things. As well as choir sounds.

10. Layer some more chords together to get a more complex tonal chord.

11. Use a sequencer/pattern instrument to create a pulse or rhythm to your logo.

12. Write a Melody for your logo, or use an Arpeggiator to create one.

13. Mix your tracks together.

14. Apply some basic mastering.

15. Export out your audio and embed it with the animated logo video.

16. Upload your Audio Logo video to YouTube (or similar video sharing platform), and post the link in the projects tab.

Please share your finished audio logo with the community. It would be great to see and hear different examples and get fellow sound designers talking about the different approaches used. You might find along the way that you develop a unique way of generating a specific sound, and would like to share. That's what this project is all about, going through a process and sharing the experience. 

I hope you enjoy the project and I look forward to hearing your audio logos!


If you're looking for some audio logo inspiration take a look at this site for some well known brands and their sonic identities: 

Great Sound Logo resource

You can also go to YouTube and type a brand name + audio logo and see if a video comes up with their audio logo. This works quite well for finding different types of audio logos.


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