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8 Videos (29m)
    • Welcome

    • Soul Definition

    • Guidance From Your Soul

    • Listening To The Soul

    • Soul Whispers

    • Oracle Cards

    • Soul Connection Meditation

    • Ending Thoughts


About This Class


Hello, I'm Bindi and I'm inviting you to start listening to your soul. In this class you'll learn what a soul connection means and how listening to those soul whispers will help and aid you in your everyday.

This class is open to both beginners to meditation and intermediate students who have done a little meditation previously, but maybe not delved into their soul-self. 

In the class, we will explore the ways in which your soul whispers and converses with you. Some of these are:

Writing, Artwork, Nature, Conversations, Music, Oracle Cards, Meditation. 

Receiving guidance from your soul through meditation and oracle cards are looked at in more depth and the meditation on connecting you with your soul will take you on a journey to your inner-self. 

There is a class workbook PDF in the project section with more information and soul journalling pages for you to explore your soul whispers.

Enjoy the class and join me in the discussions for this class and the wider conversations in my Facebook group for all my classes. 

Bindi x

4 of 4 students recommendSee All

This is an amazing class by a very symphatic teacher. I really love your voice! It's relaxing to hear. I also love your way of teaching and this meditation was amazing. Thank you for all of this. Loved it! :)
Yasmin Z

I just love to learn new things!

Wow! I really love the thought of conversing with nature and using everything including conversations as ways to hear our soul's whispers. Bindi has a lovely voice and the meditation was exceptionally soothing and calming.
Kristen Radden

iPhone Photographer/Instructor





Bindi Shah

Soul-Healing • Meditation • Life-Coaching


My journey to the soul started in 2001 with a visit to an Ayurveda retreat in India.

I discovered how good it was to receive deep natural health-care and what a difference this made to my life, I embarked on a course in India to learn more of this ancient art. The year-long study in India included theory from the ancient scriptures, learning the poetic language of Sanskrit, vedic-astrology, yoga, meditation and herbs. It was an a...

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